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13/10/2002 at 17:32
I'm a two-month in runner (from nothing, like I couldn't even run for a bus) and loving it. All good so far.

Except that I appear to have turned my ankle on a run. There's a slight twinge, but it doesn't feel serious, I don't think. I'm resting it for a week and planning to swim instead of run, so I don't make it worse. Which is irritating because I like my running.

But it started me off thinking: how do I diagnose injury; am I doing the right thing; is it just a turn or could it be more serious - and at what stage should one start thinking about seeing a sports physio? And where on earth do you get hold of a sports physio, anyway?

I'm doing the FLM next year, and I want to make sure I look after myself (and that running interruptions are minimised). I may be fussing about nothing, but I'd be so upset if this became more serious.

Any help, guidance from those more experienced much appreciated
14/10/2002 at 15:24
MB, personally I draw a line between aches and pains that dissapear after a few minutes of running and those that don't. If I've got a problem that hangs around in a run, I'll take an extra rest day. For me, the "red line" is a pain that actually affects the way I run - if I get one of those it's brakes on immediately and walk home.

14/10/2002 at 16:45
Hi MB,

Agree with what NR said. If it lingers while running, then take it seriously.

In addition, there are a few articles on this site about running injuries, not least this one (Click Here) entitled "Injury: When To Run, When To Stop".

If you ever fancy a go at basic self-diagnosis, try going to and selecting the "Virtual Therapist". I've used this a few times and found it quite helpful.

Good luck with FLM.


14/10/2002 at 16:47
Completely ballsed-up the link there, but you get the gist!!!
15/10/2002 at 09:32
Thanks to you both, that's really helpful. Am not one of life's hypochondriacs but was worrying so it's really good to get some reassurance.

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5 messages
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