My training Blog - 10k in 60mins challenge!

tracking how a relative beginner gets on with trying to get a 10k of under 1hr

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05/06/2008 at 15:08

Hi All!

Just been running once or twice a week for a bit (cycling daily and surfing a lot) so not around as much but had a fun one last night - did about 5k, still had bags of energy and spotted the local running club running up the other side of the valley. So put some pace on, caught them up, overtook half of them, then they turned right and I went left. It was only at that point that I could "admit" that I'd completely done myself in!

Continued at a more leisurely/dying on my backside pace home with 7ish muddy and hilly Kms at 29m01s. 

Doh!! Nice to be out though. Might well do than Moor run in July - sounds ideal. 

Basil Brush Mk II    pirate
06/06/2008 at 21:09

Yay! Done my "tempo" run tonight - and kept to the 9:45 pace it dictated in the schedule. Uphills are still my nemesis tho - less than they were, but I still find them hard going.

 Long run on Sunday - hope the weather is as good as it has been today

07/06/2008 at 20:44

Pah! Just  typed a whole message and it's gone - where did that go??

 Edited highlights -

Well done Basil

Sent off my entry to 6 Moor Miles Matt!

Colin - decided on the races yet?

Me - plodded, slowly. Met nice consultant - chronic compartment syndrome diagnosed - MRI on 30th June.

Everyone - happy plodding and good luck to anyone racing this weekend.

The End 

09/06/2008 at 14:38

Completed a 10k on Friday in 1 hour 2 mins 25 seconds which was over one and a half minutes quicker than last year.

However i was hoping to get sub 60 and looking at the results today i'm also the slowest runner in my age range - bit hard to keep the spirits up when they are the stats.

Oh well, nowt to do but get on with it i suppose....

09/06/2008 at 16:31

Haven't been on this thread for ages - hope everyone is doing well with their running.

Canary girl - I am also generally the slowest person in my age group when I run races but it really doesn't bother me - it used to but not anymore. 

Unless you're in the position where you are winning races or close to winning races then your race really is between you and the distance - finishing is the first challenge.  Running a 10K in 62 mins 25 seconds means that you can actually manage to run the whole distance - you're not having to walk some of the way - that in itself is a huge achievment.  I had to run / walk my first 10K but still felt proud when I finished in well over the hour mark - be proud of your achievments - also you knocked more than one and a half minutes off your previous time - well done, that's a big improvement.   Just enjoy it and keep going - you'll get quicker and soon get under that 60 min milestone.

What's everyone else up to?


Pethead    pirate
09/06/2008 at 19:59

I'm doing exams, sampling my Tri club's training and pretending my 10K is months and months away!

Track meet this weekend, could be pretty competitive over 800m between me and a teammate or two. 2:15 would be nice...

Basil Brush Mk II    pirate
10/06/2008 at 20:27

Short run tonight, 2 miles, av pace 9:45 but went off too fast and asthma-wise felt rubbish. Still quite pleased though, because months ago on a rubbish asthma night 9:45 would have been a dream on a far horizon some billion miles away from a very long place. If you get my gist.

Def learned my lesson - I need a good long slow warm-up. Not that I hadn't figured that out, but sometimes I need to remind myself. I can be a bit thick at times.

Canary Girl - well done! Don't pay any attention to the rest of 'em, as NBFS says it's all about personal achievement. 

Pethead, good luck for the exams and your 800m.

DP - sorry to hear diagnosis, good luck for the MRI.

Where's everyone else? Hope you're all OK and doing well.


10/06/2008 at 20:43

Hi, I'm doing the Jane Tomlinson 10k run at Leeds in a couple of weeks and I'm hoping to finish around an hour. At the moment I can't seem to beat 1hr and about 10mins.

What training are you doing to try and improve your time ?



11/06/2008 at 08:25

Hi kate - I'm doing the Jane Tomlinson run as well.  I'm actually in training for a marathon and this race really doesn't fit well with my schedule but I wouldn't miss it for the world - it's going to be an awesome day.  Is it your first race?  Your time will improve anyway as it always does in a race situation - the adrenalin carries you along.  With 11,000 people running and the emotion of the day due to it being the first one since Jane died it will be amazing.  I've done a lot of races this year and have my first marathon in Sept but this is the race I'm most looking forward to and have been for months now.

Just go and enjoy the day and you'll more than likely be pleased with your time at the end anyway.

Happy plodding everyone


15/06/2008 at 16:52


Lovely weekend here in Devon - sun is shining, but it's not too hot. Hope you have all had good weather for your weekend too.

Did the RFL this morning. Bit disorganised I have to say - warm up finished 20 minutes before the start! Still, it didn't help! Hobbled my way around and finished in 36 minutes. Not bad considering. Can't wait to get my leg fixed - scan is booked for 30th June.

Meanwhile - I hope you are all OK! 

15/06/2008 at 21:20

did the bluewater 10k this morning. Not 1 for people like me that find hills a nemesis. Still i did it I did 10k in 58:21. The work does not stop here though. The challenge now is to keep it up and conquer those hills.

Good luck to everyone whatever the challenge

Basil Brush Mk II    pirate
22/06/2008 at 23:40

Whoop whoop!!

10K at Stone today - 57:00mins dead!!

So proud to now be a member of the sub-60 set!

Hope everyone else racing today got on well.

23/06/2008 at 15:54

Hi there NBFS, Denise here.

Been really mad busy and so not been on site for ages. Hope everyone is enjoying their challenges. 

 How did you get on Sunday? I did it and finshed without stopping but didn't make the sub 1hr. I did it in 1hr 9mins 16 secs. The race was great and I raised over £1,300 in the prosess. I have some work to do for the my next challenge(don't know what that is yet).

 This will put you in good sted for your marathon? When is it?

Catch you soon

23/06/2008 at 16:09

Hi Denise,

Managed 55 mins 05 secs - not a PB but I was quite pleased.  Things were a bit chaotic at the start which slowed me down a little plus I had been out in Leeds until the early hours of Sunday morning so was suffering a little.  Great race and a great city - never been to Leeds before.  Well done for getting round without stopping - that's really the first challenge - the world's your Oyster now.    Without reading back several pages I seem to recall it was you that gave me the idea of doing the race in the first place - in which case thanks - it was an excellent weekend.

Marathon is in Berlin in September - feeling a bit nervous about it at the moment as I'm having to go further and further in training - managed 14 miles last weekend but that felt like as far as I will ever be able to run.  I'm sure I'll be fine but sometimes you do have doubts.

So what's next for you - the Leeds half marathon in September perhaps??


24/06/2008 at 11:28
DP - See you at the Moor Miles - I'll probably be wearing the same clothes as in my avatar!
24/06/2008 at 11:48

Hi all,

DP - Planning to do either the Sidmouth 10k (July) or the Wellington 10k (Aug). Both are "challenging" apparantly. Then going to do the Powderham Castle 10k in September.What is the Moor Miles thing that you and Matt are doing? 

Haven't been training much. In fact didn't run for 10 days as I had a week off work and my running time got swallowed up in DIY and babysitting. Went out last night for a trot and had a great time. ran from home up the steep hill (which is about 2 miles) and when i got to the top the sun was beginning to set and the air was still, no traffic , no noise, it was absolute bliss. Then I realised that I had just run another 2 or 3 miles without feeling anything. It was like floating on air, I felt I could run forever so i carried on. Finished back home just as it was getting dark having done 8 miles (went and measured it this morning) and felt I could have done more if I could have seen where I was going!

Some good sub-60 times coming along. Well done to everyone who's managed it. 

24/06/2008 at 16:56

Hi Everyone

Still plodding! 8km on Sunday and another 5 under the belt yesterday. Slow and steady as they say! 

Colin - "6 Moor Miles" is on Dartmoor (starts at Yelverton) and run over the moor - so not much on actual roads. Should be fun - especially if it's wet!

Take a look -  6 Moor Miles

Your run sounds great - I wish I could get into the groove - but the leg won't allow it just yet. Scan coming up on 30th June - so maybe some action after that!

Take care all. 

24/06/2008 at 16:59

Forgot to mention - yesterday was still and warm, was followed for the whole 5kn by a halo of flies - they can shift can't they! Nasty little blighters - one of them had the audacity to eat my leg - a very large red lump has now appeared. Should have swiped him. Little bu@@er!

Anyone got any anti-bug ideas? Jungle formula doesn't seem to put off the Devonian fly. 

29/06/2008 at 21:27


Yes it was me that said I was doing it and I am really glad that you enjoyed the day!! I am not sure what to do next, the half Marathon sounds good. Might look into it!!!

 Sounds like that you have some exciting times ahead. You are getting on great with your training by the sounds of it!! I know what you mean about thinking that its hard going but you know on the day that you will deliver! Ok well look forward to hearing how you are getting on and may take strength in the fact and look into something else this year!! Catch you soon, Denise 

30/06/2008 at 08:13

Hi Denise,

look forward to hear how you are getting on with whatever your next challenge will be.  Meant to say by the way well done for raising £1,300.  I've managed about £900 so far but will keep pushing until I get to the £1,000 mark.


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