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Pink    pirate
30/12/2003 at 02:19
Afternoon all,

Escaping midday sun at Coogie beach - walked over from Bondi - weather is fab high 20s, tan progressing nicely.

Journey here was great, got loads of sleep on the plane and stopped in at a hotel in Hong Kong for a few hours - even went to the gym between flights - much better than hanging around in the airport. So far jetlag not a problem but feeling a bit tired today after getting up at 5am with insomnia, was watching them practice the NYE lights on the harbour bridge - friend's flat has great view of bridge and Opera house gonna be a great NYE (hangover for birthday next day though ugh!)

Planning early morning plod tomorrow around the harbour. did 3 days in a row over Xmas (naughty naughty!) so was good and rested for a couple of days leg was a bit hurty after Boxing Days effort but brought my ice pack.

Having night out in Bondi tonight - there are 4 people here this week who I used to share a house with at uni - funny you have to go to Sydney to meet up when they only live in London!

Hope the weather ok there (did someone mention snow?) <smug laughter>

Have good plods all!

Pink :)
30/12/2003 at 06:09
Morning all!

Pink, I'm jealous! VERY jealous :-)

Right, off to the smoke.

best get dressed and go forth to be professional.......
30/12/2003 at 06:10
Hi Pink!

all sounds wonderful, you lucky so-'n'-so. Specially NYE.

It's 6am here, freezing and horrible. Shall I go for a plod?

<returns to bed, laughing sardonically>
30/12/2003 at 06:11
morning Staggs.

have a good day.
30/12/2003 at 07:03
G'day Pink, hello Staggs and Aiki - everyone else must still be in the land of nod.

I'mm off to work in a mo (went back yesterday), but would definitely rather be plodding. Will try to squeeze in a treadmill session at the gym at lunchtime (unless the lure of the sales is too much for me!)

Happy new years eve eve one and all...
30/12/2003 at 07:06
Morning all,

Hi Pink, now you can take over the travel writer's position. Watch out for that sun - you might end up having to change your name.

I'm getting prepared for the British weather (snow?) and spent a fortune on a gore-tex jacket today. Have to start packing and drag myself to school shortly, although all I really want to do is sleep after a huge lunch at a Buddhist restaurant.

30/12/2003 at 08:21

30/12/2003 at 09:21
Morning all.

Back at work today after the Christmas break. Boo hiss. Also have stuffy nose and sore throat. Even bigger boo hiss (can you tell it's getting close to opening night for panto?).

Did a couple of plods over Christmas. Including one with my PT on Christmas Eve. The lovely boy opened the gym early for me (they weren't supposed to open until 9.30 and we were plodding at 7). Had the entire gym to ourselves for the post-plod stretch and abs session. Had great fun falling off those Fitball things while trying to kneel on them.

Trying to ignore all those in warmer climes as the office is FREEZING.

Should plod tonight at 16 week marathon programme started yesterday but breathing is a prob at the moment.

So what did Father Christmas bring everyone?
30/12/2003 at 09:23
Morning all. I knew I should have stowed away in Pink's suitcase!! A bit of snow, or a VERY hard overnight frost here.

Feeling carp as didn't sleep due to bunged up nose and concerns about this morning's visit to Occy Health doctor.

Breakfast and venturing out it is. See you in a bit.
30/12/2003 at 09:24
Hi Floosie

Sounds like gym boy is attached to finger!

wot did FC bring? err... not a lot by agreement! a share in a ps2, some dvds, bottle of whiskey, bottle of JD, a few sweets, a share in a new printer...
30/12/2003 at 09:27
good luck Parddu, healing vibes and large drop of olbus oil to clear the sinuses..
30/12/2003 at 09:36
<waddlesinto forum, warily looking for mince pie s>>

First day back - no one else in. May be the shortest working day in the history of mankind.

Did everyone have a nice break? Busy busy or what? and i NEVER want to see any turkey ever again. all turkeyed out now.

Father christmas very generous.

Oh, btw - Janet reger undies are in the Debenhams sale for £6 per item.

am launching a raiding party later to acquire a new black bra
30/12/2003 at 09:37
Oh and V jealous of all forumites wh are in sydeny.

Send us a postcard, floosie. Yes i DO want to know what I'm missing out on.
30/12/2003 at 09:38
Hi Staggs. Me? Wrap a gym boy round my finger? Surely not. You must be thinking of some other Floosie! He told me on Christmas Eve that it's nice to have someone to train who is serious about it. Think he's got the wrong person too......

Santa was quite generous to me. Got some new speakers for my stereo from the ever-practical b/f and my Dad bought me some lovely Ronhill plodding gear. Also got Two Towers on DVD and a breadmaker (total girlie present from little brother).
30/12/2003 at 09:41
Bread makers are fab, FS - although I allocate that particular toy to Mr. Puff as he seems to be able to use it better than I can.

saw Return of the King yesterday btw. Take a cushion - 3 hours 20 mins. apparently the DVD version is going to be 5 hours.
30/12/2003 at 09:43
Hi Puff.

SOrt of quiet here as well.

hows the mp3 player?
30/12/2003 at 09:44
OK, computer carp and won't work properly. am going for a plod instead in the dark, grey, slightly chilly English climes.

<Glances at sunblock and lobs it across to FS>

Don't think I need this

Ta ra folks. I'll try again tomorrow.

FS - watch that English Rose complexion now
<fuss, worry, mother hen impression>
30/12/2003 at 09:47
MP3 player very good. Esp considering the fact it's only £52. just working out how to do stuff with it at the moment, but think i need a masterclass for that. will probably see what my brother in law can show me.

Have to go as the computer is making terminal breakdown noises again which means that a physical memory dump is imminent.


Hate PCs
30/12/2003 at 09:51
hmmm, Floosie I think Puff's confusing you with Pink!

Breadmakers are great, parents have one so had fresh bread while staying with them. They've moved on to using a slow recipe and it loses most of the yeasty taste that you can get with the faster bakes
30/12/2003 at 09:58
Yep, think I am being confused with Pink. I'm in cold and chilly South East London and have no need of sunblock!

Breadmaker is OK. Took some re-shuffling of my small kitchen to fit it in but had first loaf yesterday. Will try a slower bake Staggs. Don't suppose you have the receipe?

Blocked nose is driving me mad. Can't breath properly, even with eucalyptus oil drenched tissue over nostrils. This is not a good start to the training programme.

It's also making me snore. B/f has devised new "affectionate" name for me. I am now the "Polar Bear Cub" because of the noise I make. My Dad, who can snore for Britain, is the Head Polar Bear though.
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