My training Blog - 10k in 60mins challenge!

tracking how a relative beginner gets on with trying to get a 10k of under 1hr

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28/04/2008 at 10:57

Adbru - that is fantastic - well done!!! 

That is a fantastic PB for a marathon - I was planning on around 5 hours when I do Berlin in September - if I could get round in 4 hours 30 or less I would be absolutely delighted.

Despite the pain you must be absolutely buzzing today - look forward to reading your race report.

Did you have a few well deserved beers at the end?  Very good for re hydrating the body apparently!


adbru    pirate
28/04/2008 at 11:27

Cheers NBFS,

I resorted to run/walk from about 17m onwards.
Its a punishing distance and the heat did me in, but, train hard and watch your fluid/fuel levels in the  days leading up to the event.

I managed a small shandy and a HUGE indian takeaway  last night

well done on your Pb....


28/04/2008 at 11:34
Yeah NBFS, got my PB at 48:55 so iwas delighted!
28/04/2008 at 12:32

Devonian - looks great (Moor Miles) - think I'll enter that one. Cheers for the link!

Been contacted by Cancer Research - apparently I was one of their biggestt fundraisers at the Lanhydrock 10k last year and they want to use me as a case study to "inspire" others in the media - I think I may have to laugh - a lot!! 

29/04/2008 at 08:15
Matt - that's really cool - you should be proud.  It's hard work training for races and when you get out and raise significant sponsorship as well it's a big deal - such a good cause too.
adbru    pirate
30/04/2008 at 17:20

well done matt,

blog done , its quite long (sorry ).

If you are bored have a read    adbrus run

try not to fall asleep lol.

For anyone thinking about any sort of run..... Just Do It !!
You dont know what your capable of until you try ! 

I joined this thread 8 months ago , and I am a very lazy person .
Be realistic about your early goals and push yourself as you achieve them. You also need to be a bit selfish when it comes to training - just get out there !

Thanks to you all for your help


30/04/2008 at 22:50


brilliant - totally inspirational -  thanks for sharing your experiences with us.  Well done again for getting under 4 hrs 30.

Can't wait now 'till September when I attempt to do something similar,


01/05/2008 at 11:46

Wow Adbru I loved that race report. When the canal bridge was closed I found myself exclaiming 'WHAT'. Got a sense of being there, under 4hrs 30 from where I'm sat is just amazing.

Must get out and get my run done....took a rest day early and then missed a day of cross training mostly because life and work went crazy and I'm not very well organised. At  least haven't missed run. Need that mileage.. Long run on Sunday did 10k again, a couple of minutes slower than week before, but then didn't end up walking, and hills seemed mere slopes It's amazing how it gets to be normal (the concept of me running 10k is quite a challenge, and yet there I was on Sun at 8am). Although I can safely say that a marathon feels a good year away...

01/05/2008 at 14:34
I didn't do a marathon but did just finish my first 10k. The hill was a killer just walked up it panting with my HR through the roof and then the rest didn't seem so bad. Finished around 1:10 haven't got the official time yet as I didn't understand the woman who told me. Swiss German numbers and accents! Anyhow, will post my PB when its updated on the web site.

Ashley in sunny Zurich
01/05/2008 at 16:48
So my PB is 1:10.53.

So 2/3 goals achieved and nearly the 3rd.

1. to finish, 2. to not be last 3. to do better than 1:10.

Emotionally drained but pleased with myself.

I am going to have a well deserved glass of wine.

adbru    pirate
01/05/2008 at 17:01

Well done Ashleymac

2 out of three aint bad....... (do we know a song about that ?? ) 


02/05/2008 at 11:05

New best time for my run this morning - felt pretty tired and lethargic, so promised myself that if I could beat my best 3.5mile time, then i could stop.

Missed that by about 30 seconds, so had to carry on to do the last 1.75 miles: total 47:09 

Next week I'm going to up the distance to 7 miles, just so I know I can run 10k, before I make an utter t*t of myself in the Race (only 2 weeks to go.. aaargh!)

Well done Ashleymac - I might take on board your three-goal target too! 

Basil Brush Mk II    pirate
04/05/2008 at 13:52

Not much to say, just dropping in after a while (madly decorating bedroom, sleeping on a blow-up matress as bed knackered, not doing much for my sleep quality or training I can tell you!). Thought I'd add myself to the list:

Sazzler - F/24 - PB 76.16 - <60 Sept 07
Albion - F/30- PB 61.11 - <60 Dec 07
Runtyler - M/33 - PB 52.30 - <60 Aug 07
aaa - F/34 PB?? - <60 Aug 07
Devonian Plodder - F/48 - PB 76.0 <60 May 08
Crazy Daisy F/35 - PB 61.08 <60 Sept 07
Shaz1973 - ?? <60 Oct 07
RAGA34 - F/34 <60 summer 07
Steviej - M/50 PB 66 - <60 ??
Beth - F/25 - PB ?? - <60 Aug 07
Matt Sutherland - M/32 - PB 44.07 - <40 Apr 08?
Moomintrude - F/35 - PB?? - <60 Sep 07
Clare - F/33 - PB 63.49 - <60 Sep 07
Alyson - F/32 - PB 48.25 - <60 Sep 07
Grast_girl - F/28 - PB 61.27 - <60 Aug 08
Mark Briggs 2 - M/31 - PB 51.34 - <50 Jun 08
Adbru - M/41 - PB 57:50 <55 May08
Not built for speed - M 43 - PB 55.31 <50 Sept 08
DianaD - F/53 PB 56.03 <55 Jan 08
Jasp 169 F/38 PB 62.30
Terrie F/42 PB 56.30 Pethead M/15 PB N/A, <45? Jul 08 Tortoisenothare F/28 PB N/A <60 May 08
Basil Brush Mk II F/28 PB 60:06 <60 June/July 08

Got Market Drayton 10K in 1w today although as I haven't been training properly I'm not holding my hopes up for a PB. Anyone else going?


Edited: 04/05/2008 at 16:07
04/05/2008 at 18:45

Exeter HM GRW

Well, we ran our 163 rd HM at Exeter GWR in 2.14 -

we did'nt try to race it or push the pace, we just went nice and steady and really enjoyed it all

we chanted EASY EASY EASY a lot, we chatted, we waved, we had fun - it was most enjoyable to be running and not be concerned about what time you might finish

so, now to Silverstone 10k Tuesday night
and DK 10k Wednesday night

then Tewkesbury HM on Sunday

Lovely Jubbly

04/05/2008 at 18:46

we will be looking to blitz both  Silverstone and DK 10k's and run them in under 60 mins in pure comfort

if we don't, then something's wrong

07/05/2008 at 12:29
Our Silverstone 10k run

On a simply wonderful Tuesday evening in May - the sun and breeze just so perfect, to perfect to believe to be honest - we ran the annual Silverstone 10k - 2 laps race

it was scintillating, relaxing, made you feel good, a feeling of - so sorry it's over

we met many friends and new ones as well, so many people congratulated us on our award and London marathon

so off went the race, we were thinking do we go for it , or just have fun, we passed hundreds of runners, a bit at a time, we chanted EASY - EASY - EASY on route

we chatted , we laughed, we passed the 5 k mark - i knew it was going to be the last part of it, i was sad, dissapointed - so we played , and had fun, we talked people through the pace barrier, we started to slow down and stop and watch the runners, just did'nt want to finish really - then at about 8.5 k - i decided to have a real party and fun, and turn around and doubled back and meet friends that we'd passed - we watched the self propelled chairs storm by

that really did make the evening fun and interesting, not just racing all the time, BUT helping and encouraging others

we finished in around 57 mins - though it would have been around 48 mins had we have pushed it

It was an evening ot remember, to go out there with others to run your own run and have fun and enjoy - just what running is all about

Tomorrow night we have DK10k
07/05/2008 at 21:33

Hi there Mick and Phil marathon Lads!

I met you on Sunday at GWR. I'm the one you couldn't remember Mick but I said I'd chatted to you in here. Well actually I'm normally in 'working at it slowly' but saw you in here and wanted to say hello again. I had such an amazing time on Sunday. What a great crowd, don't you think?

Good going. I did 2:13 which is a PB for me.

It was lovely to meet you both. I've been in here over a year and you're the first people I've met.

Enjoy your DK10k

07/05/2008 at 23:35
Dudley Kingswindford 10k

Tonight we ran the Dudley Kingswindford 10k - it's an undulating to hilly course which we ran in 57 mins

We led the run off, all 1300 of them , it was another perfect evening, only this time on rural lanes, on a perfect summers night - animals grazing in the fields, birds singing their hearts out -

Fields , hedges, trees in full bloom, white clouds in a blue sky - it was enough to remind you of the meaning of life -
The hills made it warm, but the evening itself, ( again ) like last night, it sadly came to a quick end - we could have run for another hour

that's it now until Sundays Tewkesbury HM, which will be our 164th HM in total - our pb is 1.43 which is held there, can we get near it - we'll see - i'm losing no sleep over it , i'll not even think about it

I'm feeling tired obviously - but i'm relaxed, i'm happy, i'm content - i FEEL GOOD

There a bit left in this almost 50 year old yet !!
08/05/2008 at 11:15

Thought I'd drop in, haven't been in for a while 

How's the May runners?Devonian plodder? Will Adbru laugh in the face of a 10k after his marathon?

Myself I'm noticing I have come muscle definition after 10 weeks ish. Woo! Still not translating into whizzing round, but hills are noticeably easier. Had a weird calf thing last week - think it may be an underlying issue with my silly feet (overpronate and hook with my left big toe causing problems in the top of the foot) so took it easy, no pain now but am off to see if i can get referred to a podiatrist.

Have been trying to rally the troops for sponsorship - have stalled at half my target - am considering marching people to the computer and making them donate. Met some of the team who are running (for Brain and Spine Foundation) some who have some really amazing reasons for running, now wanting to raise lots of cash. Most of my campaigning has been online, think now is the time to get on the phone and start giving the personal touch to my harrassment Any tips, Matt? 

My evil sister said she'd sponsor me for doing it in 50 minutes (she's one of those triathlete/ half iron man types). Hah. While it's nice to have someone else having confidence in your abilities, my fastest 'long run' (and yes, I know they're meant to be slow but) over that distance in training has been 1hr 2minutes and I've felt it. But I am feeling confident that all going well I can get that sub 60!

Right now with the gorgeous weather I am having kit envy and wanting to go out and buy shorts. Two months ago if you'd suggested to me that I might actively want to set foot out of the house in running shorts I would have had a good laugh. Now I'm trying to fight the urge to get myself a delightful new running top as well. argh. I took up running because I thought it would be a good cost effective way of getting fit. hah.  

08/05/2008 at 13:48

Tortoise - I used the internet quite a lot - Facebook, a couple of forums, etc - all helped.

I aimed for a sub 50 having got 52m on the last trail 10k race) at Lanhydrock and got 44m (with a marshalling error - costing 8 of us about 2mins - included) 

Just done my usual 7ish km trail run - it hurt (not been for a week!) but managed to get in under 30 minutes (only done that twice) so pleased - but exhausted!

Anyone waterski? We have a little speed boat and have been at it for a while - did the first ski (monoski) of the season on Monday and I'm STILL aching from it! Slalom turns absolutely kill your arms, legs. shoulder and upper back muscles! 

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