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13/06/2011 at 09:11

Well done Just run, we are pretty much matching stride for stride at the moment in terms of pace!!!

Followed up an very easy 3.27 on Friday with a sub 9 minute 2 miles on Saturday morning -

Went out yesterday morning anddecided to cut it short and only do the 30 minutes but at the end decided I had copped out and did another mile finished the 4 in around 39 minutes.

Decided this morning as it was so windy, I would only do 2 miles but try and do it a bit brisker sort of a repeat performance of Saturday morning - ahead of tomorrows speed work) but it soon became clear it just wasn't there at all this monring - not sure why - maybe the lack of carbs over the weekend perphaps. I eased back on the throttle and just did  3 miles in 29.17. Not a pleasant run this morning all in all - hayfever hit really hard too,  ended up stopping and choking

 Happy running anyway - and Just Run the garmin thingy is brilliant!!! 

14/06/2011 at 10:29

Garmin thing let me down this morning - battery went flat 900 metres into the run - was going quite well too!!

Have started the Garmin  intermediate 10K 12 week schedule now - which gives rest  days (which I might not take) - this morning I estimated that I ran for 30 minutes and did my 3.26 mile course so was going quite well - oh well a nice easy relaxed run.

Tomorrow is 4 times 5 mile threshold off 2 minutes recovery - to be honest not sure what threshold is really - in the old days speedwork was eyeballs out - so will google it - think I will take my goal pace for the 10k and run the reps at that pace.

Need to look to run 8 minute miles so will attempt that !!!!

Happy running all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

15/06/2011 at 12:40

Oh well Garmin charged now so worked fine this morning - did my 4 times 5 minutes at 'threshold' pace which I basically tried to keep each effort between 7:45 and 8:15 so quite pleased - a little sore in the calf afterwards but nothing serious - tomorrow is 30 minutes cross training so will go for a run - don't do cross training!!

Happy days

Was stopped though by someone who wanted the time - not sure whether he belived that this great thing strapped to my wrist didn't do time!!!

16/06/2011 at 14:07

Felt quite bouncy this morning, quite a windy morning, but despite that the sea was just lapping gently on the beach - not crashing onto the rocks like I was expecting -

Ran what felt a very easy 3.22 miles in 30 minutes which equated to 9.21 per mile so fairly pleased with that -after yesterdays threshold run - am going to do a very easy 15 - 20 minutes tomorrow as am bringing my hour attempt forward from Sunday to Saturday this week - I am aiming for 6 miles so that will be very interesting!!! I am also aiming to go out about 5 am so even more interesting!!

Happy days

17/06/2011 at 12:31

Very nice run this morning a little bit windy still - put it down as a two mile recovery run ahead of tomorrows HOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not looking forward to it but am going out a 5am to get it over and done with - target is 6 miles but if I can do 6.2 that would be brilliant

Happy running everbody.

17/06/2011 at 22:54

I wish we were matching pace Grendel but think you're a step ahead of me on that score! Haven't been out since last Sunday as i've been away in Cornwall this week but raring to go now and going to set out for 30 minutes tomorrow morning. I just hope the rains stopped by then, its hammering down here in 'not so' sunny Devon!

18/06/2011 at 08:41

Welcome back to the land of running then Just Run, the weeks break may have done you some good -

Went out just after 5am - no rain in sunny essex but a southerly wind blowing hard to the point that I was running well outside 10 minute mile pace - strangely enough felt really quite good - ran into the "gale" before running out of runable sea wall then turned back at 25 minutes  - a miracle suddenly happened 8 something miles just shows how strong the wind was - well I managed my hour and did just over 6 miles so it equated as an average of 9:51 so pleased with that given the wind -

As a post script there were a group of blokes fishing on the beach - probably late 20s early 30s so not youngsters - on the way back they were packing up their car - morning said one, morning said I - 10 minutes later they drove past hooting and giving me the finger - nowt as strange as folks!!

21/06/2011 at 21:57

Well, a belated return to the land of the running as i missed Sundays run! My eldest boy had another football tournament which went on all day and finished with fish and chips for tea so didn't feel like running!

As from Sunday its 16 weeks till the Taunton 10k so i've got myself a schedule to follow, and hopefully stick to starting today with a 2 mile run. Went nice and steady and glad i've finally got out for a run. I have another 2 miles scheduled for Thursday and i'm hoping to lose my holiday pounds i've gained sooner rather than later!

Week - 2

Month - 11.27

2011 - 102.25

Edited: 21/06/2011 at 21:58
23/06/2011 at 21:30

Well Grendel, it looks like its just me and you for the time being! I do hope everyone hasn't stopped running or got injured?

I have my new running schedule pinned to my locker at work now so i can tick off each run as i go and my colleagues can give me grief if i don't!

I've also set myself a target to lose a pound a week (from my belly, not my pocket!) up until the Taunton 10k. That would put me back at my fighting weight and should help my pace too, as well as my joints. My 10 day holiday was very welcome before returning to work Tuesday but did come at a cost....i put on 6 1/2 pounds!!!! Sweet Jesus!!!! Whats gone on must come they say?

Did a nice easy 2 miles again tonight, felt really good today, lovely and quiet along the canal with just a family of swans for company. Bought a new pair of running shorts and new top for my birthday too!

Week - 4

Month - 13.27

2011 - 104.25

24/06/2011 at 09:38

Well done Just Run - and glad you had a good break,  we have a week booked in't  North in August - so will have to get our passports sorted before then - Have been told I won't be running (we'll see about that although our chalet has a little jetty that goes out on to a small lake so will be able to do a bit of fishing (haven't broken to my wife yet that there will be maggots in the car!!)

Am trying to get my garmin virtual running partner to join me on my runs but he seems to be injured at the moment so appears to be resting - will have to do something stupid like read the manual.

 -   have had a good week - have upped my daily minutes to 33 and have found a 5 mile race to do in October just up the road from where we live so have two goals now, the Southend 10k and the Wix 5 miles - both flat and fast - I won't need to worry about the fast bit at the moment!!!

My left calf cramped up on last weekends 'long' run so that has been a bit painful but have been eating nurofen and using a cold rub and an iced bag of peas so have tried to take it really easy whilst still getting the runs in and it is a manageable pain.  Oh well happy running and a good weeknd

26/06/2011 at 08:21

Morning Grendel, i too was told i wouldn't be running on our break, and i resisted right up to the point of a cold beer sat on the table persuaded me to stay in and have a noght off! My will power ain't what it used to be!

I'm no fisherman myself, although its in my blood thanks to my old man so something i want to try (i'm interested in the chair/sun/riverbank/sleep combo). I don't think my wife has ever got over an incident as a youngster involving her dads tub of maggots, a fridge and a home made trifle!?!

I have now owned my garmin 405 for around 2 18 months/2 years and have no idea how half the stuff works?

All day football tournament again yesterday just up the road, my lads team won all their games again although their age group was a non competitive tournament. They won one game 11-0! Not bad for 6 minutes each way! They even took their striker off at half time leading 5-0 to give the other team a break, unfortunately it backfired. Sun finally came out after lunch so nice day in the end.

Woke up this morning at what i thought was 8:30, jumped out of bed, glass of orange juice down the swanny and running gear on. Checked my phone............6:38? Oh well, i'm up now! Nice 2 miles along the tow path, disturbing the ducks and swans Sunday lie in. Lovely and peaceful run.

Feeling a little fitter now i'm back at work and back in a routine. Looking forward to next weeks 3 mile Sunday run already.

Happy running!

Week - 6

Month - 15.27

2011 - 106.25

27/06/2011 at 09:24

Used to fish a lot whne I was younger, but then I discovered the joys of running and my weekends were suddenly used up at races and training - out in the open but all over in two hours or so rather than a cold wet river bank!! My only fishing these days is my annual trip to a local lake with my two nephews and now my son as well -

Good weekends running, 4 miles Saturday and then the same yesterday. Saturday went off quite well felt OK but yesterday was a bit different struggled for all of it really just shows that McDonalds is not the best food for replenishing carbs!!!  This morning using my virtual running partner -(I am racing him but can't see him on the screen) I went out to run 2 miles in 19:00 and ended up back home in 17:57 so pleased with that - am now going to increase the tuesday, wednesday and Thursday runs up up to 4 miles then just do a shorter one on the Monday and Friday.

Got a text from a friend yesterday morning to tell me she had run the Sunderland 10K in 58:32 so there you have it my target time for my 10K in October!! 

 Happy running

28/06/2011 at 20:28

58 minutes sounds a good target Grendel, although the way you're going i reckon 48 minutes is closer to the mark!. I did the Taunton 10k in about 53:30 minutes in 2008 so anything close to 55 minutes would be great for me, although sub 60 may be a realistic target, i will see where i am closer to the race.

Nice 2 mile loup tonight coming off the canal for a change  and along the country lanes. Felt a bit crap today but did go for a 15 mile bike ride last night, knocking 3 minutes off my pb for the route and had a race with a proper road bike on the way home from work (which i won on my fast hybrid) so maybe a little tired before i started!

Week 2

Month - 17.27

2011 - 108.25

29/06/2011 at 13:04

I am guessing Just Run that a 15 mile cycle ride would take it out of you, so well done on the run!!

Rhink 48 minutes is a bit optimistic (can't go by my last 10K as that was 35:04!!!  The key will be how well I recover during the taper in the couple of weeks before -

My secret is that I want to beat my 18 year old nephew who beat me at the 5 mile race we did -

This morning was good, I ran 4 miles in 36:47 which surprised me somewhat but was quietly pleased with that one -

Happy days

30/06/2011 at 09:05

Lovely morning to be out  today, strangely I seem to see more people at 6 am when the weather is bad - the sun was shining and the sea calm - a slight southerly breeze which slowed me slightly but it also pushed me along the other way so - hay-fever still a problem around the grasslands area but not quite as bad!!!  Once again attacked by a seagull, after the Tuesday morning direct hit, he seems to have backed off a bit but I am still a bit wary of it - the trouble is, as noisy as they are - when he goes into attack mode he comes in silently - Oh well that is living by the sea!!!

did 4.14 miles this morning, although it was only my intention to run 3 but when I turned for home decided one more loop would give me the 4 so - off I went ran 37.24 minutes so happy with that -

a Two mile run on the cards tomorrow being paced by my virtual friend - who still does show on the screen but I know he is there!!!

30/06/2011 at 19:22

I'll put tuesdays run down to the bike ride Grendel, felt much better tonight!

On the plus side, tonights run was my best for a while. Although not quick, 20:52 for 2 miles, it was so easy, it almost felt like i was going as slow as possible so that must be a good sign. It felt effortless.

On the bad side, i have done something to my back? I have some pain in my upper back, and whenever i take in a full breath i get a sharp shock making me breathless suddenly? Its really quite painful and was causing me discomfort for the second mile of my run. It doesn't seem any better now i've stopped either so probably twinged something. Will take it easy cycling to work tomorrow and have a rest day Saturday and hopefully i'll be okay for Sundays 3 miles.

Week 4

Month - 19.27

2011 - 110.25

01/07/2011 at 20:40

I'm on the same boat. Started running last summer and had gradually over 5 months built up to 30 miles a week , which was fine.  Foolishly, I ran 20 miles in 2 days when I knew my legs were tired and picked up a knee injury.  After a couple of failed attempts at running after 2 and 3 weeks rest, it eventually took 7 weeks of complete rest from running then gym work to get back to it.

I ran 2 miles on Monday and 2.5 miles today pain-free.  I'm so relieved to be running again. It feels great.  

Anyway, I'm planning on running every third day for a couple of weeks then going to every second day for a while after that. Weekly mileage will be very slow builing up.  I'm just totally chuffed to be able to run again. I missed it.

01/07/2011 at 22:39

Did an easy recovery run this morning - feel I am cheating myself a bit just doing the 2 miles - but need to learn from some mistakes I made a few years ago - rest is as important as the actual training - let my virtual partner have a lie in this morning and ran as I felt - did 2 miles looking to run 10 minute mile pace but comfortably did 2.25 in 19.27 which equated with about 8:57 per mile that will do - still looking to run sub 58 for the 10k in October just run not the 48 you suggested!!! anything under that will be a bonus -

Caution is definitely the key Thomas - the challenge is to do what you set out to do - rather than rush things

Happy running all

04/07/2011 at 12:58

Ran a  quite easy 4 miles Saturday - followed that up again with the same on Sunday - bith times I managed to get up and out by 6:10 am so plenty of time to do the other stuff - have decided to have a rest day next sunday - the first for a while as we are at my parents (although the call of the country park where I used to run is very strong) 

 I did  2.25 miles this morning - which is the way to go at the moment and Mrs Grendel works Monday and Friday so I have to get home and showered before she is up and I can get out of her way.   

 Enjoyed each run although hamstrings a bit sore - but manageable - both runs in the low 9s or late 8s so ok with that - weather was nice too so  all in all a happy couple of days plodding.

 Have been back running now for 6 moths so think I have come quite a long way since December.

Happy running

04/07/2011 at 15:14

Planned to run 2.75 miles today but went hill-walking instead. Decided this would be a good way to help strengthen leg muscles and give a good cardio workout.

Happy with the walk, 3100ft of ascent, 8 miles. Just under 4 hours up and down including a 40 minute rest at the top..  Legs felt strong and my knee didn't miss a beat.  Good stretch afterwards and everything feels good.  

After that, I feel a bit more confident going forward.

 Will go for the 2.75 miles on Wednesday.

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