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28/08/2008 at 00:54
Ohh Meglet I wish you'd discovered that 3 days ago. I ended up buying some new headphones. Oh well I bought some twist lock ones and they look pretty good. I'll let everyone know how they are running.
28/08/2008 at 09:22
Thanks Meglet I find the headphone lead THE most annoying thing...
28/08/2008 at 09:29

CJBA - I did walk/jog at the gym.

I really couldnt be bothered to go gym last night and didnt put my best effort in. Set the treadmill for 30 mins and did the walk/jog thing. Didnt get any further, lol, but i wasnt so worn out so i guess i will notce the difference over the longer distances.

First time i jog/walked i managed 3.1k in 28 mins, then i ran the whole thing and did 3.2 in 30 mins, last night i did 3.3 in 30 mins walk/jog!

Really need to be getting further than 3K if i got a 10K in 3 weeks! lol, have a feeling i should of beendoing what im doing now about 4 weeks ago!! woopss.

Havign a rest day as i ran tue and wed and then fri im going to try jog/walk over a lobger distance, maybe 5K. The BF is out most of Sat and Sun so maybe try some even longer distances on them days!

Hows everyone else doing today???

28/08/2008 at 09:47

Hi TTN - just a question about your goals - you say you've got two stone to lose but also 2 BMI points - that looks weird to me.  My current BMI is 27.9 (a cheat's way of syaing 28) and it tells me I have a stone and 4 pounds to lose to get to 25 - so that works out at about 6lbs per BMI point, whereas yours is a stone per BMI point.

Can you tell I work in accounts?

So I can't help wondering whether you're very tall or very short, which would distort the BMI???  Please feel free to ignore my stupid ramblings though!

28/08/2008 at 09:49
Just noticed there are a lot of gym bunnies on this thread.  What's stopping you all from going outside?  I can run so much further outside than on the treadmill - I used to get really frustrated in fact with how little I could do in the gym.
28/08/2008 at 09:57

Hi everyone, new newbies and old

Roxy, I think that you can do the 1/2 in October - it'll take some really hard work though. do you have a schedule? I found there are a few one this site which are quite good (8 or 12 weeks) you may have to skip a few of the earlier weeks but they are good (i'm currently doing one for the Great South Run  - 10 miles). Just don't try to do too much too soon. That is the surest way to an injury as i haave found to my detriment

That headphone thing sounds great, now all i need is a sports bra and I'm sorted , although my headphones are really annoying, despite having a clip on the lead they still bounce about and come out, especially if they're slightly wet then they never stay back in and I find that half my run is spent with my fingers in my ears holding the hearphones there. I'm definately going to have to get some new ones. can anyone recommend any? Welsh Chick, I'd be interested to know how the twistlock ones go!

28/08/2008 at 10:14

Morning folks

I discovered the headphone thing, not sure if I read it, but what a difference it makes.  I know long have the wire bounce around my ear.  Mark know what you mean about them not staying in when they're wet.  May put some over the head earphones (if you know what I mean) on christmas pressie list.

Lisa sorry the gym session didn't go as well as you wanted it to, but GOOD to hear that you went, even though you didn't feel like it.  Sometimes I think that's haf the battle.

Darren sorry to hear your pains/injuries aren't going away.  Hope you get to see the physio soon

My new shoes are causing my feet to ache which I think may be due to different support to my old ones.  I've also got blisters starting although I think this might be due to the socks I was wearing last night.  I had nike anti wick (think that's what they're called) running socks on, and on my first run in my new shoes I had some ASDA running socks on which didn't cause me any problems.  Mark as the expert on socks any suggestions

 Hope everyone else is well

28/08/2008 at 10:25

Yikes its been busy on here...we will be hitting 1000 threads again in no time haha!!  

Hey Josie!   I didnt link the goal of losing 2 stone to getting to a bmi of 25 (just stuck it in on the end!!)..doh, that would have been the smart way of doing it!!  Just checked the chart again, I would need to lose 1 stone to get to 25 and another stone to get to a bmi of 23 (my goal).  I am very tall though (5'11"!!)  Thanks for checking that, its made me realise that im only a stone away from being a healthier weight(just need to lose it now!)

Good advice meglet, I will be trying that as soon as I can remember where the safe place I put my ipod is!  Im in agreeance about the laces too, found myself with numb toes in the past, but not had it in my new shoes, they must fit better!

Darren, sorry to hear about your legs not getting any better, hope that the physio can sort you out and your back running again soon!

Haha, I hope its not all our talking about sports bra's thats got you thinking that Mark, think you would better off sticking with your growing sock collection!! I can reccommend Senheisser ear bud's, mine were about £15 from amazon and are really good, because they are the ear bud kind they dont come lose in your ears and you get different sized buds with them to make sure you get a perfect fit.  Senheisser earphones are always really good!  The do a sports version too but ive just bought normal ones and they are fine!

Welcome Roxy!  Im in agreeance, definately find yourself a schedule to follow it will make all the difference.  Im like you ive also got a big challenge in October, I signed up for a 10km and im SO scared!!

Lisa, not sure if this would help but my bf suggested it to me for my 10km, he said that i should be making sure im in the gym for an 1-1 1/2hrs, even if im not on the treadmill just to ensure that ive got the stamina to keep going for the length of the 10km.  Do you just go in and do the 30mins on the treadmill?  Wondering if it would be worth doing extra time on other bits of equipment so that your body keeps going for longer?  Dont know if thats right or not but was thinking if your bodys only used to the 30mins it might be harder to keep going after that?  Just ignore me if im talking complete rubbish!

Well the calf is feeling 100% better today so im going to take a walk up to the playing fields and try out my run 5 walk 2, its really sunny outside so hope its not too warm!

Have a good day everyone!!

Edited: 28/08/2008 at 10:27
28/08/2008 at 10:36

Not sure I'm an expert, more an interested amature in the sock stakes. But I really like the socks Nic recommended they're Hilly twin skin, very comft and not a blister in sight. And your other ones were ok so maybe wear those ones. But as you said it could be down to the new trainers. My old trainers were terrible for blisters, the sole wasn't wide enough so my foot hung over the edge and i had a long blister from my toes to the arch of my foot, very painful

I may just take to taping the headphones in place...or is that a bit extreme?

28/08/2008 at 10:39

Yip Hilly Twin Skins all the way!!!

As long as you dont have a hairy chest hahaha!  Do you wear a hrm?  i was thinking you could tuck them into that if you did?

28/08/2008 at 10:41

Morning folks - just a quick post again - lots to do today. 

Just about recovered from yesterday, Jac, kept forgetting that little ones leave toys lying all over the floor (as I tripped over yet another!!)  Fell asleep in front of Dr Who though!!  Bit embarrassing when your children have to wake you up to tell you it's their bedtime!!!

Osa, glad it's not pf, but don't be tempted by cheap shoes - poor investment!!

Agree with you Mark re injury (from experience) which is why I'm now taking it extremely slowly - even the snails are faster than I am.

Headphones - tuck my wire in under tops (tried it under everything, but it irritated skin - so you won't need a sports bra Mark! ) , put earphones in correct ears,  then loop wire around the back of my head (instead of letting it hang down the front).  Seems to have corrected problem and no longer have that stupid loop of wire getting in the way.  (I have bog-standard headphones that came with my sony mp3 player)

LISA - WAY TO GO!!!! Good for you for giving it a go - hopefully it will work for you and as you do more of it,  you'll be able to build up distance.  You're doing really well - just don't give up!!  BIG HUG (AND A HUGE BAR OF CHOCOLATE!!)

Josie - horses for courses re gym-outside, outside has a lot going for it, not least of all that it's slightly cheaper than the gym!!  But everyone has their reasons for running how they do and where they do:  for me, the great thing is that as newbies, of all ages, heights, weights and whatever, we're all out there, giving it a go and supporting each other through it.

Right, time to go, spent more time posting than anticipated - as usual!!


28/08/2008 at 10:46
That's a good point, i wouldn't want the pain of waxing a strip of my chest every time i went to the gym.  No HRM, but I have started to tuck the loose wire into the armband for my ipod, it seems to work mostly, but still a little flapping about. I might try a different pair, hopefully that'll help a bit, my ones have an unusually long cable (about 1.5 metres for some reason).
28/08/2008 at 10:53

Jackie - Im pretty please i actually got the gym because as i was walking there i was thinking how much i would rather just walk home! But i did feel better once i left.

TTN - i think your right, my body might have a bit of a shock doing exercise for that long on the day if ive not prepared better. I set the treadmill for 45 mins yesturday but just couldnt be bothered so got off after 30 minutes!! woops!! I think i might take your advice and stick at it a bit longer, i guess even if i just walk more its still about the lenght of time. Thanks for the advice!!

Joise - I've onlt recently started going gym, but i mix it up with ourdoors runnning too. Where i live is soooo hilly and sometime i just fancy a nice flat run! I also go gym when its raining as im not yet an all weather runner!! Its not as fun as being outdoors though!

CJ - thanks for all your encouragement, and the chocolate! lol.

Im not feeling very optermistic about my weight watchers weigh in this week, im terrible for getting onthe scales everyday and there is no change so far! lol </p>

28/08/2008 at 10:53


With regards to the headphones dilemma, a kirby grip attached to the collar of my top at the point where the headphones divert & the rest of the wire under my top works well when I have my ipod attached to my waistband & when I have it on my arm band I still use the kirby grip but have the wire on the outside of my top & wind it round the ipod to take up the excess. This has been working for me!

 Osa x

28/08/2008 at 12:39

Good afternoon everyone! Thought i better post something on here just incase you all thought i was a one hit wonder.

I've got a big job interview tomorrow, so that's been consuming most of my thoughts/activity the last week or so.

My goals are:

- Run 3 times a week for at least 30 mins.
- Lose 1 stone by my next birthday (29 november)
- Just enjoy running rather than putting pressure on myself which is usually what happens.
- Get my partner involved so that she can also appreciate the benefits of running.

That's it, over and out.

28/08/2008 at 12:54
i see a common goal with many of us is weight loss. Has anyone here started running in a bid to lose weight? I think for me if im honest its the reason i started running,wonder if anyone is the same?
28/08/2008 at 12:58

re gym,

i started running on treadmill last year, until i got to about 10 mins then went outside. but now i cant bring myself to run inside. if i go (not often) i spend time doing cycle/crosstrainer/rower for aerobic workout, and if i go on the treadmill i tend to walk fast with quite a big incline. gym is good for upper body and abs i find though, i will do these after CV stuff.

for the newbies who dont know, running outside can seem more difficult than treadmill, so set your treadmill at incline of 1 to help when you go outside!

28/08/2008 at 12:58

Hey Kellyd! Was going to put a shout out to you today to see where you were hiding!!  Good luck with your job interview...will incorporte my finger crossing for Osa with finger crossing for you too!!

Just come back from my Run 5 Walk 2 x 4 to find that I cant work my Garmin Forerunner 50 and I have no idea how far ive run etc!!! Gutted! think i will try the 2nd session on the treadmill while using the garmin again so that i know the distance, pace etc!  Was just about to start my 2nd bout of running for 5mins when a nice old gent stopped to chat to me, he only stopped blethering at the end of what should have been my 5min run! Was SO hard getting started again after standing still for 5mins but managed and added the missed 5mins onto the end!!

Was sitting doing my stretches at the end and having and enjoying having that quiet time to myself!  Was thinking about how much happier, healthier, energetic I feel since ive started this running malarky!

Dont think we have covered the topic of sunglasses yet! Does anyone wear them when they are out and about?  I was going to ask for a decent pair for my birthday but bought a cheapy pair from asda in the meantime (2 pairs for £10) and tried them out for the first time today! they are really good!! didnt slip down my nose one and really kept the sun out! And theyve got nice pink bits on them which matches my pink top and pink bits on my leggings haha!  Thought i would recommend them incase anyone is pondering over buying sunglasses!!  

Good thinking Osa with the kirby grip! Never thought of that one before!

Glad to be of help Lisa! Im going to try that next time im in the gym too!

Nic x

28/08/2008 at 13:03

Yeah Lisa that was my reasoning behind starting running too!  Its something ive tried to do even when i was much thinner but always gave up so using it as a challenge as i want to keep going and get good at it (like my mum!).  Must say while i was doing my pondering in the park i noticed that my thighs look smaller and my legs are more toned.  Its nice to see a difference, pity the difference isnt in my big wobbly belly!

Im in agreeance with you meglet, running outside is SO much better, its amazing how all the sights and sounds keep your mind off what you are doing, running on the treadmill is SO mindless (although dont have much choice when im offshore!)

28/08/2008 at 13:07

Re the treadmill, I quite enjoy running on a treadmill. I tend to use it at the end of a gym session when I am tired to try and teach my legs to run when tired, and I also tend to try and use it for pace sessions (15-17kph) which i don't feel comfortable doing outside as I wouldn't know how far i had actually run at those speeds/when to ease up and how much to ease off. I sometimes like to set a gentle incline on it too, where I live is either flat or a v steep incline (not sure if any of you know Greenwich but if you do you'll know what i mean). It doesn't come close to running outdoors though in terms of fun.

I have worn sunglasses a few times when running and think that it can be quite good, but it does mean that I can't wipe my brow as easily, which can be frustrating...I think i need a head/sweatband lol

well done on the run Nic, I probably would have given up and gone home after the chat.

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