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11/02/2008 at 09:15
Today was Simply so perfect
Today we headed for Wokingham HM, it was to be our 161 ST HM together,

The weather was just so perfect, little did i know just how perfect the day would end up being... we met friends, had lots of laughs with people,

I knew today we could NOT race as race, as we have Draycote FM of 5 laps next week, so we set about hoping for anywhere around 2 hours or just under...

things started off just nice and quiet, could'nt move for 2 miles or so, which completely suited me, but i was to find gaps and soon get into my grove, and find what i am good at and enjoy doing.. i felt so happy, i felt free

it was very short lived though sadly, before we knew it we were through half way, never really noticing anything pace or distance wise, it was another day were we could have gone on and conquered 20 miles

trying to support fellow runners etc

i knew in our early days together we were clocking for HM's 1.43 onwards, but i really thought that that had gone now, what with Phillip being 6 years older and heavier, and of course me being an old git now

so, we smelt the finish in the distance, we pushed on remembering every time we picked up pace we had a FM next week, so i held back best i could

we eventually crossed the line on our watch at around 1 hour 48 mins , i knew we crossed the start line on about 4 plus mins, and the finish clock was on 1.52 , so yes

i felt so good, so really good, could'nt quite believe what i'd done

We went back to about 2 mile mark ish, cheering runners in, it was good to help others,

it's left me feeling just on top of the world again

So, i ain't finished yet !!!

There'll be more of Mick n Phil to come i reckon
11/02/2008 at 09:56

Mick n Phil - sounds like an awesome day - thanks for sharing it with us.

Managed 6 miles yesterday back in the wonderful, cold, foggy, damp UK and it felt just great!  59 minutes for 6 miles was really where I left off so I'm quite pleased that I haven't ruined all the hard work from before I went away.  5 weeks now until the Half Marathon in Cyprus - really need to concentrate on getting mileage up without losing pace - reckon I should be able to finish in around 2 hours 15 which I would be delighted with - to be honest though just to finish would be enough. 

Denise - the one too many glasses of wine story sounds familiar - I think I wouldn't feel quite right on my long Sunday run if I didn't have a bit of a fuzzy head from the night before - funny though soon seems to clear once you get out running - maybe the miracle cure for a hangover we've all been searching for all these years.  When is your half marathon Denise, I'm sure you've said somewhere?  What mileage are you up to now?  


11/02/2008 at 10:42


I am aiming for the 10k in Leeds. Maybe half Marathon next year. I have been running on and off since year before last. Completed 2 race for life, which is only 5 k but a great achievement at the time, so now the 10k. The plan I am following is a long steady plan and I have another 18 weeks to go. I would say that I am only upto 4 miles at the min in one run, so a little further to go. By the time I get to June I should be well away. Feeling fitter for it that's for sure. I have always done something, so I am quite active. Do you ever stay in the country for 2 mins??

Well better get some work done.


11/02/2008 at 22:07
10:05pm, Monday 11th February 2008 comment on this entry | edit | delete A perfect evening
Hi Folkes

we've had a super time tonight with Stratford on Avon AC on the track

we covered about 5 miles in around 45 mins, it was lovely and cool and relaxing, it was perfect

though i'm going to rest my body now until Sunday for the Draycote 5 lap marathon,

though it should be EASY .. EASY .. EASY
12/02/2008 at 12:47

Hi Denise,

I started by running on a treadmill for as long as I could. The first time I tried it, it was 3 minutes After a while I managed to go for as long as 20 minutes at a 10minute mile pace, and then I entered a 5k. I wasn't as fast as a 10m/m but I managed to jog all the way around. 

Getting to 10k at first is hard, but I'd recommend slowing down enough so that you can go the distance and never mind about how quick you do it. When you've done it once, every time after that gets a bit easier. The first time I did 10k around my local park I was stumbling by the end of it and my feet cramped up terribly afterwards, but after that it became much less hard

Anyway, in keeping with the original theme of this topic, I pleasingly put in a new 4 mile PB today of 39:30. If I could just keep up the same pace for 20 more minutes I'd be extremely close to that sub-60 10k barrier

12/02/2008 at 13:10

In getting fit, and just getting there,

i would just quielty gradualy move up in distance.. time does not matter

as and when you feel fitter and mentally stronger, your pace will increase

13/02/2008 at 09:06


 the Leeds 10K sounds as though it's going to be a fantastic race - Jane Tomlinson's story is amazing and you can't fail to be inspired by somebody who did what she did.  It's great that you've done the race for life twice - it really is a great achievment, running 5K is still something a lot of people will never do in their life.  Sounds like you are well on track if you are up to 4 miles - as Mick n'phil says it's just about gradually building the distance rather than forcing things and worrying about pace. 

It's funny - last night I decided to try and run 2 miles a little quicker that I have been - my thinking was that if I can run 6 miles in an hour I must be able to run 2 miles a lot quicker than 10 minute miles - anyway - I set off too quickly, was totally exhausted after half a mile and just about managed to finish on 20 minutes - so a valuable lesson learnt!  Wish I'd read you comments above before I set off Mick n'phil!!

I wouldn't mind trying the Leeds 10K - I'm still determined to do a 10K race in 60 minutes - missed it by 20 seconds last time.  What's the course like- do you know?  Is it a potential PB course or is it quite hilly? 


13/02/2008 at 12:37


 don't worry, we all get complaceant at times, this is a LONG gradual road, your going to make mistakes,

i still say, just flow along as you feel, it's for you, not your friends or neighbours

in time you'll  feel physically fit and mentally good, and you'll look back and start to help and advise others

a guy i  know, askes a Martial arts instructor, " How long does it take to make Black belt,"

i though it was a bloody stupid question myself, as i thought the answer was obvious

but, the reply was " How long is a piece of string "

it's the same with running .. it's gradual persivierance !!

it's down to the individual, you want it or you don't want it !

13/02/2008 at 19:13

Hi there guys,

 NBFS, Micknphil, Petedaddy. Thanks for the feedback and banter about how to improve on things. It really does help if your having a bad week. Alot on at work so will have to get out at the weekend and make up for it!! I have only done one run this week!

NBFS the race in Leeds is through the streets. So I think it will be mainly on the flat from what I know of Leeds. I am looking forward to it, very much(she says!!) No honest it really has given me focus. You should do it! I just went on the 10k race site through here and thats me in the race! Great and worthy cause! Race for life was too!

Well with the weather being as fine as it is, well it where I am, there really is no excuse for not donning my kit and getting on with it.

Catch you all soon!


15/02/2008 at 12:21

Mick n phil, thanks for words of enouragement, they really do help.  I think you're right - I just need to go along at a natural pace and not worry so much about the time.  Funny, without worrying at all about time I managed 5 miles in 47 minutes - still slow I know but quick for me.  Running this week has been good - starting to feel fitter again after the holiday. 

Denise - the Leeds 10K does look really good - I am very tempted to enter, it will be some experience to run a race with so many runners, plus there are some excellent charities involved.  The course looks pretty flat so this might the the chance to finally finish a 10K race in under an hour.

Hope your running goes well at the weekend.


15/02/2008 at 12:55

I have a sneaking hope that, on a good course, on a good day when I'm feeling strong I might just be able to crack that hour. My regular route is 3 miles of steady incline, and then I turn around and do 3 miles of steady decline on the way back.

I'm almost afraid to try it just yet, I've got a lot of marathon training to do and none of my 10k training runs are supposed to be at a killer sub-60min pace Soon though, soon.

Let me know as soon as you crack it NBFS  

15/02/2008 at 13:53

petedaddy, sounds like we are pretty much at the same stage.  I feel the same about the 10K but at the moment I'm training for a half marathon next month.  After that though I think I may just concentrate on finally cracking the 10K in under an hour.

Dilema now though is that 5.00PM today is the closing date for entries to the Leeds 10K - not quite sure what to do.

16/02/2008 at 08:15


What did you do? Did you enter the Leeds 10K. Oh my word!! Forgot I am getting my exercise elsewhere this weekend by going snow boarding. So I am up and at it this morning. I will have to 'really' make up for it tomorrow. Got told it was ok to have a rest from time to time??!! Anyway you are right about the good cause. That was the incentive at first and that what drives me. I think that your last run was in good time. You could easily do the 10k in under an hour. Anyway must get cracking and prepare to cut some shapes on the slopes!

Have a great weekend all!


18/02/2008 at 09:07

I'm now assuming that Friday was the closing date for applications through the runners world site - I think the main Jane Tomlinson 10K site is still accepting applications and will be for some time.  But I did panic on Friday and entered before the 5PM deadline - so that's my summer sorted - after the half marathon start training for the Leeds 10K and then after the Leeds 10K start training for the 10K in Hoylake near where we live. 

I'm quite pleased to be honest - June is the ideal time for my next run - maybe take a little time out of training for a couple of weeks and then pick up the pace for the 10K. 

Had a bad weekend again - spent the weekend away at a wedding so didn't do much running - I was supposed to run 7 miles on Sunday but only managed 3 before the hangover seriously kicked in!!  That's it now - 4 weeks until the half marathon so I'm stepping up the running to 5 nights and packing in the booze - alegedly!!  We'll see how it goes but I need to do something.

How was your weekend Denise - did you manage to get through the snow boarding without damaging anything?  Sounds like fun, where did you go snowboarding?

Edited: 18/02/2008 at 09:11
18/02/2008 at 10:24

Not been here for a while as only running about once a week (cycling, swimming, surfing and doing weights a lot though).

Did a 4ish mile run around South Devon (inlaws have a place in Newton Ferrers) coast on Saturday - been meaning to run the route for ages and it was stunning!

A big hill to start but then fairly flat and then almost all lovely coastline - splendid!

Achey legs yesterday so MTBed about t10 miles to wear off the aches.

 Surf been great recently so all good.

Hope everyone is okay! 

18/02/2008 at 10:29
Matt - how cold is the sea at this time of year?  I guess if the surfs good it's worth it but my god it must be freezing!
18/02/2008 at 10:40

NBFS - It's not been too bad this year - about 10 degrees C.

Not needed my wetsuit hood once so far (hate wearing it too - can't hear properly!).

With the latest wetsuits, boots and gloves you can stay out for hours. When I started (1989) it would be no more than an hour this time of year and a good two hours to warm up! 

18/02/2008 at 10:54


All I can say is that I spent alot of time getting up off the slope! Been 8 months since I have last been. I normally go to Castleford but tried the new Manchester snow dome which was excellent. Ached like mad yesterday and therefore no running! But it was great fun all the same. will get booked back in over the next few weeks. Well I am glad that you booked in for the 10K in LEEDS. You really have some challenges on your hands this year! You will be re-named... Built For Speed!

Matt how long have you been surfing? Sounds like a lovely spot to run in.


18/02/2008 at 11:15

Denise - I live in West Cornwall (nr Truro) so really good for surfing.

The run was in South Devon - not so good for suring but very pretty. It's where the inlaws live. 

Posted this a while back but it's a pic of me taken (in secret - I had no idea!) last October nearby. 

Been surfing since 1989 (I was 14) when we moved from Surrey to Cornwall.

My skiing is a lot lot worse though! 

18/02/2008 at 21:42
How we conquered Draycote Marathon
it was Sunday 17 February 20008 - It was to be hopefully our 27 th Full marathon together,

Little could i of envisaged what was to come, and how we'd survive !!!

We knew the day was just perfect, the moment we arrived at Draycote, the daylight broke through, the sun shone, the water was so still, it was to be hopefully the most beautiful day that we could of imagined - as for those who do not know Draycote, when the wether is bad, it can be hell on earth.

We met fellow runners as they arrived, i was overwhelmed by their support for us, i must say more than once you all had me in tears.

We got ready as planned, i was very comfortable, no nerves, no excitement, no nothing really, it all happened so very quickly - so preperation over we made our way to the start line ...we had some fun, a little chitter chatter, a little joke here and there.

i knew what lay ahead, i knew the distance needed full repsect, but i also knew i could not allow myself to be afraid of it - so the gun went, we started off gently, the bit of lap first, just having fun, totally relaxed, no care in the world at all, it was a case of if we make it then great, if we don't well, it's tough luck ain't it mate LOL.

So onwards it was, the bit over, we were laughing setting out our stall, we set off into the wodland on lap one, i was settling and beginning to feel good, i was under no illusions though - it still had to be done, all sorts of things went through my mind, i began to feel , yes, lets do this, lets get lap one out of the way, leaving 4 shorter laps.

so lap one it was in 1.09 ish, setting out for lap 2, the straight laps from now on, i was beginning to flow, i was in command, i was in tip top form - i was ging to take some stopping, pure and simple.

Got off the long straights onto the wooded areas, steadily up the undulations, got to about mile 11,
( Oh my gosh, talk about, some ones killed kenny, ), my bloody cash twinged, like snapping a biscuit, i immediately went from fullish throttle to 40 % Par of power, oh my god, i was'nt half way

It just got worse and worse, completed in lap two by around 1.57 ? - then set about lap 3 , i was beginning to feel in
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