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03/12/2012 at 12:01
Christmas cake has been marzipanned, mince pies are cooking in the oven and I'm prepping the ingredients for a mulled fruit juice or wine
03/12/2012 at 12:04

Lovely jubbly By'eck...very industrious of you  they smell delishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

03/12/2012 at 12:11

Hellooo everyone!!!!

I'm back.Sorry it's been ages.Things got so hectic with my Mum still being very ill,and mountains of college work,plus it's very busy at work,and with my wifes problems,and a chest infection,and i just haven't had time for running or social networking.But i'm still here,and i'm hoping to have a little run later today,just to ease me back into it.I'm very angry with myself for not finding time to run,but when there are so many demands on my time,it seemed like too much to run as well.But running is what keeps me healthy so i'm going to make an effort to get back into it.

I hope you are all keeping well and those that are injured are feeling a little better.

Crac Towers is beginning to look very festive.

03/12/2012 at 13:44

Aw Deejay (((((((((((((((((((((BIG HUGS)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) and welcome back..we know you look in from time to time and we fully understand with all thats going in your busy life. It must be very difficult juggling things with your mum being so ill and your wife too. Hope things ease of soon and that you are feeling better from your chest infection...I hope you get out your run...I sadly haven't made it out today but will go to gym tomorrow and do some treadmill running...it's very icy here anyway and not generally nice running weather...don't want any more injuries in this house..1 visit to A&E is enough for one day...lol

Glad you like our festive decorations

03/12/2012 at 19:19
by 'eck, it's hilly wrote (see)
Christmas cake has been marzipanned, mince pies are cooking in the oven and I'm prepping the ingredients for a mulled fruit juice or wine

I WANT SOME!!!!!!!!! I need mulled wine -WITH alcohol!!! so would miss LLB
evening all. franny sis i hope hubs is ok !!! and lickle chico-he must have had a fright poor thing!! miss llb is posting chico a xmas prezzy to cheer him up

DJ , i hope you are ok and things not getting on top of you-make time for yourself and get our for a run.

chili- im sure you looed fabby doo in your cycling gear

Franny sis the room looks amaaazing....i  will bring in some presents and food

03/12/2012 at 19:26




03/12/2012 at 19:45

I thought I would contribute by providing the musical entertainment.  Hmm ... I kept reminding myself that it needed to be 'wild' and 'wooly' to satisfy you lot!  Sorry ... this is all I could find that fit that description.



03/12/2012 at 19:58

Lol, Darling I'm sure that will suit us just fine!

Wow, Crac Towers looks and smells wonderful!

DJ - Welcome home. Lots of hugs. Hope you managed your run.

I did! So I cycled 5 miles of hills this morning and ran the same 5 miles of hills this evening. Can tick off the first day of my base training.

03/12/2012 at 20:59

evening all

well done chili on getting your training in

I managed to get to the gym this evening for my treadmill run/walk

franny - hope mr franny is ok, and chico

dj - hugs for you. It is difficult to fit everything in when there are so many other things that take priority

love all the decorations - I am afraid I am rubbish at decorations!

04/12/2012 at 06:36

Morning Everyone

The prezzies,food and musical entertainment is all looking good

Gym for me today  Hubby had a better night and has gone to work,

Hope everyone is well and has a good day.

04/12/2012 at 07:42

morrrrrrrrning....listening to everyone here doing cycling, gym running is making me feel lazy!! ive done absolutely nothing for 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

04/12/2012 at 07:50
Me neither Lou
04/12/2012 at 09:04


you too will be nice and rested and ready to go when you get chance again then

busy busy day today

did another run/walk on the treadmill last night and feel good today which is good

04/12/2012 at 10:28


OOOOOOOH Crac Towers looks lovely. "Gets comfy and snuggly on settee" Hot Choccie anyone.

Awwww D.J sorry to hear your Mum is still poorly and that you have been having such a tough time ((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))

Little Run for me today. 3.7 miles of hills. I am racing on Sun a 10 mile Pudding Run. I may have to invest in a Santa Hat.


04/12/2012 at 11:58


DJ-Sorry to here about your mum but it is great to here from you. We are there for you.

Franny,LLB & mr Chilli-Great Christmas pictures.  

Ecky-Well done on your run. Where is your 10 mile Christmas Pudding Run? I have a 10 mle Christmas Pudding run on Sunday in Sussex!!!  

Decided to go for a long run this morning as soon as it was light and managed 11 miles in just iver 1.30 so happy with that and good preparation for my race. 

I have decided that Tuesday mornings are going to be more long run days next year in preparation for Marathn in April. So my business club is going to be given the boot......not that bothered by that as i have had virtually no business from it anyway!

04/12/2012 at 14:14

Afternoon Cracers

Ooooooooooooooo Ecky...you looked fabby in your article in Womens Running...well done...Have you got your Jacket yet????? And well done on your hilly miles this morning.

I just went to gym for weights,core and crosstaining..got a nice compliment from 2 ladies who said i was looking really fit at the moment and that my body shape had changed   Good to know I don't look like a sack of tatties then..lol and all my crosstraining has done me good whilst injured. Will do a treadmill run tomz as its too icy around here and we are expecting more snow.

Loula and By'eck..you will get out soon i am sure..life gets very busy at this time of year and you both have alot to deal with at moment..there will be plenty time for you to get out running soon.

AF...boss well done on your speedy run again...I loved doing my long runs during the week when no-one was around..its just so much quieter and more peaceful.

Hi to everyone else

04/12/2012 at 17:36
Hello, I am still here
Sorry things have been tough for you DJ. Hopefully things will even out for you and it won't seem so overwhelming.
Moo is now infection free he still needs his inhalers occasionally but the crazy behaviour is improving.
Still no running, but maybe on Thursday...
04/12/2012 at 20:10


just back - had to go to Nottingham university after school to meet the new PGCE student that is joining us after xmas. Seems like a lovely man. But a long day and I am tired now

by eck - great to hear that moo is better

04/12/2012 at 21:25

Great to hear the little 'un is better, By 'Eck!

Didn't get out for a run today, but did do my HIIT on the exercise bike.   Will try and make up for the no run tomorrow.

05/12/2012 at 06:35


ITs Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffreezing

By'eck...pleased and happy that Moo is better and that his behaviour has improved too....yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy you have your cheeky little monkey back...wey hey

RR..well done on your HIIT traaining on the bike.....its a great way to shift those extra pounds....erm not that i am saying that you have any extra to get rud of RR...they just say it is avery effective workout spesh if your short on time.

Hello...to AF,Chilli,Deejay,Ecky,Jude,Loula,MC,Rocker,Tom, and all MATTY and PHantom where have you gone...we misssssssssssssssss you.

Matt ..how did you get on at physio..hope the knee ok sir.

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