Started 8 wk beginner's schedule today

Any other newbies want to join my thread?

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16/06/2011 at 21:18

Hi everyone,

This evening I started the beginner's 8 week schedule. Haven't done any exercise for about 4 years during which time I've had two children. I'm about two stone overweight and and hoping to lose at least one stone, but just as important, I'm hoping to increase my energy levels in general, and am thinking that it would really do me good mentally to unwind after being with the kids all day.

I actually went out on Tuesday, and tried to run, but soon realised that my old sports bra was no longer up to the job, so bought a new one online which happily arrived today, and seems to be working very well!

My first run/walk session went better than I expected and I got through it fine, so I'm feeling quite positive. I'm lucky that we have some lovely parks nearby which are great for running around.

Is anyone else just starting out and willing to swap words of encouragement as we work through the 8 week plan?  Has anyone thought of registering for a 5K to motivate them? I wanted to, but the ones coming up near me are all too soon! Luckily, there is a parkrun every Saturday in my local park, so that's something I can aim for (although the thought scares me at the moment!).

Look forward to hearing from you!

17/06/2011 at 22:05
Hello MintyB,

I'm a beginner too, only a few weeks ahead of you, I did week 5 day 2 this morning. I'm also overweight and pretty inactive (desk job ), and with my 40th birthday looming next year I decided to get off my backside and Do Something, and I have to say I'm loving running! I'm amazed that after only five weeks I can really feel the difference: it already takes much less time to get my breath back during the walking bits.

I've had a few runs where my legs have felt pretty leaden but thankfully no injuries so far. Before I started I went to a specialist running shop, did the video gait analysis thing and invested in a decent pair of running shoes (more incentive to keep going), and the man in the shop was really helpful and encouraging. In fact everyone I've spoken to in person and in cyberspace on this website has been really helpful and encouraging.

There's a parkrun near me but I'm a long way off signing up for that (scares me too!), although maybe in a few months... I currently run around the park around the corner from home during the week, and at weekends I run around one of the Broads parks. Eventually I'm going to have to venture out of the local park but so far I've tried not to run on the hard pavement while my feet and legs get used to the exercise.

The best advice I've had so far is to stick to the schedule and don't be tempted to do more (I did once and oh boy did it make the next run difficult!), and to make sure you do plenty of stretches afterwards. Hope you continue to enjoy the running
17/06/2011 at 23:31

Hi ladies,

I started running a few months ago,had my baby last july so want to shift my baby weight, keep fit & enter races (hopefully! )  I started a 8wk training programme,got to wk 4 and had to run for 25mins, when i mapped my route i found i had done 2miles so me being impatient i  had not stuck to the plan and just done a 5k a few days ago then yesterday i did 3.7miles !  Not sure if i should of done this but the fact that i have managed it without stopping has spurred me on no end !

I have entered the race for life so training for that,once i get better at my running i will enter some 5k's.

How are you ladies doing ?

I have to agree with you though norfolklass about staying to the plan, i ran once,months ago, went too far and gave myself shin splints which knocked me right back !

Good luck girls !

17/06/2011 at 23:32

Hi - I'm on week 5 of the beginners schedule too and would love to join you and share words of encouragement! 

I've recently started running as I've managed to get roped into running a mini-marathon in September (only 2.6 miles - it sounds scarier than it is, it's just over 4k!) so I figured I'd better get a bit of practice in. I'm raising sponsorship for Cats Protection and have quite a bit so far, so I can't let the kittens down!

I've also been trying to get into shape - I quit smoking a couple of years ago and managed to gain a stone and a half in the process. I invested in a cross-trainer earlier in the year and have been hitting that pretty hard and I gradually seem to be shifting the pounds as I give my love handles a good jiggling... the running so far has worked miracles on my cellulite too so I'm really enjoying this exercise lark now!

I'm guilty of doing a bit more than the schedule

I've joined a beginner's running club (it's at my local Sweatshop - I recommend it if you have one near you!) and that's on a Monday night, I do the same run on Weds and Fri night - then practice the one for the next week on Sunday!

I struggled a bit with this Monday's run (8 mins running, two minutes walking), but then I tried again on Wednesday and really enjoyed it! As it's a pretty big jump from 8 minutes to 12 minutes, I thought I'd try and get there a bit more gradually, so tonight I did three lots of 9 and a half minutes (in the pouring rain!) - and I honestly feel I could have run for longer at the end of each one. Now I'm tempted to try for the whole 12 minutes on Sunday!

Tomorrow, however - I am doing absolutely NOTHING as my poor legs need a break!  (And having a beer or three tonight to relax my poor achy muscles!)

18/06/2011 at 07:42
Hello Its nice to see you all progress
18/06/2011 at 10:07
Hi cheetah, well done on your progress, I just want to say the 'Main' reason I skipped doing some of my 8wk training was because the race for life I'm doing is in less than 4wk away so I'd never complete it hence me cheating
The one thing do wish is I haa a running buddy, it gets boring going alone
18/06/2011 at 13:18

Hiya Nikki, at first I thought I would have HATED to have a running buddy in case I couldn't keep up with them - but it's great at the running club as it helps me to pace myself, and I can talk to other people instead of talking to myself to check I'm not going too fast!

I just dug out my sweatshop plan and realised that next weeks is only running 10 minutes then walking one minute, so it's a bit different from the one on here - then a big jump to running 15 minutes the week after. I think I'm still going to aim for the 12 minute runs.

I'm getting a bit bored of my route - I've started running down random roads every now and again to make it a bit more interesting! It's hard finding a decent route as it's quite hilly round here, but I'm slowly getting used to it. (The first slight incline I hit nearly killed me!).

18/06/2011 at 20:29
Ha I know what you mean, I have a lovely lake to run round it's just under 1/2 mile long and up and down but plenty of flat, I got bored of that and went round the streets, the other week I ran through town, THAT in itself was an experience as it was a Friday niht and everyone was out drinking, here's me running by, must of looked a right sight !! . I also have a canal nearby so I have took to running down that, sometimes I wish I could just run and not have to do the same trek back, if I carried on I'd have to get my husband to fetch me !

The nearest sweatshop to me is Nottingham, I'm in Loughborough, so it's a bit far, I need to get in a club or sometng as I'm bored
Have you been out today, I did 1/2 mile then stopped walked for 2mins then went again, must say my heart wasn't in it, not sure why
Maybe the cross trainer tomorrow
18/06/2011 at 21:16

Wow, hi everyone and thanks for all the replies, it's good to be in touch with some people at the same sort of stage!

I haven't been out yet since my first post which was Thursday. So am due to go out tomorrow night, then Tuesday. Could have gone tonight except I'm aching all over from sawing and hammering all day today! I'm looking forward to it though.

Norfolklass, thanks for the advice re not overdoing it, it's very tempting when you just start out isn't it. I'm actually in Norwich so we may be talking about the same parkrun, at Eaton Park? I live 5 mins from Eaton park so am quite lucky really.

Nikki - sounds like you're doing really well! I wanted to do race for life, but it was quite early in Norwich so I had missed it by the time I had got round to thinking about doing something. I think it really helps to have a buddy to go with. I'm going with my mum (we have done this in the past, not for about 5 years tho!). It's nice because although I see her quite a lot, when the kids are there it's hard to have a proper conversation, so it give us a bit of time for a proper catchup (although was quite hard to keep talking during the running bit). 

Hi Cheetah-to-be, well done on your progress, and well done for stopping smoking! That mini marathon sounds good, a stepping stone to a 5K. Don't think I could cope with hills, being Norfolk born and bred, I wouldn't know what to do with one!

Hi Gareth, what sort of stage are you at? 

The thought of running through town past people drinking would terrify me! I'm quite self-conscious when I'm running, what with everything wobbling! The new bra helped a lot, but it's my mummy-tummy too, not a nice feeling. I wore my spanx type pants when I went on Thursday. They helped a lot but weren't very comfy. Oh well, maybe everything will firm up in a few weeks!

I'll check back in after my run tomorrow evening.

18/06/2011 at 21:44
Hi Minty I'd love to join your thread please. I'm on week 6 of a beginners plan and aiming for a 5k race for life in 4 weeks. I too am trying to lose baby weight (lost 2 stone through dieting, 1.5 to go) but mostly I would just love to be able to run, I never have been able to, just thought of myself as one of those people who can't run. A friend of mine started running a few years ago and ran Brighton marathon this year, she's been such an inspiration she made me see that anyone can run if they want to. I love my runs as it's me time, away from the kids!

My longest run so far has been 20 minutes, tomorrow's is 25, if someone had told me 2 months ago that I'd be able to do that I would have believed them! It seems like a really daunting prospect but it really does get easier. I find myself halfway through a run thinking I can't finish then I get a second wind and finish feeling like I can do more.

Hope your run goes well tomorrow. Don't be self concious most people will either be jealous or think you're crazy, no one's looking for wobbly bits! (I got Karrimor running capri type tight leggings and find they hold the mummy tummy in nicely and I don't feel too wobbly)
18/06/2011 at 22:08
Hi Ragz, welcome to our thread! You're doing really well! With the diet and the running! This is all quite inspiring for me. I just love the idea of being able to run for 20mins and feel comfortable doing it. Thanks for the tip re the leggings.  Good luck for your 25mins tomorrow! Do you go in the evenings? That's the only time I can go really, but anyway I like the idea of getting out the door when the kids are in bed and my job is done for the day!
18/06/2011 at 23:46
Minty, it WAS daunting running through town, luckily I passed them pretty quick and have never gone round a corner so quick in my life !!! Lol. My wobbly bits were certainly giving it some hahah

Ragz welcome aboard, and we done on your weight loss, it feels great having the 'me time' as you def need it, makes most of your cares vanish for that short time, keep it up and you'll soon be running further than you imagined, I'm sticking at the 3miles for now then will slowly up it afterwards

Off to bed now, I have work in the morning grr

Happy running folks !
19/06/2011 at 00:16
Small world Minty, I'm in Norwich too! What put me off the Eaton parkrun was looking at the photos on their website, lots of very fit looking people in proper running kit clearly running very very fast. Maybe in a few months we can pluck up some courage and jog very slowly behind them! At the weekends I run round Whitlingham, off there tomorrow morning for W5D3 - running for 20 mins nonstop - looking forward to finding out if I can do it.

Hello to everyone else: Nicky, Cheetah, Gareth and Ragz It's nice to swap progress with some fellow beginners, really encouraging! I don't have any kids so my tummy has no excuse I stopped smoking a few years ago at the same time as starting a job where I sat in front of a computer all day so I guess that's where the slippery slope began. It's early days yet but hopefully running will help burn off a few extra pounds, but even if it doesn't I'm just really enjoying the exercise. It's so satisfying to get out in the open air and get the blood pumping, even if it is a bit of a struggle to get out of bed some mornings.

I've promised myself some new running gear when I finish the 9 weeks, although I don't think I'm quite ready for capri pants! Enjoy the rest of your weekends!
19/06/2011 at 11:25

Thanks for all the welcomes. Minty - I mostly Run in the evenings, unless I can persuade DH to get up early on weekends and watch the kids while I go out. Int he earlier weeks I was taking my youngest with me as I managed to get a pushchair suitable for running with from the local tip for £15! Haven't been since getting up to longer times but if I want to get out more often I think I'll have to. Especially when the evenings get dark again.

Running clothes - I really recommend the proper stuff, as normal cotton clothes don't wick moisutre and also feel really cold and horrible when it's raining (I went out in a downpour the other day and barely felt it until I got home and took them off to find my bra and knickers wringing wet!) I got mine online from Sportsdirect their Karrimor stuff was a good price, I treated myself at about week 3 once I knew I was going to stick at it. Shoes wise I'm still using my £10 Shoezone mens trainers, as they are comfy. I did go to JJB and ask for a gait analysis but the boy there said if mine were comfy and didn't hurt I should stick with them! I did try on about 8 pairs of fancy trainers but none fit right (I have size 8/9 wide feet!)

Norfolklass - I gave up smoking 2 days ago!  Hoping it will help my running and also that running will help give up.

Have a good Sunday everyone, good luck to all those running today!

19/06/2011 at 21:20

Evening - has anyone been out for a run today?

I tried 3 reps of 12 minutes (with 90secs walking in between as I don't think I'm quite ready to do it again in a minute just yet!)  I NEARLY did it - and ended up doing 2 lots of 12 minutes and one of 10 minutes, I ended up on quite a steep hill right at the end and couldn't go any further - think I may have to rethink my route a bit so I finish off DOWNHILL!

Google maps tells me I did 3.2 miles before it got confused where I doubled back on myself for a bit!

Tomorrow at the running club should be easy, we go by the canal so it's flat - and it's 3 lots of 10 minutes so less than I did tonight. Nikki - it's the Nottingham one I go to (but yeh it's a bit far if you're in Loughborough just for a half hour run!)

Good luck with the not smoking Ragz - and hope you managed your run MInty!

Norforklass and Minty - the only time I've been to Norwich I remember being made to walk up a really steep road, that must be the only hill and I was unlucky!

Edited: 19/06/2011 at 21:21
19/06/2011 at 21:49

Hi all,

Yup, went for my 2nd run/walk this evening with mum. It went very well actually, although I wasn't feeling too great at the start. I had eaten some dinner even though I wasn't very hungry as had been scoffing DH and my dad's chocs all afternoon (it's this sort of behaviour that got me in this state in the first place! Haha!), so I felt a bit full and not very energised. But after the 2nd run/walk sequence I perked right up and managed it fine. Think I could have done more or longer, or with less walk time but heeded your advice and stuck to the plan! 

And I got my first heckling! Haha! Some neanderthal leant out of his window and shouted something unintelligible, but I don't think it was nasty or anything. Was quite funny because the lights changed and he got stuck there until we nearly reached him, so think he was quite embarrassed! I was reading a thread the other day about the abuse some runners have had, mainly from teenagers, and I hate this sort of thing, find it really intimidating.

Well done on your run, Cheetah! No, finishing on a steep hill doesn't sound good to me. I think that must have been Ketts Hill you found in Norwich. It's about the only one! Bad luck!

Ragz and Norfolklass - on the subject of clothes, I'm feeling quite pleased with myself for getting some right bargains online! I had been pointed in the direction of a few pairs of running shoes which would be good for me, and had a quick look on ebay and managed to get some Reebok Premier Roadplus, hardly any signs of use, for £10! Was a risk but they fit great and are really comfy so far. Also looked up a good sports bra and was about to buy it for about £30, just checked ebay and got the same one new with tags for £4.99! Apparently they were slightly yellow from being in the sun, but I can't see anything wrong with it. My Head track bottoms were also ebay, brand new, about £6 and an everlast performance T-shirt for £5.50. Totally kitted out now so no excuses!

Re the Eaton Park parkrun, Norfolklass, yeah I had a look at the pics and the times, and it is a bit daunting, also about 250 people! Can't believe it! Maybe in a few weeks / months we'll be up to it!

Good luck with your runs tomorrow everyone! 

20/06/2011 at 20:40
Hello, hope everyone's had a good day.

Ragz - well done for giving up smoking, hope it's going well. I couldn't have done it without Allen Carr's book, plus OH didn't give up so if I was really struggling I just sat next to him and inhaled. I definitely need to invest in a couple of proper wicking tops, sweaty cotton Ts are pretty unpleasant

Cheetah - well done on your reps, hope you're having a good run with your club today, and no hills. Actually Norwich is surprisingly hilly!

Minty - glad your 2nd run went well, despite the idiot heckler. I haven't had that particular experience yet, all the neanderthals must still be in bed when I venture out in the morning, thanks goodness! And good advice re ebay, think I'll check out stuff in the shops then come home and try and get it much cheaper online. (Def need a new sports bra!)

Well, I did my first 20 mins continuous run yesterday morning. I wouldn't say it was easy, but it wasn't anywhere near as hard as I thought it would be. The NHS podcast lady is right: it's more of a mental than a physical challenge to keep going, although running into the wind didn't help! So I can now start week 6 - haven't listened ahead yet so no idea how long the next run is, I'll go out either tomorrow or Weds morning. Can't wait
20/06/2011 at 20:58

Oooo well done on the 20 minutes Norfolklass! 

I survived the running club, and did yesterdays run backwards - 2 lots of 10 minutes then 12! (The last whistle went, but there were only a couple of bridges to go along the canal and I was being cheered on by some fishermen - so I kept on going and did a sprint finish!)  We did about 5k today! 

I'm going to keep attempting 3 lots of 12 minutes (but maybe carry on going DOWNHILL at the end instead of turning round so I head back home - I can always walk further at the end!), next week's is only two lots of 15 minutes so it should seem easy in comparison!

Hope everyone who's been running today had a good one!

20/06/2011 at 21:28
The first time I read your post I though you meant you actually ran backwards...!
Well done, esp on the sprint finish!
Edited: 20/06/2011 at 21:30
20/06/2011 at 23:04

Haha I can only just run forwards! I'd have been IN the canal I've I'd tried to go backwards!

It did look a bit like that's what I meant when I read it back just now!

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