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29/08/2008 at 09:39
Hi Joseph - I thin if you can do 10k in 48 minutes than you should be fine in a running club, but I'd definitely recommend running outside beofre you join one (I have a one track mind regarding treadmills vs outside running, sorry!).  There have been people on here who have posted about how the running club they went to just didn't suit them, but there's loads out there so it's just a case of finding out which one is best for you - hopefully there will be more than one nearby...
29/08/2008 at 09:46

Morning all, just come back in from my Friday session - aimed to do 40 mins (as per goals) but half way through, realised that I'd set my watch to automatic laps @1mile, so ended up doing 4miles rather than  40mins, have to work out stats, so will let you know later.  Also need to SSTTRREETTCCHH.

lxr, know what you mean about ants - I'm on  strictly controlled diet (chocolate and more chocolate) and object to increased amounts of protein!!  Gues that's going to be problem until I'm able to run without mouth hanging open, gasping!

Darren/welsh chick, I can only go out at night, I sleep in a wooden box during the day, and if I'm ever in the sunlight, some very strange things happen.........................

Joe, welcome and join in, we (the girlies) far outnumber the boys, so I think you'll be welcomed with open arms.  Now, tell me Joe, what do you know about sports bras........................

29/08/2008 at 09:58

Mmorning all,

Wow, so much has happened in the last day i don't know where to start. My headphones are the sennheiser OMX 70, with the ear clips/hooks/loops (whatever they are) . I think i must have weird ears as the loop doesn't seem to fit properly and the in ear section keeps popping out of place whenever a start to breathe a little deeper . I may invest in some with the changable ear peice that may help, I hope anyway.

AJ, you're putting us all to shame with those times/distances...and weight too. I'm 5'11 (and a bit -which is an important bit I feel) and still weigh 82kgs (about 13st I think) with a 32 ins waist.

I also LOVE running in the rain, provided it isn't too cold, as it is so much fun and I get the path to myself mostly when I do, whll there is the odd duck at some points but otherwise just me most of the time. And what a fgreat excuse to get a bit muddy!

29/08/2008 at 09:59

Morning everyone!!

Darren & WC, think nighshift's made you a bit mad haha!  Sunlight's for wimps?!?!?!

Welcome Joe! Congrats on the weightloss, sounds like your doing a brilliant job!  Im nowhere near joining a club but from what ive read on these forums some can be beginner friendly, you could always phone around the local clubs and find out what level you need to be at to join?  If you can do 10k in 48mins i dont think you will have too many problems!  I can definately recommend getting outside to run aswell!

Good luck getting down to the park today TB, glad youve got your motivation back!

Your right Paul, lots of enthusiasm here (and Darren and WC seem to be bringing in the madness haha!)

Good luck with the insoles Darren, hope they help! I had seen them on then internet a few days ago and though thtat they would be good!  I paired my footpod & hrm but trying to find out if you can only transfer data from the watch to the computer if you've been in the train mode? I was in the timer mode as i wanted it to beep after 5 and 2mins but when i transferred it to the training centre there was nothing there!  Hope that makes sense!!

Just trying to get rid of a headache just now and then i will be off to the gym, doing my 2nd W5R2x4 session today,  after the disaster with the garmin yesterday going to go on the treadmill so that i can get my distance!

29/08/2008 at 10:57

Morning everyone!

 I hope everyone is feeling good today, my ankle / heel problem feels so much better, who would have thought teetering about in high heels would be good for you?

Went to circuits & spin last night & really enjoyed it so am feeling confident that if I avoid any other exercise for the next 2 days I will be fit to run this 10k on Sunday!

Am dead happy today!!!

 Love Osa xxxx

29/08/2008 at 12:49

Well done Osa!!! Glad to hear that your ankle and heel feel better!  Thats good your feeling confident about the 10km on Sunday...hope im feeling as good as you when mine comes round!

Im also feeling dead happy today too! Just back from the gym, managed to do my run5, walk2x4, didnt need a sneaky walking break either!  Did 2 days in a row which i probably should have done but it means that i dont have to worry about not getting out this weekend!

Also happy as i got my garmin to work woohoo!! Although realised i hadnt set the date and its now logged my training as the 25th July 2007 oops!

Hope everyone one is having as good and as happy a day!!

Nic x 

ps.  Hows everyone getting on with their weightloss?  Ive been SO healthy the past 2 days! Going to spoil it tonight by having pizza!

29/08/2008 at 13:00

Well done Osa, and you too Nic.

I had a mad session (with very little running ) in the Gym yesterday but thankfully no aches today .

 I too will be spoiling my rather good work all week with a few beers and a pizza tonight. Well i have to reward myself! That said i am intending (hangover permitting) to go for a little trot tomorrow morning before i head off for more beers and crap foot at the football. Then Sunday should be my 7or 8 miles that I want to get done. I am slightly aprehensive, although i have bought myself a marathon belt (it looks a bit like a bum bag with drinks bottles veolcrowed to it) so I should have the juice to keep going and not get too thirsty/dehydrated. How does the camelback go when your out AJ?

Well I'm off for lunch and  a rather nice looking salmon or chicken salad...i how i spoil myself

Edited: 29/08/2008 at 13:00
29/08/2008 at 13:24
Thanks Mark!  I think the beer and food will be definately made up for with the 7/8 mile run your going to be doing!  
29/08/2008 at 13:39
Yeah it should be. Hopefully I will have a reasonably good day for it too.
29/08/2008 at 13:40

Hi guys,

Got a bit of a limp going on from a dodgy ankle today Anyhow i hope to run again on sunday all being well.

Mark, although it may seem im putting you all  to shame i'm not i can assure you. I was 14.7 stone in 1998 but got sick of it, my jeans were tight (32"), fat face, sluggish, unfit and tired all the time. Anyhow i lost 3 stone in 6 months,gave up smoking then took up mountain biking. I then started weight training and lost more fat but gained muscle mass. A year ago i went nuts for fitness after i lost Dad to Cancer, i found it helped me focus on something and gave me some big positives mentally and physically. I'm now in the best shape of my life with a body fat percentage of 9% and running is amazing, i love it and feel i have found my niche. What i  will say to people trying to lose weight is dont have to sacrifice all the good things in life..i.e Curries, Booze, Chocolate etc... all you have to do is eat it all in moderation and push yourself that bit harder when you work out running etc. But i feel that the changes you make whatever they are will be for life not just a few will see results if you stick with it but it takes time...just stick with it!! Please note, im no expert i'm the same as all of you on here, i loved chocolate, Beers, Fags, Kebabs..i just got sick of seeing myself in the mirror.

I will tell you all off out for an Indian tonight and a few beers....and i can't wait!!!

As for the Camelback...i havn't used it yet as it arrived too late for yesterday but i will keep you all posted once i've used it

Keep smilin'


29/08/2008 at 14:03

HI all,

Don't know where to start - so much going on here! 

Osa, glad your ankle/heel is better!  I always wear flat shoes, but perhaps if I ever get an ankle injury I'll buy myself some high heels as they seemed to do the trick for you haha.  And good luck for Sunday!

Mark - enjoy your pizza and beers!  Good luck with the 7/8 miles on Sunday by the way. 

Joe - Welcome!  So you are back into running again.  You've done well with the weight you lost. Sounds like you are still pretty fit, from what you have written in how much you ran and how long it took you! 

AJ - you are an inspiration, and I admire your sticking/staying power.  It's true, I think, things in moderation if possible! 

 TwoTinNic - enjoy your pizza tonight, you deserve a little 'indulgence', you've worked hard for it.  Sounds like you are a little ahead of me in training, although not by much I think .  I am looking forward to NOT doing the walk bit and enjoying doing the RUN bit more eventually.

Regarding running in the rain - thanks to everyone who answered my question/s about it.  Everyone who commented about the rain made it sound like a lot of fun to run in it!  I will certainly look forward (crazy or what?) to the experience then.  Never really thought of it as being enjoyable to run in the rain at all...but I guess if I'm hot and sweaty it's surely going to be quite refreshing, as long as it's not bucketing it down!?

I have been using (shock horror!) my mobile phone to time the run walk run, I know this is probably totally out of order haha...what is the best method you (anyone reading this!) have found to keep tabs on your time and/or distance when you are running?  Which are the simplist and easiest gadgets?  I'm sorry I'm so green, but it would be nice to have some tips/hints/advice from people who have maybe used gadgets (other than their mobiles timers!) to keep track of their running.


29/08/2008 at 14:13

Thanks for that AJ, its nice to hear that perceverance does pay off and these goals are achievable!  Enjoy your night out tonight!!

Hi Diane! Thanks, im going to try and make it as healthy as possible - veggie a thin base (reduce some of the guilt haha!).  What plan is it your following again?  Im on week 4 of the 0 - 30mins 8 week plan from the beginners section here.  The improvement in my running since week 1 is amazing!  Bit scared about next 8 walk 2 x3...but then i said that about this week and im managing!! I know what you mean! Still sounds a scary prospect to be running for 30mins non stop but really hope to get there!

Definately dont recommend running when its bucketing down! Did the in the RFL in June, it was horrible! could barely see as the rain was messing wtih my contact lenses and i was soaked to the bone...i guess it did keep me cool though!!

Haha, if your mobile phone works then stick with it! Ive just started using the garmin forerunner 50 which i bought ages ago.  you could buy the watch on its own if your not bothered about the footpod and hrm and it has an interval timer, i set it up so it beeped after 5mins then after 2mins so i didnt have to keep checking it. which was brilliant, stopped me staring at the watch every 30secs, although im sure there are cheaper alternatives out there too?  you could do a search for watches with an interval timer function?

Edited: 29/08/2008 at 14:13
29/08/2008 at 15:14

Hey everyone

Thanks for the kick up the bum TTN I am definately going out on saturday and sunday now and I WILL find a way to get myself motivated after work to go out - like you say at the moment it isn't for all that long at all and I like it once I'm out!

Dazza - how have you found your nokia N95?  I am thinking of getting one but I would like to know how it works before I decide on that one.


29/08/2008 at 15:19

Glad to be of service!! Enjoy your runs! I had a few motivation problems this morning, had a bit of a headache and almost never went out even though it dissapeared! It was the thought of feeling guilty eating the pizza tonight knowing i hadnt gone out!

Burning off a few extra calories doing some housework now!! How on earth does one person managed to accumulate so much clutter?!?!

29/08/2008 at 15:26

Thank you Nic, Mark & Diane

 I had to laugh I am off out for pizza tonight too & definitely going to have a beer or two, am going to see Hellboy, has anyone seen it?

I am a bit nervous about Sunday as I haven't ran for a week and a half but I am hoping the spin classes & weights have helped keep my overall fitness levels although for next time I want to be better prepared & introduce some speed training to my routine.

 It is only 2 weeks til I do this dreaded Monster at Loch Ness, it is a 4 person relay, I am doing stage 2 (an 8km run) & stage 6 (a 22km cycle). Doesn't sound too bad? The first 10km of the cycle is uphill! I just can't conceive how I am going to do this!! I haven't been out on my bike once, I bought a cheapo road bike for it & it is still sitting pristine in the hall!

Oh well can worry about that next week!

Love Osa x

29/08/2008 at 15:37

Hi all

Kelly hope interview went well.

Am so glad to have run today I feel so much better - It was hard work and I'm shattered also was hoping it would be raining but its just overcast and humid here.  Went back to Wk 3 and found it ok and probably could have worked harder.   Saw friends of mine out on their horses and was tempted to ask for a lift but didn't  

WC and Darren - I'd rather do my night shifts sometimes - finished run of 4 day shifts yday (the joy of relief on my rota  ) and had an absolute thrashing on all 4 - would rather have worked 4 nights.  Don't mind doing 12hrs as we get the time off afterwards.  

Going for a soak in bath now and a cup of tea  - am now thinking of pizza and a beer but will be good and have pasta and some chicken.  Not going out tonight as OH working so planning on having a relaxing night in with some maltesers and a film.

29/08/2008 at 15:53

Thanks AJ, and good for you that's a real inspriation to us (well at least me!).

Osa, that sppinning class should have you in great shape for the bike section and i'm sure the fitness will help you with the run more than you think.  With regard to speed training, i think that progression training is a really good way to build that into your training without aving to do too much... this is quite a good explanation of it. Oh and let me know how Hellboy is, I'm planning to see it next week!!!!

29/08/2008 at 15:58

Not seen hellboy but thinking i might be going with my bf as he wants to see ti, do you think it will matter if ive not seen the 1st one?!! Sounds like its pizza's all round on here!!  So are you based in Scotland then if your doing the Loch Ness Marathon?

Well done on getting out TB! And well done on not going for pizza too!! Pasta and chicken sounds good!

29/08/2008 at 15:58

No probs Mark will let you know and thank for the link!

 Osa x

29/08/2008 at 17:20

ewww flying ants-i hate them, loads here today. 

sennehiser make great headphones, might have to treat myself as ipod phones arent very comfy on me. also keen to treat myself to a Garmin, probably a 305 as the 405 is more expensive and not really any better, i have been researching them and there are problems with smaller screen and touch bezel on 405. perhaps will have to go on the birthday list.

have been cleaning my carpets today and really tired now, does anyone know if you can log housework on Fetch under crosstraining?

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