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24/05/2011 at 21:45

Hi Just Run

I dont skip the walk breaks but I take them based on my heartrate rather than an arbitrary time, it seems to work better for me that way and is a more natural way to run. Roll  on being able to run without a break!

25/05/2011 at 07:14

lovely morning here in Clacton - (again) went out for my steady 3.26 miles run and guess what felt really good after yesterdays fartlek and got round in 28:43 which according to the fetch training log thing is an average of 8:49 per mile - well pleased now need to get that down to 7 something then 6 then who knows 5!!!!

 Sorry sounds like boasting but was over the moon this morning!!!!

Happy Running 

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26/05/2011 at 10:43

Payback today - didn't feel very springy - and ran 3 minute slower, in my defence I was almost blown to a standstill on the way out - and when showering afterwards found I was covered in sand from where the wind had been blowing up off the beach.

Still happy running!

26/05/2011 at 21:29

Dr Fish, i have consideed using a heartrate monitor in the past and a friend of mine really recommends them too. It does seem a more natural way to run, as you are simply listening to your body and the best way to tell how it feels must be your heartbeat! Maybe something to put on my birthday wish list?

Grendel, you can boast all you like on here, 8:49 over 3 plus miles! I'd love some of that! You've every right to feel over the moon. Sorry you lost your bounce on the next run! May have taken a bit more out of you than you thought?

Well i feel like crap today, bunged up nostrils, snorting like a pig all day and a stinking headaches plus hot flushes!!! Took the boys to football practice and was tempted to hit the sofa when we got home. What did i do? .....go for a run!!! I did 30 minutes at an easy pace about 10:30 miles covering 2.87 miles. Feel bloody great now, head feels clearer, i'm actually aching less than before and so glad i went.

Week - 5.13

Month - 28.99

2011 - 90.98

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27/05/2011 at 09:34

Just Run sometimes I think you can sweat these cold things out - but possibly the run has suppressed the symptons so err on the side of caution.

Used to run in a group where a few of us had hear monitors, but never really used them to train with  - just used to compare each others heart rates and we ran did our usual eyeballs out Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday long runs!!!

Other than that if we could talk we were cruising if we couldn't and someone had dropped off the back then we were putting in the effort!!!

 Another good run this morning, unfortunately due to a 'cock up' on thre timing front I stopped my watch crossing a road and forgot to restart so I estimated I ran for 30 minutes but no real idea!!!

Happy running everyone 

27/05/2011 at 13:41

Grendel, i always stick to the same tried and tested method when it comes to colds. If its neck up then run, if its on the chest then rest! Seems to be a pretty good way to go. I don't feel too lethargic, just a head full of cold, and i did feel a little better this morning!

I've stopped my watch before now and had no idea when to turn around and head back! It never happens on a loop, always an out and back!

I'm going for a 33 minute long slow run Sunday, following the old 10% rule.

Been religiously sticking to my ankle strengthening exercises and i must say the range of movement in it is far superior to before, its really improving. It does seem to roll slightly despite my new orthotics and all the stretches but its not giving me the pain it did and there are no aches the next day! Going to try to put together a 30 minute or so strength routine that i will try to stick to once a week including planks etc as i am so pleased that my body seems to be responding to stretching! It might not be for everyone but it really does seem to have a postive effect on me and my running.

Have a great bank holiday weekend everyone! 3 days off so no excuses for not getting a run in!

27/05/2011 at 14:18

Good luck with the 33 minute run Sunday Just Run,  and sounds like the ankle excercises are paying off - Not sure if I have the discpline to do the 30 minutes strength stuff - always seemed a waste of time when I could do another 30 minute run!!!

Have just ordered off amazon a Garmin Forerunner - they had a special  offer so couldn't resist it - Hopefully the car won't be to expensive next week!!!

28/05/2011 at 07:43

Recovery run this morning - which is my excuse for only doing 15 minutes and 4 seconds!!! Fetcheveryone says that equates to 8:52 mileing -  i'll settle for that!!!

The garmin is due for delivery o Thursday!! apparently it has a virtual training partner - should be interesting - my running improved dramatically in my previous life when i joined a club so perhaps as i can't get to a club anymore - that will do a similar job!!!!

good weekend and happy running

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31/05/2011 at 09:00

Bit of catching up to do -

Sunday was for some reason quite tough, did 40 minutes but not sure how or why, think maybe I should have backed off - but kept plugging away -and cut it 5 minutes short in the end.

Monday was better, did 33 minutes at an average of 9.14 mile but still seem to be lacking a bit of spring in the old legs -

This morning I did an 'interval' session 12 times one minute off a minute recovery felt ok but again a it tired - am off swimming tonight and the water nomally rejuvinates the muscles a bit so hopefully will be ok tomorrow!!!

Happy running

02/06/2011 at 10:19

Two rather strange runs over the past two days -

Yesterday felt very tired to the point I thought I would go home, quite breathless (problem is that I suffer from hay fever which puts breathing right out and I run through an area called Grass Lands which gives a bit of a clue to the problem!) but being an awkward old s*d struggled on - and ran 29.53 for the 3.25 mile run - not sure how or why but my second fastest for this route.

This morning was just as strange - felt quite tired but then did 29:44 - so things are despite the lack of bounce going in the right direction - also if I am honest with myself I am 12 years older than I was when I last did this sort of thing and although I don't feel it I am!!!

Will have to revisit the diet again as this week have not really bothered about the carb stuff as I was getting fed up with the Pasta/Rice Potatoes day after day and went back to a normal varied diet

Happy Days

02/06/2011 at 13:32

Five weeks into running again. Did not run at all last week which I think was the right decision. Done 2.52 miles an Tuesday and out the house this morning 5.37 and according to my Endomondo app on my phone 3.01 miles in 35.04 mins.

Was well chuffed at this, the distance is starting to come back again and felt really good after run aswell.

 Lets see what happens in the next few weeks

02/06/2011 at 16:30

That sounds good Paul - the key does seem to be to take it gradually

03/06/2011 at 10:04

Lovely morning out on the Essex Coast - did a slightly quicker (again) 3.26 miles in 29:32 just over 9 minute mileing - felt Ok but still splutering along with the Hayfever!

Have aq good weekend aall and happy running.

07/06/2011 at 20:41

Hello all, seems an age since i posted but i haven't ran for almost 2 weeks!! Partly because i've been very busy and partly because i've simply lacked the motivation to get out the door early in the morning or later in the evening. Life has simply got in the way recently, days out, kids football tournaments (which my sons team have insisted on winnng the last 2 weekends resulting in an all day event!), swimming classes, football training, and thats before i wash the car, mow the lawn and try to fit in a days work too. I could never do my wifes job, i simply wouldn't have the time!

Anyway, enough was enough, i had to get out for a run and i feel great! I was going to stick to a nice slow 20 minutes but did stretch to 30 and although a bit stiff and feeling like i was going up and down rather than forward i still managed a pleasing 2.97 miles in the 30 minutes. That's boosted my confidence and i'm off out for another 30 minutes Thursday after the boys football training.

Grendel, nice to see you're still getting out regularly, your times are certainly impressive, hope the hayfever doesn't get in the way too often!

Paul, keep plugging away, the distances will come in time. As Grendel says, patience is key!

Happy running all!!!

Week - 2.97

Month - 2.97

2011 - 93.95 - almost 100 miles up! All being well i will hit the ton on Sunday

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07/06/2011 at 21:23

Hi Just Run - I just get up and go - I'm lucky that I can pretty much get up and go out the door. The Garmin thing is a revelation what it has shown is that I am actually running a bit faster - all my runs are low 9 minute miles or better and one 12 glorious minutes this morning it read 7 something well chuffed with that - perhaps it is starting to come back - am trying not to be to impatient.

Ran 5 miles sunday quicker in training than I did in the 5 mile fun run in march - a leap forward - the hayfever has always been there even at my best all those years ago

my next race looks like it will be in October now although possibly a 5 miles before that - have decided not to take up my deferred London place as I just don't think I cannot do the training = what I have decided is that my long term goal is the Brentwood half marathon in march 2013 - the 30th anniversary of my first ever race,

08/06/2011 at 19:58

Hi Grendel, i used to go out early mornings, although i was in training for a couple of races so found a reason to put it in. I'm hoping to run the Taunton 10k in September, i ran it in 2008 in just over 52 minutes. Its a nice route  with around 700 entrants. My wife wants to run it too so could be an incentive to get in a few extra training runs!

Was aching a little this morning, just the quads though and really looking forward to Thursdays run now.

Happy running

09/06/2011 at 09:06

Slightly painful hamstring at the moment - as great as the Garmin is, I have found it has encouraged me to keep aiming at that sub 9 minute mile split when maybe a couple of runs each week I should back off a bit - which I did this morning and was aiming to run 10 minute miles which on average I actually did 9:56 so there or there abouts - the hamstring thing is an old problem which I can run through - the slower running means I am not extending it as far so not as painful - that an nurofen can help!!

It really was a lovely morning this morning, the wind coming in at an angle, whilst quite strong meant that the sea was crashing into the rocks in the 'bay' (man made bays as part of our sea defences)

I am aiming to do the Southend 10K in October - last time I did it, it was 35 something!!! am aiming for sub 60!!! 

 Certainly feeling great at moment.

Happy running 

09/06/2011 at 21:14

Nice 30 minute run after the boys football training tonight along the canal. Really felt good tonight although my quads are definately a bit on the stiff side! Managed to up the pace over the last half mile and my form feels really good, feel like i'm running upright at the end of a run instead of falling forwards gasping for air.

Roll on Sunday, should be 100 miles up for the year, not much but its a start!

30 minutes - 3.07 miles

Week - 6.04

Month - 6.04

2011 - 97.02

Edited: 09/06/2011 at 22:19
10/06/2011 at 09:19

Going well there Just Run well done and any milestone is a milestone eh?

Did 3.27 in 30.12 this morning, which is still equating to the low 9 minutes so reasonably happy   - sore hamstring still but manageable so am just popping nurofen, stretching and carrrying on (once got asked not to give injury advice at my local gym, as apparently 2 asprin 20 minutes before your run doesn't constitute advice)

12/06/2011 at 20:31

What a miserable day! Its lashed it down since the early hours and didn't look like it would ever stop! Luckily it did so i went for a nice slow 33 minute run, added an extra 10% just to make sure i broke through the 100 mile barrier for the year!

As i've been running for 30 minutes non stop for the last few weeks i'm going to add 10% to my mileage from now on each week, taking an easy week every fourth week. The Taunton 10k at the end of September is definately my target and the nice gap between now and then should give me plenty of time to gradually regain my running fitness and make sure i go to the start line full of confidence.

Sunday 12 June - 33 minutes - 3.23 miles

Week - 9.27

Month - 9.27

2011 - 100.25

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