Knees - strengthening exercises?

Need help!

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09/01/2012 at 11:30
Find the steepest hill or mountain near you with the least friendly terrain - the sort where your feet will be at all angles. Walk slowly up it and slowly down with an exaggerated stride so that each leg/knee works hard - do it as often as you can
Wear flat shoes for off roading so you brain can work the requires muscles efficiently, concentrate on pronating.
Buy flatter shoes and have your back at 90' to the surface on flat surfaces so you pad your step better.
Finally keep your tri-bands stretched by rolling the side of your thigh down to your knee over
piece of log - this will keep your knee cap tracking ok.
These together will cure most knee issues.
10/05/2012 at 15:48

I am 36 years old I have been running for about 1 1/2 years now.  I have always been very active tho.  When I first started I had terrible ITB syndrome , coming from my left hip, down to my mid outer thigh.  It even hurt when I walked for a while.  I slowed down the training for a month or so (did other cardio), then began again. I did lots of leg strengthening excercises & lots of stretches, which really seamed to help.  However, over the last month, I have had pain in my left knee & twinges in my right.  This usually comes on after 2k & can disappear, but not always.  It isn't sore to touch & doesn't swell up or feel hot.  The pain feels like it is just below the cap, at the top of the shin. 

I usually run between 20-30k per week (5ks, 6ks or 10ks) & walk about 20k in additiion.  I've tried slowing up, not doing as much, but am really worried that I can't get over this.  I have also started taking codliver oil tablets (so lets hope they help too).  I got some PT advice & was told that it's just my bones/muscles adapting to more running ?

Any ideas would be great, thanks x

10/05/2012 at 16:17

Over-striding and heel-striking result in a lot of knee stress. If that's you then shorten your stride, increase your cadence, and land on your forefoot ... it completely sorted out my knees.

02/08/2012 at 14:51

Hi folks, I've recently turned 30 and I'm trying to get back into running but I'm having some knee issues. Almost immediately when I start running my knees audibly click to the point where I can hear them with headphones in, and continue until I stop. I can only manage about 4 miles before i feel I must be doing damage to continue. I originally noticed this a couple of years ago when running upto 10-15 miles but had to stop due to a foot injury. I spend most of my time on my feet at work going up and down stairs. Can anyone suggest a treatment/ exercises? I'm concerned I'm causing damage to my knees but really don't want to give up running!

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