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13/10/2012 at 20:41

Rocker,sorry no gnarly bits just lots of yucky tarmac and bouncy track. We will make sure you get lots of cakey for afters. And please rest up now cos we dont want you all injured now.

Hi Chilli. Well done on your Parkrun.

Just back from mass. Had a lovely homemade curry (not too spicy) and will have a nice glass of red later which is my fave race prep.

Im really excited about this parcel now.

13/10/2012 at 21:22
ultrarocker wrote (see)

Athletics stadium??


Where's my gnarly off road bit wiv tree stumps and mud and stuff????

sorry luv, thatll have to wait until Druids

yes chili, i was wondering what you meant by a finish place as our crew will know hwere we finish...!! lol..Rocker, maybe there maybe a few twigs and leaves on the track to make us feel at home........

13/10/2012 at 21:23

i have an early start tomorrow , as does Rocker, as we are off to Delapres Abbey to marshall at a Duathalon

13/10/2012 at 21:26

Aren't you supposed to be watching something medical and commenting that they've got it wrong?!

Twigs? Leaves? I'll be having a word with the caretaker if it's not freshly hoovered when we run round it

13/10/2012 at 21:28

ive just been explaining Pyrexial to miss LLB .....

13/10/2012 at 21:29

ive just had a thought..we cant do ABO...reason being that people who run marathons ans go on tracks have spanky doo new pristine trainers and ......WHITE, CLEAN  socks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :0

13/10/2012 at 21:48
Ooo, what's medical?? Pyrexial? Running a temp?
I only have clean trainers and new looking socks cos they are new.
13/10/2012 at 21:53

Pyrexial? Isn't that what you use to cook in - nice glass bowls..?

My road shoes are white.... but my socks are black, and I'll get some funny looks for my calf guards LOL

14/10/2012 at 09:17

Morning! Bit of a mad house here. Cold, frosty and beauitful sunshine and am looking forward to taking my sunday school on a mini-beast hunt in the church garden.

Happy Running everyone/

(I'll be wearing black socks too!)

14/10/2012 at 11:28


chili - a mini-beast hunt sounds like a great idea for a lovely day like today

I did - I did 20 miles. I was a little naughty because people have advised me not to go for longer than 4 hours, but it was difficult to gauge time/distance, and I did have lots of walk breaks. So I am taking this as a sign that I can finish the marathon, somehow I will get round those last 6 miles.

As soon as I got back into the house the kids wanted me to go for a bike ride. I have made OH go with them (he didn't want to because it is cold!). Thought I should have a little bit of time just sitting, eating and recovering before doing anything else!

very frost here this morning, but beautiful now that the sun is out

right, better get my running stuff in the washing machine

14/10/2012 at 12:00


GOOD LUCK Ecky on your race...hope it goes well...will check in later on.

Wow well done Mathschick..super running and of course you will get round the last 6 miles.............had to laugh at your kids wanting you to go out on a bike ride...lol

WOW WOW this time next week the ABO crew will be running............yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy...so wish i was doing it with you all...but I know i have made the correct decision as my achilles is still painful and am not even running on it.

Rocker...lad pleez take care of yourself and your ankle...don't want you making it worse now.

Chili..enjoy the mini beast hunt.

Loula and Rocker...Hope you have a great day marshalling.

Bye for nowwwwwwwww


14/10/2012 at 12:02

MC - Well done on your 20 miles!!! You are BRILL!

I did.....12miles and have decided to pull out of the marathon.  I have worked out that in the last 4 weeks I have only done 7 runs totalling 70 miles and although a fitter person might be able to get around a marathon on that amount of training I don't think I can.  I wouldn't mind walking the last 6 miles if I had to, but with a 5.5 hour cut off that won't be possible. As I was training today I thought of lots of other reasons NOT to do it:

1.  Hubby has had the offer to go to Salonika in Greece for free for 5 days over the same weekend.  (His family are originally from there - there were lots of Turks living in Greece 100 years ago.) the local council are organising a trip there for all the 'Greek' Turks.

2. With the money we save from not going to Istanbul and paying for a hotel hubby has agreed to take us all to Troy for a couple of days over Eid. (in 10 days time) Hubby didn't come to England with us and so we haven't had a holiday altogether this year.

3.  Hubby is looking for a job and it is almost certain that next year I'll only be working part time and I'll be able to train sufficiently.

I know it sounds like I lack any determination, guts etc but I'm sooo tired all the time from trying to fit everything in and the new job has certainly made life harder for me for the time being. I'm quite upset about giving up but it's probably for the best. Who would have thought that being a school teacher requires working till 11pm most school nights? 

Anyway,  I'm trying not to feel down and I'll be running ABO (and MC's mara) with you all in spirit!

Be back later....

14/10/2012 at 12:15

Aw Jude...sometimes these decsions have to be made and if you don't feel the time is right for you there is no point in doing it for the sake of it..As you say you have had a busy time over the last few months with a new job etc and it will be nice to get away with hubby and family..lots of nice things to look forward to...Then next year when you are not working long hours you will be able to fit in your training better and you will be stronger for it...For now though just enjoy your running for what it is.............I will be with them in Spirit at ABO too............... We will be the little voices in there head spurring them on...

14/10/2012 at 12:24

Jude, sometimes life is just like that and you have to make the decision that is right for you and your family. You are making the right decision and you know you are. It would be crazy to go ahead and do it and then not make the cut off, or injure yourself trying to make the cutoff. Sounds like a great opportunity for your husband to go to Greece and get in touch with his roots, and a trip to Troy would be fantastic. I know I am exhausted at the moment, getting up at 5:30 on a Sunday to fit a long run is crazy, and I am skimping a bit on the work preparation and marking. Just fit the runs in when you can around life and enjoy it for the fun of it.

14/10/2012 at 12:46

Thanks guys! Yep, it's the right decision.  I feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and hubby is really excited about going to Salonika.  He has just gone to his friend's house to talk about it. I also have a parents meeting at school that same weekend and although the school manager said I could reaarange my meetings it would have been difficult to organise and would mean finding time after school to see 65 lots of parents.

I'm getting excited about our little trip away already.

14/10/2012 at 13:27


Im ba-ack from my 10k. Took it steady today as didnt want to get injury. It was a lovely day and lovely flat course. I managed it in 1h 40 ish seconds so really pleased.


 Me and my friend Juan at the start. Hi lovely wife took the pic and sponsored us £5 for our Marathon. He was super fast and got a pb of under 50 mins.

14/10/2012 at 13:37
Yayyyy well done Our Ecky....fantastic you must be pleased with that. Well done and have a big glass of red tonight to celebrate
14/10/2012 at 13:42

Thanks Franny, I had a fab time and saw lots of people there that I knew. Some of the Fitness family were there for support. It was strange doing a race that I do my training runs on.

14/10/2012 at 15:09

Well done Ecky!  Looks like a nice day too!

14/10/2012 at 16:32

well done Ecky - great photo too

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