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16/04/2014 at 14:33

Lainey-What a great report. I will be definitely applying for a ballot place next week for London and hopefully have a very good chance of a club place.You must get a picture for your 1st marathon.

MC-Great picture and so pleased for you. The picture of joy on your face is great to see. 

Nandy-12 in 12 is a fairly easy challenge I think I have done a race every month since at least December 2012. If your GF is running it would be great to run with her.

Franny-Please do not worry about being too slow. You AREN'T and I do have several speeds. I suspect when I go for runs on my own my average speed is about 8.45 minute miles and I am sure you aren't dissimilar. I do expect good weather however!!

I will contact you via Facebook over the next week week with contact details.

Ecky-Get well soon.

Jude-Hope you are still enjoying your post race glory and had a good gym session.

Where's Chilli?

Hi DJ.

6.5 miles yesterday and 7.1 today...and I have just entered an ultra....38 miler in October!!!



16/04/2014 at 16:35


Woweeeeeeeeeeeeee AF...an ultra...good challenge for you I will book the nice weather for your visit  My running pace around 9m/m mile mark or thereabouts  but slow on the big hills

Ecky Hope your feeling better soon.

Lainey Pleased your legs have recovered. Sports massage will be good if not a little uncomfortable...I love em....lol

Nandy Not sure what to advise for your next challenge...I really like my off road runs in the hills but have not done a trail/hill race yet. our club organizes one in December called the 7 reservoirs which is a challenging but lovely run and I am hoping to enter it this year.I have always been working when its on but this year I will be off

Jude Hope your legs are okay and your lurgy hasn't come to anything.

No running for me today but will do a short one tomorrow after my gym session and a longer one on Friday (12 miles or so)

Hope everyone is well.

16/04/2014 at 17:42

Af - wow, and ultra! Which one?

Ecky - hope the lurgy gets better soon

Lainey - good luck with the sports massage!

Nandy - how about some fell running??

I haven't been for a run post-marathon yet, might wait till we get home as we are doing lots of walking this week anyway

16/04/2014 at 17:43

oh, and I had been wondering about chili - I hope she is ok.

16/04/2014 at 21:41

Thanks Nandy, feeling much better today too.

Thanks all, I am feeling much better today.


17/04/2014 at 10:34


Glad you are feeling better Ecky

Gym this morning and a very short interval session just for the fun of it

Chili Hope you are okay.


17/04/2014 at 17:16

Hello!! How's everyone feeling today?

Wahay, Good effort AF, an ULTRA!!! I though about entering one but I don't think I could commit to the additional training time with the house and everything!

I've been doing some calculations, in training this year (15 weeks) I've run 198miles. I was injured for 3 weeks with my knee so over 12 weeks it averages 16.5miles a week! It felt like I was doing so much more than that so I really don't know how I'd cope training for a much longer distance!

I've decided though i'm not going to commit to anything else until my house is finished! Which should hopefully only be a couple of months now! Just going to keep doing a couple runs a week so I don't lose the fitness I've acquired.

Franny - It sounds like a challenging run that, 7 reservoirs!! Get it entered!!

Could do with Chili showing up with some cake, i'm starving!!

Lainey and MC, I hope those legs are ok today! Mine feel much better, will be out for a couple miles at least tonight.

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

17/04/2014 at 18:02

hi all

had my first post-marathon run today - 3 slow miles but nothing hurt  

17/04/2014 at 18:14

Hi everyone,It's been great reading all your race reports.You all did brilliantly.

AF I see you are about to get bitten by the ultra bug.

Well I managed to get out for another comeback run of a mile.And it was so hard.My lungs were burning and it took ages to get my breath back afterwards.I think that is because this 5 week lay off was because of a chest infection,But I did it,which is the main thing.I will go out again tomorrow,and then Monday.I'm going to build slowly,but make sure I go out exactly as scheduled and run the planned distance,no matter what.I really need to get into a regular habit.

I have a deferred place in the next Brighton Marathon,so I will decide if I want to commit to it over the weekend.At the moment,i'm leaning in favour of doing it,although it will be a big effort after my injury/illness problems.But I remember how good I felt about myself after my last one 3 years ago.

Have a good weekend everyone.

17/04/2014 at 18:45

well done DJ, only you know if Brighton will be a good idea, but you have a whole year, and hopefully more time for yourself and all the other things in life so maybe this might be the right time?


17/04/2014 at 18:57

Hi everyone!

A slow 2 miler with my dog.  Don't often run with him, but he was a good distraction.  Felt ok.  Will be doing parkrun on Saturday.

Have a good Easter.

Yesterday at 11:57


Nice 12.3 miler for me this morning. Lovely gorgeous sunny day. Going a nice walk with Chico up the reservoirs and hills in a bit so as he can have a swim in the water.

DJ Only you can decide about Brighton but it is a whole year away and plenty of time to build up your fitness even with short runs to start with. it all counts. Take care xx

Lainey Well done on your 2 mile run..take care at Parkrun and try not to go out too fast as your legs are still recovering.

Hope everyone  has a lovely weekend. I am working Sat and Sunday but off today and Monday.

Chilli...please pop in and tell us that your okay. We are all worried about you

Yesterday at 17:14

hi everyone

had a lovely last day of holiday, beach at Rhossili on the Gower which is just beautiful and a walk and big piggy lunch! OH got all the beach stuff ready and put my running shorts in the bag instead of eldest son's trunks!! We did persuade him to put them on though so he could go and play in the sea! 

franny - well done on your long run

lainey, don't try for a pb at parkrun tomorrow! 


Yesterday at 21:20

Haha, no chance!  I need to stop at the café on the way around as the regulars donated some money.  Lovely, eh?  So that's my excuse! weighed down by my medal!!

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