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18/02/2008 at 21:44
It just got worse and worse, completed in lap two by around 1.57 ? - then set about lap 3 , i was beginning to feel in desperate agony, the pain seized my leg completely, i was hobbling along, at times little feeling in my whole leg,

what do i do, - this was it, end of race, i considered withdrawing, as we were never far from the finish, i almost at one point took Phil's Number off him,

i wobbled on, walking with a one legged limp, and then trying to jog, i stopped, i sulked, i carried on, this was time to refuel, we fed - then comes along Tracey G, , id already been giving myslef a bloddy good talking to, i examinded every pscyhological area of my stamina that i had, i knew i was desperate, i talked to tracey, i some how forgot my pain,

i was approaching the end of lap 3 , though, hang on, i'm not ill, it's a super day, therre's only 2 to go, not 3 !!, it's so easy to call it a day ... NO, NO, NO - i'm not having it

we completed lap 3 in about 3.20, if only i could make lap 4, i was in with a real chance, i walked, i jogged, i cried, i kept saying to my self, - come on Mick, this isn't us, were not here to show off, were not here to impress anyone, were not here as a team, were not here to win anything .. it's a super perfect day, we are here for us ,

i knew had i have been a novice, with or without phillip i stood absolutely NO chance, i had to dig deep into all my reserves - all my experience, all my skill, all my physical strenght, all my mental satmina - there was to be NO submissions, no cowardis,

it was onwards, me and Tracey G, we plodded on, so to end of lap 4, it was 4.29

i could have just died there and then, i was in so much pain, I knew how much i wanted this marathon, etc, so, it was one lap to go , about 1 hour top go, i passed my car, i thought, NO, - onwards, my physcological strength and self belief ws paying dividends,

i was happy, tearful .. NO regrets at all - it was onwards, just hobble, jogged and walked, up through the wooded area, oh the finish was smelling sweet, - i knew i had it, i 'd done it, against ALl the odds, i was'nt beaten after all , my leg was sore and paining from my calf up to my thigh

we hit the long wall towrds the finish, i must have cried with emotional joy all the way, i spotted 25 miles, time did'nt matter, i was the champion, we were the masters, we Would NOT give in to pain, we would never surrender

we turned the corner to a 5.25 jubillant finish

i had no celebrtation left in me, only emotional tears - then Bless him, Roger Wilkes presented us with a gift, i don't know quite what he said exactly i was in pain,

i was seventh heaven, i want to THANK al of you fellow Fetchies for everything

I've slept well, i 'm tired, i'm happy, it was a disasterour PW of 5.25, but it's made me strong.

it has NOT depressed me or demorolised me , as a matter of fact it's done the opposite, it's left me feeling high
18/02/2008 at 21:45
Our planned Full Marathons for 2008 are -


Robin Hood



But, if we never get to run another Full Marathon, after yesterday, well, i can sit here and LMAO
19/02/2008 at 08:59

Mick n phil - what a nightmare!  It's the one thing I've dreaded, however much training you do what if you get an injury during the race.  As a complete novice I would no doubt have had to stop.  Well done though for finishing and again thanks for telling us the story in such detail.

I just love your last sentence - sums it all up really, doesn't get much better than finishing a race under those conditions.  It's funny I was talking at the weekend about where to go once you've done a marathon - for any novice runner it just seems like the biggest mountain in the world - I'll do the half marathon in 4 weeks time, then I'll do a couple of 10Ks this year.  The aim then is to do the marathon next March - but then what?  How do you then pick yourself up to do something more?  maybe it feels different once you have done it but at the moment even to be contemplating it feels unreal.



19/02/2008 at 09:48

I thi nk I might be an unusual runner:

No intention of ever doing a half or full marathon.

Might consider longer trail runs though but happy to stick to the odd 10k trail race now and again. 

19/02/2008 at 10:41


I guess it's about different challenges.  I get the impression you are a fast runner and are actually competing in races to win, also you tackle some pretty tough terrain and enjoy the challenge that presents.  Personally I will never be in a position to do either so the distance is the challenge for me.  Every time I go out and manage to drag my ageing carcass an extra mile it's like I've won something and I get a genuine feeling of euphoria at the end, sad but true!


19/02/2008 at 12:53

NBFS - Sorry, I really hope my post didn't sound at all negative.

I think it's great that most runners race longer and longer distances but I'm not into road running (convinced my knees would not take it, even though I've never had a problem with them) and I like trying to better my short distances - there's also a bit of a vanity thing attached (!) - I spent years building up a bit of muscle (well put on 3 stone in 18 months, now trimmed off a bit) and am loathe to go back to being a skinny whippet!

Well done all who manage these mega runs - While I might be able to set quite good 10k times, I know I'd really struggle doing proper distance running.

Oh and I'm chuffed to bits - just been to hospital for a scan and my wife is pregnant (we lost a baby recently very late on)!! 

19/02/2008 at 14:18


congratulations on your wife being pregnant, hope everything goes well for you both.

 I didn't think your post was negative, when I thought about it I thought that maybe I was making a bit of an assumption that everyone's goal is to run further and further.  I'd love to be able to post the sort of times that would have me up at the front but too many years of drinking and eating have really meant that's not going to happen so I'm now happy to concentrate on the distance - I am very competative in my own way so I need a challenge - I have a lot of admiration for people that can be up there winning races and when I was younger that was me.

Guess your news puts it all in to perspective though - some things are slightly more important than running.


19/02/2008 at 14:28

Matt -


i hope all goes well for you , give your wife our best regards please

19/02/2008 at 15:08

Mick n phil,

how's the leg?  How long are you guys likely to be out of action?


Edited: 19/02/2008 at 15:09
19/02/2008 at 18:41


hi, thankyou for asking - I'm not out of action, i just have a very sore calf, and muscle twinges

i have a very busy diary of races, HM this weekend, 20 the next etc

there's no stopping, oh no !!

it'll take a sight more than a sore calf muscle to stop me

20/02/2008 at 09:14

Mick n phil, that's incredible, assumed you'd be resting for a couple of weeks.  Good luck with the half at the weekend then, look forward to hearing how it goes.

Denise, you recovered from the snow boarding yet?  You managed to get out running this week? - I managed 4 miles last night, pretty late on so it was freezing cold and a bit icy but enjoyed it nonetheless. 


20/02/2008 at 17:41

Set a new 5k PB today of 28:59.

I had a suspicion I could do it and decided to have a go today. 

Can't have been my best though, my pace wasn't quite as quick as the 4 mile PB I set last week. Stands to reason I should be quicker over 3 miles than over 4  

20/02/2008 at 18:11
Oh darn, 2 seconds off my PB just now!
29s01s for approx 7km trail run - every gate possible was shut though!

Lovely evening for it though.
20/02/2008 at 19:15


oh, i'll just take it easy you know

 i know when to race and when not to , but thanks seriously .. .you take care

20/02/2008 at 19:59
Off surfing to Lanzarote on Sunday - booked today -woo hooo!!
20/02/2008 at 20:08

Oh matt

good on you

21/02/2008 at 10:18

Matt, is Lanzarote good for surfing?  It's something I haven't done since I was a teenager but I'd love to give it a go again.

Mick n Phil - I'm sure you do know when you are fit to race - just again amazed at your commitment to keep it going rather than have a rest.  Good luck at the weekend.

Petedaddy - good time for the 5K, I'm somewhere around the 28/29 minute mark for the 5K myself, do you reckon you could keep it up for the 10K? 


21/02/2008 at 11:48

NBFS, I'm not sure. On a flat course it might be possible, but on my regular 10k route (uphill out, downhill back) it'll be more of a challenge. Still, I'm getting times at the moment that are much better than a few short months ago, so if I can't do it now, I should get there soon.

I've got a couple of 10k races booked for June/July and if I'm not pulling sub-60s by then I'll be very unhappy  

21/02/2008 at 11:57

NBFS - very good indeed. Labelled the "Hawaii of Europe" by some.

Gets loads of swell and because it's an island, the wind is always offshore (makes the best waves) somewhere.

Legs aching from the run yesterday! 

Pete - Reckon you'll smash 60 mins without any problems. 

21/02/2008 at 16:47

Hi Matt, congratulations firstly and hope all is well. I did see the photo of you surfing some time back. Looks fab.

 NBFS I have taken a few days off work due to my neck. In a bad way! I always end up with something! But it has meant no running so far this week. Maybe at the weekend.


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