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23/04/2014 at 07:58

Lainey, I would recommend it although you have to try a couple to see what is the best one for you. I was a member of a club for a few years and loved it but just needed a change.


Yesterday at 09:42

Morning All

Ecky Glad you had a good time at your new running club.

Lainey I am in a running club too and although I don't go every week there is always a run to do if I wanted even outwith club dates.Great for motivation too and a whole bunch of new running friends...then your other friends don't get fed up of you talking about running all the time ha ha  oh and shared car for races also.....go on  join up girl

Just a weight session for me today at the gym. I did 7 miles yesterday though with 5 of them at hopefull HM pace

Waiting in for parcel delivery today.NEW SHOOZIES.............yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Have a good day everyone

Yesterday at 10:02

Yes Lainey- I think joining my running club 3 years ago was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have made a load of friends interested in a similar activity & we often go to races together and socialise, I would not have run a marathon if I hadn't joined a club. I go usually every week and often on a sunday as well + occasional mid week/pub runs!!!

Well done on your run Franny...not long now before I come up to Edinburgh looking forward to meeting up.

Did a 6.5 miler this morning 1st run since Monday as I wanted a couple of days off.

Yesterday at 10:56

Thanks guys, will definitely start looking around and talking to people.  Good to hear you've all had great experiences.

Nice little 3 miler this morning.  Saw a little hedgehog on the pavement which was cute. Am loving running at the moment.  The marathon has certainly inspired me.

Yesterday at 13:26

No running clubs near me but would definitely join one if I could.

Well done on your runs guys. Hoping for an outside run this evening while daughter is swimming.  No school today so I can take her for a change and I can run on the track next to the pool.

80 lengths for me at the pool last night.


Yesterday at 18:47

Hi everyone.

Chili,good to see you are recovering well.It's sad you won't be able to do that marathon in August,but there will be plenty of other races in the future.

On the subject of races I am going to take my deffered place for Brighton.My sister persuaded me to do it in memory of my Mum and Dad,and to earn some money for the MS society.I will have to juggle it with college,as it looks likely I may be able to go on with my studies and turn my expected BTEC Certificate into a Diploma.So i'll have another 2 terms at college next year.But I'm sure I can squeeze it all in.

Hope everyone is ok at the moment,and our marathon runners are nicely recovered now.

My running plans have been a bit disrupted by illness this week.I was going to go out yesterday afternoon,but had a migraine,so I had to call it off.So I will now try tomorrow if I feel ok.

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601 to 606 of 606 messages
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