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26/06/2012 at 17:06


Havent posted in a while, but have gotten the urge of not wasting my life at me lunch breaks, scoffing my face with cr@p and watching tv.

 I have set a goal to run 50KM by 21st July, and have been doing running for nearly 2 weeks now. Currently following Fat Loss plan

Heres my goal:  50KM Goal @Runkeeper

My activities over the last 2 weeks:

 First run after scouting my central london area 

Local home run 3KM loop 

 Done some more scouting and extended my range past Big Ben etc 

Missed a run out due to family emergency, but managed to fit it in next day 

Local long run - nearly done 5KM 

Today's run - work 5KM loop - stopped short because of call to wife! 

So my aim is to get back into it and I have the chance of a 5 miler at  Orion Harriers Forest Five  in August which is just down the road from me in Epping Forest.


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28/06/2012 at 13:24

going for a run soon, but its near 29'C in the city, so a sweat box will ensue......before, in and after! 

just a steady 30mins though

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28/06/2012 at 15:26

tried to run all 30 mins but it was just too hot.

 for some reason I find it harder to run in the city that I do around me local [within the M25] which is strange....


 Runkeeper Stats: Here 

28/06/2012 at 17:23

I went for run at 2pm and it was rather hot even in Manchester!

17/07/2012 at 17:33

sorry for the wait, but here goes.

 Some very soggy, drying trainers out in airing cupboard type runs recently.

30 June - Runkeeper

2nd July - No run

4th July - Runkeeper

6th July - Runkeeper [first morning run for a looong time] 

8th July - No run

10th July -  Runkeeper

12th July - Runkeeper [First long run in ages 40mins]

14th July - No run [around parents house till late]

16th July -  Runkeeper [45min long run - covered around 7KM]

With all the above, my recent runs are a 5KM around the 30min mark and possibly a sub 60min 10KM..???

Just surprising really, as I have only been running for the last month in ages and I think that I have a better form now than in the past.

 trying to keep to schedule, but time and family commitments permit.

Have started running in the evening, since my runs are now 40mins+ long, interval and fartlek to come in the weeks ahead.

feeling a bit sore today, interval 3min fast and 3min recover X15 tomorrow. 

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19/07/2012 at 17:28

done my interval/fartlek run yesterday - and it was hard.

I just hate those sessions and prefer a long run.

Anyway, heres me runkeeper stats .

Covered just under 5KM in 30 mins which was 5 times 3 min fast 3 mins steady [which actually was walking tbh].

Average pace on the fast sections was ~5min/km

Got a 45min steady tomorrow. will have to be after work though. 

24/07/2012 at 17:25

change of plans on the forest five.

going away for a long weekend to see my wife's sister, so may have to find something in September. Have seen Trees for Cities -5KM - £22 [cant rem if it is in sept/oct atm].


running since last update:

20th - 45 min steady w/5 min warm/cool down Runkeeper.

managed to do around 7.4KM in 45 mins NON STOP! yay!  

So looking at that, I am close to the 60min 10KM.

 22nd. No run as went swimming with the wife and kids. and managed to spend 3 hrs mowing the grass. So knackered after doing that, i decided on a non run day.

Should be doing a 50min steady tonight which would equate to an hour overall. If I do manage to do it; first aim is not to walk, and to break the 8KM - all without the sun/heat issue - hopefully!

24/07/2012 at 17:27

failed to add that while mowing, I got a sunburnt neck - not as bad as my wife's though [Back, neck, shoulders and arms!]

Now kids, this is how NOT to be in the sun for hours without suncream...  

31/07/2012 at 17:31

didn't do me run as parents decided to turn up late and i was not going to do my run at 10pm!

anyway, an extended rest but, back on  the 26th I managed to do interval training:

Stats here Runkpr

That one should of been 15 reps, but my left leg got tight and managed to only do 12. bloody hard going  - wouldn't of thought how fast 30 seconds go buy when you are literally legging it and trying to get the breathing right. 

and again [last week was not a great week tbh] as had another extended break/rest, but did manage to get up early yesterday and complete this

Stats here Runkpr 

That one was a ~6.5M in 40mins @ 6ish min/km

Now all the work I am putting in I need to find a race/event that doesn't cost the earth for what it is [see this months RW  

19/09/2012 at 13:23

wow, this has been a long time coming!

How months go by.....

Round up of my running since last post.

August tbh was a bad month - yes - hands up who should have done more .

1st August - Runkpr

4th August - Runkpr [Non local hilly route as was staying round friends - thats the main reason for no running really from this to the next run]

20th August - Runkpr [Back into the swing of things]

23rd August - Runkpr [50mins @7.8KM]

26th August - Runkpr [early tempo run]

29th August - Runkpr [Another 50min steady in the dark - last one without a HiVis]

30th August - Entered into the BHF Hyde Park Jog 10KM part - YAY! 

31st August - Runkpr [An mixed off road/track then back onto road for total 30mins]

4th Sept - Runkpr [First 60mins with some walking bits]

6th Sept - Runkpr [Slow 15mins]

9th Sept - Runkpr [45mins steady]

14th Sept - Runkpr [a 45min windy one - gps was off a bit]

18th Sept - Runkpr [ SRC @ Stratford 28:59 for a 5KM]

So just under 4 days to go for me first 10KM. Planning to do an easy 40-50 mins on tomorrow then rest until Sunday, then hopefully manage to get back to the SRC for another 5KM.

Gpoing by the time I set last night, I should manage to do me 10KM in under an hour.

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