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01/11/2010 at 21:13

Now .. back to our forum here .. hehehe ..

If Truffie's swelling is just an abcess it should quickly respond to a short course of antibiotics .. my female cat rarely had abcesses .. but my male cat loved to lay in all the 'dirty' parts of the local gardens .. and 'typical man' was never quite as thorough with his wash and brush up routines as his sister .. so lumps, bumps scrapes and all sorts meant I seemed to be constantly giving him antibiotic courses .. but 5 days should see the lumps clear up .. my dear old cats had to have anaesthetics right into their late teens .. with no real ill effects other than me getting the cold shoulder for a few days ..

Sorry to hear about Mr C's mole .. but definitely better off than worrying about it .. but I am sure it will be very sore for a while on his shin .. if he gets 'grumpy' with staying still for a few days tell him about my elderly uncle who just last week fell through the ceiling from the attic to the bedroom .. he was planning on making a small grandchildrens flat up there .. unfortunately he just lost his footing and crashed through .. he had to have blood transfusions for gashes on his head .. and worse still he has severely smashed his arm .. it's still touch and go whether he will lose the arm .. but for now he is having to be pretty immobile for a few months to try and let the bones knit .. he's got plates, screws and rods holding it all together .. and the very next day it would seem my mum had a really nasty fall, her sticks slipped and she dropped down onto her badly arthritic knees .. very luckily she had no more than bruised toes and badly swollen knees ... it''s a miracle she didn't break a leg, hip or arm ..

Have to say it's been a few years since I last visited the Fitwilliam .. but I wouldn't mind another look round .. if you are strong enough to push me that is .. and I would love to be able to meet with you if you have enough time when you visit sometime .. that would be lovely !

Those monks must have devoted their whole lives to just one book .. I'm always stunned by the vibrant colours and the 'devotion' of the illuminator really oozes out of the picture .. there's real heart and soul in those pages ..

It's quite breezy here this evening .. looking outside it's as if it has snowed .. 'snowed' a thick layer of golden leaves .. drifting up against kerbs and fences .. you can hardly see the car park surface .. it's just leaves on leaves on leaves !

01/11/2010 at 21:15
Ohh ,, and before I forget .. thank you to all the people who regularly pop in and have a little read .. the viewing figures keep going up even if no one posts ... it's not a private thread you know .. hehehe .. any and all contributions welcomed ..
01/11/2010 at 22:04
Patootie, if you write reviews like that I think the meat people are going to want to hire you on their publicity staff! Seriously, it must give them immense pleasure to know that someone so much enjoys their meat. And it sounds like you had a truly scrummy dinner ))))

I do hope the radiators turn up soon--especially as it's getting chilly these evenings! I don't understand why it's THAT hard to make realistic plans for the delivery and installation of what are, after all, perfectly standard items! But at least they did send you flowers, which is better than the surly dismissal one so often gets.

Truffie has been through the mill a bit today. I didn't like the look of the swelling so I called the vet first thing and he said to bring her straight in. The upshot was that they kept her in, gave her a general anaesthetic, and did everything at once: cleaned out the large abcess, cleaned her teeth and had to take out six of them. We knew that was likely, and in fact we had an appointment in 2 weeks to do that, so at least now she should really feel 'all better' once she's healed. The vet said especially the work on her mouth was tough and she might feel quite poorly for several days, and if she didn't start eating by Thursday to ring him. As soon as I got her home she insisted on wobbling around the house and wolfed down two (smallish) bowls of soft food---she's got character, this cat! She is sulking at me for having taken her to a place where they treated her so badly, but hopefully in the next week or so she will start to feel better than she has for some time.

We will regard the Fitz as a firm appointment, on a date yet to be determined! I would really enjoy going around it with someone who knows it as well as you do.

We have the beautiful leaf fall here too: it's like flakes of sunlight. A lot of leaves came down yesterday; today it's been quite still so there are still wonderful roofs of gold in many of the lanes; but the first wind will have them all down. This is my favourite time of year, I think!

But now it's time for bed. I just need to see if I can coax Truffie to settle on a nice warm bed, instead of the cold corner where she is sitting at the moment....but even if I can't, she probably knows her own business best!
01/11/2010 at 22:06
Oh Patootie, I also meant to say: best wishes to your uncle and your mum! How worrying to have them BOTH taking falls like that. Your mum sounds as if she probably is pretty sore but isn't badly hurt; but fingers crossed that your uncle is able to make a full recovery! What a great shame, when he was trying to do something so nice for his grandchildren!

Do keep us posted on how they are getting on. xxx
05/11/2010 at 14:56


Radiators are fitted ... and they look lovely, all modern styling and fresh ... but soooo many problems for the fitters  .. the flats central heating water valves wouldn't turn off so they had to freeze them .. and it's so hot in the little cupboard space it wouldn't freeze the pipes at first .. then they had such a job getting the old rad in the bathroom off ... so much corrosion ... but I don't care ... because .. finally ... they are in .. fitted .. working .. and best of all controllable with nice thermostatic thingymabobs yahooooooooooooooo !!!!!

I didn't dare post I was expecting them today in case it jinxed it all again .. in fact they nearly didn't make it .. they got held up on the M25 behind an accident .. they were sat in a tailback for nearly 2 hours .. they'd just rung their boss to say they weren't going to get here and would try and turn round somewhere and get back to base .. then just as they were about to get started and try and turn round .. the queue started moving !

While they were waiting for the main valves to freeze up .. I 'oh so innocently' asked if they could drill 4 holes in the bedroom wall so that I could put my new curtain pole up .. so one of them did that while the others were testing the level of 'frozeness' ..

Now I can put up my new curtains .. nice dark ones so that they will cut more of the exterior lights out and maybe I will be able to sleep a bit better ..

Weather simply dreadful .. bucketing down with rain here .. it's already getting dark (and only 3pm) .. it's dank, mucky, wet, miserable .. but I'm 'bursting with joy' .. hahahahah

Phew .. done nothing all day .. but I am exhausted .. going to lie down for a few minutes before I start putting things back into the cupboard .. blimey, they've been out for so long my room will look bare once they are all stored away again ... a bit like having taken Christmas decorations down and it looks so bare ..

06/11/2010 at 10:22

Ohhhhhhhhh it's all simply FANTASTIC ....

First of all .. the curtains did block out so much more light .. I slept like the proverbial log .. hahaha .. may have been coincidence .. but I do feel as if I've had a much more restful, deeper sleep .. I only woke up for a bathroom 'comfort stop' once too . where 'normally' I'd have had 3-4 comfort stops .. so I reckon I was much deeper asleep than I am usually .. and boy ohh boy do I feel better for it .. for once I feel I am 'raring to go'  .. sigh .. but I have soooo much housework to catch up on .. once I get everything put away again that is ... but I will pace myself .. I mustn't over do things ..

Now for the radiators ... I gave them a decent time on FULL .. just to make sure they were all working correct and to get any last air pockets flushed out .. then I turned them all completely OFF ... to make sure the thermostatic valves would allow the rads to still fully turn off .. then I turned them all FULL on again ... yup ... everything seems to be fine .. a bit of air left in the bedroom rad but that just needs bleeding ..

After much dashing to and fro with my room thermometer .. I found that if I have everything turned completely OFF I am still more than warm enough (for the time of year of course!) .. but roughly with everything OFF .. my lounge is 5C COOLER than before .. the bedroom is 7-8C COOLER ... (much better for sleeping too!) .. the bathroom is about 10-12C COOLER .. sometimes I felt I would pass out as it was often over 30C in there if I forgot to leave the door open .. and .. wait for it .. that's all without having to have the windows open .. which before had been my ONLY way of regulating the heat from the  'full on' rads .. so now I shall carefull turn up the new rads until I have them 'balanced' i.e. I'm warm enough with no rads on .. but they kick in as soon as it drops cooler ..

What a difference this is going to make .. it might even make the fibro 'ups and downs' a bit less obvious too .. because the more 'even' I have everything (heat, stress, same foods, pace of life etc) the less severe the symptoms I seem to get ..  only thing is you can't live in a cotton wool cocoon all your life .. so you have to accept some ups and downs .. but if your home 'sanctuary' is 'levelled out' then you seem to be able to adjust better to outside changes ..

Did I describe my curtains ?? I don't think I did ,, and I am soooo pleased with them .. I bought them years ago (well about 4) .. then I decided I would keep them until I moved .. they are a maroony/aubergine .. a thick suede effect pile with luxury linings .. in the bedroom they are practically floor to ceiling and nice and 'full' even when closed ...  they look really expensive so don't let on to anyone that I only paid £10 for them in a sale .. heheheh

08/11/2010 at 12:38
Oh Patootie, how absolutely brilliant!!! Sounds like the new radiators were will worth waiting for. It's so important that when they are supposed to be on they get the place really warm----but also that you can turn them OFF, for all reasons you've said.

Being able to REALLY control the temperature will make it far more comfortable, which is important for anyone but much more so for you because of the fibro. Hopefully with this new regime, your 'default situation' will be a well-regulated, comfortable home, so that when you do venture out and encounter more variety you start out calm and balanced and you come back to an environment where you can re-balance quickly. HOOORAY!!!!!

And what a crafty idea, to get them to drill the holes for the curtain rails )) It will have taken them no time or trouble, and made another big difference to you. You did describe these curtains months ago, but I know you haven't been able to hang them. But now they're up, and they must look fab. AND they work )))) I'm with you, I need curtains that really block out the light or I can't sleep. The fact that you had such a good kip is a sign that the new curtains do the trick. HOORAY again!!!!

So lets hope that with all of this now behind you, your home base will be a lot more comfortable and happy to live in!!!

All well here. C3 was home for the weekend. He's enjoying uni, but having spent all of his life that he can remember over here, he was really happy to be back in NL for a little while.

And it was specially nice for us to have him cos Mr C is still laid up on the sofa for another couple of days, waiting for the skin graft to take. We go back to the hospital on Wednesday and hopefully he will be able to walk a bit outside and so on after that. Fingers crossed! He is being very good and patient, but basically he's an outdoor type and it's really hard for him being laid up all the time. I'm about to take him out for a little drive in the car and hopefully find a place we can get a coffee, where he only has to walk a few steps. Just getting out of the house does him good!
14/11/2010 at 21:26

It's so much better with these new rads .. I don't have to open the windows wide anymore to let the heat out .. and yet it stays 'just nice' .. first thing I had to do every morning was fling the windows open wide to let the accumulation of overnight heat out .. and boy oh boy .. sometimes the bathroom would go well over 90F .. and if I forgot to leave the door open ... well I'm surprised I didn't pass out .. it was amazinghow much heat an permanently ON A4 sized rad could pump out ...hahaha

Now .. I feel much cooler .. more comfortable .. etc ... and I am slowly getting everything back into the store cupboard .. after 5 weeks of being cluttered up I can finally see floor space .. no more boxes .. blimey .. it's still chaos .. but little by little the clutter is getting put away .. can't do too much too quickly or I will simply forget where I've put what haha

Yesterday I spent 2 hours looking for any one of the FOUR tape measures I know I have .. not here, not there, where could they be .. finally found them in my knitting and crochet crafts bag ... of course that's where they ought to be .. but they'd been all over the place before

14/11/2010 at 21:41

Oopsy .. hit the wrong button and posted too soon ... anyway .. over the weeks I've been stumbling around all the boxes and crates I've been trying to sort out where things should be .. but then of course I've forgotten where I'd  put everything

So .. just a bit more clearing away .. then I can start on moving the room around .. and rebuilding the TV console .. and building the new sideboard/cupboard thingy ... by then it will be Christmas .. and shortly after Christmas I'm hoping I'll get the bathroom started .. so by next Spring .. I should be completely sorted hahahaha

But of course I shall have to find some new project to do then ... won't I ??

I've declared war on my weight .. this time of year I ALWAYS put on weight ... I blame the Christmas adverts and the tables laden with food .. if I hear the flippin' Iceland frozen food store jingle one more time ... aaarrgghh It really puts me off Christmas foods .. dozens of turkeys roasted just for the ads .. then I dare say simply discarded .. well that bird was a sentient being .. they should flippin' respect that it gave up it's life just for them to do a TV ad ..... they could at least bloomin' eat it ... don't throw it away as 'waste'  .. 

Christmas time .. well it's getting soooo close now .. I have no idea what to do (as always) .. I toyed with the idea of a 'turkey and tinsel' break .. but it's just not me .. a hotel would be nice .. but everyone else will be in family parties .. so I'd more than likely be completely on my own .. Christmas is the one time of the year when you are really NOT welcome as a singleton .. you get lots of offers to 'come and stay' .. 'come for Christmas Dinner' .. but you can hear the sigh of relief when you say you'd rather stay home .. yes .. that's it .. I shall stay at home .. enjoy my own home cooking ... watch the movies I want to watch .. dress up/or down as I please .. and even have a mid afternoon snooze perhaps ... hahahahah

Anyway .. back to my weight ... I am going to go to war with the unwanted pounds .. I;ve no idea why I put on weight this time of year .. but I'm gonna try and lose some of it .. no idea how yet .. but I'll give it a go ..

14/11/2010 at 21:49

Ohh yes .. and well done to Mr C for sitting down and having a nice rest ... bet he's raring to go by now .. and how lovely to go out for a drive and a coffee .. sounds very indulgent .. rather nice to go out for coffee .. no coffee shop here but if there was I would treat myself weekly .. just nice to sit and watch life go by with a good cup of coffee .. and maybe a toasted tea cake ...

Ok .. well I am off to bed early ... again ... been sleeping much better this last week .. it never used to worry me sleeping in even mid summer daytime light .. but since I moved here I do find the outdoor security lights a bit of a pain .. if I leave my lounge curtains open (rarely shut them, lifelong habit) I don't even need a light on .. but it's nice to have a darker bedroom .. funny really .. all my adult life I have rarely shut the lounge curtains any time of year (other than in one home where we were overlooked) .. and yet for some reason I rarely open the bedroom curtains .. probably because I am in and out of the bedroom having 10 minutes lay down at all times of the day !!

22/11/2010 at 19:56
Oh Patootie, I'm exhausted just reading about all the project you have for the next few weeks! But in spite of all the delay and frustration at times, it must be just lovely to feel your new home coming together, as room by room you make it the way you want it. I never saw your old house, of course (nor this one either, come to that!) but I have a very strong sense that your new house is much more comfortable and better located, so it's worth taking the time and money to make it really perfect.

The new radiators sound stellar. It's horrible being too cold, but it's almost as bad being too hot, especially when it's hard to get air through. So a big step forward.

Don't be too hard on yourself about the weight gain. Everyone gains weight at this season: it's partly because we tend to be less active when it's dark and cold, and we mostly eat more to stay warm, but apparently it's also something hormonal. We don't actually hibernate any more, but the body sort of thinks we might. Or something! Anyway, speaking as someone who's more or less constantly slimming, if you can keep the scales under control it's always good, but not at the expense of enjoying some of the comforts and goodies of the season!

As to which: I would be pretty sure that if people invite you for dinner or to stay, they would really like it if you did! So don't do yourself down, and if it appeals, go! But I also understand the sheer rotten luxury of doing just exactly what you fancy on the day: getting up when you want, eating what you want, when you want, watching what you like on telly (or not), having a little snooze when it appeals to you..... So choose to spend Christmas the way you want to, because you want to, not out of any misapprehension that other people don't really want you, because I'm quite sure they do!!

If you were closer, we'd hoik you over here like a shot. We have a single friend who has come to join us for Christmas Day for the last four or five years, and it wouldn't be the same without her. We would really miss her. So think for a minute before you say no to your friends!

Yes, Mr C has been very good, and is continuing to be. He really still has to, because the graft is doing well, but it remains quite fragile for several weeks yet, so most of the time he has his foot up on the sofa. He's actually going nuts, as he's a great outside person, loves his garden etc, but he's controlling it well. As to coffee, don't get the wrong idea. 'Going out for coffee' means driving 3 miles to the village and having a coffee in one of the two bakeries there. But I admit, the Dutch LOVE their coffee, so it's always good, and the bakers are good too, so it is a nice little treat to go out. Normally we might go out like this every week or two, but right now it's an excuse to get Mr C out, so we go most days.

Sinterklaas fever is continuing to crescendo. The good Saint is arriving in our village this Saturday, so the streets will be packed with excited kids plus parents, grandparents, and friends who just enjoy the atmosphere. Of course, as luck would have it, that is also the day of the church Christmas Fair, and as I have some duties there I probably won't get to see the Good Holy Man, at least not on Saturday. But he's to be seen all over at this time of year, so I haven't given up hope yet! )
26/11/2010 at 15:18

I've been holding my breath all week ... the plumber arrange to come on Monday .. then didn't get the job he was doing in London finished so I had to wait until Wednesday ... so everything out of the cupboard under the sink in boxes .. in my way .. Wednesday very early morning he rang to say he'd had a 'dodgy' burger in London on Monday night after  he'd finished the London job .. he'd been sick all day Tuesday .. he was feeling better but knowing I wasn't a 'well woman' he said he wouldn't come until Friday to make sure he was clear of the bug ..

So the boxes of polish, cleaners etc stayed on the kitchen floor .. by the way, I found I had FOUR spray polishes, FIVE anti-bac cleaners .. and a whole host of sponge pads, rolls of wipes and all sorts of cleaning materials 'hidden' away ... I won't need to buy any more until Spring hahaha

So .. this morning he arrived promptly at 9am .. said he'd been well for 2 days .. and he would plumb in the washing machine in ... all went well until he started up the washing machine to 'test' his plumbing .. AARRGGHH dratted thing leaked from the detergent tray .. not his plumbing .. a flamin' faulty machine .. so now I am waiting until Wednesday for a Zanussi engineer to come and sort it out .. GRRR

I should be ok to use the machine as long as I stand there with a cloth against the detergent tray while it adds water .. but what a flippin' nuisance .. sigh .. after all those weeks of waiting to get the wretched machine .. only to find it's faulty !!!

So  .... next job is to read the manual, find the shortest programme and get some washing done .. have to say though .. when the plumber had it running it was very quiet .. seemed very steady with little vibration .. and the spinner part was excellent .. the tea towel he'd through in 'just to mgive the machine something to do!) ... was pretty dry when it had finished spinning

27/11/2010 at 06:13

Forgot to say the engineer is coming out on Wednesday .. hopefully to fix the fault .. !

Started snowing here at 3am .. stopped again at 3.20am heheheh So fingers crossed it stays away for a bit longer .. new heating rads etc is proving very effective against the 'extra' cold we are having .. only had to make a minor adjustment to the thermostat thingy on the bedroom radiator .. all the others 'kicked in' as required .. it's lovely to be warm .. but not overheating .. and everyone here has mentioned I'm not opening all my windows every day now .. (which was my only way to control the heat) .. !

Poster for Sinterklaas on the notice board (GC's suggestion for an afternoon event here at the sheltered housing place) .. so lots of questions .. 'what's ... Sintie .. kay .. lay .. as' .. but I shall keep them all guessing for a bit longer .. heheheh ...

And my last 'do' with the Hawaiian theme has obviously got them all fired up .. as they are asking if they can dress up (as best as possible) in Dutch clothes ..  be interesting to see what they wear won't it .. now GC ... how do I pronounce Zwarte Piet ... is it 'zuh wart pee et' ... or .. 'zuhwartey pete'  ohh blimey .. do tell ...

Did a small load of washing yesterday afternoon .. very inconvenient having to wait for the leak and then ramming a teatowel against the detergent drawer .. so I am going to try folding a plastic bag under the drawer later .. that might fill the 'gap' that the water is coming out of .. not very good though is it .. especially when they actually test the machines before sending them out ..

Edited: 27/11/2010 at 06:28
28/11/2010 at 18:55
Well, I've done it now ... I've been thinking about it for quite a while .. and the new edition comes out on 3rd December .. so I thought .. GO FOR IT !!And what have I gone for you might be asking .. well .. I've pre ordered the new Nintendo Wii Console with Wii Fit Plus and a balance board and a motion plus controller .. I agree it's a lot of money .. but when you think how much any decent piece of fitness equipment costs .. or membership of a gym with travel costs .. then it's not bad really .. it's a decent bundle with the most inportant things you need to get started .. the Fitness 'game' is really good, with lots of different things to try out  .. I've watched a video of some of the games moves and I am positive I can attempt a fair bit .. it's like having a personal training in your home .. and you CANNOT cheat .. because the machine works it all out for you .. and as you get updates with your fitness level then you get motivated to do just a little more .. or stretch a little further .. or last a little longer before stopping .. I know I HAVE TO do something about my fitness .. (and weight of course) .. I wouldn't be motivated enough to go to classes and the cost of taxi's there and back soon adds up .. the £170 buying price would only get me about 3 months with a club or something .. and I shall have this for a long time .. I can do it as often as I like .. try and pick my 'good' days .. and as it will al be set up ready there's no waiting about or getting equipment out/ready ...So there ... now I've 'told' you all .. I know I will have to flippin' use it .. and get some control back with my fitness .. because you'll be asking me how I am doing .. hahahahActually I feel quite 'excited' .. I've watched a lot of adverts showing the new Wii and it's fitness games and it looks a lot of FUN ... fun I can do ... and if I get too hot and bothered I can just turn a fan on .. there's a LOT to be said for exercising in the privacy of your own home .. control over what you do.. how long for and what part of the day you do it in .. I can start off nice and slow .. see how I get on .. pace myself properly ... and it makes you warm up and warm down too so I understand .. so you exercise responsibly ... I have been getting more active .. so I want to build on that .. and I'm one of these people that wants to see instant results ... well this will do that because you get told after every session how well you did .. can't wait to get it now
Edited: 28/11/2010 at 18:56
24/12/2010 at 22:23

No .. I haven't dropped off the face of the planet .. just been a tad busy .. !

Well .. what about the weather .., YIKES it's been cold here .. down to MINUS 12 a few nights .. we've had snow .. but luckily not too much .. I've been out on my scooter in the snow ... not so much a gently  trundling along to the shops more an exciting slipping and sliding adventure .. !

The Wii has arrived .. still having a few problems getting it set up as I haven't enough 'slots' at the back of the TV for everything .. but fingers crossed I shall have it mastered asap ..

By long tradition tomorrow (Christmas Day) I shall be sorting out one of my kitchen cupboards .. it started many years ago when I was searching for a particular dish and ended up dragging the lot out out of the cupboard to find it ... while I was there I washed the cupboard out and replaced everything tidily .. and I've been doing it ever since .. and I have a particularly untidy cupboard waiting for my attention tomorrow haha

No idea what I shall be eating tomorrow .. haven't made my mind up yet .. depends on what I fancy I suppose .. my digestion has no sense of timing .. so it could be anything from a bowl of soup to a roast and all the trimmings hahah .. but whatever I end up having it will be because it's what I fancied on the day ...

I'm going to ring my sister in Australia shortly .. wish her a Happy Christmas before they go out visiting friends and family .. always seems weird that she is already in her Christmas Day .. while I am still in our Christmas Eve .. it will be the same New Year .. when she rings me to celebrate the New Year at midnight .. she will be one year ahead of me hahaha

 Well that just leaves me to wish 'you and yours' the very best that the festive season can bring .. who ever you spend it with, however you choose to spend it ... have a truly GREAT time ...


03/01/2011 at 22:46
Oh Patootie, I'm sorry I haven't been on the thread for a couple of weeks, but it's been busy with all the CHuglets around.

I am really curious to know how you get on with the wii fit thingy. I've seen the adverts for it, and I must say it sounds absolutely perfect for you. You can use it whenever you want, for as long as you want, without having to go out or keep up with anyone else's schedule. I know with the fibro you can't plan to do exactly the same thing on the same day week in, week out, so this should let you do as much as feels good, whenever it feels good. And they apparently have been quite carefully programmed so that they actually DO help you get fit. Please pop in and let us know how you find it.

Funny what you said about your sister in Australia. On Christmas Day I was in the kitchen at midday and the World Service said it was already 2011 in New Zealand....funny thought!

I hope you managed to have a festive clean-out of cupboards (who am I to deprive a fellow-creature of her own personal traditions! )) and that you found something absolutely delicious to eat for your Christmas dinner----whatever your taste on the day turned out to be!

We did a very traditional Christmas--the kids all love having it exactly the same as ever---but with the weather they had an unprecedented treat: after lunch all three of them went into the garden and they built a snowman. (These are young adults we are talking about, you understand!) They had a blast.

But tomorrow we have to take the tree down and start looking forward again. I always feel quite sad about it, but if we stayed stuck in Christmas we would never get the thrill of seeing the first snowdrops or the excitement of realising that, little by little, the days are starting to lengthen again. Quite a little philosopher I'm turning into, eh?

Anyway, Patootie, I hope 2011 is the best ever year for you---with a lovely new house, kitted out as YOU want it, and a new fitness programme, you're off to jolly good start!! xxx
09/01/2011 at 22:13

Still cleaning out cupboards hahah ... it's quite amazing what you find in cupboards .. so many things you'd forgotten about .. so many things that .. well .. you can only wonder why you kept them !

I've decided to keep going and clear out all the kitchen and one of the store cupboards ... and all the stuff I am pulling out and deciding I don't want to keep will go to the Sue Ryder charity shop .. so I will get nice tidy cupboard with no rubbish in them (or not as much !) .. and the charity shop will have some nice new items .. mostly new items that I had thought I needed or would be helpful .. but mostly things that take more time to get out and wash up after use than labour saving .. !

Christmas lunch was rather an 'odd' affair ..  in the end I didn't fancy anything remotely Christmassy .. so I indulged myself in sausage, egg and chips .. not something I have very often ... and it was delicious .. naughtily delicious .. because I even fried the egg instead of having it poached .. woohooo ... I followed that culinary feast with a satsuma and a snack bag of raisins .. but it was what I fancied and I really enjoyed it ..

Been having a few probs setting up the Wii .. more a case of me not having read the instructions correctly .. a TV  with insufficient sockets to plug everything in .. and a 'funny' thumb that clicks and locks in place everytime I bend it .. ohh and being in my 'worst' two weeks .. ! But getting everything sorted now .. the weather hadn't helped much .. extended my 'bad' two weeks into almost a 4 week downer ..

I did have a go and enjoyed the fitness programme .. but my heart and head wasn't in it .. so I decided to wait a bit .. if I'd carried on I might not have wanted to start again .. but now I am still looking forward to it .. it's silly .. but very fibro thinking !

21/02/2011 at 01:34

Been a whirlwind few months .. new rads have leaked (3rd time!) mucky water everywhere ..  .. waiting to get my carpet and curtains cleaned .. just got everything put away in the little store cupboard again from having the rads fitted and it was all back out again so they could turn the water off to do my bathroom make over ..

Ohh myy I have the most beautiful wet room now  ... sooo much easier .. no more 'cocking my leg over the side of the bath' problems to get showered .. and it's really lovely .. lots of clean white tiling and chrome or stainless steel accessories .. I keep going and sitting on the loo (seat down!) just to look at it all ..

And ... GC my dear friend ... where are you ?? Everything OK I hope .. I have emailed but I'm wondering if I used the right addy .. ??

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