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Boomtown Rats plodding on Thursday

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27/11/2003 at 00:15
Well, that is how I feel - it's a rat race and I have well and truely been caught!

Still working SP
27/11/2003 at 00:18
Oops, meant Rat Trap.

Or Plod Trap.

Perhaps I should give up now.


Think my brain has gone to bed without me.
27/11/2003 at 05:08
Good morning one and all.

Quick post-I'm off to have a meaningful relationship with a chicken curry.Bad practice I guess,but sod it I'm starving!

SP-Hope you managed to get a few zzz's in your mud hut all tangled up like that.It wasn't in vain:

Night all,have a good day whilst I'm sleeping :o)
27/11/2003 at 08:15

nice win LJ.

cor its cold, icy car this morning
27/11/2003 at 08:29
There was a lot of rocking going on that night
Cruising time for the young, bright lights
Just down past the gasworks, by the meat factory door
The five lamp boys were coming on strong
The Saturday night city beat had already started and the
The pulse of the corner boys just sprang into action
And young Billy watched it under the yellow street light
And said tonight of all nights there's gonna be a fight

Billy don't like it living here in this town
He says traps have been sprung long before he was born
He says hope bites the dust behind all the closed doors
And pus and grime ooze from its scab-crusted sores
There's screaming and crying in the high-rise blocks
It's a rat trap, Billy, but you're already caught
And you can make it if you want to or you need it bad enough
You're young and good-looking and you're acting kind of tough
Anyway it's Saturday night, time to see what's going down
Put on a bright suit, Billy, head for the right side of town
It's only eight o'clock, but you're already bored
You don't know what it is, but there's got to be more
You'd better find a way out, hey, kick down that door
It's a rat trap, and you've been caught

In this town Billy says everybody's trying to tell you what to do
In this town Billy says everybody says you gotta follow rules
You walk up to the traffic lights
You switch from your left to your right
You push in that button, and that button comes alight
And it's
Walk, don't walk, walk, don't walk
Talk, don't talk, talk, don't talk
Walk, don't walk, walk, don't walk
Talk, don't talk, talk, don't talk
Hey, Billy, take a walk, take a walk, take a walk
Billy, take a walk, take a walk, take a walk
Billy, take a walk, take a walk, take a walk
Hey, Billy take a walk with me

Well, little Judy's trying to watch Top of the Pops
But mum and dad are fighting, don't they ever stop
She takes off her coat and walks down to the street
It's cold on that road, but it's got that home beat
Deep down in her pocket she finds 50p
Hey, is that any way for a young girl to be
I'm gonna get out of school, work in some factory
Work all the hours God gave me, get myself a little easy money
Now, now, now, na na

Her mind's made up, she walks down the road
Her hands in her pockets, coat buttoned 'gainst the cold
She finally finds Billy down at the Italian cafe
When he's drunk it's hard to understand what Billy says
But then he mumbles in his coffee and suddenly roars
It's a rat trap, Judy, and we've been caught...

Rat trap
You've been caught in a rat trap

27/11/2003 at 08:45
hmm, was Billy a plodder in training?
27/11/2003 at 08:48

back from my crimbly shopping
27/11/2003 at 08:51
'ello GL

that reminds me, must book next Thursday as hols to go shopping
Pink    pirate
27/11/2003 at 09:02
Morning all,

Had appt with sports therapy guy last night for my dodgy ankle/shin. As expected have been banned from plodding for a bit until he gets me some orthotics. Basically cos I'm over pronating on my right leg (and a bit on my left) its caused micro stress fractures in the membrane around the bone (never did anatomy at Uni - but thats what I understood it to be). Been given stretches and ice in the meantime - can still use the gym though so thats cool.

On a lighter note - he was ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!!!!
Pink    pirate
27/11/2003 at 09:03
ps deep tissue massage on Monday!!!!!!!
27/11/2003 at 09:07
ooh Pink,

get well soon at least they know what is wrong now and you can get it sorted.

well done on gorgeous sports therapy guy, I might do myself an injury and take myself along there :-)
27/11/2003 at 09:15
hi Pink. At least you know what's wrong.

deep tissue massage, sounds "interesting"
Pink    pirate
27/11/2003 at 09:15
Yeah, will be nice to go out and not be bothered by it - was never horrendous but I never got that bouncy could run for hours feeling.

Might have to prolong the injury - must be worth a few more appts yet!!
27/11/2003 at 09:18
27/11/2003 at 09:23
Morning all.

Ache like anything form yesterday's 5k.
27/11/2003 at 09:24
And allI did was a run/walk.
27/11/2003 at 09:24
Good morning Pink, Staggs, Ginger Loon and anyone else who's out there.

27/11/2003 at 09:25
Did you get any motivation from your motivation thread?
27/11/2003 at 09:28
Yes. Loads. Did plod reluctantly yesterday. Discovering new muscles by the minute.
27/11/2003 at 09:28
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