Started 8 wk beginner's schedule today

Any other newbies want to join my thread?

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21/08/2011 at 21:21

Evening - it's hot again, but I managed a shorter than normal run this evening - just under 5k, so I'm proud of myself for that!

I went a bit crazy on Friday evening and lengthened the route I've been doing, which meant extra hills - I was knackered afterwards and quite disappointed the distance only came to 4.65 miles - it felt like about 10 haha! I was still a bit achy tonight, hence the shorter run with the least amount of hills I could get away with.

It's the same route as last week again at the running club - so I should be OK with that one! (The proper runners on Wednesday are doing 6.5 mile so I'll give that one a miss I think....)

I also managed to drive us to the supermarket AND back without stalling, so even the clutch in OH's car is doing what I want it to!

Hi Miffy nice to hear from you - glad you're still running! Looks like everyone's decorating at the moment except us - but if I screw my eyes up enough the grubby woodchip doesn't look SO bad....

Norfolklass - funny you should say that about form - I was also reading a RW article and have been spending my last couple of runs trying to keep my arms at 90 degree angles with my back straight - I must have looked like I was checking out my reflection in all the windows I passed, but I was just looking at my form as it's hard to tell! I'm not sure if it helped though, I'll try and use my toes tomorrow to see what happens.

Our cat IS a bit itchy - in front of her ears, the sides of her face and her chin - the vet thinks it may well be some sort of allergy but she wasn't sure what - it's not parasites, and we haven't changed her food - maybe it IS hayfever! The steroids/antibiotics seem to be helping and her scabs have cleared up a bit now - we'll see what the vet thinks on Tuesday.

Hope everyone else is running well - and with good form lol!

21/08/2011 at 21:23

Hi everyone, well I have been RUBBISH this week! Haven't been out since Tuesday I think. Had a weird groin pain when I walked one day, but since then I've just been a bit busy with DIY (seems to be the theme of the week!) and dealing with 5 billion apples from the garden, crumble, chutney, apple sauce etc.

Sorry it's just a quick post tonight, but will get back on track from tomorrow eve! 

Just had to share this link for my fellow cat lovers on this thread as it is just hilarious-  Funniest bits are in the discussions where they point out what doesn't  fulfill the "catloaf" criteria.

Apologies to those of you who thought you were on here to discuss running and not cats

Proper catch up after my next run!  xxx

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21/08/2011 at 21:24
Haha you beat me, Cheetah!
22/08/2011 at 20:36

Hi again everyone. I dunno, nothing from me for a week then three posts in a row!

Well, just got in from my run and am really pleased as I managed to do 5 lots of run 4 / walk 1 without too much trouble! I was expecting 3 mins to be hard as I hadn’t been out since last Monday. So am definitely back on track.

But what does it mean when a Neanderthal-looking man lopes past you and says “f*ing hell” under his breath. I’m sure it must be a compliment tho?…

Hi Norfolklass, glad that your legs a better again. Whitlingham sounds beautiful in the morning! And really interesting to hear about your new running technique. I tried to pay a bit more attention to mine this evening. But I don’t think I’m going fast enough to really have any sort of technique at all just yet! Wow, I’m impressed that you find time for an allotment! I’ve just been snowed under with apples and I think I’m going to turn into one soon like this . LOL! Would much prefer to be a runner bean!

Hi Iain, thanks for the link – of course it’s at the Sportspark, I should have realised. Sure it won’t be long before you’re out there with them! Have you had any good news from the physio yet?

Hi Snails, sorry to hear about your poor dog. How is he? Hope he’s recovered OK. It’s such a worry when you have an ill pet. Has the paint smell gone yet? I’ve been decorating too last week. We’ve got a conservatory which must be 25 years old and needs pulling down really, except we can’t because it acts as our front door as the previous owners blocked up the original one, so we’ve got to keep it going for a few more years until we can afford to replace it with something. So have been patching it up and painting it and filling the gaps to keep the insects and rain out. I think it is mostly held up with mastic now, let’s hope it does the job! Re Big brother, I watched the first one out of morbid curiosity – and have to agree with Cheetah - Jedward mark a new low for Big Brother, and that is saying something! Haha! Now be a good Snail and GIVE US A LINK TO YOUR PIC!!!!!

Hi Cheetah, thanks for reminding me about that you get a 2 min walk break when you do 5 mins, I had completely forgotten about that! Will make a difference. Well done on your running with the new group! Yes, “hill repeats” has got a certain ring to it, and not in a good way. And well done on the driving! Maybe I will take inspiration from you and get out there again. I must try and find an instructor and get a couple of refreshers. 

Hi Miffy, good for you to go back to the plan, in my limited experience I think it really helps, I’m definitely better with something to tell me what to do, it makes you push yourself, without being tempted to overdo things. – Hope you’ve recovered from the decorating!

Everyone else – hope you’re running / walking is going well?

Cuppa tea and some rubbish on telly I think! xxx
23/08/2011 at 19:08

Right then,

On the bike again on Monday, got bored after 15 mins so hopped onto the treadmill for a very gentle 8 or 9 mins, easy pace, no incline but more importantly, NO PAIN! Covered just under a mile, so really pleased.
Had a brief discussion with the physio today and we are going to do a full exam and stress test on thursday to see exactly where I am with recovery.
It be a case of warm up on the bike before getting on the mill, a few hills etc to see how the knee reacts, then sort out a program to get me back up to my previous levels/distances.

All being well, i'll be fit again for the Parkrun on 24th september, and possibly a 10k before the winter sets in.

Volunteered at Parkrun on saturday in Norwich, huge turn out with approx 290 runners starting the run!
First man to finish was a rather speedy 16.06 mins, with the 2nd just over 1 1/2 mins behind him, and 278 finishing the course.
That number will dwindle over the autumn months, but it'll remain a good size bunch with a lot of the regular runners going right through the winter months. Xmas day last year, 54 people completed the run.
Already warned the missus that i intend going to the xmas eve run, means i get out of the last minute shopping! 

Norfolklass, Whitlingham broad is less than 10 mins from me, if you feel upto a run together sometime (once i'm fully fit) give me a shout. Would be nice to have someone to run with, and a new route round the lake sounds really appealing.

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24/08/2011 at 15:59

Hi everyone,

Did a nice 2 miles yesterday - i've decided to train using distance now rather than time, so i'll see how that goes. Didn't want to do any more than that yesterday cos i have done so little the past 2 weeks, i'm scared of going straight back in again and getting i'll build up gradually. Also, there is absolutely no way i am putting a link to any photos of me, even if you lot get down on bended knee!!!lol...My wee dog is doing well now thankfully too.

Cheetah - i don't like the sound of 'hill repeats' either. Your running is really coming on brilliant - it won't be long till you progress to the Wednesday runs. Hope your cat is getting better.

Norfolklass - i read that article on running form too, and then forgot about it until you mentioned it, and yesterday i was thinking about the way i run - its not pretty - i seem to land flat footed and take off again the same way - maybe thats why i'm so slow, so i'm definately going to try and work at that a bit (obviously on the forest trails were i can't be seen).

Minty - paint smell gone (or else i've got used to it). Loved the cat-loaves link. Well done on your 5 x run 4/ walk 1....isn't it great when the number of reps goes down.

Miffy - i think thats a good idea to go back to the schedule again - i think sometimes the structure is needed to keep on track. Googled Gower - it looks like a lovely area - we toured Wales twice when i was young and i was definately at 'the mumbles', but mostly i remember North Wales, it was beautiful.

Iain - thats great news you've had no pain after trying out the treadmill - hope all goes well with the physio and that you keep progressing.

Enjoy your runs everyone <sniggers quietly to self> xxx

25/08/2011 at 20:30

Hello! No running for me tonight, I did manage to reverse a car round a corner without going into a kerb though!

I managed the same route as the last couple of times at the running club again on Monday - my time was right in between last Monday and Wednesdays. I was trying to use my toes, and it seemed to work as every time I tried it I overtook someone lol! I was tired so started off pretty slowly and built up gradually - or else I think I would have been able to beat my last time.

Then yesterday I had a GREAT run! I added a couple more bits onto the route I did last Friday, and kept my fingers crossed that: a) I'd be able to finish ; and b) It would be 5 miles this time!

After I'd been running for about 10 minutes and got the first evil hill out of the way, my achy bits miraculously stopped hurting and my energy appeared out of nowhere so I was confident I'd be able to finish (I'd put a "I'm too knackered so turn back here to make it shorter" point somewhere in the middle of the run, but didn't need it - also an optional extra bit at the end, which I actually DID!)

I think it helped that there were intermittent cool showers too. I made it home in 1hour and 4 seconds without stopping - and it came to 5.52 miles!!!!!!! I'm very happy with that - and it means I can do a shorter run tomorrow. I didn't even ache today!

Hi MInty - you're pobably posting round about now anyway!  I love the catloaf link -we call that the "cat with no legs" pose - and I just looked to my right and Motley is beside me in a PERFECT catloaf position lol!

Glad your running is going well - not sure about the neanderthal man, it's DEFINITELY a compliment - I might assume it was someone I used to hang out with before I decided to get fit haha!

Hi Iain - glad nothing hurt on the treadmill, and hope your physio session today went well!

Snails - we'll just have to find the photos of the 10k you did and GUESS which one is you!  (Go oooon!) I've been using distance to train, I only time myself out of interest now - I don't really care how long I run for! Glad your dog is feeling better - our scabby tabby is a lot LESS scabby now, and the vet says we should just finish the course of antibiotics and taper off the steroids and she should be fine. 

Right, enough waffling from me for one night! I'll be doing a shorter run tomorrow, then what I do on Sunday depends on wheter or not the running club is on with it being the bank holiday. They weren't sure on Monday! Happy running everyone!

25/08/2011 at 20:56

Hi everyone, didn't run today, went out last night and it was HARD! Think it was the difference in the weather, was quite warm last night. But I managed to complete it, just!

Iain, that's great news that you're starting to run again, without pain. How did you get on today? re the parkrun, WOW at the man who did it in16.06!

Snails - glad your doggy is on the mend. I like the idea of training by distance, it must be satisfying to say that you can run so many miles, rather than "four minutes at a time, times 5" - sounds so much more impressive! - yes I love Wales too. Went on lots of camping hols there as a kid. Yes - whereabout in the country are you Snails? So we can look up the 10K pics! Haha, actually that sounds a bit too much like stalking doesn't it, so maybe I won't.

Cheetah - fab that you had such a good run, well done! Glad you and Snails liked the catloaf link! Didn't you mean to say that Motley was in a "PURRRRFECT" catloaf position LOL!! Glad your tabby is less scabby. And you will be proud of me that I have just emailed a driving instructor to book some refresher lessons! Yay!

25/08/2011 at 21:00

Went to work today full of confidence that the stress test on my knee would be OK, and that my recovery was nearly over.

Physio collared me at 1030 to say he wasn't able to do the assessment this afternoon as he'd been put on a training course for the afternoon and couldn't get out of it, but told me what he wanted me to do, and to let him know how it all went.

So, it went something like this...

12 mins at 4mph (brisk walking pace) to warm up
2 mins at 6mph on a 5% incline
3 mins walk 4mph
2 mins at 6mph on a 10% incline
3 mins walk 4mph
1 1/2 mins at 6mph on a 15% incline
3 mins walk 4mph
5 mins at 7mph
1 min at 8.5 mph
4 mins walk to cool down

36 minutes altogether covering approx 2 3/4 miles in all.

To give an indication of relative speeds, my usual training pace is 7.5 mph, which gives me an 8 minute mile.
8.5 mph is just over 7 minute mile pace.
Also, the incline percentage refers to the amount of vertical ascent relative to the distance traveled horizontaly, so a 10 % incline would be a rise of 10 metres for every 100 metres horizontally.

So, how did it FEEL?

Bloody marvelous is the answer, although tiring and rather sweaty!
NO discomfort at all while doing the test, and still no discomfort now approx 6 1/2 hours later. Having said that, I certainly felt it in my leg muscles, especially the 10% and 15% inclines! Its suprising how much it takes out of you going up hill like that, especially in the calves, because i was running almost on my toes for the 15% incline. Its something i'll be doing more of in the future as its good training and will help develop stronger muscles in the long run, as well as getting the ankle joint flexing further.

25/08/2011 at 22:35

Hi everyone,

I am soooo going to keep you guessing where i am!! Lol

Cheetah - wow 5.52 miles - that is brilliant, you are rapidly improving - i think i'm going backwards instead of forwards (obviously not literally). Its inspiring though to read about how much everyone else is improving - i just need to get the inspiration signal to my feet.

Minty - at least you completed it, so good for you - its so much harder to run in the heat. Thats great you want to get back out driving again - it'll be so handy for you. Look forward to hear how you get on.

Iain - thats great news and i'm really happy to hear you have no pain. That was quite an intense assessment too - it was good you could still do it without the physio though, and didn't have to postpone. I wonder when you'll be allowed to stop the treadmill and get back outdoors again?

Night night everyone, xx

26/08/2011 at 10:05
My guess due to the "wee dog" is that you're somewhere in Scotland, Snails!!...xx
26/08/2011 at 11:47

Nope.....i have a feeling this is going to be a very short process of elimination.....x

26/08/2011 at 14:05

Hi everyone,

I hope you dont mind me joining your thread but i've found it a very interesting and encouraging read!

 I have never run before, but i have been to watch the London marathon 3 times now and have decided to enter and to my surprise a charity has offered me a gold place! My partner completed his first marathon the year before last, and his sister done it this year, so its only fair that i give it a shot too!

I havent really got a training plan as such, i printed off the VLM ones, but am kind of doing my own thing, I started back in april just going for a few runs to get my general fitness a bit better, stopped smoking and started eating better, but i pulled some ligaments in my back on a night out and have had to start over!

So, i started mild training last week, i covered 4.7miles last night, with a mixture of walk/jogging which i was quite pleased with!

I dont want to push it too hard and cause injury, but then i dont want to under push myself and then not make it round on the day!

26/08/2011 at 22:20

Hi Blondierunner - welcome to the thread!

Wow - a marathon, that's really impressive - also cool that you know people who've done it before and can give you some good pointers. 4.7 miles is great - I think I've only gone further than that once!

Also isn't it just sod's law you do all that exercise then go and get injured on a night out - that could only happen to me normally (speaking as someone who got a cross-trainer in January then fell down the stairs before I got to have a go on it!)

Just a short run for me tonight - 5.6k (although when that distance became a SHORT run I have now idea!). It was chucking it down with rain and I really enjoyed it - everyone was hudding in doorways or creeping along under brollies - and I was just running past them not giving a toss as I was going to get in the snower once I was done anyway!

Hmm Snails......not Scotland - that leaves... um, Ireland? *scratches head*

It's only a couple of weeks to my race now - I need to dig out my cat ears to run in!

Right - the chilli con carne is simmering away nicely now, I better go stir it! Happy bank holiday weekend everyone!

27/08/2011 at 00:13
Thanks for the reply! Yeah I am one of them people that 'it could only happen to you' lol! That will teach me for attempting to pull out beyonce moves when I'm out with the girls!!

Anyway, back to the running, how man time a week should I be going? Is twice a week to begin far too little? Should I be going every night? god I have so many questions!!

Also, does anyone have a blackberry? If so, what app is best for tracking milage and speed per mile etc? I always carry with me as I don't like to run on my own without it (trust no-one!!)
27/08/2011 at 00:15
^ half my sentences dont make sense in that post... *time for bed I think!
27/08/2011 at 15:06

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the thread Blondierunner - i only started running this year and followed the RW beginners schedule - its a walk/run based programme three times a week for 8 weeks. You definately need to have rest days to allow your body to adapt and recover, so every day is too much. You could try three times a week for a wee while and then build on that.

Cheetah - you are indeed correct, i'm from Northern Ireland. I am still not putting a link to those photos on the forum!! If anyone really really wants to see me looking ridiculous i will send the link via e-mail if they message me their e-mail address <crosses all fingers and toes hoping that no-one will>

Hope everyone is well, and having a nice weekend xx

27/08/2011 at 23:07

That's how I got started - an eight week schedule in Men's Health to "get anyone running for thirty minutes non stop, from a bloke who can't run a bath, to those who can manage a twenty minute canter to begin with".

 Well, I wasn't quite at the 'couldn't run a bath' stage, but let's just say, my running capacity was very low.

Now, around a year later, I'm running 3-4 miles three times a week.  Just make sure you stick with it - the first few weeks, I found that I was struggling to meet the quota and had to repeat the week again.  There's no shame in that and before you know it, you'll really begin to enjoy it.   And don't worry about speed, it's about distance more than speed.

Edit:  My schedule was from Runners World as well.

Edited: 27/08/2011 at 23:09
28/08/2011 at 00:44
Hello everyone, hope you're all having good BH weekends. I got some unexpected and brilliant post this morning, the taxman took too much money from me last year and sent me a cheque for £106!!! HURRAH! Think I might just treat myself to a guilt-free garmin

I did a couple of 30min runs during the week which were easy and hard, and 45mins today which started hard but got easier. No aches or pains, not too tired, not too hot, not too many people around - I sound like Goldilocks! Can't believe I did 45mins, and mapometer-ed it when I got home and it was 6.8k Going to add 5mins each weekend so another 3 weeks and I'll be up to an hour, then I'm going to try and increase my speed a bit.

Miffy, I hope going back to the plan is working for you, having some kind of structure makes a big difference. Hope you're managing to fit some running in around the decorating, why does decorating always take twice as long as you think it will?? Forefoot running sounds interesting, I tried to push off more with my toes today but kept forgetting and going back to my usual flat-footed plod.

Cheetah, hope your mog is all better, ours is very itchy at the moment. Mostly I think due to the fur on her neck growing back after she was shaved for blood samples, poor thing. Glad your running's been going so well, it sounds like your fitness must be pretty good, what with evil hills and optional extra bits! Did you tell us which race you're doing? Hope you don't feel so sick before this one, and stay injury free.

Minty, are you still under a mountain of apples?? Thanks for that link to catloaves - genius! (We call it sitting like a chicken, or chickeny bits ) Glad you're back on track, hope the neanderthal didn't put you off your stride, I'm with Cheetah it must be a compliment! Another few weeks and you'll be training by distance too, it still amazes me how quickly you can go from couch to 5k. I started running on 13th May, that's only 16 weeks ago.

Iain, great news re your tests and the lack of pain - brilliant - now don't overdo it before the 24th! I will do the parkrun one day, not sure it'll be Christmas Day though, that's serious commitment. I'll give you a shout once I've got a few more miles under my belt, I still feel like too much of a beginner to run with other people, but I can recommend Whitlingham and the track would be gentler on your joints than running on pavement.

Snails, I'm so glad your dog is better. So, how many messages have you had re your photos?!? I was going to suggest that we try and find out how many 10k races there were on the day you raced and narrow it down that way but thought that sounded far too stalker-ish! How are you finding your garmin 305?

Hi Blondie, welcome to the thread! Sounds like you had one hell of a night out if you pulled ligaments!!! Hope they heal soon. I'm in complete awe of anyone who can do a marathon, a few friends of mine have done it but I don't think it's on my list!

Right, off to message Snails re those photos…!
28/08/2011 at 10:05
Hello, thanks for the replies everyone!

I will have a look now for the 8week plan!

Does anyone know of any good app's for running? So I know how far I'm going etc?

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