Shoe Buying Etiquette

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18/12/2013 at 11:14

If it's a small store 1 or 2 stores max then i think there is a real etiquette and it's not fair to get their help and then sod off online without paying them anything.  Now if you pay them £15 to advise you then it's fine.

If it's a big chain store less so... but i'd also be willing to try to haggle in all stores for some off.

Screw you and may the lowest price win, works... but only if you want to have amazon / google control the world and not have any shops in your high street in the near future.

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18/12/2013 at 12:19

Did we always get linkyy every time we mention something or is this a new thing? amazon,  adidas, asda !!

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Cake    pirate
18/12/2013 at 12:24

 The evil amazon must have paid RW to do that. Bet they took it off there taxes as a deduction to.

Postie I'm not a big fan of the CWU sometimes but thinking for once they have come out looking good.

18/12/2013 at 12:27

It might depend what browser you're using - I can't see it.

I do tend to buy from the shop if I've used their service & expertise, but usually this is only when I need something new. But I think it's okay to ask for the gait analysis if you say beforehand that you don't think you're likely to be able to afford their shoes - if they know that and don't mind doing it anyway you're not being dishonest, which you would be if you pretended you were going to buy from them. My last gait 'analysis' (actually just a quick look and a chat as I didn't need or ask for it) was done by a guy in a local shop who'd already told me he didn't have the shoes I wanted and didn't think it worth my while to order them in. He sent me to another shop that I did buy from. But I'm sure he knows I'll go back to his shop another time I need something - he's not just providing the service to get that sale, but also for the goodwill, recommendations, and repeat custom.

18/12/2013 at 17:02
I think independents need to offer competitive prices as well as a better service just to survive. Charging a fixed amount for gait analysis would actually help them out rather than impede them if the then charged the going rate for the shoes. At least that way you can choose whether to pay for the analysis or not...
Big chains and online retailers are not the only problem- small shops who sell less and have small turnovers do tend to be dearer just to cover overheads and wages, and that means that they are part of their own problem.
A good service and good prices are the only things that will keep them afloat.
19/12/2013 at 13:26

I had a similar dilemma recently as I was going to buy some new shoes with early xmas money but then (maybe due to hangover...) I didn't get to the shop. I then had an email from "the running awards" saying that I'd won some shoes and could pick what ever I liked!

I had wanted to have my gait analysed again just in case they recommended something other than what I've been wearing but didn't want to go to the shop and abuse their services. I thought perhaps if I said upfront that I've won some and want to double check what to ask for that would be better but I then decided I wouldn't and would just get similar in the hope it was ok.

If they're not then I'll try and sell them and get some different ones! I have been wearing brooks adrenaline gts 11's and have asked for brooks adrenaline 13's - did ask for 14's but they're not out yet!

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