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06/04/2014 at 21:28

i find it's mot really the race that is special, it's the unknown training that you have put in, that is what the non marathon runners don't appreciate! 

06/04/2014 at 22:50

Yeah, it is just so many hours and miles but it's those 26.2 that everyone else sees!

06/04/2014 at 22:52

I think of it as an iceberg, the marathon is the visible part, but it's the hidden 90% that makes you a marathon runner

07/04/2014 at 17:56


And a cool high five too!

2nd Marathon and the second time things fell apart for me, this time it started with a stitch (that lasted about 9 miles!). Pouring rain and the 30mph winds were with us most of the day - am truly gutted but glad I ran it and a new PB by 00:13:11 so shouldn't be too unhappy I didn't crack 4:40 this time (4:41:51 according to the Garmin).

I had a fun first half and spent lots of it chatting to a South African guy that walked it and beat me by a country mile lol.

07/04/2014 at 19:40
Thanks Andi, good work for you too, sounds like you had the weather that stayed away from Brighton, and a PB too. I still can't get over the high 5! Good on her for sticking around the start line though, I didn't go past til about 15 minutes after the gun. I walked a bit at about 18 miles and managed to do under 14 m/m and overtook some who were running, my knees didn't want to run and my legs felt like they were starting to cramp when I tried to jog. Luckily it was short-lived and when I pushed on at 23 they felt ok. Did mile 25 in 12:15 which made me think I probably had taken it too easy when I took a few walk breaks earlier and then the fast walking..

What's your next race/goal Andi?
07/04/2014 at 22:03
Andi - in case it helps, I used to get stitches when I first started running and did lots of googling into how to get rid of them. Realised that those were being caused by drinking too much too fast before leaving home, but got another on my 18 miler near the end and tried a couple of the things I'd read about, including lifting my arm all the way up (the arm on the stitch side) and it went completely in about 30 seconds. I bent my arm so that my palm of my hand was on my upper back with fingers pointing down, but that was just so I didn't look so silly Hopefully worth sharing if it helps you out next time!
08/04/2014 at 19:05

Cheers Nicola, next 'race' is the Mull Half in August but won't be doing any specific training for that as my 'A' race this year is Loch Ness in September and my H2H with our very own Booktrunk! You should pop up there too

Thanks for the stitch idea, I read about that last night (along with many others) so the fact it works for you could be good news for me - now I want to get a stitch so I can try it out lol

09/04/2014 at 09:37

It's a bit far for me  and I'm going to a wedding that weekend, seems a busy weekend for running though as I found a few halves then that I couldn't enter. I think I'm going to do a half in early November and then start training for the marathon, have decided to do Brighton again! Hoping for 2:15 half and sub 5 marathon, we shall see!

12/04/2014 at 14:09

How you feeling now Nicola? still floating with joy or a few post marathon niggles?

And how are things going with you Watto?


13/04/2014 at 10:25

my legs were ridiculous for Monday and Tuesday, literally could hardly walk! Been back to normal since Thursday and planning a run tomorrow. How is your recovery Andi?

Can anyone recommend a good plan for a half? I've put my mara time into myasics and it's given me a plan for a 2:18 half in November, but it doesn't really seem achievable. It starts out with slow, short runs of 13-14m/m' which is fine, has a couple of build up' runs which start slow and peak at about 11m/m which is probably doable, but in the fifth week it throws in a 6 mile pace run at 10:42 which is basically my fastest ever mile so I'm not sure if that's realistic!

I've looked at Hal Higdon and the runners world plans and might make up my own with a combination of those an the asics.

Watto, I hope you are getting on well!

13/04/2014 at 10:47

Oh, by the way I've entered the Grand Union Canal half in November and Brighton Marathon 2015, booked my hotel too so no 6am wake up for me this year 

13/04/2014 at 21:35

Hi guys, So sorry for my cr4ppy non existence on here lately, I rarely go on the computer at home - rather do my updates and all other computer stuff at work.  Anyway work has been stupidly busy for the last two weeks which has resulted in no time to do anything else!

Anyway - first things first, Andi and Nicola.....Well DonE!!!!!xxxx

BT - I was watching the London marathon today and thought about you .... why did I think you had a charity place?  Need to catch up on your diary but it moves so quick I need a good hour to catch up!!

Secondly - bit of an update with me, as I said the last two week have been mental, work has been crazy and it has meant a number of days I have been in from dawn until 9 / 10pm.  I have therefore only managed to fit in a couple of runs over the past two weeks, mainly interval training in the week as I can do this at the gym, did a nice road run last Sunday - think it was 7k, then been out today and done my 10K!

So happy to have finally conquered the distance, I think the prize for beginner who has stuck around the 5-7k region for the most amount of time goes to me!!

My garmin died halfway through the run but my sister had her phone which has an app that clocked us at 1.18 for the 10k.  The app seems to go at a quicker pace than my garmin, so unsure how accurate that is but even if it is a bit out, it is only out by a few mins.

Happy with that time, this was a purposely slow run.  We are aiming for a 1hour 10min 10k at the Great Manchester 10k ....5 WEEEKS TODAY

I go on holiday on Tuesday for two weeks so I doubt I will be updating, however I do plan to take advantage of my free time and no work and run at least every other day.  There is a decent gym there and my boyfriend has said he will come road running with me in a morning before the sun is out. 

I am hoping to do a road run one day (aiming between 6-8k) and then interval training the next day and alternate day by day with a couple of rest days.

Concerned that I was doing very well with my training plan, but the last month or two...between colds, illness and work I have sort of been freestyling and just running what and when I can.

Therefore really want to use my time whilst away to get some good training in so the 1hr 10min 10K could be achievable, or at least not a million miles away!


Sorry for all the rambling and lack of updates really. 

Well done again for all on the running and good work Nicola in signing up for next year.  I def want to do a full marathon next year (2 half's booked for later this year), did like the look of Brighton but I think I am going to give VLM Ballot a stab and then if unsuccessful have a look for one a bit closer to home!


13/04/2014 at 22:31

Sounds like you've been lucky even to get any runs in Watto! and good work on getting the 10k done! I think you will get your 1:10 target! my 10k pb (training) was 1:17, then a week before the marathon it went down to 1:16 then the first 10k of the marathon was 1:14, and I would have gone out a lot faster if I had been stopping after 10k! And if there are 2 of you doignr it together you can help eachother keep a good pace. Enjoy your holiday! Oh and I'm going to try for the London ballot too 

14/04/2014 at 08:25

Nicola: Good luck

It's 22nd April it will be full by 11 ish at the latest possibly earlier.  i've set my alarm to remind me at 11:30 on the Monday evening so that I can stay up and enter just after midnight, there will be the usual 10 minutes of teething problems whilst lots try at once but it should be easy enough to do at that time of night.  Then I know that i've at least tried.

Watto: Good running (when you could) freestyle is fine if it's that or nothing So well done on still getting out there running.  Good luck for your 10k in a few weeks. you'll be great

Edited: 14/04/2014 at 08:25
14/04/2014 at 11:40

Hmm I wasn't sure what time it opened so I set mine for 7am. Makes more sense to stay up the night before though and not have to worry about snoozing and losing  

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