Shin splints

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15/11/2012 at 14:30

I have had shin splints for well over 2 years now!! I have an appointment with the physio in January. But I'm training for a half marathon and need to keep going... I do quite badly underpronate to which I tried to correct my foot strike and ended up damaging the tendons in my ankle ... So having rested for two weeks now I feel ready to get back to training ... on the plus side the rest has help my shins also ... I am going to try minimalist / barefoot runnig. I was thinking about get a pair of NB minimus zero. Anyone tried or know much about these?


15/11/2012 at 14:39

Luke... to my knowledge that too, can be classed as shin splints... it depends on how the foot pronates as to where the problem will flare in the shin..

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20/01/2013 at 10:43
I started running using one of the couch to 5k apps on my phone. Even after the first day run (only a total of 7 minutes) I had tired shins for the entire day after the run. I thought this was because I never ran before. I would get this feeling after every run. It wasn't until I moved to the 5k to 10k app that I started having bigger problems. I got a severe pain in my foot arch, it felt like a small bone was broke in my foot. It was even sore when sitting if I moved my toes back towards my shin.

I went to a podiatrist, he told me they were shin splints, anterior tibialis. He said he could give me orthotics but that would never fix the problem, instead he did a Foot Mobilisation Technique, sort of physiotherapy for feet, this corrected the position of my foot so I won't over pronate.

I am back running now and I don't have any pains in my arch or even the tired feeling in my shin. I recommend looking for a podiatrist that does this and not one trying to make a fortune on orthotics.

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