Started 8 wk beginner's schedule today

Any other newbies want to join my thread?

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28/08/2011 at 18:17

Hi everyone...... I feel ROUGH today! We went for a curry and a few beers last night so I'm a bit hungover - and on top of that I think I'm coming down with a cold..... so I REALLY need some inspiration to do my run today. Therefore I've decided if I do it then I can get a Garmin. From eBay. Tonight!

If I don't - no Garmin - EVER! Therefore I am taking my sorry state of a body out for some form of a run very shortly - maybe about 5k again. 

I shall update later, hopefully having ordered a Garmin!

28/08/2011 at 19:12
If you don't go out for a run I won't buy a garmin either, how's that for inspiration?!?
(hope you feel better soon!)
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28/08/2011 at 20:25

Don't worry Norfolklass - I did it, we can have Garmins now!

I did the same 5.6k route as on Friday, it took me past the scenes of the crime - the pub and curry house we went to last night. I was 20 seconds faster than on Friday too, so not bad to say I was full of snot tonight! I am now having a well deserved blackcurrant Lemsip - I promised myself I could have it after my run as well as a Garmin lol!

OK I can reply to everyone now!

Blondierunner - I can't recommend the training schedules on here enough - you seem to be covering a good distance already though. I've got an android phone and the apps I've tried on it so far haven't worked - probably as I keep it in my bumbag and it blocks the signal or something.

Minty - THIS is my favourite catloaf!

Hi Roadrunner - it's amazing how these 8 week schedules work, I never would have believed I could run 5.6k with a cold and a hangover a couple of months ago!

Norfolklass - I LOVE post like that! I'm allowed a Garmin as when I checked my bank balance yesterday, I hadn't spent as much this month as I thought I had - AND I needed inspiration to get out there tonight. Well done on your run, it sounds like you're doing great! Nikki the scabby tabby is a lot better now - she had a patch of fur missing where one of the worst scabby bits was - that's starting to grow back now. 

I think there's a storm brewing as 3 cats came flying down the stairs at warp speed earlier, with their tails all puffed up like bog-brushes! I've no idea what spooked them but they looked really funny!

Snails - I think I've found the photos of your race, no idea which one is you though (people running on a gravelly bit under a big inflatable black thing it looks like....?) If I've got the right one everyone looks quite happy anyway, can't see any really bad photos! (Don't worry I'm not really an internet stalker!) 

I'm doing the Robin Hood mini-marathon in a couple of weeks (2.6 miles) - there'll probably be photos of me after that to! I'll be the one in cat ears with a bright red face!

Right - time to order my Garmin now! I've decided to go for the Forerunner 305 - it's a bit bulky but has good reviews and seems to do just about everything. The 405 is sleeker, but more expensive so I'm going for the cheap option!

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28/08/2011 at 23:51

Hi everyone,

Cheetah - poor you , but remember the last time a run helped you feel better. I think you might have found the right race, though i'm not even going to write where it was held in case everyone else finds it too. I was going to message you the link but you don't have the 'message me' bit activated (phew!!). Very exciting you are getting a Garmin - the 305 is a bit bulky but it fits well, and is really good.

Norfolklass - what a nice surprise from the taxman. The Garmin 305 is now less than £100 on Amazon + free postage (but i'm not sure how much it is on e-bay) so you would even have a bit of change left over , which is always good. I see you have the 'message' thingy - i might mail you that race link tomorrow as long as you promise not to publish it, lol!!

Blondierunner - don't know at all re apps - i'm so untechnical (? spelling or even existence of word) you wouldn't believe it, so i can't help you there. I just wrote my stuff on a piece of paper, and used my stopwatch on my phone.

Hi Roadrunner - yes i agree its a very good plan to follow - and i was one who started from zero fitness. You are definately right about running for distance and not worrying about speed, i've read alot of comments from experienced runners that speed comes later (heres hoping), so i try and do one 'speed' session a week - i'm still a snail, so its slow progress.

Minty, Miffy, Tommy, Iain - hope you've had a nice weekend.

Night night all, xx (you know, i really like that yawn emoticon!)

29/08/2011 at 16:09

Groan. Aaaaaaaaaah-CHOOOOOOO! I am in the grips of man flu today. (I really DO get it like men do - the sort you can die from!)

I AM going to be brave though - the running club is still on and it's meant to be a 5 mile run tonight, but as I'm dying I think I'll go along anyway, but join the beginners group again, who are on the last week of the 8 week training programme and doing the 30 min run, or round about 5k. I can always do a longer run later in the week when I'm feeling better - and have a Garmin that needs testing!

Snails - I THINK I have enabled the messagey thing, and promise to keep lips sealed!

The plan now is to have a lemsip just before I set off for the running club, and take some tissues so I don't sneeze on any poor innocent ducks! 

29/08/2011 at 18:35

Hi everyone,

Norfolklass and Cheetah - you have mail.

Poor you with your man flu Cheetah - thats very brave (and woman-like) to persevere on with your run!

Hope everyone else is well. No run for me today - will go tomorrow.xx

30/08/2011 at 14:16


thanks for the advice! also, can anyone recommend any good foods to eat before a run NOT BANANA'S though!! i hate them and the mere thought of even peeling one makes me want to throw up, but all people keep recommending to me is banana's! argh!!

30/08/2011 at 20:47

Hi guys,

Just got in from my run, haven’t been since Weds last week. Been a bit slack lately! But I think due to the cooler weather, I managed to do four lots of run 5mins, walk 2! I’m really chuffed with this because I have had this in my head as a bit of a milestone, as it’s felt like a bit of a slog getting this far. MUST try to get out 3 times this week. Although, things are going to get a bit tricky as of next Tuesday as my DH is flying out to Australia for 2 weeks to be with his sadly very ill mum. So I will be struggling with both kids on my own, which should feel like a workout in itself. My mum and dad are great with the kids though, so might be able to arrange for Dad to babysit while mum and I go out.

I am also having a driving lesson next week! OOH am excited but nervous at the same time.  Not sure exactly what day yet, but prob Thurs (those of you in Norwich, might be aswell to stay indoors if possible).

Hi Iain, that’s great that your test went so well! Really pleased for you. Are you venturing out soon?

Snails – Yes please can I have a pic?! Will check my message settings so there’s no excuse . I love your doggy profile pic by the way! 

Hi Blondie, welcome to the thread! That is FANTASTIC that you have a place for the London marathon. That’s the sort of thing that I dream of. And doing 4.7miles doesn’t sound like “mild training” to me, very impressive for starting over! Will be great to hear how your training progresses up to the big day! Sorry can’t advise re any apps. I’m still using my watch and an ancient nokia brick as a phone (although hoping to upgrade soon!). Don’t really know very much about nutrition and running but I’m guessing slow-release carbs? Maybe like, um, bananas? Seriously, though, have a search on the articles on this site, I think I remember reading one about that.

Cheetah – how are you feeling? Hope you’re on the mend. Well done for running even though you felt so rubbish! Did you go and survive the run last night? Good on you for ordering a Garmin. Can’t wait to hear what it’s like. And your favourite catloaf is the SPITTING image of my beloved Minty. Honestly I would have thought it was her if I didn’t know better. The only difference is Minty had a bigger white patch on her chest, and of course, she wasn’t called Parsnip (tho I LOVE that name!).

Nofolklass, have you ordered your Garmin yet? I just know I’m going to want one if you all get them (jealous green face). Well done on your 45mins, sounds amazing to me! Yes, still got about 5 tonnes of apples, though probably 1 tonne of that is just earwigs (pukey green face). WHY – DO YOU WANT SOME?????? (please, please, please…). I’m sure my friends are avoiding me because I keep trying to force apples on them.  Oh and loved “chickeny bits” LOL!

Hi Roadrunner – good to hear about your progress and comforting to know that I’m not the only one to repeat the early weeks. Feels like it’s been forever and I’m only just doing the 5mins!

OK, sorry this was a long one! Feeling like I had been neglecting you! Off for the latest instalment of Top Model and a glass of wine. Night night xx
30/08/2011 at 21:50

Evening - my man-flu is now at the stage where it feels like all the cats have crawled up my nose and are tickling the sides of it with their whiskers! The good news is I think I feel SLIGHTLY better tonight than I have done all day, and am hopeful about managing some form of a run tomorrow.

I went to the running club last night and joined the beginners - I'm glad I didn't go for the 5 mile run as I only just managed the 30 minute run, which was about 2.8 miles! By the end I was a wheezy sweaty shivery jibbering sneezy wreck- but  my time wasn't too bad, I came second haha! (I must be getting faster without realising it with the longer runs!)

Luckily the running club have decided to repeat this week's session next Monday as not many people were there, so I should get to do the 5 mile route after all.

Thanks for the mail Snails (snail mail?) - hope you managed your run tonight. Your doggy looks cute - is he a westie? We had a cairn terrier when I was growing up, so sort of a similar one, only in brown!

Hi Blondie - I tend not to eat before a run as I'm always hungry afterwards anyway! I seem to get a stitch if I do, so I try to time my runs for at least 90mins after a meal - or before the evening meal. I just make sure I'm well hydrated first - push-up ice lollies are good when it's a bit warm out. I suppose you'll need something when you start increasing your distance - I'm sure I've read somewhere that flapjacks are good (but don't quote me on that!)

Hi Minty - it's great you managed the 5 minute runs - I was struggling with the programme until then, and I think that's the point for me when it started to seem more achievable - I think my pain barrier is at about 5 minutes so anything after that is easier! Our Blackie looks like your Minty (*disclaimer* I had absolutely nothing to do with his imaginative name, he was already called Blackie before I knew him!) - he just has a little white bit on his nose as well as the white bib. He looks like he needs a little bow-tie! 

Sounds like you have a busy few weeks coming up - I have my driving lessons on Thursdays too, so it might be best if we just shut down the whole country!

Right early night tonight I  think - here's hoping the Garmin Fairy comes tomorrow! 

30/08/2011 at 22:08
Cheetah - we had to rename Minty as she was called Tina when we got her ! I hasten to add that Tina is a perfectly reasonable name for a human but not for a cat, in my opinion (she says, hoping that noone on this thread is called Tina - sometimes I forget that you all have real names!). Blackie is fine tho, but can't help but make me think of my Great Great Aunt who had a black cat that was called something similar to Blackie but hideously less PC and vastly more offensive. Unbelievable!
30/08/2011 at 22:28

Hi everyone,

Blondie - i was advised by a friend not to eat much at all before a run, so the most i'd take would be cereal bar 30mins before, and then have something better when i come in again. I suppose it also depends how far and long you intend running, but i'm too much of a newbie to be able to give proper advice on that.

Minty - well done on the run tonight - thats 20mins running/8 mins walking - you are well on the road for getting to 30mins, its coming together great for you. Sorry to hear about your sick mum-in-law - thats sad for him too that you can't be with him for support. Hopefully your parents will be able to come round to let you have some 'Minty' time - and of course when you've the kids tucked up in bed, you can get a wee gin + tonic and come and de-stress with us!! Oh, near forgot - you have mail...

Cheetah - yes, hes a Westie (called Toby). I saw most of you had pics up, and i thought i'd put my wee man on too. Very good run for you especially being sick. I seem to steady out at 10min miles, so your pace is similar to mine i'd say.

Norfolklass - 45mins is brilliant, well done!! I was out tonight (and the forest was getting a bit darker, so i did a 1 mile run, then some intervals of sprint 30secs, rest 30sec x8, and then ran another mile. Have to admit i was spooking myself thinking i could hear people in the hedges/bushes etc - now common sense should tell me its the birds and the rabbits, but I read too many crime thrillers, and i imagine all sorts, lol, still it helped me run quicker!!

Miffy, Iain, Tommy - hope all is well with you guys.

Happy running everyone xx

30/08/2011 at 22:57
Just a quick hello, forgot which shift I was on this morning and was late for work so must have an early night!

Hurrah re gamins, mine's on its way apparently I managed two 45min runs over the weekend, and tried really hard to remember to use my toes - if I lean every so slightly forward it helps and has definitely increased my pace. Around ¾ of the way through the run I was flying along, although it didn't last that long I felt like a proper runner, until I had to stop and use the facilities - thank goodness for the visitor centre!

Cheetah - LOVE that cat loaf! Did your cats' tails go back to normal? Speaking of cat tails, I saw one of the neighbourhood regulars this morning with half his tail missing, poor thing We had two cats when I was little: Arthur and Sam, who was called Silver when we got him. Silver?!? Rubbish name for a cat! Here's hoping your flu clears up asap, I'm very impressed that it hasn't stopped you from running. I think you're right about the longer runs making the shorter runs faster. Hope your garmin fairy is on his way

Snails - thanks for your message, have you signed up for another race yet?! Did you get out for a run today? Love the pic of your dog, I met a couple of Westies on Sunday when I was running, an older dog and a puppy who was running with me and bouncing up and down and wanted to play - so cute!!

Blondie, sorry I can't help with food advice. I'm a morning runner so I just pull on my running gear and head out on an empty stomach. Not the best plan in the world but it works for me. Think I've read somewhere that peanut butter is also good… do you like peanut butter?

Minty, hello and really well done on your running! So sorry to hear that your mother-in-law is ill, although it's difficult for you being without your DH I'm sure having him visit will make her feel better. Thanks for the heads-up about staying indoors on Thursday who are you going with? My driving instructor was great, he was with BSM but left and I can't remember the name of the company he joined, his name was Mike and he had curly white hair. A very patient man!!! Minty and Parsnip are GREAT names for cats! Ours is called Agatha, aka Aggie, and as I type she's curled up next to me inside a jumper. Anyone would think it was the middle of winter! I'll swap you some apples for some runner beans, I picked 2 carrier bags full last weekend!

So much for a quick hello <rolls eyes> Night all!
31/08/2011 at 11:26

Feeling extremely tired today, was supposed to finish work at 9pm yesterday, but due to some one else having "issues", I didnt finish till 1.30 am! 2.20 am by the time I got home.
Morning off work to compensate, but due in at 1330 till 9pm again though.

Being very cautious with the knee at the moment, just 10 mins at a time on the treadmill till my legs and joints get used to running again, and will build up slowly until i'm back where i was before with distance and speed.
Its been around 6 weeks without regular running, apart from that 1 run i did which aggravated the problem, and its suprising how much my fitness has dropped back in that time. Certainly felt the protests in my legs and lungs!


31/08/2011 at 19:24
Haha, thanks for the advice guys and girls! Maybe i'll just stick with a fruit snack an hour befor I go then! I run after work as getting up early isn't my forte!

I've been slack on the running this week! I'm not really meant to hit the running that hard just yet anyway, so I've joined the gym and I'm going to try and get my fitness up a level before I start going running 3-4 times a week!

Am I the only marathon crazy fool on this thread? Lol!

Cheetah, how do u find the running club, I worry that I won't be able to keep up and people will think I'm an idiot!

Hey snails, I was eating cereal bars before hand but I was told they hold a lot of sugar, and I'm trying to loose weight too so I wasn't sure that I should be eating them!

Ian, I've been told the cross trainer is very good for injury, it's not impact but still the running kind of motion

Lisa x
31/08/2011 at 23:05


I still have cats up my nose - I've been having so many sneezing fits that I've been thinking of ways to harness the power to propel me on a run..... It didn't work though, so I just had to use my legs...

I've been a bit worried that my lacklustre performance on my last few runs might be ruining my good work - so I aimed for at least 4 miles tonight. I hated every second apart from about the last mile when I found my stride a bit - I'm still chesty and snotty so really had to force myself to keep going. I managed 6.86k, or 4.26 miles in 45:30 (although it felt like longer!). So I'm not getting any slower, it's just more painful at the moment lol!

The Garmin Fairy didn't come today, so fingers crossed for tomorrow!

Snails - I really like the sound of your run in the dark spooky forest for some reason! I've been seriously considering entering THIS RACE next year, I just need to pluck up the courage. My normal speed is about 11 and a bit minute miles so I think it needs some work, I probably CAN go faster but I'm always worried I'll wear myself out before I build my distance up, hopefully the Garmin can help me out there.

Norfolklass - the cats tails have gone back to normal now - I love it when they go all puffed up! Your poor local cat, hope he isn't missing it too much As for you and Minty changing cat names - well, Sparkle was actually called Bacardi when I got him (his original owner planned on getting a black cat too and calling it Coke ). He was also a girl, but that's another story!

Hi Iain- glad you're managing to build up your running again - hope the knee holds out properly this time (OH has stopped running due to a dodgy knee, I'm going to use you as inspiration for him to have a go again!)

Hi Lisa - I was a bit worried about the running club at first for those reasons, but they run "Beginners" and "Improvers"  sessions - I joined the beginners one first as they were following a very similar 8 week programme to the one on here which I'd started following, so everyone was pretty much the same level as me. I go to the Improvers one now and although there are people faster than me, there's also much slower people. i tried the "proper" group one Wednesday and that was the same too - runners at all paces/levels. Is there a Sweatshop near you? They run the club I go to, it's free - and I can't recommend them enough! 

Miffy and Tommy and anyone else - hope your running is going well!

Right off to bed now to dream of Garmins... and hope I wake up with less man-flu than today!

01/09/2011 at 00:01

<pops in to say a quick hello, with a mask and gloves on to protect against cold germs>

No run for me today, will go tomorrow.

Iain - that was a terrible time to finish work!! Its amazing how quickly you notice your fitness level dropping, but you're right to take it easy - you won't be long getting back to where you were,

Lisa - thats probably true re the high sugar content in the cereal bars - i take 'special K red berry' - i just tell myself the sugar will boost my run

Cheetah - cool race - i'd be a nervous wreck if i did that!! Lol re Bacardi and Coke  Hope you feel better tomorrow.

Norfolklass - yesterday i really tried to think about the way i was running, and i tried to take off on my toes (sounds like i was doing a flying lesson) - as soon as my mind drifted though i was back to flat -footed plodding. I will keep trying as i would love to get faster.

Minty, Tommy, Miffy - hope the running is going well.

Night Night all, xxx

01/09/2011 at 19:17

The Garmin Fairy has been!

It just took me abut an hour to assemble the adaptor, which was in several pieces in lots of different plastic bags that the cats are now eating.... but it is now charging so I can have a play later!

01/09/2011 at 19:28
Ooh, lucky you, he hasn't been here yet
Happy playing!
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01/09/2011 at 19:57

The 8 week schedule is among the very best things I've done for my fitness.  Before I decided to commit to that, I was doing things like 'going round once' (meaning once around my local block and remember I live in the UK: our blocks are tiny compared to American ones )  Naturally, that got me nowhere fast, because I wasn't pushing the boundaries at all, whereas the eight week plan has got a perfect rate of progression.

 Now here I am having just broken the 1 hour barrier for the first time and I'm sure it won't be too long before I can run that long in comfort and not with legs like lead for the last ten or fifteen minutes.   And 'once round' means about 3.5 miles now at a decent clip - 6 mph or so (or just under 10 minutes per mile).

  I might try the one on the opposite page - the 'starter's gun for your first 5k race' now.   Speed definitely comes with time, so if it feels like slow going now, it won't be forever.

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01/09/2011 at 20:53

Hi everyone,

Quick hello cos 'The Killing' is on at 2100.....

3 miles for me pre-tea - i found it very hard and had to take a couple of walk breaks  - (the Garmin didn't catch on to those though cos i stopped the clock, lol). I actually think i might have been going at around 9.30min/mile which is too fast for me, so i don't think that helped. Those few weeks after my 10K were i really lost my running mojo have definately set me back a good bit, but this week i've actually been looking forward to going out, so long may it continue.

Happy Running....(record quick time for my typing tonight - 7 mins - if only my running was improving like this)

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