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26/09/2008 at 13:03

Ohh this thread has made me  realise just how little I know of these things .....

Water bottles - not a newbie but always carry one regardless of distance. Didn't think of it a magic sign of newness, just a sign of someone who is thirsty and prefers not to drink litres of water beforehand ( and then have to wee every five minutes ) but sip and keep hydrated as I go.

People running back through the course -  Never occured to me that this was rude, condescending or arrogant and am quite shocked that people think this. I just thought they were probably on their way home or going back to meet spectators or other runners towards the back of the course.

cougie    pirate
26/09/2008 at 13:14
Yeah KK do market things very well - I shall give them that. And the paper hats - neat. But I cant eat marketing - sadly.
26/09/2008 at 13:36
26/09/2008 at 13:47
chocolate squirrel wrote (see)
I hate that noise people make before they spit!!!! when someone is running past you and they do that noise its horrible! the nose noise yuck!

At least you get some warning of what's about to happen, though...

Krispy Kreme - I had my first one ever a couple of weeks ago and was very disappointed, but then I think American taste buds are very different to ours - take their chocolate for instance - it's minging!

26/09/2008 at 14:23
Jogging back down the course is the equivalent of finishing your exam, putting down your pen and leaning back in your chair, arms folded. There's no point in doing anything else, like doodle and pretend you're still writing, but everyone's going to look daggers at you.

The big chain doughnuts are rubbish - you can taste all the extra additives (relative to those healthy ones you get at your local baker's, obviously). And American chocolate tastes like it's 50 percent cotton.

That's enough opinions for now.
28/09/2008 at 09:25

Walked the great Scottish run 10k three weeks ago.I was on crutches so was in last place after about a hundred yards.After 2K I realised the few people I could see in front of me were not getting any further away, I switched on the turbo on the crutches and started to slowly reel them.I passed one then another four. I could see two women about two hundred yards ahead and made them my next target.I would close in on them only to see them pull away again.This went on for a little while until they were forced to make a pitstop at the portaloos.I took full advantage and managed to pass as the were exiting the pit lane only for them to catch me a few minutes later.I tried several times to get away but couldn,t, so just chatted for the last mile.As we entered the finishing area they were distracted by the crowd,s cheers and I "sprinted " the last twenty yards to eventually see them off.It,s ruthless at the back of the field,I did feel a bit guilty but not for long.In answer to your questions yes it is ok to chat and to overtake especially if one gives you the opportunity to do the other.

28/09/2008 at 10:19
LOL, Jim. Hope you're on the mend.
28/09/2008 at 16:45

On water bottles: I too usually carry one in a race.  Since I'm at the back I can get pretty thirsty even during a 10K (and I don't care if I medically could go on without it: why shouldn't I drink if I feel like it?) and feel I can keep my hydration more even and more as I need it than chucking down a load at a water stop.  Drink too much and I'm heading for the loo.  Too little and it can be an awful long way to the next water stop.  Especially if they've run out by the time I get there... a water bottle gives me a reserve in that case.

It's also useful to have in hot weather when I also use it to pour over myself.  Last really hot race I did (in London) I was doing this at regular intervals, and feel I could have overheated without it.

29/09/2008 at 08:02
Thanks Slugsta, getting new hip in February so hope to be running late summer.
30/09/2008 at 13:35

Nice one Jim - turbo crutches...love it  

Good luck with the Op.

02/10/2008 at 00:39

With regards to the water bottles, some people DO need to carry water for a 10k.. .

 No matter how well hydrated I am I always seem to get a dry tickly throat and have to sip water when it gets like that otherwise I end up in a big coughing fit that progressivly gets worse until I'm nearly sick. Thats not good at the best of times never mind mid race, there is nothing "wrong" with me medically or otherwise, its just how I am.

I also suffer with asthma and trust me on this, its always nice to have a drink after taking my inhaler but my doctor also recommends it to help prevent getting thrush in your throat which can be a side effect of taking these meds.

People who run in groups so you can't get past really irritate me though, there were loads of run/walkers doing this at my last race on a narrow path.

I like people shouting encouragement, I've found it can help when your struggling.     I also think its nice to thank the marshalls or at least smile at them on your way round if your too tired to talk.

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