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21/04/2009 at 20:40

Well, Patootie, to be honest I think she did! A great lady she was.

And so are you----so it's nice to see that your good deed was rewarded by a perfect cure! (The arnica might have helped too ) But you could do without a sore foot at this stage, when you're just about ready to be able to start taking advantage of your lovely new home and seeing some of the things in the area.

By the way, whatever did you decide to do about your thumb? That sounded like rather a tough judgment call.

We got home about 3 this afternoon, which gave us time to unload the car and pick up the animals from the farm where they stay when we go on hols. They are all very glad to be home (the cats of course scolded us mercilessly all evening!) but as usual they are in great shape. And we all feel refreshed even though poor Mr C didn't get much rest, with his having to be in London for so much of the time. But the garden has come on tremendously in the last 10 days so he's happy out there!

23/04/2009 at 20:08

Had a busy few days .. not slept too well so continually tired .. but I am used to that .. went to a meeting Wednesday night ... and looks like I've managed to get financial backing for a little summer party for all the residents here ..

 I knew being on a committee would be worthwhile ..

24/04/2009 at 12:14

Woooohoooo, go for it, Patootie! What a brilliant idea to have a summer party. That's the kind of personal touch that you're so good at, and everyone will love.

I'm guessing that a lot of the residents are older than you are, and your youth and energy are going to bring a lot of very welcome life into that community!

And aren't you due for your next training session sometime in the next couple of weeks?

24/04/2009 at 17:39

Training end of May .. and party all agreed in principal .. we are getting caterers in

Youth maybe .. energy no ... flippin' norah .. these 'oldies' run rings round me .. never come across so many older folks with so much energy .. they wear me out

Money for old home due shortly .. be great to get that finished with ... no hitches so far ..

Pheweee .. I am feeling really lethargic this afternoon ... just sat and looked out the window at my tree for the last 20 minutes or so .. birds flitting to and fro catching small insects ... squirrels leaping around carrying stashes of nuts from the bird feeders .. always something new to be looking at .. the pigeon still comes and says 'hello' now and then ..

Need a reviving cup of coffee now ... so much going on in my head I can't keep up with myself hahahaha !!!!

Edited: 24/04/2009 at 17:39
28/04/2009 at 10:58

Phew .. time passes so quickly ... off to a new meeting today .. a finance and benefits type meeting .. let's see how I get on ... should be interesting ... and definitely useful to me .. at the same time I can check out if there are any new benefits that I haven't yet found out about ...

Weather is a bit up and down .. so my fibro has been a bit up and down lately too ... but coping better than I expect to ... so it's all good really ....

More when I get back from the meeting in a few hours .. heheh and there is such a thing as a 'free lunch' ... sandwiches and freshly brewed coffee will be on the go ... so that's a benefit too  ...

28/04/2009 at 22:11

That was an interesting meeting .. learnt quite a lot .. and enjoyed it ...

Bought a fab new water filter .. it holds 5 litres of water ... 4 litres of water at ambient temp .. and will chill 1 litre of water down to 10C .. wooohoooo ... no more laborious several times a day filling up of the little filter jug anymore .. and I won't have to buy any bottled water either .. tastes nice too ...  I am really pleased with it .. and it was a brand new bargain from an Ebay 'shop' too

 Just ordered a supply of face masks suitable for trying to combat the dreaded Mexico 'flu ... they are talking about it being such an 'odd' strain that it's almost certainly a 'man made' flu ... terrorism in it's most sinister form perhaps .. I'd rather spend a few pounds now ... than wish I had later on  ...

Edited: 28/04/2009 at 23:53
29/04/2009 at 21:19

It's a 'miracle' ... no more grey hair ... well .. at least for the next 20 washes

I bought that hair colourant before I moved .. decided I'd do it before I got here so I could have a really 'fresh' start .... then everything moved so fast I didn't get round to doing it .. nearly every week I have looked at it on the bathroom shelf and told myself .. "I must use that up, too much money to throw away" ,,, so .. with fingers and toes firmly crossed .. I got it all ready ... pooh ... it stank ... not of ammonia thank goodness but smelt like something had 'died' a few weeks ago ... did I really want to put that on my hair I wondered ... ohh go on woman ... just get on with it ....

25 minutes later ... and I wondered back into the bathroom to wash it all off again ...  ... ohhhh myyyy ... flippin' splashed it everywhere .. and I had been sooooooo careful too .. after what seemed a lifetime of rinsing the water finally came clear ... on with the conditioner ... while that was doing it's job I set about washing down the basin, bath, toilet top, cistern and walls ... how on earth did it all spread so far ...

 Rinsed off the conditioner .. checked for grey ....  looking good ... now I just have to wait and see what colour it dries .. so if it's all the same colour ... and hope it won't all fall out over night

Watch this space !!!!

29/04/2009 at 23:08
Well .. I have to say .. even though I am saying it myself ... I am rather pleased with myself ... it has definitely covered every trace of grey hair ... woohoooo .... I haven't gone too mad with the colour though ... kept to the mid brown colour that 'most' of my hair has been for years .. and the colour has let the 'golden flecks' my hair has always had still shine through in the light .. !

It will be interesting to see how many people .. if any ... notice a difference at tomorrows coffee morning .. 

And none has fell out yet ....  .. thank you L'oreal Casting Creme Gloss 'Iced latte' no 713

I'd like to think I look younger too ... at least 2-3 months anyway ...
30/04/2009 at 14:59

Oh Patootie, you are brave! I've never had the nerve to mess with the colour of my hair, tho C1 has had every shade from black to red. Yours sounds lovely, tho, especially the little golden flecks. IO'm sure you don't look a day over sixteen )

And you HAVE been busy---the day on benefits etc (was that just for you, or was it related to your new role in the building?), the party, and all the rest of it. No wonder you need to just sit now and then, especially with the fibro changing with the weather. 

Sorry not to have been around but it's a comedy of errors with the internet right now. We inherited an old alarm system with the house, which we never used; but a couple of weeks ago it suddenly burst out into loud shrieks quite unexpectedly, so we hyad the people out to see about it and they said it needed replacing. We have to have a system for the insurance, and we do plan to let this house out for a few years after we retire, to give us time to decide what to do, and we think renters would want an alarm, so we had a new alarm system put in. Which promptly crashed our home internet system. The alarm people say it's not them, but I looked on the internet at work, and this is a known problem. Our computer man is away til next Thursday, so for now we have internet at home only with C3's laptop (which I'm borrowing briefly now). So don't worry if I don't get in much for the next few days---I'm thinking of you, anyhow!

Today is Queen's Day, the big national festival, so everyone is out in the streets in  bright orange. We went to the village this morning,  great atmosphere as always, though the fact that therer was a serious accident in Appeldoorn, where the royal family were visiting, has changed the mood of the country. It may have been deliberate, they say: the man must be insane.

As to the swine flu, I don't think anyone knows its origin, but I haven't heard any suggestion that it was deliberate. As its mortality rate is very low (at least outside Mexico) I would think terrorism unlikely. The best thing you can do is stay away from crowds and wash your hands a lot!! 

Now that you've glammed up your hair, I wait with great interest for your next step! ) xx

30/04/2009 at 15:30

Went to coffee morning earlier .. I don't think anyone noticed the lack of grey in my hair ... so at least I don't look like a freak .. hahahah

 And ... most common idea about the Mexico flu is that it is an act of terrorism .. it's such an unlikely strain of flu ... with several different flu strains in it that simply couldn't all come together by chance to make a new flu strain ... Mexico is known for it's poor hygiene and sanitary conditions ... and with many people crossing the border all the time it's the perfect way to 'attack' the USA by stealth ...

04/05/2009 at 21:26

Hey Patootie, you out there?? Chuglet 3 managed to fix the internet connection so I'm back in cyberspace, woohooo!

Just come back from the Silent Procession that is held in our village (like many others) every year on 4 May, which is like our 11 November, the commemoration of the war dead. It's very moving because several hundred people process in silence about a quarter of a mile through leafy lanes to the war memorial. There is a band playing sober music, we have three minutes silence and sing the national anthem, then the band plays while people lay flowers, everything from big floral arrangements to handfuls of flowers gathered from their gardens or even from the hedgerows. The mayor says a few words about the improtant of freedom, and then we all go home. There are always a predominance of older people, but there are also lots of kids. It's very impressive, most of all I think because nobody tries to talk very much.

I was going to write a nice long chatty message, but I'm half asleep, and think I'll toddle off to bed, if you'll excuse me.

But I do want to know how you are! Is the fibro a bit more settled?

05/05/2009 at 18:39

Hi, Patootie, how are you now? I've been in and out so erratically I'm starting to lose the plot slightly.

Did the money for your old home arrive safely? I really hope so, it would be so good to have that entirely dealt with so you could start to enjoy being right where you are with an undivided mind.

And speaking of where you are, how's the new kitchen working out? Is it as nice as you thought? Have you got everything into the right place now? What with that rogue radiator it took a while before things got straight, but I hope you're pleased with it. It sounded fabulous, I have to say.

Latest news here is that C1 (who as you know is working in Moscow) went to Kiev for International Labour Day and managed to get in the middle of a communist demonstration but the real high point for her was the next day when she went to Chernobyl. Yup, as close as they let you go to the ruins of the reactor. Her description of it was remarkable---it sounds like a truly eerie place. If she writes up up (and she will) I'll post it for you.

So now tell me how you are??? xx

05/05/2009 at 19:44

Waves hello ... nice to have you back again GC ... been busy, busy, busy here .. several meetings to attend .. decided to 'blend away' my grey hair ... but no one has noticed .. or maybe they are just being polite ...

Please pass this website on to C1 .. I found it a few years back when I was reading up about how the Chernobyl Sarcophagus is falling apart and was lobbying world leaders to send financial help etc ...

The girl in the story, Elena, went for a motorbike ride to Chernobyl ... it's a fascinating true story .... it's a truly unique view of all things Chernobyl ... unique, sad and very thought provoking ... whenever I see anything about Chernobyl I always think of those brave firemen who knowing they would die a horrible death still went onto the roof of Chernobyl power station and tried to stem the outpouring of the smoke laden with radiation ... thanks to their brave actions they managed to stop the disaster being even worse .. !!

And those poor school children who were taken to 'watch' the fire by their teachers, just shows how little the 'ordinary' folk were told about the dangers of the power station ... sadly, most of those who went to watch on that first day have died.

Fibro's been up and down as usual ... but then I would worry if it didn't .. my 'normality' is to be up and down hahahahah ....

The Silent Procession .. sounded very moving ... that's the kind of thing that brings a limp to my throat .. emotions get very intense .. and very memorable ... and a poignant way to remember those who fell in the wars ...

Tomorrow I'm going to the local theatre place to see Evita ... I have the taxi booked ... checked on how many steps I need to climb once at the theatre .. and made sure my seat is assured .. early night for me so I can rest before my 'big day' .. hahaha

Tell you all about it when I come back tomorrow ...

Edited: 05/05/2009 at 19:45
06/05/2009 at 18:25

Evita was stunning, wonderful, fantastic, brilliant, enjoyed every second, other than the THREE flights of stairs (TWO flights more than they told me about!) and the oven hot auditorium ... met some lovely 'regulars' who gave me all the tips ... so I shall know to take a bottle of drink and a snackette in my handbag ready for next time hahahahah

Phewee I am totally cream crackered now .. legs throbbing ... tired .. but happy

 On the way to the show my taxi driver admitted she hadn't gone the shortest way to the theatre  ... so in recompense ... she turned off the meter not often you'd hear a taxi driver admit they hadn't gone the shortest way is it !!

Edited: 06/05/2009 at 18:26
06/05/2009 at 22:05

Oh Patootie, how totally brill!! I am SO glad you are finally getting a chance to take advantage of being a little closer to civilisation than in your old home (which sounded pretty remote, at least for England). Sounds like you're a dyed-in-the-wool theatre-goer, and now that you know the ropes, I imagine you'll go again. Especially if you can find another taxi-driver like that one )

Evita is a great show, anyway, isn't it? I saw it here a couple of years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it (though I did find it faintly weird to hear her singing 'Huil niet voor mij, Argentina'--it was done in Dutch here, of course. And speaking of strange juxtapositions, did I tell you that when C1 arrived in Moscow she promptly joined a choir there, some internationals but mostly Russian singers. They were practising a number from West Side Story, and she said it was positively surreal to be surrounded by Russians all singing earnestly 'I like to be in America'!!!). So what are you going to see next??

Thanks for the Chernobyl link, too, I'll forward it to C1. She found it one of the eeriest places in the world, so she will be very interested in this,. How nice of you to think of it!

And HAS your house sale completed now???

07/05/2009 at 13:57

My legs ache today .. but it was worth all that stair climbing to see the show ..

No house payment not arrived yet ... rather hoping it will be this weekend ... or there is going to be trouble

07/05/2009 at 17:22
There I was doing my little bit of shopping in Tesco Express .. as all too often happens they'd moved things around in the shop .. I had 'lost' the coffee .. so there I am trundling around the shop on my disability scooter searching for the coffee ... when .....

..... I noticed this chap acting 'oddly' .. he looked nervous .. was trying to peer over the top of the shelving towards the checkout .. and was clearly not impressed that I was whizzing past him up and down the aisles . ...

.... he kept moving to other aisles and doing the same thing .. so I was sure something was wrong ..

... then he suddenly started moving swiftly for the doors ... so I did a quick reverse ... and got my scooter down the aisle he was about to dash down ...

... the look on his face was a picture .. realising I was in his way ... he threw the items he was about to nick back onto the nearest shelf ... and with a graceful leap he jumped over the front wheel of my scooter and was away ....

.... I yelled "SHOP LIFTER" ... and the staff came flying over ... they dashed outside ... but he was already making a get away in his car .... I described the chap really well ... and they wound the CCTV tape back and got him on it ... he had indeed been lurking ... going up and down the aisles ...

.... the manager came out to thank me ... said shoplifting was a daily occurence ... then asked me how I knew something was wrong .. I said I had been Neighbourhood Watch Administrator for the local police Sector and had gone to training sessions on how to spot ne'er do wells ... he said I had given an almost exact description of the chap ... 4 of his staff had run out after him .. watch him jump in his car and pull away ... but not one had thought to notice what kind of car or take the number plate ... he said .. "I bet you'd have remembered that too" .. hahaha

But you know it makes me cross that someone would risk getting caught just for the sake of a couple of cans of drink and two chocolate bars .. why, why would he risk getting caught and getting a police record for so little ... the cost of the items was just over £3 ... but if he'd been caught it could have ruined his life !!
Edited: 07/05/2009 at 17:23
08/05/2009 at 23:04

Now, why am I not surprised that, whilst casually shopping one day, you spotted a shoplifter and almost managed to get him apprehended single-handedly? Only you, Patootie, only you!!

But it must have been an incredible lift for the manager just to know that at least one person was so vigilant. (He was right too: you would have noted the registration number of the car if you'd been there!)

As to why they do it......if we could figure that out our whole justice system would improve beyond recognition. Part of the problem is that indeed we don't understand why people break rules: or rather, we know that they do it for a whole host of reasons. If this chap was just nicking groceries, he may well just be lazy and reckon that it's so easy to lift a few things, why be stupid and work for them? As to the fact that it could ruin his life....from the criminology I did years ago, I seem to remember that what influenced people was not how serious the penalty was, but the likelihood of getting caught. If they thought they were likely to get caught, even a fairly minor penalty was a deterrent; but if they thoughty could get away with it, it didn't really matter how heavy the punishment was.

So have you been named neighbourhood crime prevention officer yet???

10/05/2009 at 22:28

So have you been named neighbourhood crime prevention officer yet??? ... NO fear hahahaha !!!

 I am pleased to report I have finally got my cheque for the outstanding money due on my old home .. tomorrow first thing I shall dash down to the bank and pay it in ... should clear around Thursday !

Had a wee tipple tonight .. just the one ... nice big cheque ... but sigh ... only about a third what it would have been without the financial crash .. oh well .. no more second home stress .. and that's worth it's weight in gold ... !!!!!!

12/05/2009 at 21:35

Oh Patootie, that's GREAT news!!!!! And even if you got less for the house with the credit crisis, at least a) it's off your hands and b) you've got the money! Until it's actually IN THE BANK you can't really be sure of anything these days, can you? You deserved a great big tipple to celebrate!

Actually I'm getting a bit nervous myself. I ordered a very expensive book ($180) via Amazon from a bookseller in the US about 6 months ago; it's very hard to find and I need it for my studies. It didn't come and didn't come, and the bookstore said to wait as things sometimes take a long time, which I know they do. Finally by March we both realised it had got lost in the post, and they agreed to reimburse me. But they haven't. A month ago I chased them and again they said they would repay the credit card, but they STILL haven't. And since it's more than 3 months since I ordered, Amazon won't guarantee it. I'm just hoping the delay in repayment is because they have a lot to do, because I do NOT want to lose that much money!!!!!

What about the rest of your life? Isn't your next training session due in the next couple of weeks? And what about theatre, any plans to go again now that you know the ropes?? C'mon, I need GOSSIP!!!!! xxx

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