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01/08/2012 at 17:20


Ive had some running shoes for a while. However, I have noticed that I am easily able to fit my fingers inbetween my heel and the end of the shoe. 


Does this mean the shoes I have are too big? also, if they are, does it have much of an impact?



If you recommend buying new shoes, what shoes would you recommend? Because im a student id ideally like cheap ones. However, is it worth paying that little bit more? 





Thanks for your help!!

02/08/2012 at 12:31

Barefoot running is cheapest

Andy -

Edited: 02/08/2012 at 12:33
04/08/2012 at 10:56

Barefoot running is cheapest? Apart from the greater risk of injury due to running on stones, glass and other nasty objects. Not to mention what you might actually step in. I'm sure I will never run barefoot.

It is not really worth spending more. £50 should buy you a reasonable pair of trainers. Always look for bargains, last years model.

Can't comment on what to buy as I don't have your feet. I only know what works for me. Just go into a running store and try a few pairs on. Then look online for the ones you like. Save yourself some money.


06/08/2012 at 09:37
Bex Hill wrote (see)

Barefoot running is cheapest? Apart from the greater risk of injury due to running on stones, glass and other nasty objects. Not to mention what you might actually step in. I'm sure I will never run barefoot.

Almost every barefoot runner would have thought the same before they tried it. People often underestimate how well the body reacts to impact, ie. bones become stronger and LESS prone to injury

There's a paradigm shift currently moving to more minimalist footware, a shift the shoe companies are finally catching on to - why the shift?

- because research has been done (conclusive research) showing that the closer to the ground you feet are the better running form that develops (esp barefoot running), resulting in less injuries. In essence, by putting inches of padding under your foot you create biomechanical adnomalities which wouldn't be there if you ran naturally

Do the research, if you still feel the same there's nothing lost. But you might discover this is a good thing also...

I'm no barefoot warrior - I'm 8 week into it and so far so good. I've done a stack of research and I know a couple of barefoot runners who have had remarkable results. (USA) have a whole forum section all about barefoot running, technique, introduction training etc with 1000's of barefoot runners - here in the UK we are catching on, sloowwwwly

Watch where your feet are landing, start slow and build up and who knows where BF might take you





08/08/2012 at 21:21

Also as ive been told before on here you need to get your Gait tested. This if you dont knpow is how your foot lies underneath on the floor. If you have a natual high arch or a flat foot. Im right by that arnt i guys ?!

08/08/2012 at 22:56
Your foot shouldn't be moving to the front and back of your shoe, otherwise your asking for blisters and lost toe nails. On the other hand, you should look to wear running shoes in a larger size than normal footwear.

What you need to do, is learn how to lace your shoes, so that they are secure on your feet, with the extra space at the toebox, not the heel. Go for a fitting/gait analysis at a decent running store if you are spending more money.
09/08/2012 at 21:57
Also-ran's answer is a good one.

Go to a proper running shop and get fitted for a pair. Sweatshop are good, because they'll exchange them within a 30 day window if you find you don't get on with them, even if you've worn them quite a lot.

Get the right shoes first time. You don't need the most expensive shoes in the shop. Don't get minimalist shoes if you only want to buy one pair.

Start thinking about where you do most of your running (roads? Mixed terrain?). Make sure you choose a shop that has gait analysis and a treadmill. If the person helping you doesn't sound like they know what they're talking about, go somewhere else. Do a bit of research about what neutral, cusioning, support and stability shoes are.

Leave buying cheaply on the internet until you need a second pair and know how the brand you go for's sizing works.

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