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23/02/2005 at 21:38
I started running in October 2003,all went well at first and then i developed a large swelling associated with my left ankle.After rest and a course of anti-inflammatory tablets it seemed to get better.I began training again,no pain in the ankle now but severe leg pain which started on the inside of both legs just below the knee and progressed to just under my toes in both feet.(This actually felt like very bad cramp!)I then embarked on a course of physio which really helped but I was then told i was pronating my feet and i would need to see a podiatrist.This i did,and yes i had excessive pronation.Orthotics were made and fitted to motion control trainers.Everything initially was fine,but i am still suffering from leg pain.I'm not sure what else i can do,running outside is a definite no no,this makes the problem much worse! Any advice??
28/02/2005 at 16:06
Hi Louise
Don't give up yet! I've been running on and off for a couple of years now - the on and off bit is mainly due leg pain of a wide and interesting (?!) variety. I thought everything would settle down after getting orthoses, and it did for a while, only for shin splints to set in as soon as I tried to speed up a bit. This settled last year after a frustrating few weeks and threatening to hang up my trainers. Now training for my first 10k in two weeks, all going well on 5 mile runs, then started speedwork and immediately got symptoms similar to yours. From what I've read, I think the pain may be due to something like compartment syndrome, where the muscle gets too big for the muscle sheath during exercise and causes cramp-like pain down your calf that is quite severe, forcing you to stop. It's the same kind of thing that happens in shin splints in the front of the lower leg. I've read about all sorts of remedies from physio and stretches, to surgery. Personally I'm treating it with rest from running but continuing cross training, extensive daily stretching regime after warming up (I use the stretches from the article 'Shattered Shins' on this website as they helped with the shin splints), ice packs, and massage. I've started to introduce some treadmill running at a gentle pace and it seems to be improving. I'm desperate not to pull out of another race due to injury, as i missed two last year, so still hoping to race if i can. Basically these things can take a lot of work and patience to get them better, but perseverence and taking care not to do too much too soon when starting to run again has paid off for me in the past. Hope your legs settle down soon.

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