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05/01/2012 at 21:27
gastank wrote (see)
RR - glad u found a decent doc, you'll just have to push on the upper body training for the time being mate. What about swimming or cycling? Might just give you a alternative to the TT if it gets a bit mundane Hi to everyone
Thanks!  TT isn't getting mundane, but even if it was, if I do it I get to drink yummy choccy Myofusion afterwards.
05/01/2012 at 21:30

Evening everyone

Ecky - good to hear some of your family are feeling a bit better.

Byeck - sending hugs! Sorry you are feeling so ill and down. Hope you are tucked up in bed. *joins Loula in handing out hot chocolate and more cake*

RR - sounds much more positive and hope you are 'fixed'soon.

Good news for you too mathschick.

Loula - great news for Miss LLB. My girls are in their school talent show in a couple of weeks. No.1 & No3 passed the auditions and got chosen for the final. They are singing the duet from Disney's Aladin "I can show you the world". Need to make some costumes this week

Well, I had planned to run this evening. But my little Smidge was sick (just like yours Ecky!) And then I had youth group and now it's too late to venture out at this time... don't fancy the wind too mush either. Guess I'll have to try and fit it in tomorrow... not sure when since I'm going to have little person at home with me all day. 

Franny - your run sounded lovely and I'm most envious. But I am looking forward to running parkrun with my girlies on Saturday. 

05/01/2012 at 21:36
Hi Chilli...there seems to have been alot of sick kiddies and mummies too.Hope your little smidge feels better soon.My run was good and really enjoyed it...hope you manage out at some point tomorrow for your run.Yoyr parkrun has really taken off now hasn't it??? so pleased for you....
05/01/2012 at 21:56

Chili - hope Smidge feels better soon.

05/01/2012 at 21:56

Hello everyone.

First off i have to ask Jude to strike my 2 race entries for this month.I'm still suffering from my virus and there is no way i will be able to run any races for a while.I need to get over this bug and then build back slowly but surely.

I hope everone else who has a nasty bug gets well soon.

Ecky,i hope your foot clears up soon.It sounds very much like PF,and is caused by a small tear in the muscle.You don't notice the tear when it occurs,but as it repairs it creates scar tissue,which causes the weaker muscle around it to tear.This is why it's more painful in the morning after a night of scar tissue forming.It can be treated so good luck and i'm sure you'll be back running soon.

Tomorrows tune is the fabulously funky 'One Nation Under A Groove' by Funkadelic from 1978.I hope you like it's an amazing tune.

05/01/2012 at 22:21

Oh no Chilli I do hope she is better soon.

Hi DJ sorry you still feeling poorly.You can sit on the bench next to me . I am def going docs next week. Thanks D.J.

I am quite cross about mine being sick.I have found out that when we went for the Meal on Mon that my Husbands Niece decided to bring her Little Boy who had been really sick all day.He has given his bug to at least 6 family members that were at the meal. His Mum then had the cheek to say "I hope I dont get it" aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

05/01/2012 at 22:31
The   Phantom wrote (see)
nope never seen it.never want to see it

lol phantom..i have to admit, ive never seen it and im not sure i am that fussed abt it either nothing against gay men at all bt nt sure id feel entirely at ease watching tht film..

franny, i am really hoping i dont have lurgy but have felt decidedly more rubbish as the day has gone onsore throat on and off for past few days and trying desperately to avoid the ill ones at work. took miss llb to bed and crashed out with her in seconds-i couldnt stop myself. im in same mode as gastank regarding cold dark mornings, i am really finding it a drag to get myself up! i CANNOT be ill, i have got to do this marathon !! i havnt told anyone at work im doing it- they just dont get the running thing. anything over 5miles and they think ive lost the plot-well, maybe i have-  and i just dont talk about it now at work. even my mum and dad too , i just mention what run but i dnt really say wht training runs ive done at weekends. i know what people mean on here saying 3 miles doesnt seem far now , and sometimes it doesnt once you begin to run further , but i still clearly remember how much of an achievement 3 miles was for me when i started...i take my hat off to anybody who does 1 or 2 or 3 miles, even if thats all they ever get to, they reached a level they couldnt do before. a mile is further thn most people realise! lol

DJ, hope you recover quickly and are running on the team again for CRACers!..get yourself well wont you before doing any races

chili, thats fab news about your girlies getting through auditions! wow, costume making was my mums forte, she made me some brill costumes inc a persian/arabian outfit which i loved.

gastank, i will order the other dean book on amazon. i love to read and i feel lost now ive finished the other one not sure a kindle would suit me, miss llb is a techie and loves all those things.

05/01/2012 at 22:38
gastank i have started to have that idea of running from where i live into other towns too my long route of 20miles goes frm this village into town , back here again, out to the next village and then in a loop taking in 3 other villages before geting back home. on that route outwards though on the loop i could keep going instead of turning off onto the loop and carry on through another which then takes me to a small town on the way to oxford where there is a big sainsburys. i used to drive to one of the branches i work at tht town and its quite easy to run and come straight off the country roads right next to road with sainsburys-thought my incentive to run there could be buying a FGS when i reach it!! and then turn round and run all the way home..total journey would be about 20miles all told i think.  its growing in my mind and i think ill attemot it once weather improves
ChallengeGoGoGas    pirate
05/01/2012 at 22:57
I've bought an app for my phone which provides OS 1:10000 anywhere in the UK and then will pinpoint you on route with the built in GPS... I'm hoping to use in conjunction with my paper OS maps of my locality and do some exploring! It won't be fast it won't be pretty but it might be a real experience

P.s.i always plan a sainsburys on route for a mars refuel reward!!!
05/01/2012 at 22:58
hmmmm.. i could do with that on self navigating ultras gastank... oh dear im soooo tired..may award myself a lie in on sunday-til 7:30
05/01/2012 at 23:08

*Boing! Boing! Boing!*

My wonderful hubby says we can plan our summer holiday (taken in June half term) around a race... and I think I've found the perfect one! South Downs Marathon on Sat 9th June. It's a trail route . And there is a 5k race open to children with a medal which my two girlies can do . So i reckon we will be camping down in Hampshire somewhere round Petersfield. Never been down there before so am very excited. 

Will get out English Heritage/National Trust maps and decided which one we are going to join (we usually join one each year and plan our hols around it). Wonder if going over to Isle of Wight is expensive?

So that has cheered me up even with little people being sick. Oh, I'm so excited. And I will need to taper for the marathon so won't need to try and fit in long runs that week whilst on hols.

Loula - really hope you're not sick - sending hugs - Go To Bed and Sleep Well! 

I have a route along the canal where I can run all the way into Tottenham and back. It's flat but traffic free and 20 miles round trip.

Edited: 05/01/2012 at 23:08
ChallengeGoGoGas    pirate
06/01/2012 at 00:08
Lou - http://www.go4awalk.com/hill-skills-and-navigation/index.php navigation skills online.... Saturday could be a challenge, clearly scouts and cadets was a lot longer ago than I realised!!! Going to need to find some time to brush up on one's skills

Good news is that I think I still know where my compass is!

Chilli - Holiday sounds great, i wish my lot would camp!!!

Tottenham and back sounds good, is it safe? I'm looking to perhaps run through Trent park into the wide blue yonder on saturday, looks like beyond trent park there's plenty of other green stuff I just need to find the paths on map/phone (mental note must get emergency back up phone charge thingy) BUT I'll only be trying that if the weather is good

Night everyone!
06/01/2012 at 06:28
See you there Chilli
I do the South Downs mara every year. It's a local for me. It's beautiful. The organisation around the finish area makes it great for families.
You can go as foot passenger to Isle of Wight quite cheaply and then use their comprehensive bus service to cross the island if you want to. It's very pretty and the beaches are nice.

Hope all the sickness has finished during the night and that everyone got some well deserved rest.

Dunno about you guys who plan your long runs around a mars bar from Sainsburys... in the summer I plan mine around pubs and stop off for a shandy (for the energy top up!!). They always refill my bottle or camelbak for me as well (with water!!).

Have a good day everyone. Stay well.
06/01/2012 at 07:19

mmorrning allll.....hope everyone perkier this a.m....bit chilly so cover those nips up lads!...limper i could just drink a nice cold shandy now

chili...tht sounds a lovely marathon,i wish i had more trail routes to do here..i really loved highclere because of the terrain...NDW looks very off the beaten track so i cant wait for tht one.your 20mile route sounds good chili, i hate going anywhere near cars/roads so tht sounds lovely.

gastank, thanks for the app info..will have to test it out. im thinking of trying to do an LDWA event around april time to get used to mapreading etc...anyone fancy doing one wiv me? varying lengths, and about 5-8 quid to enter. mix of walkers/runners...and always cake at CPs!!!.....no time pressure either!

06/01/2012 at 08:13
Morning all. Feeling a bit better this morning. I feel asleep in the bath last night so OH packed me off to bed.
Jude, I am a bit younger than you. In fact, I think I am the youngest on here
South downs is local to me too. I'm the other end of the county to limper. Let me know if you want any suggestions of places to visit. There are some great places that are free (!) and of course gunwharf keys for shopping
Loula, my daughter did orienteering in PE yesterday
06/01/2012 at 08:14

morning everyone!

got up and did another 3 miles today, foot slightly niggly but much better than yesterday so feeling really positive!. Will take it fairly easy for the rest of this week, then back into building my training up for my first marathong - Sussex on 1st April - Jude can you add that to the list?

Hope everyone has got better from sickness etc! ecky - not surprised you are cross about that, I would have gone mad! So irresponsible.

would love to do a LDWA event but my navigation skills are zero and I think they can be quite hardcore, can't they? My son is in cubs so he might be better at the navigation than me - although I don't really think they do much of that until he gets into scouts.

oh, better get on with work!

06/01/2012 at 08:17

good morning all

hope youre not poorly Loula and great sounding holibob planningsChili.I love cold mars bars Gas but dont eat them these days

I'm still at the stage where 20 mile training runs sound impossible for me to do.but have to say 3 months ago 5 miles would seem that too.I love the trail runs with my runny club too the pavements are ok but trees and woods are just lovely running through.

A rest day for me today into the office soon for a day of meetings and a free lunch

I am planning runs on Saturday before my visit to Tottenham and also Sunday early doors. I am hoping the tight spint shorts that i have bought will help the sore thighs i get when running with normal shorts.

Have great days people.

06/01/2012 at 08:42

Morning all!

Just a quick one!

DJ - I'll take your races off the list for January.  So sorry you won't be able to run them but you are right to give yourself a chance to get your fitness back properly.

Mathschick and chili - I will add your races when I get home.  How exciting!  Chili - my brother lives in Petersfield and it is a beautiful part of the world.  As you know my parents live on the Isle of wight and as a foot passenger it is cheap to cross over especially on a day trip.  (Can't remember how much though and it is 18 months since I went.) 

Phantom - Have a good rest day.

By'Eck - Glad you are feeling a bit better today.

Loula - Oh no!!  Hope you aren't any worse today.

Bell's ringing, gotta go!

Have a good day everybody else.


06/01/2012 at 11:02


Good news mathschick that you could run again today.

Well, Smidge is much better. And annoucing she is hungry . So I reckon it was just a very quick acting bug and all finished now.

Was so excited last night I couldn't sleep and when i did I dreamt of running all night. Lol! I do that a lot.

Limper - that is great! So i'll see you there. I'm going to use it as a training run for the North Downs 50. Although I have a woodland route near here which is twisty and turny, that is about the only trail route I've found so far. I also have another marathon on 1st July so I shall take the South Downs Marathon easy.

Byeck/Limper/Jude - thanks for the info. We'll have fun finding places to visit.

Gastank - I ran the Lee Valley tow path quite a lot last summer. I never encountered anything to make me afraid. There was once nervous moment when I was stopped by three big guys who were surrounded by beer cans. But it turns out they were having a day trip out and just wanted me to take a photo of them. There are always people running, walking, cycling along the path. Hope you enjoy the run through Trent Park on Saturday.

06/01/2012 at 11:03


Hope all the sickie peeps are feeling better....Loula...I so hope you are not coming down with anything...

Phantom....don't fret about folk going on long runs..as you said 3 months ago you thought running 5 miles was a no goer and now look at you..out running 5 miles most days..who knows where you will be running in another 3 mths time.....every extra mile we run is such an acheivement....so well done you...

Mathschick...glad you got out your run and your foot seems on the mend..well done.Enjoy cake day at work..thats a brill idea.....

Oooo Chilli.....thats a fantastic suggestion from your hubby.............you will have a great time i am sure and thats great that the girlies get to do an event as well.

DJ...such a shame your still feeling under the weather and hope your back to your full fitness soon. how's the new job coming along?

Jude...Hope you have a good day at school.

Ecky...How are you today???? I am not surprised you were annoyed about the sickness. some people just don't think do they....very irresponsible....

By Eck...How long were you sleeping in the bath for...LOL...Hope your feeling better....

AF..you running with the ladies this morning??

Gastank...Have you started your mara training for May or are you just using that mara as atraining run for your other stuff that you have lined up.

Well I went to gym this morning 1st time this year...I did my weights etc...I am sure I will suffer tomorrow...LOL....Also did a short 3.38 miles just to keep the legs turning over....They felt remarkably fresh after my longish run yesterday.....

Have a good day everyone.......and its FRIDAY.............Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Anyone up to anything fun this weekend? I am supposed to be doing club hill run on sunday morning...weather permitting of course as there has been snow on the tops of our hills....

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