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31/12/2011 at 21:28

Happy New to you and welcome to the 2012 thread of the Cake Runners Athletics Club (CRAC)

As the title suggests we are here for anyone who just wants to go a 'little bit further'. So whether you're aiming for your first 5k or marathon or Ultra, please feel free to come and join us.

The CRAC team (virtual world and only on this thread) started last year because we realised that along with running we seem to have an equal passion for cakes. So come and introduce yourself, name your favourite cake and you are in as team member.

Our club team colours are the Battenburg. To cheer us on at races we have a virtual cheerleading squad led by Loula. Hopefully DJ will be back this year with a daily tune. And I'm sure all the regulars will be squeezing their way on to the sofa in CRAC towers and introducing themselves.

On this thread you will get lots of laughs, support, encouragement, cake and hopefully a bit of running knowledge

So please come on in, grab a piece of cake from the tea trolley, make yourself known and join us in running 'Just A Little Bit Further' in 2012!

31/12/2011 at 21:34
Mines a Lemon Drizzle please Chilli. I do have some Christmas cake left though.
31/12/2011 at 21:41
Well, I've already had a little bit of Christmas cake today,but I'm sure I can manage a small slither of carrot cake. After all, it's part of my 5 a day...
31/12/2011 at 22:23

Mmmm I love Carrot cake.

31/12/2011 at 22:40

Hi Ladies

My favourite is parsnip and maple syrup and I make one each year for my birthday.... yum, yum, yum... 

Do you have any aims for 2012? They should probably be running targets, but since we are a very friendly bunch here, we'll happily cheer you on for whatever!

31/12/2011 at 23:10
I'm a traditionalist, so it's choclit sponge with choclit icing and choclit bits and some choclit on the side for me.
I'll settle for pretty much anything that's on offer though

My goal in 2012 is to run further than I did in 2011 (not hard as I ran so little in 2011) and to avoid the continuous injuries I've suffered during the last 6 months (not running related).
A bit of weight loss wouldn't be a bad goal either but will be tricky to achieve on a cake club thread!
And being brave enough to face up to some personal stuff I have to do (which may require both running and cake to help me cope).

I'll have the Battenburg kit in a long sleeve top and buff please.
31/12/2011 at 23:48

I am with you Limper. I just love Chocolate Cake.

I reckon that you can do anything you put your mind to.Running has got me through some really tough times with the added help of Cake. You can do it Limper.

01/01/2012 at 00:29

There's a cake we make every year that has forever been referred to as 'The German Cake' -  due to a German friend of ours introducing us to it: it's a sponge cake with ground almonds, white icing and hundreds and thousands.  So my favourite cake is 'The German Cake'.   Love Mini Cadbury Rolls though - as some of you might have figured out.

Happy New Year to everyone at CRAC Towers!

Running aims for 2012?  Break the ten mile barrier and do at least one 5k park run.   

Edited: 01/01/2012 at 00:30
01/01/2012 at 00:58

Ooh Chilli that sounds interesting.

So does German Cake R.R. I love Almonds and Hundreds and thousands.

I can hardly type I have had so mush vino..........................Hic.

Besh be good tomorre before Da Boss Starts.

01/01/2012 at 07:16
Happy New Year Crac-ers!!!

Thank you for the encouragement Ecky. I'm a long-time runner and have used it to great effect to deal with 'stuff'. It was just a rubbish second half to last year with some nasty injuries.

I'm just about 6 weeks down the line from the last set-back so there is the possibility of a (very small) run on today's horizon.
There's also a LOT of cake here at the lily-pad due to a baking spree yesterday!!
And there's no sore head on this frog this morning!

<< hands round the cake platter by way of ingratiating self into thread >>

Edited: 01/01/2012 at 07:16
01/01/2012 at 07:19

.................HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.............................

wow, the shiny new thread is here so happy new year to all the lovely friends i have made on the CRAC TEAM and to any new ones joining*waves to limper*...heres hoping we all have a fantastic 2012 and get to do all we want run wise and other.

apologies to DA Boss....got home at 2:30am.....hmm hmm*nods grinning inanely*....and um, well i didnt think id be that late...*nods again slowly wondering what excuse to tell boss*........wasaverygoodgirlanddidntdoanydamagetosurroundingvillages...phew, there.

Watched the big countdown at friends house and the mega fireworks in London on tv !! woohooooooooooooooo!!!

my fave cake i think is lemon drizzle or choc fudgenommy.....

chili, glad you had a nice hols...rest today for you.

BOSS, i think you should get yourself looked at , if mrs AF says you can do the run today then please go to Docs THIS WEEK....*Wags finger sternly for first episode of 2012*......*foot tapping firmly*

have a lovely day my friendies and ........GO GO GO AF THE BOSS MAN !!! GOOD LUCK

01/01/2012 at 07:20
HI LIMPER!!...i dont have a sore head, but i DO have a sore throat...got anything for 'CROAKY' throats on the lily pad?? BOOM BOOM!!
01/01/2012 at 08:11
Morning and Happy New Year.......

Well after yesterdays incident I had a good night sleep and feel OK. So will be doing my 1st race of the year @ 11 am today. I will however just aim to finish rather than go for a time.

I have been told by Mrs AF that I should go to the Dr's...........

Welcome Limper to the CRAC team you will enjoy this thread.....

Please can I have a Coffee and Walnut cake lobbed over to me for about 4pm......

Bye for now you lovely people.

Da Bossxxx
01/01/2012 at 08:29

morning everybody

sorry must rush Run Club

01/01/2012 at 09:04
Hobble, hobble, hobble...
Ouch, my blister hurts
Welcome limper. In this thread, running is something we do to help us deal with life. Some people seem to labour under the impression that life gets in the way of running
01/01/2012 at 10:46

morning, decided I would like to join this thread

Love all cake - lemon drizzle a current favourite

want to do a marathon this year, have entered Sussex April 1st, but currently wondering whether I will make it as have a dodgy ankle at the mo, first run in 3 weeks today - did 2 miles

01/01/2012 at 10:54


Ouchie  I had far too much Vino last night so Today is the start of me being good.

Foot still playing up which is annoying so more icing tonight. I have been self diagnosing again but should really go Docs.

Hi Mathschick  I hope your Ankle improves soon.I seem to have lots of that kind of trouble and I find it so frustrating. I want to do a Marathon later in the year and an Ultra.I just hope my foot improves.

By Eck I hope your Blister goes soon.I find them soooooo painful.

Morning Phantom have a good time at Club.

A.F Mahoosive Good Luck for today. You can have any cake you want Boss *hopes that cake will distract Da Boss from knowing what the Norty Crew got up to last night*

01/01/2012 at 11:00
Thank you for the welcome everyone

Today Limper-Dog and I started our road to recovery (from fracture and ligament damage). We ran a mile. Pahhahahahahaha. One weeny mile. I'm a half and full marathoner by choice. So it seems quite mad that Dawg looks knackered and I feel proud!!

Loulabell...I suggest gargling with soluble paracetamol and sitting very very quietly for most of the day. Nothing above a whisper and definitely no singing or laughing. You may, and indeed should, eat any fruit based cake and warm custard can be added if the throat is particularly bad
This is informed medical advice and shouldn't be tried by any under-age runners on the thread

Life should never get in the way of running. Sadly it does, but that doesn't make it right!

<< stands ready with needle and thread for by 'eck's blister >>
ChallengeGoGoGas    pirate
01/01/2012 at 11:08
Happy New Year everyone!!!! And welcome Limper!

Can't talk much, stringing together sentences is a challenge... Don't know when I got to bed, but did find champagne glass next to it.... Lost dinner suit and then found it hanging in the wardrobe... Been swimming in Atlantic in speedo, very very cold, decided afterwards very very bad idea... Don't have hangover, suspect still drunk... Might have a nap

Morning boss good luck today!
01/01/2012 at 11:16
limper - when you have had an enforced break due to injury a mile is something to feel proud of!
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