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11/10/2012 at 20:34

Hi 3.30,

Confession: swim was with wetsuit, gloves and socks.Needed lots of tea before we went in and I had a very hot bath afterwards, but it was great fun.

 I've heard the Peter May books are really good and must get around to having a read of them

11/10/2012 at 21:37

Not ignoring other posts but just picked up on an earlier one that I missed -

Just Run, hope the funeral went off as well as those things can go. Not an easy thing to have to attend -

11/10/2012 at 22:06

Same here Just Run, love to all the family!

Jane - with regards to clothing, the main thing is finding something comfy! There is nothing worse than a ill fitting or scratchy garment on a long run! I have long sleeve asics top that is fantastic at keeping the water away, regulating temperature and all that jazz but the material is a little harsh, I have to make sure I tape the ol` nipski`s before ANY length run or I WILL end up in quite alot of pain!

As for bottoms, in the gym and on hotter days I use Nike () dryfit shorts, as much as it pains me to say it as I am no fan of said company, the shorts are amazing! Well...with that said I did have to "adjust" them with a pair of scissors as the tops of my legs were too big for the shorts! So if you get some, keep that in mind as the bottom of the band can be a little snug!

On cold days I actually run in 3/4 length thermals with basketball shorts over the top! The thermals I think were from Uniqlo and are fantastic, I find that they help me keep just enough heat in my muscles without over heating and also give the added bonus of a small bit of compression. The only downside that I used to find when they were new is that the friction generated on the inner thigh got abit much on long runs but the remedy to this is something like vaseline or a glide stick!

Cold Killer gloves are wicked and ive been using them now for around 3 years...

Injinji socks, again great but I personally find that after a long run they made my feet go numb but I have long toes!

Ok ill stop there lol! I could and normally do go on for far to long!

Right onto tonight's run!

To start with I didnt really want to go and decided the only way to get over it was with a run!

Aimed for a nice slow one today with a steady pace, I was looking to keep myself no lower than 10m/m and no higher than a 12m/m.

6.3 miles later I plugged in Mr Garmin to see an average of 10.40m/m and only one of the miles clocked 11.15m/m and that was because I walked for 1 minute!

All the others never dropped below 10 and didnt go any slower than the 11.15 so im pretty happy with that!

The aim was to try and restrain myself and run as easy as I could just to see what my "minimal effort" speed is so I know exactly what I can fall back on if I get stuck in the marathon!

2012 - 546.04

11/10/2012 at 23:06

Due to do a 4 miler tomorrow but we have an amber warning out for North East Scotland showing up to 3 inches of rain. Wonder if I can run in flippers? Actually I'm quite looking forward to going out.

How come after being out in the rain and coming in wet through, all you want is to have a shower or a bath. 

Jane - the Ness 10k sounds good, hopefully you will get a good day. My first race is probably going to be on Boxing Day - The Nairn Turkey Trot. 3 miles, but no watches allowed and you have to guess before the race what your time will be. Prize for the nearest.

12/10/2012 at 07:34
Half runner- I'm down in Stonehaven area and its very wet today! I may need flippers to haha!

I was meant to go out last night but I have been so tired the last few nights so I got an early night and do feel much better for it now. Will see how the weather is as I have new trainers and I don't want to get them wet the first time I try them. May go to the gym and do a small run in treadmill in case I need to take them back. Apart from that I will do another run over the weekend and then its back to jogscotland on Tuesday can't wait!

Have a great weekend everyone !
12/10/2012 at 12:22

Just done my 7k run in the pouring rain and still enjoyed it. I must becoming a proper runner or just a masochist.

Stuck to my 70% on the HRM which was an average of about 10min 10sec miles, about 10 sec faster than last week at the same rate. It's good to see the times coming down and the heart rate staying the same. Im finally able to keep running at this rate without my heart rate getting up so much I have to start walking to bring it back down.

One more week of this 70% training to go then its 3 at this rate and 2 harder a week.

12/10/2012 at 12:46

hey Half runner, well done

How did you work out your heart rate, i have done it before on the net but it worries me as my HR is so much higher when im out and thats at snail pace to, wondered if you had a good way or if it is simply % of resting?


12/10/2012 at 15:03

Banana - I use the Karvonen method which is well recognised and the one used in the HRM book I am using for my plan.

For max heart rate if you have not done a proper test then try 205 - half your age for men or add 5 for women. This is pretty accurate for 90% of people. Much better then the 210 - age often used in books.

For me that was 205 - 25 = 180. 

For resting take measurement first thing in morning over a few days. Mine is 45 at best. It was 53 day of tourist board inspection !

Formula used is dependant upon rate you want to use. so for 70% which my book recommends as the 'recovery ceiling' rate its :-

0.70 * (max - rest) + rest

or 0.70 * (180 - 45) = 95 then add the 45 = 140

For 85% simply change the 0.70 to 0.85.

The book says that when you start using this 70% rate as a max you will find yourself walking lots of the time and think he is a complete fraud. In which case you are doing it properly. As you do it more you will find yourself running more until you reach a point where you are running well at this rate. This is because you are properly rested. not running on reserves.

His argument is that people think they are doing a 70% recovery run but are actually often doing around 80% . Next day they do a hard day at 85% +. Next day they are more burnt out than they think and can't understand why the recovery run is harder. 4th day another hard day by which time they have completely shot their glycogen load and on the 5th day they feel knackered and don't go out. Sound familiar ?

John L Parker who wrote this book about 20 years ago was a high class US athlete back in the 70s and was trained this hard and easy way (before HRMs were around) along with Olympians Jeff Galloway and Frank Shorter who have also written books. So its no modern fad book.

Edited: 12/10/2012 at 15:03
12/10/2012 at 15:47

well done HRHB! Ive never used the HR monitor myself but whatever works eh?!

The only thing I use thats linked to heart rate is beetroot juice, it can help to reduce your resting heart rate by 2% and just makes everything seems slightly easier.

Strange thing to say I know, but it seems to work for me! Its also great as a kind of food on the go if you have been running for a while as the thought of anything solid seems to become less appealing. Its also pretty high in sodium too so works as a basic electrolyte replacement!

ha ha ha @the flippers! Im pretty close to running in flippers all the time as I run in sandals!  

12/10/2012 at 17:08

B2B - shame I hate beetroot. Runners World this month says 200g of baked beetroot eaten an hour before a 5k could make you run 5% faster. Still don't want any!

Well done running in sandals, not sure I would fancy that, especially off road. I find them a pain for walking, as I'm for ever getting bits of stone under my feet. Only time I use them is for crossing streams when I'm walking on the hills.

I got a bit worried when I used my HRM to check my resting pulse this morning. It said 27 - then I realised I had knocked it on to percentage instead of beats

12/10/2012 at 19:01

Banana - Hope you are not flooded out in Stonehaven, it looked pretty bad on the news

12/10/2012 at 20:41
Thank you half runner! I will print this of so I can have a proper look and work it out as at the moment my HR is about 190 when jogging and resting was about 80ish and walking fast was 160ish. I will do some working out.

Thank you again- luckily we are at the top end and no rivers near us. The river has broken its bank down the bottom end and kirktown as well. Southward is just as worse to metres or water and roads closed. 3years ago the whole bottom town was flooded and the cliffs calapsed, we down town then but super lucky the car was safe and we where in a high flat. I pray the rain stops and that not many people have been flooded
13/10/2012 at 08:55

Just a quickie as am off to work shortly - following last weeks disastrous 10K, have jogged every day ahead of tomorrows Wix 5 miles, only to find that (it is next Sunday!!!!)  what a wally. 

14/10/2012 at 12:32

Hi all,

Dear B2B thanks for advice on clothing. Dear HRHB, Nairn turkey trot sound like great fun.

Had a lovely run yesterday, 5.3 miles in the Bays of Harris, light north easterly wind to keep me cool.

Someone gave me a tip about going uphill. Short strides, no going at it like a bull in a china shop, take your time. Don't think about what your doing, chip in and you'll get there. So a 3/4mile steep hill. Did it. Shocked myself really, didn't hink I was capable. This running lark seems to be about having confidence in your ability as much as physical fitness. Thats me just ten weeks in and loving it. Again thanks for your encouragement.

14/10/2012 at 23:06

Jane - Great result on the hill, a good psychological victory to save for the future. I pleased myself last week walking up my local hill. 1700ft of ascent and I didn't need to stop. Didn't go out to do this but I was trying to get away from the 4 people following me as they were destroying my peace.

2 weeks to go to the end of the season at work, one week wrapping things up, then a couple of months off. Heading to the Algarve for nearly 5 weeks, should be great to get some warm sun. I have started referring to it as our Winter training camp.


15/10/2012 at 20:39
Fantastic Jane! I seen this before and use it when walking and I get up the hill so much better.
Half runner - 5weeks on holiday lucky you! Hope you get nice weather

So tonight I went out, haven't been out in over a week due to various things and it was hard. But my first run is always hard after time of. Tomorrow is running club which I think going out will help as give my lungs a good clearing as legs soften up. I only did 2miles and was out for half an hour. Even though I was cold and found it hard I feel great for having gone out.

Just hope tomorrow goes ok as got an 8min Jogg to do and struggled on 6today :S
15/10/2012 at 21:30

Hello everyone, finally got out for another run. Struggling for time lately and when we do get a bit we've ended up on the couch watching tv for an hour before slumping off to bed. Thanks for the kind words Grendel and B2B (apologies if i've missed any others). Will be reading the thread tomorrow night as the wife has college and i'll catch up with you all, new members of the thread too!

Did a nice easy 3 miles tonight, pitch black, pouring with rain but at least my headtorch got an outing.

Happy running

15/10/2012 at 23:03

Hey peeps just a quick catch up before I hit the hay!

Im shattered! Just got back from tonights run and it was a tough one!

Just missed my target time by 6 minutes but a couple of those I was held up in a que at the petrol station...

Tough, tough run tonight, not really sure how I can get the rest of the miles in yet!

Oh well still got a month to find some magic!

16 miles done for me tonight in 3:06 something, 11:38 average pace and the marathon is 11:45 so REALLY cutting it close!

At the moment I wouldnt have got anywhere near the cut off time, I was praying for the 16 mile to tick over! Need to somehow pull another 10 miles out of the bag at the same pace I just did! 

Ho hum bed calls, night all and well done for all of your latest efforts!

Keep it up!

2012 - 562.04

YAY! Smashed 550 in style!

Edited: 15/10/2012 at 23:06
16/10/2012 at 09:10

Still a month to go B2B you need to get in a longer time on your feet type run - maybe a Sunday morning when you are not tired after work which must play a part in your tiredness!!!

4 miles run this morning - hard one but felt quite good.

16/10/2012 at 10:34

yeah your probably right Grendel, this work thing really gets in the way!

I was really smashed after that 16, I will feel alot better when I get to 20 miles or 5 hours on my feet

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