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Anyone just starting out? (continuation of Newbies thread)

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30/07/2012 at 22:12
Claire Hardman wrote (see)

Wyn - Hi welcome So what running have you been doing?

Thanks Claire!

I started off doing too much (4 mile-ish sessions) and my legs were starting to get angry, so I've bought some proper running shoes (Nike Free Runs) and have dialed it down to between 2 and 2 and a half mile session, 3 times a week.

So far so good!

31/07/2012 at 14:51

Hi all,

MDL, at this stage, I reckon just doing more miles will improve your 5k time.If you can get to 5-6 runs a week with the long run being around 6-8 miles you'll see some dividends on your speed.

HI Wyn, Glowwfeet and Dizzy. Welcome

MD, I'm hoping to get into London next Tuesday for a look at the men's Triathlon if you fancy a pint in the West End at some stage.

Hope your race goes well Blimp.

Going to start getting some proper mara training done tonight.

31/07/2012 at 16:20

NV definately up for a pint mate - do you have my number from the A&D last year (or the one before, can't remember) - planning on entering that again this year - imight have  adecent winter of speed under my belt by then so might really attack the 40 minute level...although i've said that for about 3 years now and never done the work required! But i'm going to start running at lunch and the enforced cycle commute during the olympics will hopefully kick start my training, again, for a bit...hopefully

No running for me this weekend, i went to a spa instead, much nicer i wonder if there are professional spa visitors - that's a job i could go for!!!!

Hi Wyn, good idea re easing off, its better to start off slow and build up than to jump in too far and get hurt!

31/07/2012 at 16:45
Hello all, I've not managed to get out running again yet as hubby's been working late he's working late again today but I really want to get out again before the novelty wears off so I'm going to see if several million laps of our garden is practical or just mind numbingly dull. I suppose it can't really be any more dull than a treadmill. Hope you're all having a good day.
31/07/2012 at 22:58

Hi all, been a while since I put anything on here, a brief (re-)introduction.

36 dad of 4, unfit beyond comprehension, overweight and a xbox addict, needed to do something about the years of beer and sedintry lifestyle, so I decided on running. Looking to lose another half stone, fit in 32" jeans once again, it's been so long since I've done that!! run a 5k, then my original aim was to run a half marathon in March/April time next year with a friend...Who dropped out on the idea a couple of months ago, so motivation is a little low, but I keep trying. I run alone as any local clubs run at times I'm at work or have my kids.

in January, 2 weeks in I wrecked my Achilles tendon in a pothole on a night run, so I had to stop, I joined this website after buying the mag in a service station, got some good advice, learnt what gait was then brought a pair of very comfy and THE most expensive shoes I have ever brought!! Then I started again, then decided to drop a load of plaster boards on my chest and broke a rib, so had to stop, then about May time I started where I left off, and went over on my ankle, so I had to stop..... (a pattern here?)

So last Wednesday I decided to go again... 24 minutes and 2.6 miles clocked, walking a minute running-I use that term loosely-for 2 looking at a 9 minute/mile pace.

Then Sunday morning I clocked 27 minutes, 2.98 miles same pattern walking/running for a 9 minute/mile pace again.

Then this evening I ran for 30 minutes covered 3.49 in a 8:37 minute/mile pace (linky to tonight's run)

Is this any good for a beginner?

On these runs I'm always struggling to breath even though I try to keep a conversational pace, I say something to myself to see if I'm doing it, I'm getting chronic stitch this time round any tips tricks to avoid this? Other niggles, lead thighs after 20 minutes and tight left calf muscles, even though I make sure I'm stretching out before and after?

HI, and sorry for the ramble!

@glowfeet can't you run around your local area? unless you have a huge backyard!!

Edited: 31/07/2012 at 22:59
01/08/2012 at 05:43
Hi Darryll, you have had an eventful few months haven't you. I'm a complete newbie at this so I could well be wrong but I'd guess you need to try and slow up for a bit while you get back into it. I was only contemplating going round the garden as there was no one to look after the kids. In the end the lack of sleep for the past few nights caught up with me and I just collapsed in front of the Olympics
01/08/2012 at 07:09

Morning all. Happy Wednesday Darryll, i with you on your training, i was doing a few 'light weeks' on and off, motivation was baaaaaaaaad. Sucked big time, now im on my 'hardcoreish second week' if you can call it that! HA! Last night I think i have shin splints, they have been coming and going for months, they feel fine this morning however i was told just to swim for the rest of the week so i bagged my kit for after work later, i haven't been for YEARS but you know, i am SO DETERMINED to do the half marathon. I smoke, i like my beer but i have made a start and it feels good. My longest jogs, in my second week (should be running today) is 40 mins, i think im going way to fast doing to much, im already running up hills apparantley, (i use runkeeper) my bro spotted it and told me to stop. Print off the half marathon guide on here, i have one but im only using it as a guide and im doing alot more than i should, naughty me Good luck and KEEP IT UP!

01/08/2012 at 13:38

Hello! Another newbie here.

Started running a couple of weeks ago when I was pointed towards an app for my phone where I have to run from zombies, and discovered that I actually quite like it... despite years of insisting that running is no fun at all! 

I made a fatal error in my first couple of runs and forgot that despite being reasonably fit from mountainbiking and climbing, running uses different muscles and in different ways and overdid things. Now suffering with a groin strain and in my impatience to get back out I've started lurking on internet forums to try to resist the urge to go out for a run anyway!

Anyone else got a bit carried away as a beginner and managed to injure themselves?

01/08/2012 at 18:05
Hello, may I join? Started running about 3 months ago following c25k via Rundouble app. Anyway got to week 7 and was doing ok, sort of anyway. I up to 28 mins straight running, for around 2.6 miles in 10.40 I think, bit rubbish I know. Anyway kind of lost my enthusiasm a bit and dropped from running 3-4 times a week to just once. Then last week went out and realised I couldn't run my usual distance any more, I'd lost it! Anyway decided to go back to the programme to week 5 to try to get back on track and managed ok this morning. Does this sort of thing happen to everyone or am I destined t be a non-runner?
02/08/2012 at 08:20
*Dizzy* wrote (see)

Last night I think i have shin splints, they have been coming and going for months.....

Print off the half marathon guide on here, i have one but im only using it as a guide and im doing alot more than i should,

Hmmm. Wonder if the 2 things could be related Dizzy

Everyone can run if they put their mind to it KBT. Keep at it.

Pretty much everyone gets a bit carried away at some point SS. Find yourself a good plan and stick to it. Or, just build gradual easy-paced mileage.

8;40/mile is a pretty tidy start Darryl. It'll take time to build strength and endurance in the muscles you use, so just take it steadily.

MD, no I haven't got your phone number any more. My phone died in a tragic accident at the end of last year. I'll PM you my new number.

02/08/2012 at 23:19

Hi Glowfeet, you could say that yes, but over the last 11 years it's been roughly the same pattern!! I think I am taking it easy, but as I'm a newbie too I have no concept of what pace is, I read this; 5k 10k pace, farlek(?) and I cannot even comprehend it in real terms, so I just run at what I think is comfortable. Which by the time I'm starting mile 3 is usually wrong, but I guess that'll come with experience. I hope you've managed to keep going though and had a couple of nights of decent sleep

Hi Dizzy and thanks I'll try to keep going! sounds like you're doing better than me already (not actually a hard feat!!) I'm on a couch to 5k and I'm trying to follow it as I'm on week 3 (of 8) again! It's where I keep falling down and next week looks like the same, 4 hours driving, 11 hour shift, I'll try and squeeze an hour in there somewhere!! I use Mapmywalk and Endomondo, give me a climb graph, though where I am I can't really avoid hills unless I run at a nearby running track, but I'd get bored of that pretty fast! Good luck to you too and keep going and stick to the plan

Hi Superslow, I want to know what that app is!! I'd say me as I went running at night and didn't look where I was putting my feet, ouch ankle! And tonight I went for a run got back and tried to do a core workout session, now I can't sit up along with not being able to walk properly!

Hi KBT I think it happens to all of us, I'm nowhere near as far along as you, but I had to drop between week 3 and 2 twice now, and don't believe for a minute you're not destined to run, everyone can run as NV said.

And Hi NV I eased off a little tonight covered a 8:44 per mile average tonight, but I managed a bit further distance in the same 30 minute run ok 0.07 mile further. I felt better tonight than I did Tuesday, no pain in the calf this time, and the stitch wasn't as bad either, should I look up some leg exercises? Squats? My only down fall is the day I'm supposed to do some kind of strength/cross training, in the past I just spent 30 minutes on an exercise bike.

Sorry this is long folks!



03/08/2012 at 20:48

Hey Darryll, the app is called 'Zombies, Run!' it's kind of expensive but I'm enjoying it so far. I did have to turn off the zombie chases (zombie interval training!) because it was the speed increases that backfired and caused me to injure myself!

Feeling a lot better the last couple of days though and hoping to get out tomorrow afternoon. Fingers crossed for 5k of slow running by the end of next week.

06/08/2012 at 09:02

morning all, well what a wweekend that was! Mo Farah, just amazing! Anyway, i did my own spot of running, a nice 8 miles steady on saturday morningm kept the HR nice and steady for 7 miles and then let rip in the last mile. The a nice short one on sunday at target half mara pace - felt the 8 from the day before a little in the legs but  the pace held so very pleased with that. Also, I'm very pleased at how comfy i felt through both runs and after, I'm getting back at it now i think.

Superslow - the Run, zombies thing - how does that work - it sounds like it could be a good laugh for my commute run home!

Darryll, if you are getting a stitch you might need to back off a little, you are going at a decent pace but sometimes the way to get faster is to get slower and build the endurance first.

knackered - hi and welcome. That drop in motivation happens a lot to everyone! the first few runs back will be tough, for two reasons. 1) you know you can do more and so expect to be able to pick up where you left off - and 2) you have lost a little fitness and conditioning, so it will take a little while to remind your body what to do and how. Don't worry it will be much easier to get back, than it was to get in the first place. Keep trying and you'll see!

06/08/2012 at 21:35
Hi All

Welcome new newbies

Sorry not been about for a been ill feeling better now. Managed a steady little run this morning but struggled a bit with breathing due a cough.

Hope everyone's running is going well and your all enjoying the Olympics as much as me ha ha
08/08/2012 at 14:24

wow, quiet on here in'tit

well i managed to get out at lunch for a reasonbly rapid 4 miles at about 7'20 pace with a colleague, was nice and comfy and a great way to spend a reasonbly nice lunchtime at work. tot was 4.1miles in 30'08, no HR data etc but felt pretty good and could chat the whole way around.

08/08/2012 at 14:37
Nice run there MD, it's only quiet as I posted and "I am the thread slayer!!" ha ha
Well I did another short run this morning about 3miles, not looked at time, it wasn't fast but it felt like a lot better run than Monday. It's looking like I may manage the 10k been thinking about doing this Sunday
09/08/2012 at 15:05

looks like you must be claire. that or everyone else is watching the lympics and not running...

09/08/2012 at 15:46

 Knew I had to be good at something

One really bad thing I have found from watching the Olympics I now want a bike  and you just know where that will end up!! I cant justify one at the moment so I maybe safe  Sorry very quiet day at work so smiley face overload on here!

Hope your training is going well MD any races planned?

10/08/2012 at 13:32

No comment Claire.




Except: How's your swimming?

10/08/2012 at 14:19

Hi,  l Have literally just started running last week.  My 17 yr daughter and I (I'm 40) are on a mission to run a 10k together (and I need to lose 3 stone!)  Am up to half a mile without stopping and can then repeat after a short walk break.  Any advice - is it better to begin by just running as far as I can slowly and building up the distance each time or by walk/running a longer distance and cutting down the walking distance each time.  Not sure where to start.

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