Started 8 wk beginner's schedule today

Any other newbies want to join my thread?

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27/06/2011 at 19:37

Hi everyone, hope you all enjoyed that lovely sunny day. I usually run through a forest park, so it was nice and cool in the shade. I managed the run (even slower than usual) 17mins/walk 1min - but i was a bit stupid today and ran the route the opposite way round (as i thought it was less hilly). Well, it SO wasn't, and i've come to the conclusion that i'd rather have a few short steep hills than the longer less steep ones. Actually i'd rather have none at all, but that would mean running in public, and i'm not brave enough for that yet!

Norfolklass - you definitely don't write too much, lol, and what you do write is good to read. Well done on doing 25mins non-stop in that heat - and i know you say you nearly didn't make it, but the important bit is that you DID - so good for you!!! Its good the hotel has a gym you can use when you are away - hope its air conditioned and that theres a nice sauna etc you can relax in after your run. I'm not keen on the treadmill myself - when i get off it my head still thinks i'm moving, and the last time i had to stand and pretend to read a leaflet cos i couldn't walk straight!!!

Minty - hope the hen night was good and that your well recovered. I really hope your calf pain has settled down. Hopefully it was just a niggle with the increased distance/time running. Do you do much stretching before or after your run? - i only stretch after, but i have a niggly pain in my left knee these past few weeks so i'm wondering whether i should be stretching before i run as well?

Cheetah - did you run in the heat today? I'm looking forward to hearing about your 15mins and if you did 2 or 3 reps.

Enjoy your next run everyone....

Edited the post so i could put in a smiley with shades - might as well enjoy the sun when i have it!!xx

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27/06/2011 at 19:52

Hi everyone, sorry haven't been around for a few days. It's been a bit crazy here. Hen night was great, thanks! And quite civilised! So although not hungoverer, I didn't get to bed until gone midnight, then Rosie woke me at about 5 , so as predicted, didn't have a lot of energy. My leg was still hurting a bit also, so thought I'd go this evening. But I find it hard just sitting on the sofa in this weather , let alone trying to run! So, I'm going to aim to go tomorrow morning or evening as it's going to be a bit cooler tomorrow, and hopefully my leg will have had enough of a rest. I can sort of feel that my right leg is rolling inwards a bit, overpronating, I think is the technical term, so I'm going to try going out in my old trainers which were a bit more supportive, and see if that helps.

Cheetah - congratulations on your wolf-whistle! Oh, and the run! What did you do for the next one? Did you stick to the plan or do 15min x 3? Thanks for the advice re the aches and pains. I suppose it's to be expected that my body is going to complain a bit after a few years of not doing much! 

Snailspace - well done on your running last week! Have you done your 17mins x 3 yet? How did you get on? Hope your knee was ok?

Hi Hales - welcome to the thread! I'm doing the same plan as Cheetah. And I've just been timing by looking at my watch but I do get confused, especially while trying to have a conversation! I like the idea of an interval timer, like Cheetah mentioned.

Hi norfolklass - you were brave to even venture out running today, and did well to complete it! I took my little boy to nursery at 9 and it was already boiling. My little girl has got sunburn on her face just from being out in the sun for 5 mins at midday, despite having factor 50 and a hat on. It's good to know that the aches and pains are normal! Glad you've got past them now! Good luck with your week 7! If you can run on a day like this, I'm sure you'll be fine! Enjoy the wedding!

Ragz - how are you getting on? Did you enter for the 10K?

Now off for a second attempt at getting my daughter to bed. It's like an oven upstairs so i'm not hopeful.

27/06/2011 at 20:14

Thanks Cheetah, and Snails pace for the plan suggestions,

Norfolk Lass - I’ve got a feeling that I’d end up answering back too!!!

Hi Minty thanks for the welcome.

I havent actually made a start yet as I had two wisdom teeth out on thursday so still recovering from that!!

27/06/2011 at 20:46

Hi Snails pace - our posts crossed in the ether! LOL re your treadmill comments! So funny! On a more serious note, I'm definitely going to try stretching before my next run, as I haven't so far. Read that as long as you do a bit of a walk warm-up it shouldnt be necessary, but I'm sure it wouldn't do any harm.

Oh and Norfolklass, when you said you went to a specialist running shop to get shoes, was it The Runners' Centre on Nelson Street? If so, are they good? I wanted to go but felt a bit intimidated.

27/06/2011 at 20:49

Evening everyone - I hope no-one's melted over the last couple of days!

Well the weather has decided my training plan for me. I HAD planned to split the difference and try 3 lots of 13.5 minutes yesterday to see how I got on with that - then just carry on after the running club tonight if I was OK. That was the THEORY.......

Then I tried to run yesterday and it just wasn't happening - I made it round the first block on my normal route, thought "sod this, I'm melting!" and went home to drink lots of very cold water. I was running past people who were standing STILL  and nearly passing out with the heat!

As it's still REALLY hot (where are those thunderstorms with hailstones we've been promised...?) and I didn't get my practice run yesterday - I just went along with the 2 lots of 15 minutes at the running club tonight. I did it though - WITHOUT having turned into a puddle of steaming goo at the end! I got my free t-shirt too as I've been enough times to collect my stamps! It's a lovely shade of yellow to contrast my bright red face.

WELL DONE on your 25 minutes in the heat Norfolklass! I bet the cold bath felt great, I had a cold shower tonight after my run. Hope it gets cooler for your week 7!

Well done on your run too snail's pace - despite the hills and the heat! The route I've been going has a steep hill at the beginning which I can just about do, then it's slightly downhill for a while - til I double back on myself and it goes gradually uphill for AGES - it's oK when there's a breeze but a nightmare at the moment. 

Hi Minty, I don't blame you for postponing your run - it'll give your knee a chance to be properly better and you'll enjoy it more tomorrow! THIS is the interval timer I got, with a wristband. It vibrates or beeps so I won't miss it! I've entered a raffle to win a posh GPS watch too - fingers crossed!

Happy running everyone - it's my day off tomorrow but I'll be hitting the cross trainer in the morning.

27/06/2011 at 23:48
Hi Minty, no I went to Sportlink at Taverham garden centre, they have a unit round the back. The man in there is lovely, so helpful, can't remember his name but I was in there for ages trying different shoes on and off the treadmill and just chatting about starting running. Neil, maybe... I was feeling very intimidated but he was so nice and encouraging, plus they do a 5k run every Saturday morning that you can just show up and join in with, maybe one day. While I was there a lovely 78 year old marathon veteran came in for a new water bottle and they were comparing notes on the best marathon course: Bermuda apparently!

Did't know there was a running shop on Nelson Street... I found sportlink by googling 'video gait analysis'. Their website is Also he only charged me £67 for £89 shoes
28/06/2011 at 21:49

Hi All,

Just got back from a late run. I had forgotten that DH was out this eve so thought was in danger of  missing yet another day, so when he got back at 8.30 I decided to go out then. It was lovely in the drizzle! So much nicer than yesterday. I managed to do my 2nd run 2/walk 1 and it was possibly slightly easier but OW my right leg hurt right from the start. I did some stretching before running this time and lots of stretching after, then a bag of frozen peas, which was just BLISS! I didn't want to put it back in the freezer but they were starting to melt. Anyway, will see how it is tomorrow. I ran in my old shoes, but I'm not sure if they made any difference. Think I'll alternate for a while until I can work it out if it makes any difference, then maybe invest in some new ones.

Thanks for the info re Sportslink, Norfolklass. Didn't know they were there. I love going to the garden centre there so it's a good excuse to pop in.

Yes, The Runner's Centre is a little specialist shop. Nelson Street is off Dereham Road, incase you didn't know. Here's the link

Oh, and re the parkrun at Eaton Park, I saw a friend on the hen night on Sat that does it regularly. She said that it's very relaxed and that there are lots of different people at different levels which go, and she suggested that I could just volunteer to help one week if I wanted to just get an idea of what it's like. Sounds like a good idea. Or I could just take the kids to the playground and secretly spy on everyone from there. Haha!

Well done on running in the heat, Cheetah! And thanks for the link to the interval timer, looks good.

Hales, don't blame you for not starting immediately after having wisdom teeth removed! I've heard it can be really nasty! Hope you're recovering OK?

28/06/2011 at 22:41

Hi everyone,

No run for me today, just a walk, which was nice and i managed to dodge the rain.

Minty - i also read that about just warming up with a 5min walk, but i think i might also now try the stretching before as well - i'm so afraid of my knee pain getting worse and maybe stopping me running. Sorry to hear your leg still hurts today - though it was great you got your run done despite it.

Cheetah - 15mins x 2 in the heat is brilliant - well done!!! Do you do the cross-trainer on the days between your runs? I would like to do something else but don't know what - i did aerobics the day of the Race for Life as part of the group warm-up, and i should have come with a public health warning cos i was going the opposite way to the instructor and everyone else! I would love to try a spinning class, but with my inability to follow instructions i'd probably fall off (you know the way Bridget Jones fell off the exercise bike when she was on her health kick - that'd be me). Is it any wonder i run alone!!

Norfolklass - that was a good deal on the trainers.

Hales - poor you, no wonder you haven't started running yet - bet you can't wait to start though now that you've got your plan etc. Really hope the pain settles.

No running for me till Thursday, going to go shopping tomorrow, but will avoid all sports shops as i do NOT need another T-shirt etc etc.xx

28/06/2011 at 23:01

Well done on the evening run Minty - it sounds lovely, I love running in the rain (I hated it the first time, but now I seem to have gone slightly mad! )

As for the stretches - the people who run the running club I go to say it's better for you to do a moving warm-up before you run, then static muscle stretches afterwards - as if you just go for the stretches before your muscles have loosened up then that if itself can injure them - or something!) I've just found the list of the ones we do first, I shall try to describe! Most of these are OK in public with the running club as I'm not the only one,but I 'd rather do them in the comfort of my own home on my own, so I don't look silly!

(All of these about 10 times each)

Walk in a circle and circle your shoulders forwards a few times then then backwards

Swing your arms round in circles  forwards then backwards

(At this point the instructor gets us to run round in circles changing directions causing multiple pile-ups - I don't do that at home!)

Swing each leg backwards and forwards as far as you can without falling over (it helps to hold onto something or someone) - for hamstrings

Swing each leg from side to side in front of you (as above re. holding on!) - for inside and outside leg muscle bits (wow I'm technical!)

Hip swings or open and close gate - I'll TRY to decribe this one.... Lift your leg up in front with bent knee, move it round to the sideand touch the floor with your toe (knee still bent) then up and back to the middle and touch the floor again.

Ankle circles - hold your leg out in front and circle your ankles a few times each way (this loosens shins too I think!)

That's about it - I think those are easier to DO than they are to describe!

Hi Hales our posts crossed lat night as I was typing out an essay! Hope your mouth is better soon, I had a wisdom tooth out a few years ago and would rather keep the other ones after that!

A Park Run has recently started near (ish) here - it looked great fun til I realised you have to be there for 9am on a Saturday morning - and it's at least 2 buses away for me! (Maybe one to try when the other half has his next karate grading - they tend to be at stupid-o-clock on Saturday mornings too! )

Enjoy your next runs everyone -  my next one's tomorrow after my driving lesson (probably the same route too haha!) - I hope it rains!

Edited: 28/06/2011 at 23:19
28/06/2011 at 23:13

It's official I DO write too much - another cross-post while I was typing out my essay!

Hi snails pace - I try to do 20mins on the cross-trainer every morning before work - (Mon-Fri) - I've found it really increases my energy levels through the day and I'm not falling asleep by lunchtime any more! At the moment it's set up in front of our most powerful fan haha! 

I try to do other things on the nights I'm not running too - tonight I did a few weights (only little ones) and some ab crunches. I play badminton every now and again too if we can get a court.

Blimey, that just made me sound fitter than I am haha! (Read the post above about not wanting to get up on a Saturday morning to dispel that myth! )

Edited: 28/06/2011 at 23:13
29/06/2011 at 17:53

Hi everyone, I've just started this programme today after deciding to do something about me being abit podgey! I bought some decent trainers and have been for a couple of taster runs so far but i'm going out for my first schedule run after writing this. Sorry if I repeat anything mentioned earlier I haven't had time to read all of the posts just the first and last few.

 I'd just like to know, have you lot felt alot of improvement so far in your first weeks?

 Although I haven't tried yet I should be more than capable of doing the first few weeks but the thought of doing a 30 miniute run scares me, I was running with a friend the other day and I was completely burnt out after 5 miniutes, although i'm hoping this is down to the fact that he is alot fitter than I am and so I was running much faster than I normally would on my own.

29/06/2011 at 18:45

Hi everyone,

A quick wee post tonight. Welcome to the thread Tommy - i've definitely felt lots of improvement from where i was at the start (when i struggled with even the first week). I'd say don't look ahead to the final week of 30mins running - take each week as it comes. I generally find (in my limited experience) that the first 2 runs of the week are tough going, and then its easier on the 3rd day, and then i'm ready to push myself a bit further the next week. I keep a log of my runs and how i feel, so i can look back when i have a tough day, and know i've had them before but can still do it. I honestly never thought i'd get this far. Just remember......."the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"(Lao Tzu).  Look forward to hear how you get on.

Cheetah - you do sound like your fit with all that activity!!  i'm liking those warm-up exercises and will try them before my run tomorrow. I seem to be the common denominator in the cross-posting - first with Minty and then you - i guess i type as slow as i run. Hope the driving lesson went well.

Hi everyone else, hope if you ran today you had a good one. Will pop in tomorrow after my run...xx

29/06/2011 at 20:35

Thanks snails,

I've got to say my first run was a bit more difficult than I had imagined but there are a number of circumstances that might have contributed to this and i'll see if it improves on my next run.

I think my main problem is that I try running too fast and I almost felt like giving up half way in but I slowed down during the intervals and I was feeling beter and more rested towards the end, for one of my run intervals I was almost sprinting to get ahead of a group of people.

For another thing it was quite warm considering it was 6:30pm and was also quite humid, i think i'm going to start running earlier in the morning.

 The main problem for me however is the hills, the only way I could run somewhere flat within a couple of miles of my house would be if I ran in cirles in the back garden, I didn't plan my route very well and it only took me 18 miniutes to complete the route I planned so I just run up and down the same hilly fields for the rest of my run!

Hopefully after this experience my next run should be a little easier but i'll make sure I report back once again, and despite it not being a brilliant run I can't wait to get back out there for next time!

29/06/2011 at 23:09

HI Tommy welcome to the thread!

 I went WAY too fast when I first started, lately I've started forcing myself to slow down (even if it feels wrong!) and it's really helped me keep going (especially on the hills!). I tell myself I can work on my speed when I've actually learnt to run properly! I tend to sprint past people too as I wouldn't want to end up jogging next to them making panting noises for ages...or for them to expect conversation or something....aaaargh! Running slower has helped me find the energy to do that if needed, and also across roads if the lights are abou to change (not recommended hehe!)

I've definitely felt a LOT of improvement, in my first week I was a bit worried about the second week - and so-on for the next few weeks.... but each time I've surprised myself. It also helps that each time the runs get longer you have to do less reps - so mentally you can tell yourself it's easier!  Keep us updated.

Hi snails - the driving lesson went well I THINK -I had a week off last week as my instrustor was on holiday, so the first 20 minutes I was trying to remember how to drive! He did say I am now good enough to practice between lessons in OH's car though... so I'll have to get on the insurance!

I did my run tonight - 2 lots of 15 with hills this time, but the weather was cooler so it was OK - and I had some road left at the end as I went further out (didn't know how far it would take me!), so I just ran til I got home - another 3 minutes (up a steep hill so I'm proud of that last 3 minutes hehe!)

Good luck with your next runs! 

Edited: 29/06/2011 at 23:12
30/06/2011 at 18:56

Hi everyone,

Tommy - thats great you got your run done - don't be too hard on yourself - it'll get easier, and its good you are looking forward to getting out again next time. I agree its so humid to run in the evenings, which is way harder, so i tend to run in the mornings myself too.

Cheetah - can i just tell you how impressed i am that you ended your 2nd 15 with an extra 3mins and UP a steep hill, not even down it!! If your driving keeps improving like your running you'll be doing your test soon. Hope all goes well with practising the driving with the OH....sometimes thats worse than with the instructor, lol.

Minty - has your leg settled any yet? Cheetahs warm-up exercises are good. Though my knee still niggles. Did my 17min x3 with 1min walk today, and found it better than Monday - apart from when i ran round a corner and a Doberman (off the lead) was hurtling towards me - thankfully it seemed as scared of me as i was of it!!

Hope you all enjoy your next run......

30/06/2011 at 20:45

Hi all,

Just got back from my 3rd run 2/walk 1. Went with mum again this time which was nice. Doesn't seem to be getting any easier though! Both my legs were (and still are) hurting, but infact I think this is better as it seems more of a general muscle ache due to shock of moving off the sofa after 5 years, as opposed to how my right leg was hurting before, which felt more like I had pulled something. So think my old shoes are better for me than my new ones (only problem is that my feet seemed to have grown half a size since I bought them a few years ago!). Thanks for the great warm-up exercises, Cheetah! I did them this evening before going out.

Because I missed a few days, I think I might do another lot of run 2/walk 1 before graduating to week 3. I'm going away this weekend with the kids and my parents to their caravan on the beautiful, scenic North Norfolk coast, so really looking forward to running there.

How are your runs going? Did you go today, Snails pace? How was your shopping? Did you manage to avoid buying more sportsgear?

As for you, Cheetah - I can't believe how much exercise you do! And well done on your last run! What next week for you? Do you go to running 30mins non-stop? Scary! Good luck with driving with OH! I've had my license for years, but haven't driven for the past 5 I think, just lost my confidence. But I've been psyching myself up to take a couple of lessons to get me back on the road, don't think having my husband teach me would be a good idea though, besides, I think I would feel a lot happier with an instructor who has an extra brake pedal in the car!

Hi Tommy -welcome to the thread! I don't envy you your hills - they sound like a nightmare to me. Also, I have to go really slowly at the moment, what with the aches and pains. And I'm definitely with you on running in heat / humidity, just can't do it!

How are you doing, norfolklass? 

Won't be around until at least Sunday night as going away tomorrow. Have a nice weekend everyone and enjoy your next runs!

30/06/2011 at 21:07
And no crossed messages tonight!
30/06/2011 at 21:25

No crossed posts YET.....

It was upposed to be my evening off tonight, but last night I had a little thought..... 

The first time I attempted to go for a run with no training plan in place, it was HORRIBLE. I'd picked a route - google maps said it was 1.3 miles, so half the distance of the race I've entered. Nice downhill stretch to start - and an evil hill to finish which I underestimated. I didn't even make it to the bottom of the downhill bit before I stopped, gasping and guzzling lots of water! I walked most of the way round, ran a BIT, and staggered the last bit, and got in thinking I was mad and I never EVER wanted to try that again.

Anyway, last night the thought popped into my head...... "I bet I can run that all the way without stopping now!" 

Then I woke up this morning thinking "I bet I can run that all the way without stopping now! "

Then I had a stressful day at work, got home, and decided to give it a go to get rid of the last bits of stress (or I would have been wondering all night haha!)

I DID IT!!!!!!! 13 minutes 25 seconds. (I might try again, I could have gone FASTER down the hill I think, I was saving myself for going back up!) 

Proper run again tomorrow!

Well done with your runs snails and Minty. Glad the warm-ups are helping. I DID have my last minute walk break before the 3 minutes up the hill hehe! Yep, it's 30 minutes straight from Monday - I'm scared....

I would NEVER have got in a car with me driving and OH in the passenger seat before now - we would have killed each other - but I've had about 20 lessons with a proper instructor now so it might not be as bad! 

*wondering if anyone else posted between Minty and me....*

30/06/2011 at 21:42

Hi guys,

Another new runner here, who also followed a run walk programme, and is now running between 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 miles at a time, 3 or 4 times a week.
Stick with the programme, it does work, even though you dont always feel that your making progress.
Some things I found helpful were to vary the places I ran, because it gave me something else to look at.
The most benificial thing though was having regular people to run with.
If i had arrange to train with someone else on a certain day, I was very unlikely to say "sod it, cant be arsed today" as I didn't want to let others down.
I now have a couple of people I can run with during lunch breaks at work, with 3 different circuits to choose from depending on how we feel on a given day.
It really helps you to stay motivated.
I've also lost around a stone in weight!

Norwich lass, have a go at the Norwich parkrun.
It doesnt matter what your time is, just get out there and enjoy it.
I've done it twice, and found it a really positive experience.
Its quite a large group, about 180 runners last weekend, but a huge variety of abilities/ages, with finish times varying from around 16 minutes  to around 40 minutes.
There are people doing the run as a run/walk as well, so dont feel intimidated.
I'm going again this Saturday, its very freindly, most of the runners are easy going and will answer questions/give advice and encouragement.

01/07/2011 at 16:06

2nd run complete and feeling great, I thought I slowed down ALOT and I certainly felt alot better when I was running but to my suprise I was only about 45 seconds per mile off of my speed last time!

I went in the morning this time and it's certainly worth getting up that bit earlier to get out when its abit cooler. (Although I did get an odd look from my neighbour who was walking his dog when I stepped out of the door at 5.30 in a t-shirt!)

 Good to hear you've conquered that route cheetah! I remember the first time I tried to run without the structured training I was lucky to reach the bottom of my street and thats all down hill.

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