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08/03/2005 at 09:26
well i managed to get off my arse and go out at the weekend too!

managed to twist my bloody knee, but it feels a bit better today so will try a steady run tomorrow and see how it feels.
09/03/2005 at 19:48
scoops well done on the half!!! but you didn't tell us your time.

you take it easy kazmataz.

hippo, i did get off my ass!!!

just got in from 2 miles, it killed me, not sure how long it took cos i pressed the wrong button on my watch so i'm a bit hacked off about that.

feeling really drained, been having hard days at work, where i've had to walk further than i usually do and the weather has got me down, so the run was really hard. feet been aching for past 2 days and started to develop a small blister on arch of foot. also discovered a possible bio-mechanical problem, running forefoot first with one foot and heel first with other.

fingers crossed it won't cause me any problems

keep it up peeps
13/03/2005 at 17:37
My time for half was 2hr 17min 15sec not speedy i know but i took took 10mins of last half in oct, this time i managed to run all the way and felt great when i fini walked 1/2hr back to car! Just done 10ml today, not enough training for marathon but im not looking for a great time just want to fini.
15/03/2005 at 18:59
my motivation has vanished. anybody seen it?

i was doing well until last week when i had to work late meaning i missed a run, haven't been since. not a happy chappy

well done scoops your half was faster than all of mine!!
19/03/2005 at 14:59
hi ducky hope you r getting on ok with out little challenge. i've been training hard and my run on thursday improved ym pace from 9.18min/km at the start of the challenge to 9.04min/km! v pleased so far it'll be 8 -something soon! how u doing>? :)
20/03/2005 at 12:40
rarog20, glad things are going well for you, erm as for me, my get up and go got up and went. haven't run for over a week, but i'm off work for a few days now, so i'm going to go for a few runs this week, pretty sure i will have improved slightly for the challenge, but not sure how much.

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41 to 46 of 46 messages
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