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13/09/2012 at 22:20

Just had a look...elevation looks pretty good! Should be a pretty quick half, I reacon I could do that in around 2.20 maybe?! So given the right training 3:30 I think you could get really close to the 2 hour...

13/09/2012 at 22:23

Where did you see the elevation B2B ? Its right by me. Starts at Lommond shores about 5 miles away

14/09/2012 at 10:01

I think 3:30 to answer your question, providing you can get in a decent stretch of consistant training in over the next 6 months you should be there or there abouts - I suppose the key will be increasing your longer runs and stamina.  Will have a look at the course when I get a moment -

3 miles easy this morning, Tried to adjust my Garmin this morning on my run and one of the pins that hold the strap on popped out - I managed to save it but it was to dark to try and repair so held pin in one hand and garmin and keys the other - All going well, (even found a security light that stayed on to try and fix it - didn't work) then somehow managed to catch the pin against my shorts and off it went like an arrow shot by one of Henry V's archers at the french. SPent 5 minutes or so scrabbling around trying to find it - but had to give up - Finished run with the hump, but managed to find one on an old watch that fitted OK.  So 3 miles done but a bit stop and start today.

14/09/2012 at 11:27

I would imagine the course will be pancake flat - havent seen an elevation but knowing the route cant think of any hills

14/09/2012 at 14:29

Hi all, bit of catching up to do by the look of all the posts!

I missed my Wednesday run as we have simply been so busy this week and I really didn’t fancy a pitch black run along the canal at 9pm (I’m going soft).

I’m off out later this afternoon for an interval run and I’m going to make it  12 x 1 minute today and try to keep to 8m/m pace.

20 x 1 minute is the target now Grendel! I’m in no rush though so may just add a couple every other week or so.

Lol at that 75 minute marathon Grendel. Some excellent health pointers there too, none of us are getting any younger and most of us will never run as quick as we did.

3:30, keep plugging away. I am overweight myself, and get annoyed when some people tell me I need to put a pound or two on? I think its up to us to get ourselves healthy and leave the rest behind.

B2B makes an excellent point about a fun run too 3:30. I usually run easy on a Friday and more often than not now I leave the watch at home and just run, chatting to myself every now and again to make sure the pace isn’t getting anything above  an easy workout. I love the numbers and data myself but just run the battery flat and get out the door without the watch. You will be glad you did.


B2B, I saw that thread, ignore Sussex Runner, he/she is known for put downs and wind ups.

3:30 . I ran a sub 55 10k after 3 months training so no excuse. A race day will carry you along too as B2B says. You CAN do it.

Bummer about the garmin Grendel, at least you didn’t lose the watch!

Right, lets go and get my running gear on and have a few stretches! Back with a report later.

14/09/2012 at 16:39

Great run D&D as Grendel would say...

Tough, but very satisfying. I felt fine within 5 minutes of finishing but at the time of the last rep I was breathing out my arse! Did the 12 x 1 minute intervals, aiming for 8m/m pace. This is how they came out....7:45, 8:37, 7:31, 7:36, 7:30, 7:41, 7:51, 7:40, 7:51, 7:35, 7:59, 7:04 (that one was tough!). Covered 3.76 miles in total in 35:41 averaging 9:29, not bad considering a mile of it was warm up/down.

Got football with my eldest lad tomorrow, hoping to keep up their 100% start to the season with their second round of matches. My youngest son also makes his debut in the under 7's and my daughter has also signed up for the girls side. The after school running club has started again which they're all a member of and with their swimming tonight they'll all be overtaking me very soon!!!

September 20.54



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15/09/2012 at 21:15

Not sure i'll be able to resist doing 5 1/2 tomorrow to reach 300!

16/09/2012 at 10:18

5.50 miles on the dot. Can't believe I forgot to add the odd .06! Never mind, i'll have to start next week hitting 300. Very nice, long slow run along the canal. Just concentrated on putting one foot in front of the other this morning, very easy run.

September 26.04


17/09/2012 at 11:23

3:30 - Just typed it in and found it in images somewhere...Looks nice and flat, should be a good one for a PB!

Thanks Just Run - yeah no idea what Sussexs problem is, seen them pop up on a few threads doing the same thing....

Im looking at getting a watch for christmas...yeah I know  september and I used the C word!  Anyone using or used the Garmin forerunner 110?

Im really after a basic watch, time, distance, pace and thats it! I would ideally like one with a really long battery life but I think the Garmin only lasts 8 hours?

Any suggestions?

17/09/2012 at 13:02

B2B Someone said on one of the forums that you can buy a quick charger which may be worth looking at when someone asked that question.

17/09/2012 at 14:51

hmm yeah I was thinking something like that, I had this kind of thing in mind...


17/09/2012 at 21:16

Nice easy 3 miles tonight. Took my headtorch, which turned out to be a waste of time after the batteries went completely flat half a mile into my run. Still, its done now. Day off tomorrow then a hard run Wednesday. Not sure whether to do intervals again or something different? I'll have a think about it as it'll depend on when i go, daylight etc.

September 29.04


17/09/2012 at 21:34

Hard, tired run tonight...

Got 5.7 miles in and my mum rang to say she was close....took a lift back to so I only had 3 miles to go..

Best part of my 8.7 miles was my choice of snack...a Trek bar!

All natural, raw food snack.

Really tasty!

Form was all over the place today but I put that down to lots of dancing at a wedding friday!

Getting closer to 500 now yay!

2012 - 469.96

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19/09/2012 at 18:31

B2B, the Garmin110 has mixed reviews from what i've heard. It's a very basic, no frills GPS watch but at the same time is almost half the price of a 405. If you can get a quick charger then go for it as i reckon it'll give you every bit of info you need.

Almost at 500 there too, good going!

I went out for my 'hard run' today, not really knowing what to do after doing intervals the last couple of weeks. I decided to come off the canal and hit the lanes where I then made the decision to do some hill repeats. The hill in question is half a mile long with a nice gentle elevation of around 30+ metres. Not really much of a hill, more of a slope, but its practically traffic free, just one car today, and looks out over glorious countryside which I enjoyed looking at on the jog back down. I took it too easy to be honest and the pace will have to be quicker next time I do it. The first rep was only at 9:52m/m pace as I hadn't completely decided what I was doing until I reached the top. The second leg was at 9:28, still a little too easy and the third at 9:22. I don't think I need to go much faster to make it a real test but next time i'll aim for 9m/m.

All in all I covered 4.4 miles in 44 minutes, including a warm up/down. Nice easy 3 planned for Friday after work and a long slow 10k Sunday.

September 33.44


19/09/2012 at 20:24

Well done Just Run, its really nice to see you getting some miles back in again!

Thanks also for the Garmin comment, I think ill try and hold out for Christmas and get someone else to buy it ha ha ha I think the 110 is all I need, I have no real use for the heart rate or all the other bells and whistles, I just want to know how far ive run and in what time.

Went out for a really easy stretch run tonight around the lake, few niggles after mondays run so just slowed it down and went through the motions. Also used my merrells tonight just to see if I was doing something wrong by wearing the sandals....conclusion....didnt really notice much of a difference in my technique, in fact my feet felt really warm and started to get a little uncomfortable! Also noticed that im maybe a little slower in shoes than sandals as I dont pick my feet up as much, the merrells also are about 4mm thinner so I actually felt the stones alot more! 

4.96 miles for me tonight (1 hour) but im gonna round it up to 5 as the last maybe 3 runs ive rounded down!

2012 - 474.96

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20/09/2012 at 14:19

NIce to see everyone still getting out - and good to see your Mojo is back B2B -

Have had an up and down sort of week, but have managed to run throughout.

8 Sunday, 3 Monday, 20 times 1 minute off a minute on about 6 miles total, 5 miles Wednesday average 8:38 into a head wind on the way back - chuffed with that and 6 miles fartlek this morning, two weeks this sunday until the Southend 10K with the 5 miles at Wix the following week, (which has always been my yearly target) so will start to taper a bit - slight pull in left achilles but I have bought some heel pads to raise my heels and shorten the achilles - it really does work as no need to stop running (that and the iburofen). 

Mother in Law died on Tuesday which has caused a lot of mixed emotions, my wife and her Mum were not close but I think that has made it more difficult - I had warned my wife for a while that once she was gone it would be to late to do anything and make their peace but now too late sadly.  We found out yesterday that a while back she had changed her will and removed her from it - which makes no odds as she had b*gger all to leave, BUT it means she had effecitvely disowned her and that has been a lot to deal with -  Oh well sorry to put all that down but I sort of needed to put it down.

ANy way rest day tomorrow so will do an an easy 3 - (I am now about 300 miles from Gdansk on my virtual run) which I would like to reach before the end of the year.

20/09/2012 at 16:11

Ok in the eloquent words of Bad Boys 2..."sh*t just got real!" 

NDW50 email just came in and im now signed up for the 18th May 2013!!!!!

It was ment to be in august but they have split the race into two dates, the 50 in may and the 100 being in august!

Also it means that I have to do an official marathon before they will let me take part so I have also just signed up to the Luton marathon on the 18th November!!!!!!!

The REALLY hard bit is that it also has a 5 hour cut off time, the course is 3 loops and well...ive not done one yet!!

All of that aside....yay! ha ha ha! 

pfffffttt game on!

20/09/2012 at 20:15

6.42 miles for me this evening in 1.05!!!!!  im coming to get you hares!! 

Absolutly smashed it tonight in my Luna`s, stuck my headphones in, cranked up the drum and bass and just used it as a metronome! Cadence was spot on, technique a little shaky but I put that down to running at a new speed.

Tonight's smile was bought to you by Black Sun Empire  I haven't listen to music on the run for so long as ive been watching my form so much I had forgotten what it actually does for my running!

Drum and bass is perfect for cadence as its all between 160-190 bpm which just so happens for fall rather nicely into the 80-90 steps per minute for a beautiful cadence!!! WIN!

Right off to have sweet chilli salmon and rice!  yummmmmm!

2012 - 481.38

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21/09/2012 at 08:07


Sorry to hear your news, must be quite painfull and emotional for your wife at this time.

I was thinking along the lines of a virtual run, think it would be fun and add a little insentive - do you use any software to track it or just a good old map and ruler !!

Would love to do a virtual Lands End of John O'Groats, but know where I was on a map. Mind you the way I am running would take a while !!

Runnings stalled this week due to daughter starting uni but still living at home. 1 hour 40 mins drive to take her to runi and same coming back - trying to fit that in and and a full time job is knackering. Should improve next week as am introducing here to those big metal tubes that run along tracks - she has just learned they are called trains - so am getting there.

So nest week back at it as would like to do the half was talking about Mid May

21/09/2012 at 09:16

Thaks 3:30 all quite traumatic - we are consigning her to the arms of Satan Tuesday week so can get back to normal then. Still running though so no probs there.

The virtual run thing I just do it on Google Maps and a spread sheet working out roughly where I am - I 'ran' between Clacton and John O'Groats from September last year and March, and pretty much left home again to run from Clacton to Gdansk via Harwich and the Hook of Holland - just keep it as a rot of diary of what I am doing and how long. 

did 3 miles this morning as it was my rest day - averaged 8:48 felt OK -  it is now dark for most of my run -  Happy Days.


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