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30/08/2008 at 22:58

Hi Diane I've been out running around 6 times now. I haven't been keeping track and I'm doing a walk/run thing too. I can do a fast jog/slow run for 1k about 7 minutes. But you're right It's possible I might be a bit of a fraud up until 2 years ago I was in very good shape. I was in the gym 5-6 days a week (only for 40 min tops) and swimming 5-7 days a week (either 20 lengths or for 40 min. Girly swimming where you can talk not Olympic style). But that's all kind of slid. Most people would probably say I was in very good shape now but I've lost all my muscle tone and my fitness has 'gone'. I'm only complaining because I know what I was like 2 years ago. I am by no stretch of the imagination fat, but seeing as I think you all know from my posts that I wear a 30C bra I'm sure you've all guessed I'm diddy. For my height and body frame I'm about 5 pounds above my idea range which basically means my knees are looking a bit fat. If I lose 7 to 10 pounds I'll be in the middle of my idea weight range and I know that should come off pretty quickly as I build up some muscle and increase my metabolism.

However at the moment I find running more than 1 minute really hard! I find my self counting down those last 20 seconds looking forward to my walking breaks so maybe I'm not as much of a fraud as I think I am...

31/08/2008 at 08:38

Morning everyone

Am not doing my 10k, spoke to my friend, Julie, who is a runner & she says if I run on my heel when it is sore I could really damage it, don't know if it is plantar fascitiis or just a bruised heel pad but the advice seems the same for both, rest! I am really disappointed but it was so painful all day yesterday, I took a couple of strong anti-inflammatories & iced it too but nothing helped. I can't risk worsening the injury as I don't want to be injured for the Monster in 2 weeks time!

Anyway hope everyone is good & you all enjoy your Sunday, whatever you are doing!

Love Osa xxx

PS Can't believe I never had a drink last night for nothing!, now where is that corkscrew?

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31/08/2008 at 09:04
morning folks

osa sorry you won't be doing the 10k but good that you'll be avoiding further injury. Hope the ankle feels better soon

lisa well done on the gym visit. i'd be well chuffed if I did 10k in 90 mins.. At the moment fetch has me doing it in 1 hour 11 mins but I've about 15 weeks to improve on that.

cj holiday on Friday YIPEE can't wait. Will be taking running gear with me. Hubby also taking his gear with him.

Darren/aj hope injuries are better

TNN anymore runs outside?

Welcome fairy

Well glad to report it waspicnic at only a 24 hour bug but left me totally knackered. I was in bed at 9 last night. Decided to give running a miss tonight but definitely out tomorrow. Hope every one has a good day. We're off for a picnic at Loch Lomond if weather stays dry

be good everyone


p.s. hi to everyone I've missed
31/08/2008 at 09:18

Hi Jac

Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better & are going to take it easy today, sure you will feel better tomorrow.

Hope it stays dry for you, are you close to Loch Lomond? I live in Paisley!!

Osa xx

31/08/2008 at 10:08

We live just outside stirling in a little village called Menstrie. We're about 3/4 hour from Loch Lomond. Only been here for 18 months but love it (moved here from Wakefield with hubby's job)
31/08/2008 at 10:17

Morning folks, glad you're better jac, I remember when my two were young and got bugs, I knew I'd be getting it within 48 hrs!!

Sorry about your foot Osa , but you are right not to run.  If it is pf, then feel free to email me as I had this big time and had a lot of treatment, so could possibly help you.  I don't want to bore everyone else, which is why I've suggested you pm me, but stretching is key.  If you stop now ( I didn't so made it much worse) let it rest and then help rehab, you'll be back much more quickly than if you ignore it and try and run through the pain.  Anyhow, we're out today, but if you get in touch, I'll reply.

One of the ways of ruling in pf is how your foot feels in the am when you get out of bed, or when you have been sitting down and not using your foot - if it's tight and a bit painful, then it could well be pf.  Heel pad pain generally only comes on when you actually strike the heel pad, (as in walking), so if you are sitting and not doing anything, then there's nothing to cause the pain.  In pf, the tendon tends to contract, causing the pain in the heel and is often worse after sleeping or when you have been immobile for a while.  If you find it particularly painful first thing in the am, when you get up, then it is probably almost 100% pf. It's a nuisance, but can be sorted.

Anyhow, as I said, I'm the PF Queen, so get in touch if you want and as I don't want to put anyone else off their breakfast......!!


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31/08/2008 at 10:38

Hi again

Jac, I know of Menstrie but never been through it, I love Stirling though, glad you are enjoying living there!

CJBA, thanks so much for the advice I will definitely PM you later on, I have learnt the hard way that to ignore injuries can result in lasting damage, I have an ankle & knee injury that I will always have to manage because I chose to ignore pain! I would very much like not to have a third injury to have to continually manage, three things to worry about is just plain silly!

Hope you enjoy your day out!

 Love Osa xx

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31/08/2008 at 17:35

Hello everyone!! Looks like ive missed out on lots of gossip! Been busy enjoying being back on dry land thanks CJ!! Not actually done much this weekend but its been so nice just lazing about!  bf's bands playing a gig tonight so think it will be a late one, going to be good and not drink and get up early for the gym (or outside if its not been raining...or maybe outside if my waterproof jacket arrives!)

Sorry to hear about your heel and missing the 10km Osa, sounds like its for the best though! 

Hows the ankle doing AJ?

Glad to hear your feeling better Jac, hope your good for your run tomorrow!  No more runs outside for me since friday, running again tomorrow, looking forward to getting last week 4 session out the way, although scared to start week 5 eek!! Well done on taking your running gear on hols and encouraging your hubby to take his too!

Diane, your definately no fraud and neither are you WC! Your still running! I still cant run very far/very long but class myself as a newbie runner!! Cant wait til I can go out and run for 30mins non stop and call myself a proper runner!  Not sure where to go from there though?! I have no desire to do a marathon or even a half but maybe that will change?!

I get that too WC, counting down the seconds! Although im trying to train my brain to be more positive and ive started thinking of it like "ive ran 2 minutes so only 3 to go" and its actually working!!  its all about PMA im finding!!

Well done Lisa. glad to hear that you managed to keep the pace up for the 2nd 30mins, hope thats built up your confidence for the 10km!

Hope ive not missed anyone out...there was ALOT of reading to be done haha!! x

31/08/2008 at 18:20

Hi Nic

 You sound like you are having a hectic weekend, hope the gig goes well & you can stay good & avoid the dreaded drink, she says sipping her red wine, ha, ha!

I am hoping to get the heel problem sorted, got loads of brilliant advice from CJBA which was most appreciated.

Have a great night.

Love Osa xx

31/08/2008 at 18:39


Thanks for that, just spent the day at a christening (my crazy friend thinks im responsible enough to be godmother to her child, actually both children!!) so looking forward to getting out! SO tempting to have a drink but dont want to hinder my progress tomorrow with a hangover - gawd ive changed haha!! The bottle of white wine in the fridge is calling my name

Yip CJ is our resident PF expert!! I hope its not that you've got as it sounds nasty.  Actually just got this months RW in and there is a couple of pages dedicated to PF which might be of interest to you (CJ, did you write it haha?!)

Enjoy your red wine (im very jealous!!) 

Oh, went to see hellboy 2 last night, its brililant!! really enjoyed it and ive not even seen the 1st one!  Didnt expect it to be so funny which was a bonus!

Nic x

31/08/2008 at 19:14

Hi Guys,

Nic....hmm, the ankle is better than it was yesterday but i'm struggling a bit still but i'm running Wednesday no matter what! Real pity as today had to be the perfect running day. I'm impressed with your self control with regard to not drinking at your christening!

Sorry to hear Osa is also's really not good!


31/08/2008 at 19:15

I know I saw it last night too, it was brilliant, it looked amazing, very Pan's Labyrinth, Selma Blair looked amazing too (cow!).

Will check RW out, thanks for the heads up.

Love Osa xx

31/08/2008 at 19:22

Cheers AJ it is so frustrating when the mind is willing but the body isn't interested, I have learnt the hard way that if I ignore pain it just makes things so much worse so am really hoping i have caught this in time, hope your ankle is fine too, please take care with it on Wednesday!

Osa xx

31/08/2008 at 19:23

Glad to hear the ankle is better than yesterday, go easy on wednesday though if its still sore, dont want to make it worse(im a right nag, sorry haha!)!  Well the strongest thing on offer was coffee so it wasnt hard, just need some self restraint for wont hurt though and im not driving!  Impressed with myself for putting running before having a wee tipple, although not a big drinker anyway (TwoTInNic was my nickname at uni as im such a lightweight!)

Ooh, ive got to see Pans Labrynth, didnt think i would like it but maybe i will as i didnt think i would like hellboy either!  Yeah Selma Blair did look really good (lucky cow!)...oh to have a figure like that, although imagine how much training she must do...maybe if i keep this running malarky up haha!

Nic xx

31/08/2008 at 19:35

Yes you should see Pan's Labyrinth, it is really beautiful & moving, unfortunately no humour in it but brilliant!

Love Em xx

31/08/2008 at 20:03

Hi Guys, wow so much has happened

AJ glad to hear the ankle is starting to feel better. I think you would be glad to hear that I ran an extra few miles for you today. which makes (aprox) 9 miles, it took 71 mins which i don't think is too bad at all.

Although I now have a big red welting blister (Despite the twin skins!!!!!) on my instep...oh dear or dear I may have to take a few days out - although I was planning the next 2 days to be rest days anyway so it should be ok. and I have some spray plater which (I have found) is particularly good for blisters.It goes a little like PVA glue when it dries so it keeps all dry and stops any rubbing. I think i may have to use it as a preemtive precaution for the next long run.

I think tomorrow i'll go and see Hell Boy as a treat for today...

Osa hope the heel is feeling better soon.

Congrats on the not drinkning Nic, I wish i had heeded that yesterday at the football, I felt so rough this morning and don't remember much about the game...I know my team won, which is the main thing...

31/08/2008 at 20:14

Hi everyone!

WelshChic - yes, I know exactly what you mean about counting down to the minute hahah....that's sooo me!  I am finding it easier though, and had my third session today.  So you are three in front of me

Mark - I've heard of that spray plaster and it's very good for a lot of wounds, as - as you say - it's like a protective skin and stops infection, whilst allowing healing to take place underneath. 

Osa - hope you recover soon! 

I'm not getting the abbreviated words - pf and PMA - guess more for me to learn.

Had my third session this morning, so it's going to get a bit tougher (not that much I hope) on my next session...things are stepped up a bit.  I am finding it gradually easier, unbelieveably!  When I first started I thought that 3 miles in 30 mins sounded WAY beyond me, but I've now sort of realised that it's all slowly-slowly-catchy-monkey haha.

31/08/2008 at 20:35

Mark......nice one! I'm well happy with that...sounds like a quality run in a quality time although jealousy is now creeping in !  A great day for a good run!! At least some of us are still on the move...keep it up and stay intact!


31/08/2008 at 20:38

PMA=Positive Mental Attitude(from prev newbies thread by MicknPhil i think)-its essential for running, if i go out with a "not sure how i will do today" attitude instead then i do really badly.

eg today, decided to do first real hill rep session, having identified suitable hill.

10 mins warm up, then up hill-took 1min exactly to get to where i had earmarked and was planning on doing 4 reps, but ended up doing 5 with last one quickest and also running quicker on way home (9.5 mins), all because i had decided to go out and conquer hill. will def do that again, but would like HR monitor to see if going hard enough!

01/09/2008 at 01:09

Just trying to test you Diane haha!! Meglets got PMA covered and pf is plantar fasciitis which is an injury to the broad band of tissue that runs along the bottom of your foot (completely stolen from RW mag by the way!!) Im also scared about trying out my next weeks session (gonna be running 8mins x 3 eek!!) although its truly brilliant when you find you can actually do it, and if its too hard theres no shame in going back and repeating the previous week or creating inbetween weeks like Fwitsend does...actually thats a point...Fwitsend where are you?!?!  The next week will be tougher but they key is definately PMA!! Dont think about what youve got left to do think about what youve done already, i tell myself that if ive ran x amount already then i can run the rest!  running is 90% mental, 10% physical!

Ive realised that if you can get PMA sussed then the running part gets SO much easier!!

Well done on the run Mark thats brilliant!! Think you deserve a boozy day at the footie for that run!  Never understood why you blokes get drunk at the footie and then barely remember the game?! Must be one of those things women just dont get about men! Sorry to hear about the blister, cant believe the recommended twin skins failed you oops, feel guilty as i sung their praises so much!!

Just back from the bf's gig!!   It was SO good, its so rock and roll dating a drummer hehe(!! I had 1 magners and im tiddly...thats what 2 weeks offshore with no booze does to me...atleast im guaranteed a cheap night haha!

Well done on conquering the hill meglet!! Cant wait to do that someday ( i live on a giant blooming hill so i guess its gonna have to happen!!)

The bf owns pans labrynth so will be borrowing it off of him! He tried to get me to watch it once but i kept putting it off...feel guilty now, thanks for the recommendation!! Looking forward to the Hobbit coming out! 

Good night everybody! x

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