Started 8 wk beginner's schedule today

Any other newbies want to join my thread?

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04/08/2011 at 23:30

OK i'm back! That was fun, the cats had somehow collaborated to get a whole bag of dried catnip out of what we THOUGHT was  a cat-proof drawer - they'll regret it in the morning! (Do cats get hangovers....?)

Anyway where was I? Ah yes, I had a good run tonight!

Snails I am still very jealous of your Garmin!  I hardly ever look at my timer now, when I first started I was always looking to see if I could walk yet - now it's more just to see how far I've come, and I only tend to look every 5 - 10 minutes to see how I'm doing. I think it might be different if I could see my distance and calories and things too though!

Good luck wth the 6 miles, not sure I could do that (YET.....<<<optimism).

Minty - isn't drizzle GREAT for running in? Not sure about the slug though! I wouldn't want to slip over and land on one.... I'm always dodging duck poo at the running club as it's by the canal and river! 

I'll be attempting another 2 mile run in the morning - then at the weekend the cross trainer is going to hospital - to either be operated on or reborn as a new cross trainer. I'm sort of hoping this one is fixable as it's great (despite being evil - I've missed it!). Then hopefully from next week I won't have to get up earlier to fit a run in!

Enjoy your, ummm.... runs (snigger!)

05/08/2011 at 00:17
Evenin all! So glad it's cooler, although when I went out for a run this morning the sun was blazing. Not such a great run either, it was a bit of a struggle and I'm still feeling it in my legs. I did discover a new park tucked away, complete with immaculate bowling green and mini go-kart track! Managed 30mins but it felt much longer… Still thinking about a garmin but it's such a lot of money and I just can't quite bring myself to spend it yet. Bit of market research needed I think!

Thanks for the info on the parkrun, norwichrunner, it's on my list of running-related things I'd like to achieve.

Snails - thanks for the info on your garmin, I was debating the HR monitor too and agree that if you're going to invest in a serious bit of kit you might as well pay a little extra for it just in case. (But I'm also looking to buy a new camera as my current one has a grain of sand in the lens - REALLY annoying!!! - every photo looks like it has a boulder in it. Apparently it would cost over £100 to send it off for a clean so I might as well buy a new one. Grrr.) Huge congrats on finishing the 10k plan, and best of luck with the race next week - keep us posted!

Cheetah - you look like a proper runner in that photo, not a mad woman! Sorry to hear your cross trainer has died, hope it gets sorted soonest. Running in the morning is fab, altho I'm sure you'll be very pleased to get your evil cross trainer back! Laughed out loud about the catnip. We used to keep some in the "special drawer" until the cat started chewing the wood Now it's in the top cupboard in the kitchen, well away from prying paws. Glad you had a good run tonight, have a good one tomorrow morning.

Minty - welcome back! Sounds like you had a lovely extended weekend. Hope your sore calf is nothing serious and didn't give you any more trouble this evening. I think I had similar niggles at the beginning of each new week as the runs got longer, it should just be your body getting used to it. I always think for the first few minutes my thighs, knees, calves and shins are saying "Running??? Are you mad?!?" but it usually passes (except this morning ) A change of scenery always helps too.

Miffy, Iain, Tommy - hope you're all well and either resting or running.

Nikki, Ragz, hales, jmoutlaw, grant - how's it going, are you still running?

Right: laptop out of battery and bed calling. Night folks
05/08/2011 at 19:52

Hello all,

Still not running until I see the physio on thursday or friday this coming week, hopefully will be able to start back on the treadmill soon and start building up some K's again.

In the meantime i'm on the exercise bikes at work in my lunch breaks, boring as hell but all I can do for now.
Covered just over 13k in 35 mins today so still getting a sweat on!
The bikes are electronic with metered resistance, distance covered, heart rate (if wearing the chest strap thingy) etc so is easy to set same resistance each time and also shows number of revolutions per minute so good for maintaining a measured pace throughout.
Will be doing same tomorrow, but will extend the time to 40 mins next week where possible.
If I can sneak of a bit early for lunch i'll be able to squeeze in the 40 mins workout, otherwise its 35 again (got to allow shower/changing time).

The knee feels fine, but only time back running will show if there is still a problem or not.
Will defo take it slow in the early stages, see how things progress.

06/08/2011 at 19:15

Grr!!! Am PROPER annoyed!!!!

Just about to leave the house for a run, after searching high and low for my watch for half an hour, to find that one of my trainers has also disappeared. Searched for another half an hour, then gave up and poured a large glass of wine! Due to previous experience, the children are totally guilty until proven innocent!!!

06/08/2011 at 21:48

I'm liking your thinking Minty - anyway, wine is JUST as good as a run, it's made from grapes, which is a fruit - therefore one of your 5-a-day.

Hi Norfolklass - the sun got me yesterday morning too - I didn't realise how bright it was so I didn't put my cap on to keep it out of my eyes. I ended up squinting for the first half, I'm lucky I didn't run into anybody (or anything...).

I think next time we get catnip it needs to go in a LOCKABLE cupboard - that was an almost full bag we had, and they've hoovered the lot up between them (Ruby and Blackie being the worst offenders!).

Iain  it's good to hear you're still getting some good exercise in despite not running - I need to be doing something (which is why I've been doing extra runs in the morning to make up for the lack of cross trainer). I'm also a bit jealous that you have exercise bikes at work! I'd love that - in fact, if there were just SHOWERS at work then I could run there in the morning and save on bus fares!

My morning running went well - I was even faster yesterday! The total distance I've been doing is 2.08 miles - Wednesday it took me 23:56, Thursday I did it in 23:21 - and as Friday was my last one, I thought I'd see if I could go faster - and I managed 22:46!

I don't think I could keep that up every morning instead of the cross trainer though, as my legs were really starting to feel it after yesterday. I might try the odd one every now and again though as it seemed to help my speed!

The great news is...... we now have a new cross trainer that works!!!!!!! (ooooo I never noticed the bold type bit before!) OH tried to fix the old one, and it seemed to work for about 2 seconds until the same thing happened again. We got it from eBay, and the seller was absolutely brilliant when we let them know, and swapped it for a new one - it meant us going back to Chesterfield, and the new one wasn't pre-assembled like the old one (cue much swearing) - but it's good to go now!

07/08/2011 at 10:24
Morning all! About to go out for a run, aiming for 36mins non-stop today, the farthest yet. Meant to get out earlier while it was cooler, the sun's blazing again, but it's quite windy so hopefully not too hot.

Iain - well done for doing as you've been told! Glad the knee has been ok, bet you can't wait to get running again, but take it slowly, you don't want to undo all that healing. Hope the physio has good news for you this week.

Minty - poor you, how annoying! Have the watch and trainer turned up yet? Good decision to console yourself with a glass of wine, definitely counts as part of your 5-a-day! Hope you manage to get out and running again soon.

Cheetah - hope you've hidden the key well, have you seen that Cravendale milk ad where all the cats have opposable thumbs?!? Congrats on your faster runs (def sounds like a stomach issue!) but most of all HURRAH that you have a working cross trainer - bet you're over the moon! Hope this one doesn't have any problems.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend, happy running!
07/08/2011 at 16:42

Hi everyone,

Well not a good run for me this weekend - i didn't get out yesterday, and was really looking forward to getting out after lunch today but it was sooo warm, and my planned 6miles ended prematurely at 2.7miles - and that included 3 walk breaks......i so wish i hadn't entered the 10k on Tuesday - i really have my doubts whether i'll be able to finish it. So, i'm going to pretend in my head that i was intentionally 'tapering' today in preparation for Tuesday and see if that helps

Cheetah - hope the cats are okay after their burglary of the catnip cupboard....who ever said animals are stupid?? Thats great news you have a new cross-trainer - i'm sure it was like a work-out in itself trying to get it assembled,lol.

Minty - so funny re the trainer, has it turned up yet? and did you find the culprit? Good second choice anyway to go with the wine - rehydration is essential!!

Norfolklass - how did your run go earlier today? I think next week i'm going to try some running similar to your plan, and do 2 shorter ones during the week and longer at weekend (i think! - i really can't think past Tuesday at the minute).

Iain - 13k in 35mins is really good - i reckon i could only cover that kind of ground in the car!! Its great you're getting plenty of training done. I hope the physio has good news for you this week.

Tommy and Miffy - hows the running going for you?

Enjoy your running everyone, xx

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07/08/2011 at 21:17


I nearly didn't go for my run today - I'm becoming a lightweight and woke up with a hangover which wouldn't shift - despite treating myself to a white chocolate Magnum as a cure. Eventually I persuaded myself to stop being a wuss and get out there - the weather was a bit showery for the first bit so it kept me cool!

I added a bit more distance by widening my route a bit - it took me past the cats' vets, so now I know I could run up there with a cat if needed! On the way back there was a bloke on the opposite side of the road going at a similar pace to me, so I mentally decided that I was going to race him. Unfortunately it looked like he'd decided to pace himself with me, so it was a draw by the time he turned off!

I did 6.16km, or 3.84 miles in 41:51 - so I'm quite proud of myself, it's the furthest I've been yet. I just need to find an extra point of a mile and a bit from somewhere and I have a decent route for a 4 mile run! I lost the hangover on the way too!

Hi Snails - don't worry too much about your run today, it's horrible in the heat, I nearly passed out twice last week and had to stop a couple of times too. Hopefully it'll get cooler by Tuesday - it doesn't matter how long it takes you,  put walk breaks in if you need them - and think of us lot cheering you towards the finish line!

The cats were looking a lot fresher than I was this morning!

Hi Norfolklass - that advert's great! OH had a go on the new cross trainer while I was out on my run, he says it is quieter than the one that broke (so now we know what noise to look out for as a warning sign!) It's my turn in the morning. Lol-ing at the stomach issue! Hope your run went well.

It's the same route and distance as last week at the running club tomorrow - 3.5 miles. It's meant to be quite a bit cooler than last week too, so I should be able to do it without stopping - especially as it's flatter and not as far as the run I did tonight!  

Edited: 07/08/2011 at 21:19
08/08/2011 at 17:52

Hi guys,

I am sorry to keep banging on about running tomorrow night, but i am near sick at the thought........i wonder is it normal to feel like this or is it cos its only my 2nd race  

Anyway, keep all crossed for me.

Cheetah - i'd have paid good money to see you and that guy racing each other down the road. Can't believe you managed to run with a hangover - a new cure discovered?? Good luck with your club run tonight - its definately cooler today, so hopefully that will make it more comfortable.

Hope everyone else is well,

Happy running xxx

08/08/2011 at 20:17
Whoop! Did the 36mins so have now run 5k for the first time (5.14k to be precise) - SO pleased!!! Think I'm going to stick with two 5k runs during the week and hope I can get down to 30mins, and carry on building up the weekend run.

Snails - poor you, I really feel for you Just remember that you've already run the distance so you know you can do it. Hopefully it won't be too hot and the atmosphere will carry you along. Well done on tapering before the event, that's definitely the right thing to do, so come tomorrow you should be nicely rested and ready to go. I think feeling sick is pretty normal, I'd be exactly the same, and I'm sure there'll be plenty of other people feeling sick too. There might even be people who've never raced before, you've already got one race under your belt!

Cheetah - yuck re hangover but good for you for not letting it stop you from running. Well done on increasing your distance too, it's such a buzz! How's the new cross trainer? Bet you couldn't wait to have a go. Have a good run this evening.

Hope everyone else's running is going well.

And Snails: GOOD LUCK for tomorrow, don't forget to enjoy it Sending cheers and whoops from Norfolk
Edited: 08/08/2011 at 20:18
08/08/2011 at 21:06

 Well this is probably going to be shorter than planned as I've already written this once then did that annoying stupid thing of clicking back to a previous page and lost it all!

Anyway, as I was saying:

Hi all, I'm in a much better mood today as my missing items have turned up! My watch was down the side of the sofa (ahem, I might have been responsible for that one), and my shoe turned up in the weirdest place ever. After having resigned myself to what seemed to be the only possible explanation, namely that a fox had run off with it, we found hidden inside my daughter's car seat. It had apparently been shoved in down the underside of the seat, when the seat was in the porch (thank you children), then my DH had carried it out and put it back in the car on Saturday, and didn't notice it! Then on Sunday he took it out again to make way for a tip run and saw it then. Good job we have lots of crap to get rid of or it could have been ages before we found it! Hooray!

Anyway, with no more excuses I had to go for a run this evening. Wasn't really looking forward to it as I'd promised I would do 3 mins this week, and I hadn't been out since Thursday, but it went OK actually. The usual right calf pain towards the end, but made sure I had a good long walk on the way back and by the time I got home it felt loads better. I tried to do the parkrun route. Did roughly two laps (parkrun is roughly 3), but somehow managed to do it backwards (not literally), so trying to work out the distance, think it was 3 and a bit K.

Cheetah - glad you've got your cross trainer back! I was getting a bit worried about you with all that running in the mornings aswell! LOL re the cats and the catnip. Haven't heard of the white chocolate Magnum hangover cure before, but will definitely give it a try next time! Sounds like your running is going really well! Well done!

Norfolklass - Well done on your 5K! I can't wait to be able to do that, such a milestone! LOL re cat chewing the wooden cupboard. I miss having a bonkers cat so much!!

Iain - well done you for keeping up the fitness with cycling. Must be a bit annoying to be stuck inside, but here's hoping you'll get good news and can start up some running again.

Snails -  GOOD LUCK for tomorrow! We'll all be thinking of you. As Norfolklass says, just try to enjoy it and not put too much pressure on yourself. Fingers crossed the weather is right for you.

Hope everyone else is doing ok?

Right - off for a glass of one of my 5 a day. xx

09/08/2011 at 16:51
Snails - dying to hear how you got on today?
09/08/2011 at 19:53
Yes, tell us snails!!!
Hope it went well!
09/08/2011 at 21:37
Snaaaaaaiiiiiilllllsssssssssss! (fingers crossed!)
09/08/2011 at 22:53

Aw you guys are great...........well as you can tell i made it (without the aid of an ambulance). Took me a long time, and i really do live up to my name - 1 hr 17min 21secs.......and i did have a number of very short walk breaks and 2 long ones which were on the hilly bits. It was all off road, about 1/4 on gravel paths and 3/4 on forest trail - so i'm glad i done so much of my running on trails until now. Two people actually ended up dropping out as they twisted their ankles. Also i didn't come last (but i was 4th last) - still it gives me an idea of what a 10K is like (i didn't have my Garmin till i finished the 10K plan, and i'm actually debating whether i had run 10K before) - and it gives me a time to work on. It was a really well organised event and only cost £10 to enter, and we got water, muffins and a medal at the end. So now i'm bathed and stretched!! Sorry to have kept you in suspense, but i wasn't home till 21.30.

How are you all doing?? Thanks so much for all your support xxx

09/08/2011 at 23:25
GO SNAILS!!! Knew you could do it!!! Off to bed now, will do proper reply tomorrow. Have a good rest! xxxx
10/08/2011 at 15:06

Hiya all - Cheetah i love reading your thread - gives me inspiration to start walk run programme . Am just doing walking at the mo as had an op 7 weeks ago ...but hopefully a couple more will then get me on the move...

You all write with such motivation and enthusiasm - pouring with rain but determined to do 30 mins fast walk  today .


10/08/2011 at 18:36

Wooohooo go snails - I knew you could do it!!!!!!!

Hi Abby and welcome to the thread and good luck with your walk if you haven't already done it - it's about to chuck it down here too I think.

I shall post more later - off out for a run as soon as I stop bleeding (just had an injection at the doctor's, he's not very good at them!!!!!!!) 

10/08/2011 at 23:26

Hi everyone,

Abby - hi and welcome to the thread....hope you got your walk done okay, and most of all that you enjoyed it. You will really love it when you start your walk/run programme too.

Cheetah - thanks for that. I hope you've stopped bleeding by now - sounds a bit of a gruesome experience for you..... maybe ask if the nurse can give it next time (hopefully there won't be one). Did you get out for your run after?

Minty - thanks for reply last night. It was so funny - there i was all bathed, stretched and supposedly relaxed for bed......and i was still buzzing wide awake at 3am (not at all unusual for me to not be able to sleep, but i'm not usually buzzing) - it was either the adrenaline or the lucozade!! Hows your running going?

Norfolklass - well done doing the 5k distance - good time too. Are you going to do any speed work at all during the week to try and improve your time? Also what are you increasing your Sat run to? I'm in a bit of quandry at the minute - my aim was to get my miles built up by following a half marathon plan, but i know i'm not ready physically or mentally for that level yet, so i don't know what to do next. Any ideas guys?? - should i do some shorter runs and do them quicker and then a longer run at weekend? I know i need to work on hills definately! All advice welcome. Oooh - i near forgot to tell you - they posted the results on their site today, and said that both the 5k and 10k races were slightly longer due to unforseen problems or something - i just thought my Garmin had it wrong - it was actually 6.8miles which is 10.94 km - so that was a nice surprise.

Iain - not much longer to persevere till you get to see the physio - fingers crossed its good news for you.

Tommy and Miffy - hope all is good with you and that your running is going well.

Night Night all (obviously i'm not going to name you all cos then it'd be like the 'Waltons')xxx

11/08/2011 at 11:04
Hey thanks folks you are a friendly bunch X
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