My training Blog - 10k in 60mins challenge!

tracking how a relative beginner gets on with trying to get a 10k of under 1hr

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18/05/2008 at 16:35
Fantastic time, Colin.....what a star!!!!!!
18/05/2008 at 21:35

Cheers DP, and DN too.

Now I've got my breath back I can give a bit more of a race report: weather was clear and cold to start, but was warming up. Perfect. My plan was to run 8k at my normal pace and then try and speed up for the last 2k. That was a rubbish plan. Even though I felt that I was running at the same pace as usual my heart rate was waay up, my average for the run was 184BPM, which is about 90%. Then again, the max was 205, which is 6bpm higher than I thought my max was so...

It was great running with other people. Mostly the ladies where I was in the pack, but a few gents were too. Had a few breathless chats with a couple for a while as the overtook me. Managed to pass about 6 in the last 4-500 metres as I ran for the line. Legs like Jelly at the end of it, so I guess that means that I ran the best time I could.

So now what? A 10k in 55mins thread?

Tommy Pickles wrote (see)
Well done Colin. Hope to be doing my first 10k next sunday in Wells. Any advice for the nerves. Only been running 4 weeks now. If i can get anywhere near your time i am gonna be chuffed.

I was nervous too, but once you get going, after about the first 1k the field spreads out and you can get into a comfortable pace.  Then I felt fine. It's difficult for your 1st run, as you have no idea what to expect, which is what you are nervous about, so be comfortable with the things you can control:- kit, water, food, get there early, etc.

Basil Brush Mk II    pirate
18/05/2008 at 21:45
Yay! Well done Colin - I hope to emulate your achievement next month.
Pethead    pirate
18/05/2008 at 21:46
Sounds like a well good time Colin - Smashed the 60 minute there, great stuff
19/05/2008 at 05:21
Well done Colin. You HRM is impressive. My trainer says its normal to be running 5-10% higher in a race situation because of the adrenalin. My race pace is 170BPM but ran my 10kms at 177BPM average.

I am still dithering about the Frauenlauf as there are so many entrants and I have done something weird to my little toe which is not stopping me run but is bugging me. I may have to buy corn plasters!

Have a good week everyone. Off out to do my early morning run before the school run.

19/05/2008 at 09:19

Thanks everyone, now it's time to start getting prepared for the next one.

Llanhydrock or Powderham Castle are coming up, might have to be one of those.

Trouble is, now I've got a time I have to improve on... 

19/05/2008 at 10:58
Well done Colin! Proper got that under 1hr!
19/05/2008 at 15:27

Learn the lesson of not training peeps - I did the Manchester 10k yesterday, which is my first kind of exercise of any kind since the marathon over a month ago.

Managed to get round, but it took me 1hr 12. A good 10 minutes slower than my best, and lots of things ache today. My time would have been infinitely better had I kept up and run at least once a week.

19/05/2008 at 16:00

Hi All

Colin - Matt and I did Lanhydrock last year - it is very hilly! I know we are used to that in Sunny Devon - but these are serious up hill sections. The first quarter or so is gentle down hill - then you come back up, then down, then up again. Seriously not a pb course. Having said that, it was a great day out and a beautiful location - I guess it depends on why you are there!   Powerham is much more sensible (up and down-wise) if you are looking to improve on your time.

Petedaddy - I wish I could do 10k in 1hr 12! Hope the aches are better!

My Nike+ is brilliant for pacing - I have improved my time by over 1 min/km in the last three days just because I can see that I am "dawdling"!

May just try Powerham myself... 

Pethead    pirate
19/05/2008 at 19:30

I would say well done to anybody setting any sort of time at Manchester 10k! From what I've read in another thread it sounded properly dramatic at the start!

Are there any club runners out there who find their running clubs are disorganised?

20/05/2008 at 11:24

Nicely done Colin!

That's a damn fine effort. 

Don't worry about having to improve - got 52m17s on my first 10k (more like an assault course though - loads of obstacles, deep deep mud, etc) last year so trained a little bit harder with the aim of breaking 50m.

Got 44m07s - the course (Lanhydrock) was hilly but totally free of obstacles. Planning to run it again this year and want to bust 40m (actually got about 42m but some marshalls sent us the wrong way costing the lead 8 about 1.5-2 mins!!) but that will be tough.

Just been to a stunning part of Spain - Llafranc on the Med coast nr French border. Did a run along the coast and it was amazing! Very hot but a proper experience. Love running in unusual places - kind of like "speed exploration!" Flew back in about an hour ago to chilly Cornwal.

DP - is Powderham a 10k too? Any details anywhere? 

20/05/2008 at 19:24

Hi Matt

Powderham is the Devon version of Lanhydrock - Cancer Research 10K:

Cancer Research 10k Powderham

Might we have a "team"?  

21/05/2008 at 14:43

Hmmm - horribly close (as is Lanhydrock) to wife's due date but I really do fancy running both.

Think I'd better wait and see! 

21/05/2008 at 21:07

I was considering both Lanhydrock and Powderham, but at just a week apart I think it might be a bit much for me.

Some others I'm looking at in are the Wellington 10k and Sidmouth has one in July apparantly

Now I've done one, I want to do another one!!!!!! I did a recovery run 5 miles this morning, so i'll start doing a bit more training from now on. Might trythe RW 10k in 8 wks plan.

adbru    pirate
22/05/2008 at 08:55

Well on colin !  great time

I think your hooked now


22/05/2008 at 12:58

Hi All
Well done to everyone for keeping up with their running and for smashing PB's, raising loads of money for charities etc..

Not been on for a long time, but i always check in to see what you are all getting up too

I've still kept up the training through the winter months and it has finally paid off, i did a 10k on tues night and i managed to beat my old pb of 62.30 and i did it in 57.18.  I was well pleased, only problem ive got now is an injury.  I went into the race with a niggling pain in my shin but i was determined to run, which i managed but my shin is really painful now with a slight swellin.  Not sure if its shinsplints so i am resting it for a while and see how it goes.  Does anyone have any tips or had similar injuries?? any advice would be very much appreciated.  I dont want all my hard work to go to waste 

adbru    pirate
22/05/2008 at 14:15

jasp169, well done on your sub60

bad news on the injury, I was diagnosed with early shinsplints back in Nov.
Didnt run for 7 weeks to try and let it heal but then  had to start  training for my 1st marathon.
Everything seemed ok then 3 weeks before the race after a particularly horrible long run they started to flare up. Had an enforced taper and completed the race (27th april) leg was ok during the race but not happy afterwards .

I went out for my first run yesterday  (3 weeks rest), 3k and it hurt.

but lots of rest , stretching, good diagnosis (lots of things get called "shinsplints" !!) should help you through it.

Dont get too downbeat, just be careful and try to sort it.


(hurts after 3k and I've signed up for another marathon in Oct !!  lol ) 

22/05/2008 at 14:40

I managed to get a new PB of 48:44 at the DK10K, and did it with an injury. I havent been able to run since, and after seeing a specialist it all comes down to an old Hamstring i tore whilst playing football 5 years ago!

Im in the BBCHM on 5th July, anyone on this thred doing it?

22/05/2008 at 21:52
Hi Jasp169 well done on the time.

Not sure what to do when you have shin splints but to prevent them you can use a couple of easy exercises.

Whenever you are sitting tap your feet - both at the same time. It really strengthens them.

Also walk around on your heels for a while and then tiptoes for a while. They seem easy and not much but have prevented me developing them. I used to get quite a bit of shin pain when I started running and this is what my PT recommended. I don't get any bother now.

23/05/2008 at 12:50

Hi Adbru, Dave and Ashley
Thanks for your help and advice, its really useful to throw things out there and then get lots of advice back.

Adbru - gosh thats a long time to be out of it, i hope thats not in store for me, thats good advice about getting  a proper diagnosis, as at the moment i havent been to the DR's or anything.  Cheers and you keep your chin up also and good luck for your Oct marathon.

Dave - Well done on your PB and good luck with your injury,  and your HM.

Ashley - Thanks for the exercises, i will try them out, i could even do one of them while im sat at my desk.  Its the first time that i have had any pain in my shins.  I have looked up on here about health and they also recommend strengthening exercises so i will have to give it all a go.

I must say that i have been able to walk today without as much discomfort so fingers crossed it seems to be heading in the right direction. 

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