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03/01/2012 at 21:23
AF, i rarely visit Drs because of illness but i see them everyday at work and they are fab..in fact its still my deepest ambition to be a Dr. if i win the lottery then i have promised myself to try and get through med school. i am absolutely fascinated by medicine and pharmocology..i am a nightmare watching any medical documentaries or dramas as im always trying to fathom out whats wrong with them before they say it! lol...then i'll be saying to mr llb 'see ,see ,i was right '....i even take the BNF to bed... Franny will know what that is...anyway, on my last trip to the Drs we ended up talking about ultras!!! his daughter had done london-brighton ultra last year...he wished me all the best with it but did say if i ever came to him and mentioned i was doing MDS he would promptly refer me to a physchiatrist...so you see AF, you may get some running chats out of your GP
03/01/2012 at 22:26
DJ - I like the tune So pleased you're posting them again. I'm not very musical and my knowledge is appauling, so I go find them on You Tube and get to listen to music I would never hear otherwise.
ChallengeGoGoGas    pirate
03/01/2012 at 22:32
I like the 1991 east side beat version, it's a dance version and reached number 2 in the charts...
03/01/2012 at 23:01
Evening and goodnight!

I've tried to catch up with all today's nattering on here, but there's such a lot of it!

Hello mitiog.

AF - did you actually fit or just pass out and roll your eyes a bit and look weird? Just asking because a faint can look pretty scary to someone not used to them and it could have just been a drop in Bp after a hot bath? I'm not saying don't go to the GP << ducks barrage from Loula, Franny et al >> I'm just trying to be reassuring that maybe it was nothing too significant.

My doc isn't a runner but my dentist is. She thinks it reasonable to expect me, as a distance runner, to access my endorphins when she wants to do root canal work. I wish I'd never told her that I run - I want drugs, drugs and more drugs when it comes to dental treatment. Forget the endorphins, bring out the pethidine!
04/01/2012 at 06:33

Good Morning ALL...Not as windy as yesterday thank goodness.

Phantom..you will most probably be out pounding the streets by now... and think mathschick was going out early for arun to...Hope you both enjoyed.

 Limper...tut tut..you'd better hide...me and Loula are a comin to find you.....lol Know what you mean about fainting but I still think he is best to get checked over even if its to please Mrs AF and us girls on here... have a good day..

DJ....Hope you feel better soon.....Lovin the song of the day being back

Hi Chilli,Loula,Ecky,AF,Gastank,RR,Byeck...and all.

I will hopefully be running later at running club...hill repeats tonight..wonderful

Hope everyone has agood day.

04/01/2012 at 06:47

Oh and Loula...you'd be better snuggling up with Dean rather than the BNF...LOL

04/01/2012 at 07:12

morning all...oo yes i like the 90s version too of ride like the wind, i was just at secondary school then so remember it from the discos lol..goo to have you back DJWE WILL NEED LOTS OF FUNKY TOONS!

limper that made me smile about the endorphins....quite amusing tht your dentist thinks you can suddenly 'access' your endorphins lol

franny, yes we will search out the boss today..(i bet he hasnt gone tut)

phantom im cuddling my cuppa, have a lovely run. at least no rain today

franny hope you have good club run, i DID have Dean in bed last night wiv me and not the BNF this time. book was fab and i promised to let you borrow Dean.....as long as you  are not rough with him and treat him nicely...i dont want him returned with bent parts.......

04/01/2012 at 08:02
Argh!back to school today. Little miss is so organised. She was up at 7, washed and dressed.OH got home late last night so I'm walkng about like zombie.
Hoping to go for a run tonight but i'll need to find a spotty teenager prepared to babysit. If Monday was speedwork, what should I be doing tonight?
04/01/2012 at 08:35

good mornng guys

I hope de boss doesnt tell you girls off too much

Back from my scheduled run.2 miles easy 4x400m speed interval(but honestly not too fast) then 2 miles easy Nice day out there compared to yesterday.

Have lovely not too stressful day friends.

04/01/2012 at 11:32

OK you lt and Mrs AF win..................I have made a Dr's appointment,but, it isn't unitil next Tuesday morning....

Well done on your run Phantom-I am trying to incorperate more speedwrokd into my training and doing 100m or so sprints during my runs. I will be telling the girls off if they keep posting pictures of men up on this thread!!!!!

DJ- Keep posting the tune I remeber the Christopher Cross one and will look up the other versions.I hope that you get back to running soon.

byeck-Hope you get out for a run. I am afraid I am not very good at following schedules I just fo with the flow when it comes to running.

LLB- I saw that book abour Dean whats his name in Waterstones it looks an interesting read. How does it comapre to Born to Run?

Franny- Enjoy your hill repeats. I am hopefully going to be doing a 11.5 hilly run on the Downs next Sunday. 

Much nicer day and got out and knocked out a 6.6 mile run in about 52 minutes so happy with that-still a tad achey from Sundays epic.

Hi to Limperr,Chilli,Ecky,Gastank,Mathschick et all...

04/01/2012 at 12:06

Afternoon folks.

AF..so pleased you have put the doctors appt on....Oh my another speedy run for you..well done.

Byeck...i hoe you can persuade someone to babysit so as you can get out for your run.

Loula...I pwomis not to bend your precious Dean..lol..

Phantom..well done on your speedy run repeats today...you are a superstar....

Hi again to everyone else.....

04/01/2012 at 12:44

Hi all. Im still checking in but am grounded till I get my foot sorted.I will have to find another form of exercise for now. It is really getting me down as I so want to do a Marathon this year. I am just going to do little plods for now and keep icing.I will go the docs in a week or two if it doesnt go away.

Hope everyone has a good day.

Chilli thanks for the hug.

04/01/2012 at 14:33

eckyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy........you will be ok. maybe not this week, but you will be. have you had xray? see DR!!!!!!


AF, i think Deans book is very good. different to Born to run. he has added little sections in about others  too who he has helped,insoired, run with. the parts he writes about his dad and friend Topher are very funny. i think any of us will relate to his feeling in it. i like it better than born to run...but then i would say that coz Deano is my hero nowlol

franny....he is very delicate in places , so no bending allowed.

04/01/2012 at 14:41
*hangs head in shame* I will go Loula I promise just for you. I suppose Im just so worried I will have to have something done to it.I dont have time to be out of action. 
04/01/2012 at 15:14
Ecky-I hope your foot clears up.Keep positive. I had a bad foot for about 6 weeks last year and still ran- I found a massage did the job in the end.

limper-You can now enter the Mel's Milers 10k - see events on this website. It is on 1st April.I will defintely be marhalling so hope to cheer you on.

LLB- Not sure this Deano hero worship is acceptable. May get the book for my birthday- although I won't want to look at the pictures- any takers?

Pleased I went out earlier for a run gone horrid and windy again.
04/01/2012 at 15:17
Thanks A.F.That gives me hope. I know it sounds daft but I need running to survive. Glad you going the docs too.Take it easy till then.
04/01/2012 at 15:40

AF, there arnt many pics o dean, there are quite a few of his pals though dont worry , our CRAC lads are still worshipped the most!!

Ecky, i think you should go, it could be something really simple that requires stronger anti inflammatories than you can buy etc...

04/01/2012 at 15:47
Yeh Loula you are right. It cant be anything major as I can run and it dissapears then when I rest up it gets really bad then I walk on it and its OK again for a bit.
04/01/2012 at 15:52
where abouts is it? and when etc? describe the whole injury for me  from start to finish.
04/01/2012 at 15:57
Ecky-What part of the foot is hurting? If it is the heel of the foot you could use a golf ball and gently roll your heel over it whilst you are sitting down. If that makes sense....better self diagnosis that seeing a Dr......just joking LLB!
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