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13/09/2010 at 21:08

Hi all.  I'm new to this forum and as it's my first post go easy eh?

 I have taken to running in a big way in the last two months and although it hasn;t been a considerable length of time I have already started feeling the benefits of my running. 

I regularly run 5 miles 3 times a week on pavement and I'm currently looking into trail running but finding it difficult finding any close by?

Anyway enough babbling.  I am thinking of investing in a heart rate monitor so I can try and up my training and focus more on bettering results (currently only timing 2 of my runs a week).  I would like to be able to record my HR and my pace on the "scoreboard" I have up in my spare room but can't as yet.

Can someone please help me with regards to which ones to look at and which to avoid and also pricing?

Thanks in advance

13/09/2010 at 22:04

I used to use a polar one which was fine.  There should be a review of HRM in the Gear section of this site with up-to-date info.

One piece of advice I would offer - are you sure you're only going to need a HRM? Do you think in time you might need something to measure your pace and distance too?  I've got a box full of discarded watches and monitors that I've moved on from, starting with a basic HRM without a stop-watch, to a stop-watch, then a basic pace / distance monitor with a HRM (that I never once used) and now I have a Garmin 205 which uses satelites to record pace, distance and time.  If you think you're likely to stick to running, it might be an idea to have a look at what you'll need in the future and perhaps get a cheapish pace and HR monitor, just to see how you get on with them? Argos have some cheap and cheerful ones (and some not so cheap and cheerful!)

There are also apps you can buy for an iphone that monitor heart rate, act as a stop-watch and measure your pace. I understand they can cane your battery, but they might be useful as a start too.

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2 messages
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