Is my treadmill going to be a waste

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30/04/2006 at 22:06
Hello guys n gals *waves*
I'm new to this world of running and have read a few posts and well I have a question.
In feb this year, my hubby bought us a treadmill, and I had a few goes on it, all I did was walk on it. Anyway, { bare with me } every year I watch the London marathon and always wonder if I could do that. Anyway, last Sunday after watching the marathon again, I felt the sudden urge to get up off my butt and get on my tready and start running. And run I did, for a whole mile would you believe. I did a speed of 5 mph, which for me was brilliant. Anyway, every day till yesterday, I jumped on the tready and did my mile run, resulting in 7 miles in 7 days.
However, after reading the various do's and don'ts of how to go about this running thing, today I decided to run at 5mph doing the alternate, walk for 5 mins/runs for 5 mins. Now I have been thinking that perhaps running on tready is easier than running in the great outdoors, am I right in thinking that I would be better running outside instead? I hope not in a way, cos tready cost a lot of money and it would be a great shame if I weren't to use it anymore.
Btw, would it be too early for me to do a fun run, the one at the Humber bridge in June?

I'm 45 btw lol
30/04/2006 at 22:28
It's a different animal running outside. Your footfall will be harder, the resistance from the wind is different, the surface is uneven, hills are not the same as they're not even. Even the changes in level as you run along a normal street are noticeable;

Drop kerbs.
Uneven paths.
Dodging dog do.
Running over manhole covers.
Avoiding trip you up paving slabs.

Your treadmill isn't wasted, it's got you started and will have a place for certain types of training but running outside is (and this is a personal thing) much more enjoyable.
Blisters    pirate
30/04/2006 at 22:41
Enjoy your tready, and think of the positives.
-It won't rain, snow, frost or hail on you.
-every footfall is slightly cushioned, so your chances of injury are reduced.
-you won't get any near misses from cars, petrol fumes, or even get mugged
-you don't ever need worry about running in the dark
-you can watch telly as well as run
-you don't have to carry any drinks with you
-if you need to stop for the toilet there is always one nearby
-nobody is going to point at you and shout abuse (I find this amusing actually- they are usually lard arsed themselves)
-you set the pace, and then the machine makes damn sure that you don't cheat

Go on. Get yourself a diary so that you can log your run each day. Distance covered/time taken/ how you felt. You WILL see improvements over time. In fact you are already talking about improvements. You may wish to log your weight as well, if this is part of the reason for starting. It was for me. Now I race for my local club.

Of course I could make a wonderful list of reasons for running outside. But somehow I never quite made it there myself today.
01/05/2006 at 11:08
Hi Lilsy,

I have a treadmill at home too. I use it more during the week when I get home late from work, and also for speedwork (don't worry about that as a beginner though).

I even did some long runs on it when it was v. cold over the winter (15 miles & 18 definitely need a telly too for that kind of run on a treadie!)

Yes, running outdoors is generally nicer, but the treadie is often more convenient (see Blisters list above re loos, weather, drinks, cushioned footfall).

Try and mix up the running - sometimes outside, sometimes on the treadie. You;ll need to do at least some outdoors to get used to the difference before you enter events.

And, no, June is not too soon for a fun run (as long as it's short!). It's great to have a goal.
01/05/2006 at 14:44
Howdy Lilsy!

A treadmill is a great place to start the running thing. The weather is always good! You control the speed, and it's consistent.

A treadmill isn't really easier than running outdoors. The arguement that it does the work for you is BS. A mill does make you use your muscles a bit differently. You have to work up to feeling fully stable.

I ran a full year inside on a treadmill before moving my runs outside. Went from walking 30 minutes, to run/walking, to a slowish jog, gradually increasing speed until I was able to run a full 30 minutes at almost 13 kph (8 mph).

Good luck with it!
01/05/2006 at 14:53
Hi Lilsy,
Well done on getting started!
I bought a tready and used it consistently, day in day out, for hanging the laundry on!!
Meanwhile I ran outside.
When I did mara training I started using the tready for speed sessions so I couldn't cheat on distance. It was great.
I think what it boils down to is that ALL running is good, indoors and out. Do a mixture. Now the good weather is here outdoors can be wonderful.
Get booked in for those short summer races, you'll love it.
Good luck!!!
01/05/2006 at 19:42
Hey Ya all *waves* thankx you all for your kind help. I'm going to take on board all that you've said, and just go for it.

I've had a chat with my daughter about taking up running and she 'seems' pretty keen on the idea, so the days when we can run together - which is every other week - we'll try outside using the beginners training plan and then it'll be the tready the following week using the same plan, see how we do anyway. I've still got the Hull/Humber bridge fun run in mind, think it has to be given a go.
Blisters    pirate
02/05/2006 at 21:06
So how did your first day go?

What's the target for the week?

I've got to have plans and targets otherwise I end up watching telly. And that's BAD.
03/05/2006 at 07:30
No your treadmill will not be a waste. I have had mine for 5 years now and go through periods of using it a lot and sometimes a month might go by without using it at all,a lot of people on here are really anti treadmill, but being a mother of 2 under 5's I find it comes in really handy when I can't physically get outside. Also when it blowing a hooly outside its also great, great for doing speed work too, I personally would not be without it!!

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