New Year...New runner

Every journey begins with the first step and all that!

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12/01/2012 at 00:21

congratulations on the wedding!!!! mexico...amazing!!!!

i'm also aiming for a marathon but since i'm up here in scotland its the Loch Ness one at end of september EEEKK!!!! long way off ready.

things like anxiety are difficult to diagnose, so make sure your getting the right help, but i do personally believe running does help relieve stresses and tensions and so forth. before i had my accident i ran alot and was weeks away from first half marathon, i was in a relationship from hell and used running to help me relieve stress and anger (went a huge run the morning i split up with the guy lol) but then when i fell and was unable to move my ankle for couple a months let alone walk propery, i realy hit ock bottom and became deeply clinically depressed, seeked thehelp of a councillor and together we talked through my upset and the fact i would use exercise as a diversion but not necesserily to deal with issues. i got all the right help and advice and a year later i've never felt better and i'm able to run and it keeps me really happy. so make sure you take advantage of help offered to you, anxiety and depression are two diff things bought can be helped by councilling or even medication if thats a route you wanted to go through, though i'm sure your doc wil have bored you with for the marathon with your wedding in sight will be a fantastic and positive journey for you, excited to see how it goes so best of luck to you

as for facebook i had no pages come up when i searched for it, maybe see if Ginger can add my page to it or something? x

Nike+ sounds a great idea, heres me still in the dark ages with my reebok pedometer lol x

12/01/2012 at 07:09
You are all doing great

Bristol Newbie - I have lovely friend Jan (K2 forum name) that works in Sweat Shop in Bristol. If you ever need help joining a running club etc she's your lady. She in her early 60's and took up running late in life.

We had a few New Year runners at my club on Tuesday. Some newbies and some getting back to running.

I started running in 2004 at 39 because I wanted to run a marathon. Good luck with your running goals

12/01/2012 at 10:22

Sounds like everyone is having a great start to the year!

Ginger - fantastic news on dropping a dress size, bet that has given you one awesome boost!

I'm feeling much better, getting back into it slowly, did 30mins on my stepper this morning followed by some sit up's and push up's and loving it.  Just have the urge to run, but going to wait till probably the weekend for that, don't want to do it too early and push myself back.

As for the iffy knee, take it easy, it could be that you're knees just need more time.  I have had problems over the years with knee trouble and got advised not to do high impact sports, this is why I mix it up a bit with walking, stepper and soon to be cross trainer (just bought one )

Roy - The facebook page is New Year New Start  - Get Running!

K - GPS is a watch that tracks your speed, distance etc by using GPS (bit like a sat nav) to know where you have gone.

Keep running

12/01/2012 at 10:43

Oh, this year is getting better and better.  I have just bought myself a cross trainer for warm up, cool down, when the weather is crap etc.  I've always wanted one and now I have, well once I go collect it in a couple weeks

Even better though, I don't have to take my phone out anymore, just bought, or should I say my lovely man has bought me a Garmin Forerunner 110 GPS watch

Can't wait to get running even more now

12/01/2012 at 10:48
Lucky u maamalade. Think u should start a gym at yours and do memberships haha! I used to use my brothers treadmil but i just cant be confined to 4 walls. All this new gear will deffo keep you motivated. Think we.should start a new running club in here.
12/01/2012 at 11:07
Call me stupid but I cannot find this page on Facebook. I've typed it in the exact way you have put it and nothing has come up . maybe they don't like scousers on there .

K thanks very much for the advice. I've done all the counciling long years ago when I went through a bad patch, I would say the thing that gets me down most is my job and working 60+ hours a week has taken its toll on me now. I'm generally happy in my life apart from the cost of living lol.

It's the job that generally gets me down. Working 60+ hours is bit of a killer both mentally and physically. As a young guy in a high role I've let it get the better of me and I take things far to serious and personal and therefore I get very stressed and worked up easily. It's something I've been trying to work through for months and I would say my stress levels have come down. This is my next step to get that even better and thanks to you guys that is what's happening so cheers!!!!
12/01/2012 at 11:38

That's odd, I just typed New Year New Start and it came up with a list that New Year New Start - Get Running! was one of the options. I'd offer to add you to it, but it's a closed group so you'd need Ginger to find you and add you

As for you're life it definately sounds like it is getting there, and with a lot to focus on with work, running and of course the, what I imagine will be, spectacular wedding to look forward to I'd say you're turning the corner and good on you for keeping going.

When I went downhill it took me nearly 4 years before I saw a councellor and it then took me 2 years to get back towards even.

Since the beginning of last year I have started to feel like I've turned the corner, then meeting my partner convinced me of this.  He has been a huge support and continues to be.  He is so supportive of everything I do, especially my running

Here is to a great 2012 for everyone, full of health, happiness and of course Running

12/01/2012 at 12:45
Nope still can't find it haha!

I'm just about to head off to decathlon, anyone like me to pick anything up?
12/01/2012 at 12:50

Oh well, sure Ginger will sort it out for ya. 

Good spending in Decathlon, don't need anything just yet

12/01/2012 at 14:18

I am not worthy lol.........tried the early morning run, and by early, i mean slept in for the 7 o'clock start so headed out at 8.......nightmare, proper sleepy rubber legged effort lol. don't know how people are managing to do it even earlier than 8am lolol, in my humble opinion, anything earlier than 8 o'clock is stupid o'clock......what a let down i am today gonna have to substitute a rest day for a normal evening run. Glorious day up here in sunny Glasgow which is a plus, hows the weather everywhere else?

i'm starting to feel like i'm really missing out in life without a Nike+ or a GPS lol, i have to take out my pedometer and my phone lol. soon as i'm finished i record my steps, miles and calories into my phone lol, pathetic, don't even know how accurate it is......I'm Like the Alan Partridge of running, proper cringey and old school lolol. not a good day for K haha......hope everyone does far better than i have today.

Happy Running Everyone.

12/01/2012 at 14:26
Back of the net!

K I am exactly the same I cannot for anything get up and do an early run. Bed is far to appealing hehe. Just got back from decathlon what a dent in my card but there are some good sales! (no I am not a woman) haha.

Glasgow is always sunny isn't it?
12/01/2012 at 14:28

K talk about being down, take the positive out of it, at least you got up and did it!!! That's an acheivement.

What sort of phone do you have?  Just thinking if it is compatable you may be able to use something like runkeeper on it, that uses GPS to track your run and records all the data for you.  Just an idea.  I've only gone for a watch coz I hate taking my phone out with me

 Chin up and keep smiling, you're heading in the right direction.  I'm proud of you for getting out and doing something, you could easily have stayed in bed.  Know which by choice I'd do

12/01/2012 at 14:47

Just found the facebook page, wouldn't find it on ipad for some reason so looked on laptop and there it was.  I'm curious...has anyone got any plans or put in for any events this year?? I'm really keen to put in for one so i have something to aim at.


12/01/2012 at 15:05

i suppose your right Maam, always a silver lining unfortunately i have a nokia something or other, got Ovi tho which is a kinda app store so could have a look. due upgrade end of March thank god so hopefully get one with GPS??? i'm acting like i know if this even exists lolol cross trainer is brill though, i've always been team CrossTrainer, can't do treadmill, get far to bored too quickly.

Wilson-its always sunny in Glasgow, thats why we've all got the lovely dark skin colour uo here in scotland lol....i wish  

I went on a booking spree and signed up for Glasgow 5k  on 1st April, Glasgow Ladies10k on may 13th, Edinburgh half marathon on 27th May, glasgow half marathon 6th september and full marathon at Loch Ness on September 30th lol. probs be my last day of life also.........thought if i booked them now i would HAVE to keep training x

12/01/2012 at 15:14
K you should see it down is the colour haha! Have you seen desperate scousewives? Lol. Not good!

I worked up in south queens ferry last year...beautiful place, love Scotland you have so much amazing scenery to look at.

Busy year it seems you have lol. I think I could do with booking some but wouldn't even know where to start.

Weather is nice and sunny here today though, ok so it's cold but if you close your eyes, suit up and imagine you're in India then you could feel the bliss! Not long returned from a hol in India and omg it is hooootttt!
12/01/2012 at 15:25
Wow, you guys are doing great! When someone can give me the secret to getting up early to run let me know ASAP! I have tried to do a morning run...but have never managed 1.
Still only done the 1 run this week but I did a core conditioning class on Wednesday....and yes I too am like a 90 year old...ouch!
Running at the weekend though so will keep you posted.
I too am aiming for a 2013 marathon.......huge way off in terms of my running ability but really want to give it a go.
12/01/2012 at 15:38

Hi Gem, well done!!!!! loads of training advice on here for how to start out and aim towards golas so make sure you ahve a look.....wish i'd booked 2013 marathon instead of 2012 lol, seems a much better idea Good Luck for the Weekend should keep checkin in and let everyone know how your doing....and my advice for early morning runs is don't do them lolol  ko, i'm sure i'll get into the swing of them.

Wilson-unfortunately i did fall across this scousewives for all of 5 mins lol, horrific, cringe TV, had to change channel, but never fear....apparently theres a "only Way is Glasgow" effort coming to a screen near you.......literally will be awful.

Scotland might be scenic but right now i'm watchin two dodgy looking bloke standing on a roof wiring up a questionable tv satalite, and the council have literally just walked by putting grit down on the pavement........that can't be a good omen for tomorrow......literally as lucky as having the grim reaper at the door lol.

as for booking races or events, i just googled "races in scotland" and "races in glasgow" and sites came up With like a 2012 calender of races and links on how to contact them aswell as reviews and other info,.....i just picked some so they were kind of spaced out over my 9 months training plan. let us know if you get anything booked may aswell book one to showcase the new running gear you've just bought

Can someone put up facebook link, i'm still lost x

12/01/2012 at 15:42

Closest i'll ever get to india is Ali's take -away round the corner....doesn't look like india but sure does taste like it.

Wish i was in india or somewhere lovely and warm now that i've seen the gritter brigade out on force

12/01/2012 at 15:45

K - I think your crazy in a good way booking so much! Running right up to and including a mara by end Sept - wow I'm impressed.  You know I'll be here to encourage you all the way

I haven't booked anything and at the moment don't plan to, running/exercise is my fun & my me time if that makes sense.  I am considering a couple of the 5k parkruns when I'm up to it.  My nearest one is Liverpool!

Gem - You'll get there in your own time, you are doing really well and shouldn't feel down.  As for the tip of early morning running, I get through it by incentive.  Whether it be a treat for brekkie or something I want, if I don't drag myself out of bed and do it, then I don't get what I want.  It always hurts, but once I've done it it is the best feeling ever, somehow seems more satisfying

Today I am feeling tired, after my exercise this morning I've started to sort the spare room ready for my cross trainer - only problem is I only moved in fully not long before Christmas and that's where most of my stuff got shoved until we sort downstairs, plus he hasn't cleared his stuff either. You know when you start a job thinking, 'that'll only take an hour!' then several hours later you still can't see the end??? That's this Room looks good though, just spare bed and gym now set up, all the crap is on the landing, oops!

 K - the link is!/groups/287851637929691/ hopefully will work for you

 Shame the weather looks doubtful, hope it stays good here as I'm looking to do my first run on Sunday, fingers crossed

12/01/2012 at 15:47
Somewhere hot??? That'll have to wait till I fly out to Cuba in July, can't wait
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