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tracking how a relative beginner gets on with trying to get a 10k of under 1hr

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23/05/2008 at 14:12

i did my first ever 10k in July last year at the age of 51 with a very very small amount of training and did 56.30 (in fact it was my first ever running race)

have taken fell running up since but have entered a 10k in June at Lancaster to see if i can improve on it .

just ran the three peaks race 3 weeks ago. god, that was hard!

25/05/2008 at 18:27

Hello all

Welcome mr from del monte, 56.30 would be very nice thankyou for my first race. Well done - although it would appear you have already acheieved the 10k in 60 mins challenge!

 Race tomorrow. Argh. I'm happy to hear it will be raining (thas what I like!), although a few of my friends unexpectedly said they'd turn up and support, so it's not too great for them. I suspect they will turn up at 10.45 and mooch down to the finish line to see if they can catch me Everyone seems terribly impressed, although I'm at the point where I've run 10k every week for four weeks, and feeling it's quite ordinary. Have no worries about getting round, but am in a flap about pacing because I REALLY REALLY want under 60 mins and have only done that kind of pace over 4.5 miles. Must remember not to run too hard at the start.

 Am also in a flap about how early to get there, what to bring with me for after the race, before the race, whether so many people will mean I have no chance of under 60 mins (because it will prob be a scrape for me to get in under that time), whether i should wear my short snazzy running shorts or my longer old shorts. Also training has been rubbish this week - an accidental 'taper' with one long run of 5.5 miles and one short of just 2.5 miles and only one cross training (yoga/ strength) session.


I have been very calm and relaxed in response to any enquiries. Clearly a lie.

 Last minute race day tips, anyone? Like do you bring a change of clothes? How early do you get there? What kind of warm up do you do? I'm thinking of taking my watch and just trying to ensure that I hit every kilometer marker at uner 6 mins - sound like a plan?

Thank goodness for this forum, I can just get all this fretting done so i can at least enjoy my evening! 

25/05/2008 at 21:06

Sounds like an excellent plan......I think you'll do it too!!

Good luck!

26/05/2008 at 10:51

Rain, rain and more rain - I was hoping to do a swift 6 - 7k today - looks like I'll get wet!

Did my fasted ever pace yesterday over 5.5k - thanks to my Nike+ I track my pace so I know what I have to do - love it!

Matt/Colin - I was thinking of Lanhydrock and Powderham, but I'm sure it will be just too much with only a week in between. I think I'll stick to 6 Moor Miles in July and then either Lanhydrock (if hubby is willing to spend a few days in Cornwall) or Powerham if he isn't! Then there's South Molton in October (5th I think). But I will take a look at those others Colin. It's all a question of timing!

Prepared to get wet now... 

Have a great Bank Holiday everyone! 

26/05/2008 at 20:19

I'm positively wait, ecstatic

Arrived at 9am, spent a while wondering round as stewards hadn't been informed where meet and greet area was where I'd agreed to meet my team. Didn't find it but decided to go and get ready instead. Don't wear jeans as your in transit over running shorts gear if it's pissing it down. Just a little tip there. Absolutely unbelievably sodden, so much so that tannoy was waterlogged and couldn't hear announcements!

General genial atmosphere, staggered start worked well for me as didn't have to do too much weaving. Heard about shoving but didn't experience any on this race. Had little home made pace band on my wrist and really helped me pay attention to my own pace, just made sure I hit each k mark within the right time. Every so often I would remember to appreciate I was running through central London, but I have to admit a lot of the time I was just thinking 'running'. Can't actually remember a lot of the race although I was grinning most of the way round. Massive kudos to the brave souls who actually stayed out in the atrocious weather to cheer people on. To be honest it was ideal running conditions for me but I can't imagine standing in it.

At 8k I realised I was well inside my time, feeling comfortable and the crowds started to appear as we headed towards Trafalgar Square to run down the mall. It was pretty amazing to be running that bit of the route, and I decided to step up the pace, if I felt good then I was going to belt the last k. I think I really started pushing just as we hit the Mall, and had a full pelt the whole way down.

Official time: 55:59! I am so pleased But also now itching to do another 10k, because to be honest I think I still had some gas in the tank in the last few k. And of course now am thinking....if I'd only pushed it a little bit harder in the middle section I could have got under 55mins! Good thing I've signed up for one at the end of June...unfortunately I think it will be on track, which could be dull. I will be praying for rain....

DP, can't believe you are voluntarily going out in this weather Great to run in, not so good to start or finish in  

27/05/2008 at 10:25

Well done tortoisenohare, amazing time, was this your first 10k race?

i know what you mean about the weather, if its starts while your already out you dont mind, but to actually go out in the rain takes some dedication

Well done again

Pethead    pirate
27/05/2008 at 12:00
Very well done tortoisenothare, great time! So many people setting good times - The pressure is now on for people like me with 10Ks later in the year, hmm! 
28/05/2008 at 09:26

Well done tortoise! Fabulous time! I watched some of the race on the TV - it was very late! The weather looked awful, but OH and myself were impressed with the route - it must have been great running around there! Many congratulations!

I got very wet too - but luckily it wasn't tipping it down when I went out - just blowing a gale and drizzle - the main rain waited until the last 2k, so that was nice.

Due to got again today and guess what? Yup - tipping down!

Still - they tell me it's good for the complexion!

28/05/2008 at 11:39
Wow that is so great for a first 10k. Congrats.

I am getting closer to a 30min 5kms but need to find a flatter 10k race to get a better time I think.

I love my Nike +. This morning Lance Armstrong congratulated me on my personal best pace over a mile. That was a nice surprise.

Its so hot here we have the Foehn wind which raised it up to over 30c yesterday. We could do with some rain. Please send a little thunderstorm but not too much!!

going back to melting in Zurich.
28/05/2008 at 19:39
I did my first 10k in the very very wet Bupa London 10k on Monday. I was aiming for sub 1 hour as I've been skirting around it during training. Was really disappointed with 1hr 2 mins and a bit, still doing the bluewater 10k next month so with a bit more work her is hoping
30/05/2008 at 14:54

Hi ashleymac - i think I'll stick to the good old fashioned British rain! I remember spending a very sticky week up in the Austrian Alps in July - unbelievable - hot and humid like I had bever known before! My thoughts are with you - it must be a hard slog running in that!

Anna - 1hr 2mins is fantastic - very well done you. So close - at least you know what you have to do next time, and here's hoping it won't be quite so wet!

Just come back from a (not quite so) swift 5.5k over lunch - humid here too today, but nice out. Much better than sitting in the office!

Just two weeks to my first race this year - must get some practice in! 

30/05/2008 at 16:23
Awesome running tortoisenothare and Anna!

I remember breaking 60 minutes for 10k for the first time about 2 years after I started running...was so happy to do it! Those were fun days... Remember my first run I ever did at 10 minute miling and thinking how blooming fast it was!
30/05/2008 at 16:41

It's awesome that feeling of finishing first race, indeed! Thanks everyone!

 Anna, you sound maybe a bit like me in that it's hard to forget the negative - not hitting your aimed for time - as opposed to the positive - half the people who entered the race chickened out because of the weather.  And you and I both turned out in the wettest weather ever for first 10k, and got round (I'm assuming) running/plodding! It takes a fair bit of grit to get out and run, nerves, rain and all  

Also now we both have a PB to beat. Very motivating. I've heard the Bluewater race is nice and flat too, so more opportunities to beat that PB! My next one is the Wellness 10k in Crystal Palace, very local to me. I thought it might be around the track which would have been less interesting but good for time. However I've just got a map of the route and it appears it's around the park, which is really one big hill. Looks like it's going to be interesting to try and knock a minute off my time.... But at least it'll be more scenic.

Am going to try some intervals this eve - not something I did much in the run up to London 10k....wondering how it'll work on my usual route. Half of it goes round a park, so hopefully will do intervals in park and easy on the other street/ pavement bits. Am tempted to wear my big BUPA tee, but wonder if it will make me look like a total nob, considering it's on the large side. Like I maybe stole it from someone  

31/05/2008 at 00:04

Fantastic times Anna and "Harenottortoise!"

I would love to do a 10K in less than an hour. 5K in 32 mins now though, so maybe one day...........

31/05/2008 at 09:24
did a work organised 3.75 mile time trial on Thursday dressed all wrong didn't anticipate glorious sunshine so in tracksuit bottoms not shorts but still manageda respectable 36.50 morning hill training needed though as it starts with a rather steep hill. Doing it again in 2 weeks
02/06/2008 at 11:44

I've cracked the 60 min mark with the help of the perfect weather and great course at the Whipsnade 10k, although I can still feel the desperate sprint to the line in my legs.  The three laps were all marked up with km markers, so I knew that getting past one every two minutes would get me in uner 60 min and it worked like a charm.  Not absolutely flat, but there was nothing that could be considered more than an incline.  Should have drunk less at the first water stop and not bothered with the second and gone off a lot slower than I did at the beginning (first 3 km in 17 minutes!) so I still have something to work on.  It was a bit disappointing being lapped before the half way mark, but the front markers were flying, so I can live with that.  Now I just have to decide what I'm going to do next. 

Sazzler - F/24 - PB 76.16 - <60 Sept 07
Albion - F/30- PB 61.11 - <60 Dec 07
Runtyler - M/33 - PB 52.30 - <60 Aug 07
aaa - F/34 PB?? - <60 Aug 07
Devonian Plodder - F/48 - PB 76.0 <60 May 08
Crazy Daisy F/35 - PB 61.08 <60 Sept 07
Shaz1973 - ?? <60 Oct 07
RAGA34 - F/34 <60 summer 07
Steviej - M/50 PB 66 - <60 ??
Beth - F/25 - PB ?? - <60 Aug 07
Matt Sutherland - M/32 - PB 44.07 - <40 Apr 08?
Moomintrude - F/35 - PB?? - <60 Sep 07
Clare - F/33 - PB 63.49 - <60 Sep 07
Alyson - F/32 - PB 48.25 - <60 Sep 07
Grast_girl - F/28 - PB 59.54 - <60 Aug 08 (Done) <55 one day
Mark Briggs 2 - M/31 - PB 51.34 - <50 Jun 08
Adbru - M/41 - PB 57:50 <55 May08
Not built for speed - M 43 - PB 55.31 <50 Sept 08
DianaD - F/53 PB 56.03 <55 Jan 08
Jasp 169 F/38 PB 62.30
Terrie F/42 PB 56.30 Pethead M/15 PB N/A, <45? Jul 08 Tortoisenothare F/28 PB N/A <60 May 08
Basil Brush Mk II F/28 PB 60:06 <60 June/July 08

Pethead    pirate
03/06/2008 at 08:02
Great stuff Grast Girl, sounds like a really good race.
03/06/2008 at 12:08

I have a 10k to do at the end of June, its the same one i've done for the past 2 years, i think the first time i done it it was 71 mins, the second time it was 73 minutes, i would love to do it around the 60 min mark, will be interesting to see how i get on this year, i can run (well jog slowly!) 4 miles non stop, bet guessing i'll have to run/walk the last couple of miles.

Jen-jen x

Basil Brush Mk II    pirate
04/06/2008 at 22:47

Hullo, wandering back in. Hope everyone is OK. Well done on some excellent runs

Well, I got kind of distracted from my good training intentions last week - I had a week off work, with all intention of getting some good training in whilst doing a thorough "going over" of the house and finishing decorating the bedroom. Sadly didn't quite work out, with stressy situations trying to sort out the bedroom, and resorting to staying at my parents' due to severe bed shortage, the training just never happened. So here I am, three weeks to my next 10K (St Micheals, Stone, 22nd June - anyone else?) and I've dropped a full week. And a bit.  Ooops.

Got the Smart Coach on the problem and it's given me a reasonable schedule, getting some tempo runs and speed work in, so let's see what we can do? Did an "easy" run last night, trying to get the pace the schedule suggested, and I confess I found it waaaay too difficult to run so slowly - it actually hurt my legs more and my perceived effort was greater than my usual steady pace. Anyone else find this? 

05/06/2008 at 14:52

Yes definatley. I am not a fast runner, i'm sure i could walk quicker than i run, but i am getting fitter & have found i can run slightly quicker aswell, i have slowed down a few times, just to take it easy & found that my legs suffered & found it easier to pick my pace up a little. thought it was just me

 Jen-jen x

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