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09/05/2008 at 19:00

Morning All

Sorry I haven't dropped in for a while - won't bore you with excuses! )

Matt - I hope I can get my leg sorted and drop into the 6 Moor Miles too - I'll wave as you pass! ) Well done on the Cancer Research honour, you should be very proud.

Colin - You are doing brilliantly - good luck for the Bideford 10k - I wish I could have been there but training hasn't gone to plan!

Adbru - WOW! Fantastic time for your first Marathon - well done you. Are you over it yet?

Tortoise - I'm now just hoping to struggle around the 5k RFL in Barnstaple. My expectations are reduced due to the dodgy leg - the good news is that I have a referral to see the Ortho bods at the local hospital, so hopefully things will be on the up.

Mick&Phil - Rock on! You guy's are fantastic! I love reading about your runs, you really inspire.

Apart from that - I'm still here, still plodding (/limping) but it will get better! Roll on summer!  

adbru    pirate
11/05/2008 at 18:25

Hi Guys,

Tortoise - i didnt laugh in the face of a 10k Leg still crock after my marathon.
I'll give it another 2 weeks the start light running.

DP- good to hear your still there keep at it (thanks for the thoughts- I have entered the ballot for my next one !!)

M&P- good to read your reports, I thought about you guys as I trudged round my marathon

everyone else - keep on running

11/05/2008 at 19:34
Tewkesbury HM in 2.12 - It was HOT

Today we ran Tewkesbury HM in 2.12 - i can only describe it as hot, humid and sapping- sapping both physically and mentally - there was NO escape from it, and i cannot be in denial of it

But hell, this builds stamina, this is what is needed, a challenge in life - we did'nt get to wear we are in life without challenges beyond the limitiations

Having said that, ( Before ) i go putting myself down too much, we've had a busy week, last Sunday we had a long drive to run the warm and hilly GWR HM at Exeter- then Tuesday night we ran Silverstone 10k in 57 mins quietly, then Wednesday night we ran Hilly DK 10k in 57 mins, so perhaps my legs were heavy

Ok, we prepared for Tewkesbury - an interesting start and finish, ( but you cannot have it always ) we set off, the slow start i think was ideal to stop anyone going off to quick

we had NO problems getting fluid at all on route, and i was drinking lots, and spraying myself in water, but it was HOT and HUMID, both physically and mentally sapping, i really had to think deeply into my physcological and mental deep, as to what to do and how , and just settle best i could, but by then we were at 8 or 9 miles, we were on the way home,

We'd done it ALL before, today was nothing special or different

But, i knew from early on that any fast times were completely out - so it was - revert to fun and jog pace, but then i found people in trouble, so stopped several times to offer words of comfort and water from my bottles

then i was on the pavements more than once - which hurt my back like hell - all of which started to sap me even,

I freely admit, it was a hot hard run, - with ALL my experience and fitness and skill and strength , i had to OR decided bodly to revert to get there when we get there

i was just short of 12 miles, when my wife rang my mobile to say a ambulance was emergency on route - was we ok ?? YES, i said were fine

I found the finish tough, but satisfying, indeed it's made me think ( Mick you can still do it ) actually thinking back about things - i found the whole event satisfying, it really was the least of my problems with what every day life has thrown at me over 20 years

so, we move onwards in life to next weeks HM , maybe we'll go on the track tomorrow night - i'm not sure yet, it depends on what my wife might think

i do hope you all had a good day, and i'm really SORRY if things were NOT what you'd expect

regards to all of you and take real good care - NEVER say NEVER again and or give up hope, WE could have EASILY have given up today - NOT a chance !!


Pethead    pirate
11/05/2008 at 19:51

Mick - Well done for sticking at it. You've always had my maximum respect.

Looks like it was the same all over our area - I was track racing at Cheltenham today in terrible heat, enjoyed the 800m (2:17) which I was fresh for, then had time to get all sunburnt before the 1500m (5:10) which wasn't so great as I wasn't fresh, but still well worth running.

Devonian Plodder - DO NOT roll on the summer I'm already dreaming about X/C weather! (I'm sure there's some vampire in me somewhere)

Everyone else - Keep it up!

11/05/2008 at 20:01

Hey, I'm where you were last year, 10K in 1hr 16mins today...........PB 1hr 62mins  about 3 years ago and haven't done moch since then.

49yr F.

It was hot today....came back and slept!

Basil Brush Mk II    pirate
11/05/2008 at 23:07

Still not got my sub-hr - 1hr 5 today (but as Mick said, heat very sapping).

 Looking around for a couple more 10ks now. I'm determined to get some proper training in (maybe within the next couple of weeks we'll have a proper bed to sleep on again!) and I *will* crack that hour barrier this summer. Also going to work on my 5K time, would love to get a sub-25 in the RFL in July.

 I'm taking a leaf out of Doing Nicely's book - off to sleep now! 

12/05/2008 at 12:08

Terrible start to my pre-race week. I wanted to run 7 miles this morning, just so that i know I can do the distance. Only managed 3.5 before i bailed due to aching legs. The just felt really tired.  I'm hoping that it was working in the garden yesterday that has worn me down a bit.

So, another 5 miles on Wednesday, then 3.5 on Friday and that's it until Race Day Sunday! It  hasn't half come around quickly!

12/05/2008 at 20:27

Hi All

First class motivation M&P - I hope you are saving all these posts in a blog somewhere so you can look back and feel those feelings again. It certainly motivates me - if you can go through all that and still be positive and find inner strength - then so can I. Thank you.

Pethead - sorry about wishing for Summer! It was a tad hot yesterday wasn't it!

Doing Nicely - fabulous time - congratulations on a huge achievement!

Basil - well done on getting so close in such conditions - I'm sure you'll soon break that barrier.

Colin - hey Colin - take it easy. You need to mend and stay positive for next weekend. It will be fine, you have done so well over the past few months, you are ready and you can do this.  

Basil Brush Mk II    pirate
12/05/2008 at 21:37

Hello again everyone. Went for a little run tonight but had to stop early - foot really quite sore from somehow managing to tie shoes too tight yesterday. Still really enjoyed the run - lovely evening for it.

Thanks for the encouragement DP - I've entered another 10k in 6 weeks, so I'm going to get some speedwork started now and have a good crack at it then. It's apparently a "flat" course so hopefully holds decent potential.

Colin - just a bad day, I'm sure - move on up, it sounds like you are doing brilliant. Good luck.

Mick - you guys are just inspirational.

Off to ice the foot a bit more now. And I *must* do some "proper" work....(RW is just too much of a good distraction). 

13/05/2008 at 15:03

Another newbie to this site......been running about 4 months and managed to run 4 miles last night in 37 mins so pretty chuffed.

Am doing the Great Yorkshire Run (10k) in sept for my 1st ever race and hoping to put in a sub hour time. Having never done anything before i don't really have a PB, but have just bought a running watch so may be able to start posting some times soon!!!

I may do a 5k in the morning and time that...give me something to work on!


13/05/2008 at 22:06

Fantastic are well on track .......good for you!

Thanks DP!

Colin, I went for a 3 mile run last week and had to stop lots....just tooooo hot...very disappointing though.

13/05/2008 at 23:52

hello all! *big wave*

Lot of running going on round here I keep dropping by, reading updates and not having time to post. Then I come back and there's more to read so I do that and don't post......better post quick now and i think it's going to be a bit of a novel:

Adbru - hope the leg feels better soon

DP - hope the appointment yields good things - impressed you are still plodding/limping

Colin - I find some days legs just aren't going to behave and I just have to work with it as it is....not liking the heat much. As everyone says, you're ready and you can do it!

 Clare - I'd be pleased with that too! Well on track indeed

Myself had slightly frustrating week - made appointment with doc to get referred to podiatrist. Ended up basically having to argue with him (terribly politely) that no, the last podiatrist I saw hadn't just been telling me stories and perhaps if orthotics stopped the pain and bony growth on the top of my foot, and recently haven't been as effective, I might need new ones after four years.....This was after they cancelled and rescheduled my appointment (only found that out when I arrived for my appointment), and I then ended up waiting 30 mins to see him when I came back for my rescheduled appointment....I hate being the 'difficult' patient and he clearly thought I was a) a pain in the backside and b) neurotic. To be fair, I thought he was a) patronising and b) rubbish so I suspect we're even stevens... Still not got podiatrist appointment and not got the cash for private. I may need to change doctors....

Immediately after I set out on my short run, intending to do some hill reps. I think running fuelled by rage is not a good idea because on the 8th rep I felt my calf/achilles in a 'time to stop running' way. Seeing as it's the problem foot/leg I was seriously regretting attacking the hills in quite the way I had and hoping I hadn't done serious damage. 

Solution - rested and took it as a sign to retire my ancient shoes. Result - got new ones, took a verrrrrrrrry slow 2.5 mile in them: and calf problem miraculously disappears! I'm so relieved it was so easy to solve!

As I get a little more miles under my belt (and I've only really been doing the running seriously for 2 months) I've found that doing this is a weird combo of having to use my will power to push myself but also to apply that will to being patient and accepting things (as my run in with the doc shows, not something that comes naturally ). But if my leg is injured, pushing through won't help me achieve my goal, even if I really want to. If it's a hot day, I just have to accept that I can't control the weather, I will run slower and there's no point worrying about it or pushing myself too fast too soon. I just have to decide what's important and do whatever helps me acheive that. This probably sounds blindingly obvious, but of course it's not until I have to put it into practice that I get it....


14/05/2008 at 09:13

Morning All!

Another sunny day!

Clare - welcome to the fray! Well done on your time - I'm sure your race will be a breeze! ) I really hope you enjoy it - I love doing races - hopeless, but love it!

Welcome back tortoise! Good to catch up with you again, and I'm jealous that you actually have a very sensible approach to your training. Sounds like you have your head in exactly the right place - well done you - now, as you say - you just have to do it!

I did a slow 3.5k last night. The breeze was marvellous and made up for the sun. Saw a whole field of rabbits which made the run just perfect. No records broken, but I'm out there and doing it - with a smile on my face.

Got an email to say my Nike+ sportsband is on it's way! At last - a new toy to play with - can't wait!

Where's that postman????? 

16/05/2008 at 09:27

Well, that's it. The last training run before the race on Sunday is done. Not a bad one, as I managed 3.5miles (5.6k) in 29:31 which is my best time ever. The spint(ish) finish nearly killed me though!

Thanks to everyone here for their support and encouragement, I genuinely wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for you lot. I run on my own every time, but you're all there in the back of my mind pushing me to not stop, run faster and get to the end.

Good luck to anyone else racing this weekend, see you at the finish!

16/05/2008 at 12:18


What are u up for on Sunday then ?

good luck what ever

16/05/2008 at 16:58
Hello all and well done to all those who have been racing recently.

I have been dithering about doing another 10k here before the summer. There is one in Bern on June 1st only for women. Looks like fun but really much bigger than my little local run here earlier this month (350 runners) and my previous RFLs in England.

There is around 10,000 women competing across the 5/10kms. Any advice for running such a big race? But at least it is a town run (with hills obviously) so should be able to shave a few minutes off my time and get a bit closer to the hour.

Also need to get out and do a long run as been sticking to 5/7 kms for the last few weeks.

Good luck to all runners this weekend.

Ashley in Zurich
16/05/2008 at 21:59

Hi Ashley,

Big runs are not good for PBs, so don't be disappointed.

It's also hard to get around people cos there tends to be lots of walkers, but women only racs are great, because all the family comes to support, and people are happy to chat to you as they run....OK as long as you have the breath to chat back!!!!

18/05/2008 at 13:18

Well, I finished it. The Bideford 10k is completed in a not very-official, done by my stopwatch.....


So I did it! Wahayy!

Official time should be on their website tonight, but I'm not sure how they measured it as there didn't appear to be anyone recording it at teh line.

18/05/2008 at 13:36
Well done Colin. Hope to be doing my first 10k next sunday in Wells. Any advice for the nerves. Only been running 4 weeks now. If i can get anywhere near your time i am gonna be chuffed.
18/05/2008 at 14:21

Hi All

Sorry I have been quiet - been a bit distracted with work and my new toy - bought the Nike+ wrist band thingy - love it! )

Colin - fabulous - well done you - I knew you could do it!

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