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19/04/2014 at 19:45

Hi all

Chelle, sorry to hear about the lurgy and well done on the 10k.  I think I must be at the same sort of stage as you.  I did a 5 mile race 2 weeks ago.  I really am finding now that it's given me to confidence to start running further on training runs.  Hoping to do 5.5 miles on Monday.  Also, PB'd at the Parkrun today - first sub 30 time.  Re: half marathon in October.  I think it's doable.  I'm hoping to do the Belfast half in Sept.  Are you going to follow the Asics training schedule.  I've looked at them, but the training pace just seems ridiculously slow.  I've looked at the RW training plan and they seem realistic, and give a bit more info on type of runs i.e. tempo etc.  What do you think about Asics? Anybody else got any advice on half training plans?

Been lovely weather over here this weekend - makes such a difference to be running in short sleeves.  Hope everybody has a lovely Easter weekend .  Watch the egg consumption 


20/04/2014 at 10:48

Chelle and Nicky, I also would like to do a half at the end of the year or maybe next year, not decided.


Not following a training plan just created my own, probably should look at one to see if what I am doing is way off.

Went for a nice run this morning: Week 8 : Run 3 : 8 miles : 1h09m37s : 8:42 min/mile

20/04/2014 at 10:53
Happy Easter all,

Well run Happy, great PB for the park run.

I've been out this morning and run, a 3 miler, no records broken, a slight pain in the knee slowed me down.

Goof running to anyone else who is out today.
20/04/2014 at 21:27

Hi Peter.   Hope you had a good easter.  Hope the knee doesn't continue to cause you more problems. Think I must be carb loading for tomorrow's run (my excuse) .  Love hot cross buns . Have a good evening!

20/04/2014 at 22:45
Thanks Happy, I've had a good one, the knee has settled down now, so its looking ok.
Hot cross buns are lovely so its ok to overload on them. Good luck with your run tomorrow.
21/04/2014 at 12:27
Hi happybunny

An acquaintance has been running for a couple if years: one marathon and a couple of half marathons under her belt. I noticed, through Facebook, that she was using My Asics to train for the Reading half. Post C25K I went for a couple of runs but they felt a bit lacking. I was missing the structure of a formal plan, so I thought I'd give the My Asics a try. I don't have anything to compare it to, but it's teaching me about pacing, which I want to understand. I'll be sticking with it for 10 mile and half marathon training.

To everyone else, happy running. I'm sitting on the sofa with tissues, Beechams powders and self pity
22/04/2014 at 22:01

Just got back from a run, into week 9 now, did a PB for a 10k, pleased with that.

Week 9 : Run 1 : 6.2 miles (10k) : 51m00s : 8:13 min/mile

22/04/2014 at 23:30
Get well soon Chelle.

Good run there Nathan, well done on the PB.
23/04/2014 at 14:34

I just bought a Bluetooth Heart Rate monitor, this works perfectly with my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone and Endomondo sports app, I absolutely love all the statistics I can now get all linked together.

Spinning for me tonight, hopefully run tomorrow...

23/04/2014 at 20:55
Good running all, well done Nathan great pace. Haven't run for nearly a week but went out tonight down the canal footpath, approx 3mile 19min 11 which is quicker than last time. I really must do some longer runs as I haven't run over 8miles since I did my half marathon in March. Long run fri or sat hopefully.
Yesterday at 23:10
Well dragged myself for my third run today. It went ok but got a stitch in my 8 set of 10. It was second time this has happened bit this time forced me to slow to barely a walk for a few mins and although I did another minute I could feel it coming back so only complete 9/10 reps. Any tips on avoiding this happening again? Anyway proud of myself for getting out there as had made a few excuses but just didn't think about it and once trainers were on I was kind of commited!
Yesterday at 23:22
Good running Nick.

Kirsty, well done in getting out there, not sure on the stitch, I'm bad for them too,
Today at 07:46
Kirsty, if the stitch is really bad stop and bend over and touch your toes, sounds odd but normally works. Then try the normal stuff don't eat or drink alot before running I try to leave about an hour. If you find you still get one then I find this works : as you run, the side the stitch is on stamp the opposite foot whilst breathing out, like a quick blow. Repeat this for at least five strides. I find this works, not sure why but read it on here a while ago and it works for me. Also as you run more, the muscles tone up and the problem may become less frequent. Good luck.

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