RFL. I laughed, I cried.............

.....but I ran all the way!!

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08/06/2003 at 15:01
What a fantastic experience - my very first race. It was very emotional. I loved the aerobic warm-up, it really set me up for the race. My husband, mum and mum-in-law were there rooting for me, and I've got some pics too.

About half a km into the race, I was panting (it's what I do to control my breathing - means I don't get puffed out at the end) as I overtook 3 walkers, and one of them piped up 'listen to her, somebody give her a balloon!'. I just kept running and ignored her, but doesn't it make you sick that at an event like that there can be such pettiness?

A couple of times I considered taking a walk break, which I didn't really want to do, so I was chanting under my breath in time to my plods 'walking's not an option, walking's not an option'. It worked, because I ran it all, and crossed the line with a PB of 37.12.

Needless to say I blubbed. Nice goodybag at the end, and I felt brilliant.

My father-in-law, who's recovering from cancer, has kept my pink 'in celebration of Dad Smith' think, and he's tuck it on the wall.

All in all a fantastic day, and I'm going for a fun run in 3 weeks!!!

One tip. If you intend to run the course, try to get to the front before the off, as it's very crowded and impossible to run at first.

Good luck to everyone else.

Love Kit

P.S. Raised £321 for Cancer Research.
08/06/2003 at 15:03
Fantastic Kitanda give yourself a big pat on the back and feel proud.
08/06/2003 at 15:13
Clever old you, Kitanda! I didn't manage to run it all, and you just beat my target time! :o) We had one wally who shouted out to someone: 'oi! Don't stop!' I think he was a little taken aback by the volley of 'At least she started!' :o) There must have been about 10 of us who shouted it together, not all of us running together. But he had the grace to say sorry!
08/06/2003 at 15:16
ooo, I'm choked just reading it! - well done - don't you feel so good walking around with all the finishers afterwards (and don't you get lots of goodies in the RFL?). I didn't wear my pink sheet, I got so emotional thinking about writing it, and then everytime I looked up in the race, I got all emotional again! It's so brilliant to think that you've done your best (so far!) in a race like that.
08/06/2003 at 15:29
Absolutely! I wore the 'in celebration of' sheet with the names of friends who have recovered. I had to stop reading all the tributes to 'Daddy' and 'Granddad' and 'my husband Alan'. I kept fillin' up!
08/06/2003 at 15:34
well done all of you
great race report Kitanda
08/06/2003 at 16:33
Great going, gal!

- all your hard work and determination has paid off -

- but what is the next challenge......?

08/06/2003 at 16:44
Fantastic Kitanda, well done for running it all. I know how you felt at the end it is quite an emotional experience.

Well done to each and everyone as well who has done the RFL already this year and a also those yet to do theirs.

Keep up the good work! What are you going to do next?
08/06/2003 at 17:04
My next challenge is the Novartis Grimsby 5 for Barnado's which I just filled in the entry for today.

It's in 3 weeks time, and there's a choice of a 5 mile road race, and a 4km fun run. I almost feel ready for the 5, but I decided I would enter the 4k fun run, and aim to run it in 30 mins, which would better my speed time.

I've really got the bug now, and although I'm taking it steady, I hope to be doing 10k races this time next year.

Thanks for all your support
08/06/2003 at 18:04
What a lovely report. It sounds a really good day. I'm looking forward to my race now - another fortnight to go yet.
08/06/2003 at 18:13
well done kit! sounds like you've caught the bug now!
08/06/2003 at 20:01
Way to go Kitanda!!!!

I got emotional too at the end of my first race, I hugged fit Chick and nearly blubbed!

Don't you just feel great now!

Really good time too, I also got another couple of races lined up, one in july and another in september, just fun runs, 3k and 5k.
But like you I want to be able to do 10k' next year.

Well done again, keep grinning
08/06/2003 at 20:22
Wonderful report Kit. You have achieved what the majority can't so you are special. I hope you have as much pleasure and satisfaction over the next years as I have in the past and meet as many nice people and make as many good friends.
08/06/2003 at 20:55
Thanks everyone.

Talking of 'what's next?' I've just entered a 4km fun run, hoping to improve on my time. Any tips on how to do that?

Also, where can I look to find out where the events are in my area? At the moment I really want to concentrate on 5km or less, to improve my speed. I've just scoured the pages in the back of the latest RW mag, but there's not a great deal of stuff in my area. (Grimsby/Cleethorpes).

Any advice on both these issues would be greatly appreciated, especially the one about improving speed.
09/06/2003 at 05:24
Well done Kit

You did really well you must be very proud off yourself!!

Sounds like you have the running bug like the rest off us.

Good luck with your runs

I too have signed up for lots of races this summer 3 5K,1..10K and the ultimate a 1/2 marathon in september!!!
09/06/2003 at 10:11
Kit - that's brilliant, and loads of sponsorship too. Everyone's a winner! Well done on both fronts.

Well, there's always the Cancer Research 10Ks on October now ;-)
09/06/2003 at 10:25
That's fantastic Kit, well done, and thanks for a great race report. You deserve to feel very very proud of yourself.
09/06/2003 at 10:49
Brilliant Kit - well done!!

These people who can only make comments about other peoples efforts are only jealous because its a hell of a lot more than they will ever be able to do!!

Keep it up!!
09/06/2003 at 10:54
Well done Kit! There's no stopping you now. Feel proud, have a treat and then get ready for the next race.......

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