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08/09/2010 at 23:29
Oh Patootie, I am so sorry to hear about your 'lovely old chap'. You've spoken of him so often and so affectionately that you must have had a special bond with him. How unkind of his daughter not to let you know---but what a blessing that he just fell asleep. That's the best way to go, especially as he had been so unwell. But it's still a big blow for you.


It sounds like giving up the car is one of those things that's very hard to nerve oneself up to do, but as soon as it's done you wonder why you didn't do it sooner. Certainly having to spend a day preparing for, and a day recovering from, every outing makes it sound pretty burdensome. You may well find you actually get out a lot more now that you don't have to drive! Do tell me how it goes with the taxi tonight!

Yes, more torrential rain today, and last night the most terrific bolt of lightening I've ever seen, and very close, not more than half a mile away if that. Very dramatic! But very welcome, as we need the rain badly.

We are about to head back up to NL on Friday, where we will be for 3 weeks to get the boys organised and back to their respective uni's in England. It's a long drive in one day (1050 km) but we've done it many times and know where the good stopping places are etc. rossie (dog) will come with us but tomorrow the cats have to go to their kitty hotel, as we will set off at 6 a.m. on Friday. I'll try to be in better touch once we've got settled back at home there (and I've had a look in the supermarket to see what sinterklaas things are coming in ))

In the meantime, i hope you don't feel too sad for your lovely old friend, Patootie. You must have been a shining light in his life for so many years, and wherever he is now. I bet he's putting in a special good word for you!
14/09/2010 at 22:16

Right .. that's me back in the world of the living again ... just had my 'down' week .. the one where I don't sleep well and find it hard to get going .. thank goodness it only lasts for 5-7 days

Now I just have to catch up with all the  housework I've neglected .. sort all the bills, banking and other 'important' stuff .. got to try and make the most of these 'clear headed' days ... put right all the things I've done wrong over the last 4-5 weeks .. and set myself up for 'plain sailing' over the next 5-6 weeks ... phew .. it's a pretty manic 5-6 weeks cycle .. but after going round and round and round for the last 20 odd years I've just about got the '6 week fibro cycle' timing sorted hehehe

I had expected giving the car up would start a bit of a fibro flare up .. but of course losing my elderly gent as well made it a lot worse .. you feel like a part of you has dropped off don't you .. it's the little things like going into my supermarket web sites and all his accounts were there too .. it's a really odd feeling deleting them all .. but I'm pleased I was able to help him in small ways .. I know it can make such a difference just having someone keep your shopping up to date when you can't get out .. he always enjoyed cooking his own meals .. so I made sure he always had all his favourite foods ready in the cupboard ..  sigh .. he was a good man ..

Now some hot news .. I've finally sorted out getting my bathroom changed from a shower over a bath .. to a spanking new  walk in shower .. it's a LOT of money to spend on someone else's property .. but I do need to be able to get showered a lot easier than I do now clambering over the side of this bloomin' bath .. I knew I would have to do it sometime .. so it may as well be sooner than later .. just got to wait for a surveyor to see the bathroom and look for any difficulties .. then get all the builders and plumbers in .. thank goodness I don't have to arrange all that .. I've got the help and expertise of the Social Worker people .. and until the work is signed off they will guarantee it's all done properly .. just a shame I have to pay for it myself .. but hey ... having gthe new bathroom set up is a lot better than £5k sat in the bank doing nothing ..

14/09/2010 at 22:23

Sorry .. forgot to say I hope you had a good journey .. and found everything is ok in Holland .. ! We've had some terrific rain here again .. and last night the wind was very strong and blustery .. the trees are all starting to get there Autumnal colours now .. so I hope the wind won't blow all the leaves off before we get a chance to enjoy the beautiful colours ..

Need an 'early' night tonight .. been really busy all day and I'm just about drooping hahahah .. really tired .. and making a gazillion typos .. spending more time correcting them than typing hahaha ... and I can see I still missed a few in the last post ... didn't see them until it was too late ..

18/09/2010 at 14:39
Just had my shopping delivered from sainsbury's  .. the rather new and very nice young chap who was delivering the groceries brought everything in .. emptied the crates .. told me there were no substitutes (flippin' Norah, that's a change for Sainsbury's) .. and then ..
.. wait for it ...
... asked me where my mum was so she could sign the delivery sheet ..   
... Umm .. 'my mum' I rather gormlessly repeated .. yes .. he said ... or do you want to sign it for her ..
...  the penny dropped .. I burst out laughing .. and told him my mum lived a long way away .. but that I could sign for my own groceries thank you ..
... it was his turn to look amazed ..
... but isn't this an 'old peoples home' .. he said ..
... yes ... it is .. I replied ..
... but then .. umm .. why are you here .. you can't be old enough to live here ...
... ohhh bless the innocence of youth .. 
Hahahahh that's made my day !!
25/09/2010 at 11:54
Wooohooo, Patootie, LOVE that story about the Sainsbury's delivery man! He's quite right, too!

I'm glad that you're out of the depths of the fibro cycle, I know it's pretty rocky when you're at the 'down' bit. I suppose it's something you do learn to at least anticipate and live through, knwoing that it WILL get better, but it must take a bit mental toll too. And as you said, the loss of your dear old friend probably magnified it---and the natural wrench of losing the car, even though I suspect you will find you are a lot MORE mobile now that you can let other people take the strain of actually getting you there and home.

Sorry to have been out of the air, it's been pretty busy here. Got both lads ready to go back to England for uni, and they left on Wednesday. Mr C went with C3, since it's his first year in Exeter. Mr C will stay there in our flat until Tuesday, getting somt stuff done, so I have 6 days here. VERY busy, though, seeing friends and getting the annual Christmas cakes done. This year 20 medium sized ones and 6 large ones! All baked now, so I'm about to start marzipanning. Was going to drive to Bruges today to see my father's oldest friend, who is not well, but he has taken a turn for the worse in the last few days and his daughters and I decided this morning it would be better to wait and see if he is brighter later in the week. It's about 5 hours of driving all told, so I don't want to go if it would be no use, or worse, would distress him if he didn't recognise me.

But I have an initial dose of Sinterklaas stuff ready to go, and will get that off this week. If you look in your normal email you will find a mesage with a bit more detail. We need to do a bit of planning!
25/09/2010 at 12:40

Hmm ... after a bit of searching I found your email hiding way back in the SPAM box ...  .. sorry about that .. they've been doing some updating on the site and I keep finding stuff in the SPAM that shouldn't be there .. ok will answer that this weekend ...

Sorry to hear your dads friend isn't well .. it's so difficult to know whether to visit folks or not isn't it .. especially older folks who generally don't like being seen in a 'fragile' state .. and having folks caring for them in any way .. my lovely old gent was like that .. 'come and see me when I am feeling better he said' ... sadly that never happened .. but he got very distressed if he wasn't up to my visits ...

Bathroom make over ... everything is starting to move swiftly now .. next visit will be from the surveyor and once he's been it's only a matter of fitting me into the next free slot with the work people ..  .. and ... yesterday I had a HUGE surprise .. part of the process of getting the bathroom makeover sorted by the occupational therapists is to have my finances 'means tested' .. I do have a little bit of savings from selling my home (not much though because just as I moved we had the financial crisis start and mobile home prices dropped through the floor ..

I gave all my info .. copies of all my banking for the last three months .. so degrading having to go through all that .. and off she went .. yesterday she rang me .. I was only expecting her to tell me how much I would have to pay for the complete makeover .. shes asked if I was sitting down ... ohhh 'blast' I thought .. it's going to be a whopping bill .. my heart sank ... a big chunk of my savings about to be blown on someone elses property .. sigh ...

Then .. she said £750 ... and I thought ohh well .. at least they are going to help me a little bit .. still got over £6,000 to pay though .. then she said .. are you pleased .. yes, I said .. I wasn't expecting any help at all to be honest .. how soon did I have to pay the £6,000 .. NOOOOOO she said ... we are paying that .. the sum I told you was your contribution ..

You could have knocked me down with a feather .. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry .. and promptly did both .. are you sure I sobbed .. YES ... blimey .. I was in shock .. I was 99.99% certain I couldn't get any help at all .. but in the end they've given me a grant of 90% ..

So I had to ask ... HOW?? .. apparently besides my bit of savings which would have excluded me . it would seem I am on a very low income .. and that's what made the difference .. I have considerably less money coming in than the standard of income you are calculated to need ..

25/09/2010 at 13:04

I may even be entitled to claim help with my rent and council tax .. neither of which I am entitled to with my savings amount .. BUT .. as I have this very low income I may be entitled to claim just because of that .. I shall certainly be sending off for all the paperwork and giving it a go .. why not .. !

On top of all of that .. this month all the flats here are having completely new central heating radiators with thermostatic controls on them fitted .. so I am having to clear out my store cupboard (crammed full) so they can get to the heating valves (behind a panel in the store cupboard!) .. and move all the light furntiure around so they can get to the radiators .. (not having to do the heavy stuff .. but I do want to get anything breakable or that could be made dirty out of their way) .. and try and live with everything in a muddle for the next week ... which always sets my fibro off ! I am planning to have a 'mini fibro flare up' this weekend (because getting the unexpected financial aid news, made it start immediately)... and then I dare say a second flare up next Thursday when all the rads are to be fitted and all is in a hige muddle .. then I will have everything to put away again ..

So .. as you can imagine this last week and next week my fibro is/will be doing a flippin' fandango .. one night last week I had 14 hours sleep the next night I had no sleep at all .. then I had another 12 hours .. while last night I had just 2 hours ... my fibro routine is swinging wildly to and fro daily ..

BUT ... I am fine ... I know why it's all happening .. and it's just a matter of grabbing some sleep whenever I can ... make sure I keep my meds right .. and at least I know in 2-3 weeks all will be calm again ... well, calm that is until they start ripping out my bathroom in a few weeks time and rebuilding it over the follow 7-10 days ... EEEKKK ..

04/10/2010 at 20:49
Holy cow, Patootie, you have one heck of an eventful life. That's STERLING news about the bathroom conversion!!! How lovely that most of it is getting paid for you (and how absolutely right!). It prolly made the day of the lady who got to tell you---imagine how wonderful to be able to make someone so happy!

And hopefully you can get help with rent and council tax too! That would really be great, and again, it's quite right. If your income is that low, you OUGHT to get help, that's what we all pay taxes for. The fact that you have been able to save a bit shouldn't prevent you getting that help. Fingers crossed, let me know how it goes!

I do admire the sang froid with which you schedule yourself around the fibro. It must be horribly annoying (as well as painful and disturbing) but you seem to manage to take it in your stride, which is really amazing. And at least at the end of it you should have a lovely new bathroom and new radiators too! Which hopefully will make this winter a lot more comfortable and easier than last year.

Things are good here. Just came back from a weekend in Normandy where the church choir was singing in Bec Abbey:

A marvellous experience. It was tinged with sadness, because my old friend died last Wednesday. I am sad not to have been able to see him again, but he was very unwell and was missing his wife very much so this is really the best outcome for him, although his six daughters are crushed, having lost their mother only about 18 months ago.

We had intended to go on back to our place in France, but Mr C has to have a mole removed: it's a melanoma, so we need to get rid of it before it spreads. It's just a little op, though, 20 minutes in the doctor's office, so hopefully we will get back down south later this week.

I do hope that fibro is not acting up any more than expected, and that you are in calmer waters again soon, Patootie. At least there are a lot of nice things to look forward to! xx
08/10/2010 at 20:22

Weathers been totally bizarre for the last week ... over the last week we've had bordering on an early morning frost ... deluges of rain ... then one day we had 98% humidity ... yesterday and today we've had 20C+ temps (23C today!) .. and all that here in the UK where it should be fairly low autumnal temperatures, and crisp mornings .. that's just amazing .. but it's 'messed me' up completely .. sleep patterns totally screwed up .. one day couldn't keep awake .. next day couldn't get to sleep .. 75C in my bedroom at night .. fans on all day .. barometric pressure dropped like a stone at the start of the week .. creeping back up slowly .. head felt as if it would explode one day .. and crumple inwards the next .. phew ...

New central heating will finally be fitted next Tuesday all being well, they run out of some vital fittings .. so I had to wait a week .. but I;d moved everything so they could get into my store cupboard .. not enough energy to put it all away again and then get it back out .. so I have chicanes in the lounge and bedroom heheheh  Unbelievable how much I had stored in there .. I've been trying to 'lose' some of the things .. some to charity, some to out 'fun auction' we are having soon .. hopefully i will put back a lot less than I took out .. but it's all muddled in my home .. messy and muddled .. not helpful when you are struggling NOT to feel muddled yourself .. it'll be great once it's all done ...

I really do need to have things go back to 'normal' for a few weeks though .. get back into a routine again hahahah ...

10/10/2010 at 16:54
Oh dear, Patootie, that's a difficult environment to live in! I mean, a little bit of clutter can be nice and homey, but when everything is really in a mess, cupboards emptied etc, it is awfully uncomfortable. Mentally as well as physically, because there is no place that feels calm, where you can relax.

And the erratic weather doesn't help. Being always too hot or too cold, pressure going up and down like a yo-yo, is tiring for everyone but for someone with fibro, which seems to make you extra-sensitive to these things, it must be really unpleasant.

And the two together---UGH! I just hope they have all the right stuff so that on Tuesday they can get the heating sorted out and you can get your house back in order and find someplace that feels restful again!!

We are in France now, drove down yesterday. It was a good trip, just over 12 hours. It's probably only about 10 hours of driving, but we are both pretty keen on taking regular breaks so you don't get too tired; and we had Rossie with us, who also appreciated being able to get out, trot around, and sniff everything! We will only be here for about a week, as Hans has some medical stuff he has to be back in NL for next week and then it's the kids' half terms, so it's going to be a lot of to-ing and fro-ing this autumn, I think. But one big benefit of being back in NL next week is that I should be able to get some decent Sinterklaas stuff off to you in good time )))

I hope you survive the next 36 hours, Patootie, and that after that order is restored very quickly! Keep me updated, OK? xx
11/10/2010 at 19:26

Sigh ... just been informed that once again the parts haven't arrived from Germany to get my radiators changed to the lovely new controllable ones .. so the clutter continues for yet another week perhaps  ??

Still .. the weather is calmer .. so I am more 'stable' .. I even got some 'heavy duty' cleaning jobs and sorting out done over the weekend .. ! Another big bag of clothes taken to one of the charity shops .. and a couple more bags of rubbish thrown out ..

And for my next trick .. I have decided to move all my lounge round .. basically moving half of everything from one side of the room to the other .. I have a new flat pack tall cupboard unit to build .. and I am rebuilding the tv unit to make it more user friendly .. make it into two parts that I can actually move .. rather than the 6ft long unit it is now .. it all should be a lot more manageable and less cluttered once I get it all done .. might take me 4-6 weeks .. cleaning behind and under everything as I go ... but I will get there in the end .. and it will be a lot nicer ..

I've decided to sit back and have a nice drink this evening .. I shouldn't really drink alcohol with my meds.. so I will miss out this evenings meds .. I just need some R&R after the ongoing radiator disappointment

18/10/2010 at 23:21

A week later and TWO more dates for the radiators to be replaced have come and gone by ... getting a bit down now .. tired of living with all these packing crates and boxes all over the place .. been almost a month all told ...  ... and I just haven't got the energy to keep putting everything back in the store cupboard and then getting them all out again a few days later so they can get to the water valves at the back of the cupboard ... especially as they never even arrive time after time .. GRRRR

Still ... slowly, little by little I am whittling down the mountain of stuff in the boxes .. trying to sort them out and fit them all in neater etc ..

Some people Spring clean .. I sem to have discovered the joys of 'Autumnal cleaning' .. hahah .. but it's seriously not a good look having so many boxes stuck here there and everywhere .. !

Being very forgetful doesn't help either .. having finally sorted out the varied assorted of bottles, tubes & tubs etc in the bathroom I am somewhat astonished to find I have no less than 16 (yes, that really is SIXTEEN) different shower gels .. I see them on special offer .. promptly forget I already have a bucketful and buy a couple more ...  .. probably got enough to shower a family of a dozen everyday for a year .. never mind just me .. I have a lifetimes supply now hahahaha

Oh well .. hopefully tomorrow we will find out when the next potential date will be for the heating chaps to arrive .. a large pinch of salt and I won't believe it until they are actually doing the job now ...

And as soon as that's all done it will be the even bigger upheaval for the bathroom remodelling .. myy goodness I just can't believe so much is happening .. and in a funny kind of way .. I think I am actually 'coping' with it all ..

Edited: 18/10/2010 at 23:28
19/10/2010 at 21:52

Still no date given for the new rads yet .. but some very creative excuses for the 'no shows' being given .. seems one lot of valves were left out in the rain and so got spoiled .. they are central heating metal pipes that have water going through them .. so the 'spoiled in the rain' is a bit 'silly' .. then the same parts were supposedly delivered to a wrong address ... and best of all .. the same consignment finished up being 'stolen' over the weekend hahahahahaha

At least it's giving me a good laugh .. honestly ... how daft do they think we are ...  !!!

23/10/2010 at 08:12
Awww Patootie, what a bliddy nuisance! It's bad enough for anyone standing on one foot waiting for people to come and do what they are supposed to; but when it involves filling and emptying cupboards every time, and living in a tip, especially with fibro, it's the pits!!! Can you put any kind of moral pressure on them to get on with it??

Sorry to have been out of the air for so long, my computer was Very Ill. Blue screen, wouldn't start up, tried unsuccessfully to repair itself, etc etc. I tried everything, switched it on and off two dozen times, blah blah, nothing worked. So when we came back to NL on Monday I took it straight to computerman. Who rang the next day and said there was nothing wrong, it worked perfectly. Which it now seems to. What the...???? My magic personal force field strikes again!! (I can break/blow up/screw up any electrical appliance by my mere presence, it's a talent I've had all my life! ) Anyway, it's better than the horrendous bill I was expecting to fix it!

Will be back later to chat but it's not raining at the moment and I really need to go out for a little run/walk session if I can. Hope today is a better day!!!! xxx
23/10/2010 at 10:58

We now have potential fitting date for the rads to be changed over .. 'sometime' next week .. hahahahah

Ok .. I've thrown my earlier despondency out of the window .. why get depressed about something I have no control over .. took me a few days to get there though .. !

Next week gets very busy .. because it's all suddenly happening together .. on Monday my long awaited washing machine arrives .. so I need to get the kitchen ready for that .. then on Tuesday (at the crack of dawn, 9am no less) .. the surveyor arrives to professionally measure the bathroom ready for the makeover .. then at some point 2 strappy men will heave new radiators into the flat and carefully (better be careful or there will be serious trouble) . finally get them fitted ... on top of all that a couple of days ago I broke the face plate of the extractor fan in the kitchen .. and I now have (as I had long asked for) a seperate pull cord for the fan .. so I can use the light/fan independent of each other (at last) .. and just to finish off I also broke a window stay .. so need to have them come and fit a new one ..

Not so long back, by now I would have been a jibbering wreck .. my Runners World friend GC gives me sooo much strength to get through all these set backs .. they may be small irritations to most people but having fibro makes every small glitch seem like an unsurmountable obstacle .. but with GC on my case ... well .. let's just say .. something incredible happens ..

So .. I shall try and have a fairly restful weekend .. so I have 'lots' of energy for next week ...

23/10/2010 at 22:43
Wow, this sounds like Makeover Week bigtime, Patootie! A new washing machine, a new bathroom, new radiators, new fan.....fantastic! And I know every one of these changes is doubly useful, because not only will they all look better and be more efficient, but they should make things easier to manage when the fibro is on the roar too.

I am expecting a full, blow by blow account of the process AND a description of the finished products, one by one! But not necessarily straightaway, cos I imagine the week will be pretty exhausting, with all the changes and the people tramping in and out and so on. It WILL be worth it, though!

Good news, by the way, on Sinterklaas. Mr C has a small medical issue to deal with and we've decided to just stay here until the other side of Christmas, rather than go forward and back, so I have plenty of time to get loads of Sinterklaas stuff to you! I'm already collecting things and will send you another two or three boxes in the middle of November. None of it is big or expensive, it's all supermarket stuff, but hopefully you can use it to create some atmosphere and let people try something a bit different from what they're used to.

I hope you DO manage your 'fairly restful weekend', Patootie, so you are well prepared for the week. But just think how lovely it will be to have all of this done and dusted well in time for Christmas ))))
23/10/2010 at 22:47
By the way, Patootie, if you have a few minutes and want to see some gorgeous things, have a snoop around these:

(click on Themes or one of the other topics in the left margin)

(again, click on the links in the left margin to get into this)

I am just amazed at what wonderful stuff there is on line now, and when I saw these I couldn't help thinking of you!
29/10/2010 at 10:16

Ohh myyy still waiting for my new rads ... sigh ..

Still ... they are clearly getting hot under the collar now .. because the firm who are doing the fitting of the rads sent me a HUGE bouquet of beautifully fragrant flowers yesterday .. roses, gerbera, carnation, freesia, some little pompom chrysanthemums .. lots of foliage .. and all hand tied and delivered by courier, with profuse apologies for the delay .. I am very grateful .. but I'd really have just preferred to get the rads fitted .. so I am still feeling a bit 'low' ... can't quite get my 'mojo' working at full speed yet .. !

I looked at those sites .. I used to go to the Fitzwilliam museum quite a bit .. but it's too big to wander around now .. wheelchairs are allowed in .. but you need someone prepared to push you about of course .. and yes it's amazing that so many of the artifacts are now available to see online .. thanks .. I shall explore the site further .. it's nearly as good as visiting ..

01/11/2010 at 07:23
Oh Patootie, no wonder you're fed up! You've been standing on one foot, unable to get the house straight, for weeks now. It's nice that they at least realise they've dropped the ball here, so enjoy the flowers, but it will be a LOT better when the work is done! Did they give you any idea of when they really think they can do it?

I love the Fitz, though I don't get there very often, obviously. Sometime when I'm up in Cambridge (which I will be from time to time in the next few years) wanna meet up there? I will cheerfully push you round in return for a guided tour!

I'm a bit worried about Truffie, our senior cat. She is due to go into the vet 2 weeks from today to have her teeth cleaned under anaesthetic (and probably some of them will have to come out), but there is now a swelling next to the base of her tail that I'm afraid may be an abcess. Think I will ring the vet this morning. Mr C has a little op on Thursday to remove a mole; the problem is that it's on his shin, where there is no soft tissue, so they can't stitch it closed and will have to do a little skin graft, after which he cannot move AT ALL for 5 days. Looks like my week for playing nurse!

If you like looking at illuminations on line (one of the really great things the internet allows!) have a look at this:

If you zoom in you can see the fantastic detail of daily life through the year.
01/11/2010 at 20:49

Sigh ,... still no date given for the rads fitting .. dratted people .. !! Oh well .. it will happen .. I suppose !!

I'm having a 'private bet' with myself .. will they turn up before the flowers die .. !

Ok .. now I have been somewhat remiss .. forgot to tell you about some good news .. remember me saying about the wholesale organic meat company .. well I've been posting a few recipes and general observations of how my first order arrived and what the meat was like in their forum .. not long posts and just about the meat really .. then a couple of weekends ago I spotted they'd got a spammer wreckin havoc .. so I fired off a quick email to the company and the spam messages were quickly removed ..

A week ago they rang me to say they were enjoying my posts relating how I was enjoying the meat .. and thanks for the tip about the spammers .. 'would I mind' if they sent me a Hereford Rib Eye Steak tasting pack as a thanks for my efforts ... wowee .. £20 worth of luxury meat .. this is what I posted about my steak experience ..

"Ohhhhhhhh myyyyyyyy .... I think I've just had a near 'out of body' experience .. I was lucky enough to be given the chance to try the Hereford Rib Eye Taster Pack .. when they arrived they looked superb .. and tonight I cooked one of the steaks .. (around a medium rare) .. two lovely (mini) baked potatoes with beautifully browned skins .. then some mushrooms broken into bite size pieces (I prefer to do that rather than cut them up) .. and some fine green beans .. and a nice oniony gravy to drizzle over the potatoes, beans and mushrooms ...

The steaks cooked beautifully .. took on a lovely brown colour .. then I let them rest while I 'plated up' as they say .. the smell of the steak cooking was fantastic ... ohhh myyy

I sat down ... got my steak knife and prepared to cut a small piece of the steak ... the knife practically fell through the meat .. no pressure needed .. I had the most beautiful juicy steak with a 'just red' middle ... perfect .. that's just as I like it .. I placed the steak into my mouth ... WOW the flavour just burst out .. it was absolutely delicious .. juicy, succulent, so full of flavour, so tender ..

Just as good as a 5 star Michelin steak .. in fact BETTER .. because I was able to cook that steak to perfection myself .. the meat is just so good .. it 'forgives' amateur cooks making mistakes ..

In a few minutes when I've got the tummy room .. I am going to finish off my gourmet steak meal with a small dish of the worlds best ice cream .. panna cotta by Antonio Federici .. and nothing else would have been good enough as a dessert after having the best steak I have ever cooked ... "

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