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17/09/2007 at 15:48

Hello All,

Hope everyone had a good weekend, congrats on the great times.  I ran a 5K on Saturday and was really chuffed to do it in 29 mins and 54 seconds!  Just under the 30 min barrier.  I pushed myself hard, even did a sprint at the end and am very pleased. 

My query now is how to transpose this into a 10K, part of the reason I could be a bit faster was that I knew it would be over in about 30 mins!  What can I do to improve the time over a longer distance, to be able to go that fast for twice as long?  When I train I usually plod round the local park, or to work for 30-45 mins not really focussing on pace or doing any speed work.  Do I need to try to push myself in training more?  Any advice would be very welcomed.

 I've got another 10K in a few weeks, so will see how that one goes and try to get some miles in in the meantime.

Good luck all and keep up the good work.

17/09/2007 at 18:53

Devonian - no I'm going to retire now and take up the vices I used to have! Only kidding! Not sure as it's getting to the end of 10K season but I really found having a goal as something very important to me in training.

 Now I know that I can do it, I'm keen to see if I can improve my time. Sunday's course was very flat and that made a big difference as my training runs tend to be fairly hilly. I'd love to aim for sub 50 but I have to be realistic  and set myself proper targets. Think I'll continue with my regualr routines and try adn step it up after New Year and aim for a another 10K in te spring. It's rugby season for me and not sure if I can mix rugby and running that well as I find it harder and harder to recover - it's an age thing.

Experience of first 10K was great and I found everyone really friendly and helpful. It was well organised apart from no medal at the end. I did get some body lotion in my goody bag though though not sure it'll look as good hanging round my neck! I felt not at all bad during the race and tried to keep an even pace. Outward and inward 5K were roughly the same time and I was pleased with that. I really did feel the benefit of the last 3 months training (only started back in June) and felt it was all worth while.

17/09/2007 at 22:44

Well done Keltikmusk, i also started back in june but i havent been as good as u at breaking the 60mins barrier.  But you never know maybe next time as you say we all need something to aim for.

 Clare - im the same as you i can run a good 5k time just need to duplicate that and i would break the 60 mins.  so as Clare said all tips greatfully received.


17/09/2007 at 23:25

not been on for while, but thanks for advice about black toenails and puffy hands.

I did middlesbrough 10k race yesterday, 1hr 6mins 31secs. Its second time ive done it and improved time by 7mins, so quite pleased with that considering i couldnt walk up flight of stairs without stopping for breath 7 yrs ago. (Was a smoker then). mite sign up for great north run next year.

Wasnt keen on running, but get such a buzz when crossing finishing line, and my kids were there cheering me on, fantastic!!


17/09/2007 at 23:28

Do you all run just for run, or do it for charities.  I was sponsored for cancer research and raised £400  . just got the hassle of collecting the money now   .


18/09/2007 at 19:37

Hi All

Well done on your 10k gemini - that's great! I also ran for Cancer Research last weekend, you are right - it's a problem trying to get money from people! My next 10k will be just for me.

Jasp/Clare - I have no idea how the professionals would advise you to translate your 5k times to a 10k! I try to run a long run at weekends, I started adding 1k a week until I got to 12k and (as I don't have any longer run this year) I stopped there and just kept trying to improve the times. I have also read advice here that you should put in speed sessions to improve your overall time. Perhaps you could try reading some of the training plans an see what they advise?

Sorry I can't be more help! 

18/09/2007 at 19:46

I ran last Sunday for Cancer Research but insisted all donations were mad on-line - Made life a lot easier!

£230 for me - Not quite as good as £400 but it all helps! 

My Aunt died of cancer so I had her in mind when I ran. It helped. 

19/09/2007 at 21:05

Hi everyone

Well done all on your races and 10k times.

Running for charity is really good but i admit its hard to collect in the donations after the event.  I did the race for life the year before last  and ended up putting in some of the money myself, mainly from the  people i used to see at my local gym.  But well done on getting the amount of sponsorship you both did i found it really hard asking people when i did it, so yes very well done.

Has anyone got any races coming up in the near future.  I need some inspiration i am really finding it hard to motivate myself at the moment am still doing a bit on my cross trainer in the evenings but having read the latest article in RW am not sure if i should still be doing it whilst watchin the TV!!!!!.  I need to get back out there again. 

oops just realised i have left my dinner cooking, prob be burnt offerings now, catch u all later, i am far too easily distracted ......................

19/09/2007 at 22:48
Terrie - have you decided whether to run the Haltemprice 10k or not ? Have you done it previously ? Little worried it's gonna be too hilly !?!
19/09/2007 at 23:07

Hi tyler

I would love to run the Haltemprice even tho its hilly, i guess i wld jst be a little slower, maybe i shld enter as motivation???  My only reservation atm is that we are considering going away that weekend. But still yes maybe i should enter for motivation alone?????

20/09/2007 at 01:30

mmm ?...I've entered but am now concerned that it'll take me well over the 60 minutes - the fundemental aim of this thread !?! Maybe it'll put me in a good position to run a quicker 10k on a flat soon after.

Think I'd be tempted to go away that weekend if I was you  

20/09/2007 at 12:54

Went out last night for a trot round. The Barnstaple Fair has taken over part of my usual route so had a change and went somewhere else. Only managed 3.5 miles in 38:05, but baby has been ill so I've had a couple of bad nights sleep and felt well knackered.

Must do better!

21/09/2007 at 23:34

Matt - my brother died in 2005 so did race then in memory of him, my father in law died April this year, so did it again,with his picture on my back. Collected most of cash, but will definately do the online thing next time.

Pictures on sportscam were awful, look on face like i was running on hot coals, , still put them on phone though, just to prove i did it.

Love the buzz going through finish line, especially as my kids were there cheering me on.

Colin - hope baby is ok now. 


23/09/2007 at 20:19

Hi All

Quiet in here today - I guess everyone is out training hard? )

Gemini - sorry to hear of your losses - I guess that must give you a real incentive to do well. I hope you got your sponsorship money in. 

Colin - Hope your family are OK - I suspect the fair will be soon gone - but it was a good excuse to try a different route. Have you run the Tarka trail? Not sure how far it is to Bideford or Torrington, but it's a good flat run. 

I did a slow 4k to try out the dodgy knee - turned out fine, so I'm back on the training plan. My next 10k is a week on Sunday, so I have some catching up to do to get up to speed for that one.

Next planned session is lunchtime on Tuesday - fingers crossed. 

adbru    pirate
23/09/2007 at 22:47

Hi Guys,

 I have just been lurking since doing my 10k but am still running

My training plan is for a half so runs are getting longer now ... todays long run was 7.5 miles !!

Made it without walking though 72mins for 7.5.....

Never ever ran that far in my life so stiff and sore but happy.

good luck to all


24/09/2007 at 08:58

Baby's fine now, thanks to everyone for asking. Nothing serious, just a temperature that kept her (and us) up through the night. Of course she then slept most of the day while I was at work

Ran the New bridge route again on Friday, did three laps in 57:05, but the last lap my knee started feeling really stiff and painful. Made it to the end through gritted teeth and lots of muttered swearing. Really sore knee on Saturday, but feels better now (although I haven't tried running on it yet)

Not done the Tarka trail yet. Barnstaple to Bideford is about 9 miles, so a bit out of my league yet (even if it is flat) May try to do it in bits if I can get TOH to pick me up.

24/09/2007 at 12:40


Firstly wanted to say that as a beginner this post has been a welcome relief from those over-technical, fear-inducing other posts that ramble on about running as though it is a science first and a sport second.!

I've been running for about 5 weeks now (in preparation for the Cancer Research 10k run at Bowood).  Did this yesterday and was aiming for 60 minutes, after reading your posts, and was quite confident on hitting it with my decent training times.  Anyway, course was hard with lots of up and down hills.  My time as I crossed the finish line ..... 1:00:02.!!!!  Could not believe it!!!!  Saw the finish line coming up and watched that clock run down to 1:00:00 and even with a (relative) sprint to the finish couldn't get there in time!  Enjoyed it nevertheless and looking forward to doing another one (with less hills) so I can do it under 60 minutes!!  Damn those 2 seconds!!!

Keep up the posts.  This really is more inspiring to us 'new' runners than you might think!!!

24/09/2007 at 20:01

Hi All

Welcome back Adbri - glad you're still around!

Colin - 9 miles to Bideford - heck! It's a goal though - especially as the next step after a 10k is a half marathon! Never been more than 10k, so I think I'll leave that until next year.

Mark - Hi and welcome! Incredibly well done on your 10k - who's counting 2 seconds - it must have taken at least that long for you to get through the start line? Nonetheless, a terrific time - well done you!

24/09/2007 at 20:08

Hi all

Well my weekend away has been cancelled as it appears the hotel we wanted to stay in is full.  Boo 

Anyway that means i have no excuse not to enter the Haltemprice now, or at least not one i can convince myself of!!!  hee hee, so it will be running shoes back on and out the door again only this time training will be on the hills not on the flat  eeekk! 

I haven't done much running at all since the Elloughton but did manage to get out on my bike (my first love in terms of exercise!) this weekend and it was great fun.  I guess i stopped riding as much when i started training for the Elloughton.  Even though i haven't done that much since the Elloughton i found i could keep my heart rate up at a decent level for a good length of time and even pushed  harder on a couple of occasions so i was quite pleased with that.  Perhaps i am not as un-fit as i think, but running will soon let me know!!

Happy training everyone, keep up the good work.

24/09/2007 at 20:51

Hi Sazzler,

 I've got an upcoming 10k and I had been training with lots of stort runs - not speedwork, just 5min 30sec/km.

 Anyway, I did my first 10k on a training run last Friday after work (I'm a student nurse!) on a very hilly course and did it in 58.10!

 It's really inspired me to go for it next Sunday!

Anyway best of luck with the sub-60 goal



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