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Anyone just starting out? (continuation of Newbies thread)

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29/08/2008 at 17:28
Housework is very tiring, it should go on as something (but what's Fetch?)
29/08/2008 at 17:58

Haha. I know!! Did some housework this afternoon and just woke up now to realised i'd fallen asleep on the sofa oops!!

29/08/2008 at 21:09

link to Fetch

Fetch is ace. its another running/training site but the best thing is being able to log your runs. it can even predict your times for different distances based on how fast you ran! you can measure runs, put down the weather and stuff, and see graphs to see how youve got on (and it will work out pace for you). but it can be a bit depressing when it tells me things like "So far on Fetch you've run 83.29 miles. That's 0.02 times The Great Wall of China - just 4076.71 miles to go"

its also got forums (sorry CJ, fora), blogs, buddies, lists of other peoples training, races, you can add your race predictions etc and even bet on other members, but not done that yet. annoying thing i found is you cant trial it without signing up though. when i get my garmin i think i will be able to link runs in.

unlike another running programme i tried first you can also add all sorts of other training, eg cycling, swimming, gym etc

but still prefer RW forum...

29/08/2008 at 21:16
i fancied a change of image, let me know what you think when it appears!
29/08/2008 at 21:51


I tried that link to Fetch you posted and it didn't come up properly - just a page of related search options....I think this is the correct one

Best wishes,


29/08/2008 at 23:40

Hi, I've been lurking for a while now and really enjoy reading everyone's comments, so thought it would be a good idea to say hello!

I started this running malarkey a couple of months ago because I wanted to improve my fitness after packing in the fags, and was inspired after going to watch some friends of mine do a 10k race. So far I've been rather enjoying it, but still can't get that far and am so slow!! I can do 5k now on a good day, but it takes me 42mins!! On one hand I'm really pleased because a couple of months ago I could barely run for a minute! But it is barely faster than a good walking pace!! Have entered the adidas women's 5k challenge in Liverpool which is next Sunday, and although I am reasonably confident i'll get round the course I'd like to do it quicker. Maybe I'll save that for my second race though

Anyhoo my goals are simply to be able to go further and quicker! And if I could shift a few pounds in the process i'd be a happy girl

Best wishes everyone!

30/08/2008 at 04:06

Hi everyone. You'll have to put up with my strange random posts at odd times for another week and a half.

Hello Fairy, welcome to the group as I sure you know we have a bra obsession here that is morphing into a headphone and gadget obsession. Most of us are all pretty slow and just starting out I'm not even sure I could run a full 5K myself. I'm trying to slowly increase my distance but am a bit worried about overpushing myself. I ran 1K in the gym yesterday with no issues but after reading about everyone's injury issues am a bit worried about increasing it too quickly.

Diane I'm new to running to I've been doing it for about 2 weeks . In terms of gadgets use what ever works for you. I've usually been in very good shape then about 2 years ago started working offshore, which played havoc with my gym schedule. Then a few months ago I moved to denmark and it's kind of been the thing I needed to jump start my exercising again. I knew I would need some motivating so I bought a Polar F11. It's a general purpose heartrate monitor with a personal trainer feature. You tell it your level of fitness, how much you want to improve it by then it tests you heartrate and gives you a weekly exercise program. When you use it exercising you have to keep your HR in a particular range low, med or high for certain durations. Easy! It doesn't have the fancy running features that the garmin has but as I'm just starting out I figure I don't really need those yet and I use my ipod and nike+ for distances etc. The main reason I bought the F11 was because I wanted a HR monitor I could use running and in the gym and that would also do all the hard work and figure out a program for me. I've just realised I'm a lazy runner!

30/08/2008 at 08:22

Morning all - so much to say (and so little time before my bath is ready!!

Big hello to new peeps - particularly AF, hope it all goes well - you'll find whatever you need and whenever you need it on this thread!

WCinDK, I've also got a Polar, bought it a few years ago and have the footpod to go with it, so I can measure distance/time etc.  Have now worked out how to set it to record laps automatically, and even better, worked out yesterday, how to retrieve that info!!!  So, did a 4m run yesterday and found out time/pace/heart rate for each mile (entered as lap).  Needed to go and sit down to recover from shock of being such a techie!!

Meglet - know what you mean re domestics - they should have a category in the 2012 Olympics!!!  Signed up to fetch myself, tried to enter my times, but couldn't, so gave up!!  Thought it might be useful for finding running partners locally, but they all seem "professional" , so haven't returned, do you find it good?   How's the new running gear?

TTN - enjoying life back on solid ground?

MD, hope long run goes well tomorrow, you might not need anything extra - I used to do 6/8 miles and got around without needing to take on extra fluid, just made sure I'd had enough in advance - but then I don't like drinking etc when running, so maybe it's more me!!

Osa - how's ankle?  Hopefully OK for you for tomorrow - good luck!  Let us know how it goes.

AJ - how's your ankle - from the Queen of injuries ( through experience) be very careful about upping your mileage so quickly, I did and was badly injured and had to give up for 18 months.  I ignored advice to increase slowly, thinking I was OK, fit etc, but they were right and I was wrong.  Hope you're OK, but take it from one who's been there, done it and had to spend 18months at the physio!

Darren, thanks for kind words - mojo is technically a sort of good luck charm, so, from that, we've anglicised it to mean (if I'm right), sense of purpose, being, happiness, self, "getting life back on track" etc - well, that's what I meant!!  Goals, well, I'm a "listy" kind of person (make lists about lists!) so like to tick things off, helps me to have them in logical order (psychs would have field day with me!)

TB - how were the maltesers - any left?!  Hope it's going well with you.

Jac - how about you, you should be going away soon, from memory - this week or next?  Guessing next as after school holidays, so much quieter for you!!!

DH - lots of simple watches out there, depending on what you need, if you look back on Newbies 1,think towards beginning, we talked about it and linked in then.  If not, you could try "gear" sections on here.

Re my goals, promised to post weight today - decided  judging in terms of lbs/oz  is meaningless - Weds scales said 11st, today 11st 4lb (ie 1lb heavier than last week), but can get into a pair of trousers that have been languishing in the cupboard.  So, have decided to put scales into loft and will gauge self by whether clothes fit or not!!  Have particular pair of trousers in mind - when they fit, I'll let you know!!

To all I've missed,sorry  and hello!


Edited: 30/08/2008 at 08:25
30/08/2008 at 08:58


Thanks for your advice..and i'm listening although it's come too late. My ankle isn't good and i wont be running this weekend which i must say is devastating as i was really going to go for it.

Luckily i have a commercial Cross Trainer here at home so i'll be able to give that some stick for an hour or so to keep myself in shape for when my ankle is better? I just hope it doesn't take too long ....i can't beleive it

Happy running you lot, do a mile or two for me please!!


30/08/2008 at 09:17

Hi all, welcome Airy Fairy

CJ well done on the tech side, i can't even work out how to turn the alarm on/off on my watch...i'm not sure how i'd manage with HRM etc. I think that for under 10 miles i should be OK without too much to drink, but i do tend to feel really thirsty after about 35 mins or so. I think that i may need to drink more before i go. I'll give it a go tomorrow, and if not then i can take my belt thing with me next time.

AJ, you probably already do but I'd suggest some form of ankle support and RICE for it.. That should help heal up quicker (i'm somewhat an experienced ankle injury specialist). The cross trainer should help - ice up after though, just in case. I'll try an extra mile or so on your behalf.

well i'm off to the gym now so see you later.

P.S Osa, good luck for tomorrow

30/08/2008 at 09:46

AJ, to be honest, if it's that bad, then perhaps you should leave all exercise for a day or two.

For what it's worth, I'd suggest  that you  follow Mark's advice, take anti-inflammatories as well, maybe (altho you are not supposed to, but who doesn't) use an anti-inflam cream topically (I use Voltarol) and give it a good chance to settle, then see where you are. 

I appreciate how important it is to get into, and remain in good shape, but if you don't rest it (and again, I didn't!), then you could end up with more problems and needing more time out from exercise than if you could just give it a day or two now.  I'm an extremely impatient patient - so I can empathise, but you might find that just having the weekend off before doing anything is enough for the injury to start mending/healing.

Hope it's better soon though.

Edited: 30/08/2008 at 09:46
30/08/2008 at 11:30

Hi everyone!

Nic, I am in Scotland I live in Paisley, that is where the 10k is I am doing (hopefully) tomorrow. Never made it to the film as the lure of more cider won! Went to a noodle bar for some dinner, it was really nice!

CJBA, thanks for enquiring after the ankle, it seems fine now but was wearing my ballet pumps last night & this morning & my heel is absolutely aching, going to take an anti-inflammatory & rest it today (good excuse to veg out on the sofa, ha, ha!)

Mark, thanks for the support, think I will need it!

Osa xx

30/08/2008 at 11:43
morning folks

just a quick hello went for longest run last night 3.6 miles, had to run 40 mins continuously in my training plan and I did it so much so had to run part of my cool down walk to make sure I did 40m mins. So my next run, which should be tomorrow I'm planning to try 4 miles!

Woke up this morning feeling crap (almost literally, sorry too much info). Hopefully only a 24 hour bug.

Hope everyone else is good

30/08/2008 at 12:45

Hi Jac

 That sounds lousy, hope you are feeling better soon, I especially hate being ill at the weekends!

 Nice one about your run & hope you are fit enough for your 4 miler tomorrow.

Osa xx

30/08/2008 at 13:03

sorry about the bad link, it is .com and not!!

Fetch is a bit tricky to work out until you get used to it, dont find it very easy to navigate way around. easiest thing is to use panel on right which says "Do stuff quickly".

CJ, top is going back as too big, but trainers and socks good.

Osa good luck for tomorrow. i was really nervous about my 10k in June, but afterwards found it really motivating to keep me running. just go at your own pace and enjoy it!

30/08/2008 at 13:45

Thanks Meglet!

I am hoping it will be a little cooler tomorrow as it is so clammy here & really overcast!

Osa xx

30/08/2008 at 15:36


I've decided to rest up for the weekend and see how we are on Monday, it's not much fun because i know you guys are out and to say i'm jealous is an extrreme understatement!! I even struggle to climb the stairs so i  know i have a prob, just hope it clears off i have miles to clear!

Thanks again, much appreciated!!


30/08/2008 at 15:48

well i took TTN's advice about uping the time im at the gym so got on the treamill today and set it for 60 minutes instead of my usual 30!

I also took CJ's advice and did walk/jog for the whole time. I kind of did 2-3mins walk then 2-3mins jog over and over again, one time i did 5 min jog and then needed a 5 min walk to catch my breathe! lol.

Well i only managed to get 6.4k, which is what i should probally expected seing as i did 3.2k in 30 mins last time i was at the gym, So i guess i should be pretty pleased i kept up the same speed for the 2nd 30mins!  Still going to take more than 90 minutes to do the 10K race in 3 weeks time i think!!!

To be honest i think i could of pushed myself with slightly fasted wak/jogs or maybe shorted walks! And i left it on flat the whole way so might take even longer outdoors on this hilly course!

Oh well, we shall just have to see what progress i can make it three weeks!!

30/08/2008 at 21:48

Hello all most people seem to be making progress so I thought I would chip in and let you all know that i did 2.2k when I woke up this morning. Well that's a slight lie. My alarm woke me up and I put it on snooze to do some stretching and then they started moving my rig around. (It's a floater so they can adjust the length of the anchor chains and move it around a bit.) I was having visions of doing a Nik and potentially hurting my ankle trying to stay on the treadmil so basically I spent the next 20 in bed with a god awful racket going on and my bed wobbling around. By the time it finished I only had time for 25min in the gym but I did 2.7k so was happy.

To everone who is ill or injured, CJ, Osa, Jac and the people I've missed out I hope you all get better soon and if you are trying to race or train I hope it goes well.

Oh and Lisa I'm not even sure I could run for 60 min so I am very jealous

Right I'm going to go back to watching the muse HARP concert on my mac.

30/08/2008 at 22:09

Hi all,

This is a very busy thread!  I can't keep up (bit like my running at the moment haha). 

TwoTinNic - I printed off a plan from another site, (Cool Running)  which is similar to the one on here.  At the moment I'm on the third session (tomorrow morning) which will be 5 minutes walk (warm up) briskly and then 60 seconds run, 90 seconds walk, for 20 minutes.  This will be my third training session!  Gosh I must be the newest runner on here (I feel a fake, cos I am NOT really a runner proper at the moment I think).  You are doing very well, and I'm sure the thing is to take things slow by steady first of all, and build things up, from what I gather is the best way.  Not trying to push myself too fast too soon (although it's tempting sometimes!!).  I'm finding a mobile phone as a timer a bit of a nuisance, much prefer the third hand on a wrist watch (sad and comical aye? haha).  I would like to buy a gadget for purpose, but I'm still so green - garmin sounds interesting, and I'll have to look into things like that, as it would certainly take the strain off my poor little brain cells (yes both of them haha). 

WelshchickinDK  - you sound a dedicated exerciser and I'm sure you are probably really fit, regardless of the time you've been running (about the same as me).  The Polar sounds a good little gadget, especially as it does the work (deciding on programm for you to follow etc) too! 

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.  I wish I had more time to reply to more individual posters and to everyone who has an injury I hope you recover soon!

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