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24/05/2003 at 17:16
Just changed my name BTW - another suggestion from the thread!

Not that yours was a suggestion - I do realise the comment was dripping with sarcasm!
24/05/2003 at 17:17
hmm that was ok, don't go much on Tom Cruise though except for pure totty potential
24/05/2003 at 17:17
me sarcastic? NOooooooooooo!!!!
24/05/2003 at 17:20
Yeah but it had a plot!

Tom Cruise doesn't do much for me either normally - as totty or otherwise.

Yes Smitch - YOU!! <<points finger accusingly!>>
24/05/2003 at 17:32
Ok - I really must go and sort some crucial stuff out my sweet.

Probably see you on URWFRC in five minutes!
24/05/2003 at 18:06
Sorry Fruits, got distracted there for a bit. Probably chat to you later. Off to do chores now.
24/05/2003 at 18:13
Oops! I'm still here when i should be doing my "chores" (all very Americanized!)

I'm out tonight so won't speak unless it's about 2am!
24/05/2003 at 20:39
Ok, I know I must be a bit slow on this here but what/where do you get URWFRC vests??
24/05/2003 at 21:15
Last Plod: Monday

Was due to go out on Wednesday but had a day of admin to do do trying to set up as a private music tutor specialising in Singing and beginners piano. Was reminded that I could also offer theory especially as I'm able to take it to advanced levels.

Then I caught a cold. So I'm waiting to recover before going out again. Will see what I can comfortably manage then go out then.
24/05/2003 at 21:45
Didn't plod today after all. Got caught in holiday traffic coming home when all the world, his wife, his dog and his Aunty Mary Ann seemed to be heading our way. The visible holdup didn't appear until just after I'd passed the last turning where I could have gone down the back roads and avoided all the traffic - mutter, mutter, grizzle, grizzle. Will need to plod tomorrow and Monday to prepare for shopping for new shoes on Tuesday.
24/05/2003 at 22:00
Well I have been exceeeeeeeedingly lazy and not plodded either today or yesterday. My excuses are as follows:-

a) Yesterday I went to see a film that required the consumption of alcohol post picture, so I could hardly refuse. Stayed over at a mates, so didn't get home 'til 12.00 today.
b) (Refer to item concerning alcohol above...) Thought about cutting grass, went for a little light shopping, came back and decided it was too late and I was too hungry to plod.

Oh dear, how pathetic does that sound. Will go out tomorrow.

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21 to 31 of 31 messages
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